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  1. Can't find EVAP Vacuum Leak
  2. BOV vs. Diverter Valve?
  3. Buring Oil Smell after start-up
  4. Anyone knows what of type spark plug OCT use with the k04 setup ?
  5. Cheap Blown Turbo Fix!!!
  6. coolant leak. Serached the forums already
  7. Turbos sending me to the Dentists, The first sign of turbo failure?
  8. Stumble Then C E L
  9. is this real
  10. remap for a 3.0L race engine
  11. brakes
  12. 90K and counting - miles and dollars
  13. Rear end thud when pulling from a stop
  14. Boost issues
  15. sounds like locusts attacking
  16. flashing check engine light under load - goes off if let off throtle (misfire cyl 4)
  17. limp mode
  18. timing belt change
  19. Humidity boost issues
  20. S4 boost sensor Part #078 906 051... can it be replaced with sensor for TT, RS6?
  21. what motor oil should i be using?????
  22. regarding k04 turbo upgrade
  24. Spark Plug Replacement
  25. engine code 16840
  26. opinions on chip-flashes
  27. NEED PLEASE 2.7t passenger side wastegate plunger with rod
  28. 01 Allroad Intake Manifold Spacer Vast 10mm Phenolic
  29. engine code 17535 and 17537
  30. Possibly the highest mileage 2.7t in the country.
  31. HELP!!!!!
  32. Help! Trying to remove engine/tranny bolts on 2.7T Allroad
  33. Emissions Problems
  34. 2.7T Cat replacement(s)
  35. Bad Trip
  36. crank sprocket
  37. ARP Chip in a 2.7t w/140K Miles
  38. Ebay Throttle Body
  39. 2000 audi s4 2.7 v6 bi turbo
  40. Need Big help on my audi s4 2000 clutch problem
  41. oil weights..
  42. How do I change air filter & pollen filter?
  43. Starting issues
  44. How many miles did you have on your first turbos?
  45. coolant expansion base sensor
  46. 5.0 bar FPR installation
  47. CEL PO346 cam sensor fault
  48. P0304 CEL 2000 A6 Quattro 2.7t
  49. Cam Seal/Plug Question
  50. Solid CEL
  51. Everything Wrong, Oil Leak/Engine Light Flashing
  52. APR 2.7t booast increase?
  53. Misfire Help
  54. 2003 A6 2.7 Quattro Turbo issue Please Help!
  55. downpipes
  56. HELP Please (long post): Car's acting up and in middle of Divorce:(
  57. new s4
  58. please help: 2.7t making weird noise
  59. In the market.
  60. Does more fuel in the tank equal to better performance?
  61. 6th Cylinder Coil Pack..?
  62. hp gains for 2.7
  63. 2.7T Engine differences??
  64. Fuel Cut-off switch
  65. Finally APR'd my 2.7!
  66. Camshaft Sensor
  67. Coolant
  68. What else could appear to be a rear main seal leak?
  69. Need help asap....oil leaks
  70. Low oil temperatures?
  71. stock downpipes to piggie pipes,is their any drawbacks?
  72. never ending CEL...
  73. miss fire
  74. My 034 engine/trans/snub street mounts came in today.
  75. 110k on Original clutch!cant get it into gear
  76. Really Need Some Help with Disconnecting MAF Connectors/Clips
  77. Meth kit
  78. Getting a random misfire on cyl. 5. My car is idling rough and.......
  79. OBD2 P1131 ERROR
  80. APR BiPipe or samco tb boot?
  81. request engine specs
  82. APR's Spring Into Power Sale March 9th- April 10th
  83. parting out 2001 2.7
  84. Completely stumped
  85. Random Multiple cylinder misfire
  86. PCV spider hose
  87. Cam Sensor and Cat Questions
  88. allroad rough idle, DTC codes
  89. spark plugs
  90. squeeking idle!
  91. Fuel injector stock or not
  92. Does any one know our cylinder diagram?
  93. Turbo Rebuild? Any Cons?
  94. Turbos
  95. 2000 A6 Engine Noise
  96. Any recommendations for an aftermarket warranty on a 2000 S4 Tip?
  97. advice for turbo change out
  98. Rough Idle with clutch out
  99. Acceleration hesitation problem
  100. obd reset
  101. Generic frozen PCV system story.... </sarcasm>
  102. Smoke coming out of the exhaust!!
  103. Smoke from exhaust
  104. Oil Leak, what do I check before changing gaskets and seals?
  105. Transmission Problems
  106. oil burning smell!!!
  107. X-post; FS: 01 2.7t OEM part out after Stage III upgrade, good for de-mod 4 trade-ins.
  109. EGT vin splits
  110. Turbos Fixing Themselves?
  111. INTERMITTENT Start-Up Issue
  112. Help bad white smoke and repair man might be smokin
  113. EGT sensor failure
  114. OK, so who wants to tutor me on solder-in chips?
  115. *** Blauparts V6 30V Audi A4 A6 Allroad S4 Vw Passat Valve Cover Gasket Kit - PRICE BREAK ***
  116. Crankcase vacuume leak (crossthread)
  117. ? Bad mpg 2001 S4 b5
  118. Help - I found red/green lights and button switch in fusebox!
  119. 2000 s4 thick TAILPIPE smoke
  120. Strange Noise has finally went away...
  121. Expected yearly maintenance?
  122. 2001 A6 2.7t issues
  123. Anyone know any good Audi shops in socal?
  124. How interchangeable are the MAF Part numbers? I have a Hitachi 06C 133 461 A
  125. can anyone help me..PLEASE?? Check engine light on!
  126. Clutch Problem, Need Help ASAP
  127. APR Stage 3 Raffle Winner is Announced Today!!
  128. Are Bank 1 and Bank 2 cam adjusters interchangeable? They have different part #'s,
  129. thinking of building a 2.7t with GT 28 rs and taking all pointers
  130. heating problems with my 2.7T
  131. anyone with information on tial turbos
  132. 2.7t differences
  133. how to remove starter on 1998 2.7t s4
  134. bad smell from exhaust
  135. Radio won't lock on channel for long
  136. bad n75 valve
  137. Service for higher mileage ?
  138. Sudden power loss - prob not turbo related
  139. 2001 s4 cel Help.
  140. Put in chipped ecu...now I have problems :(
  141. APTuning APR Chip/Software Sale !!! Best Pricing Ever!!!
  142. APR Announces 2008 Holiday Sale and Raffle!
  143. With higher HP engines, past 550 on the 2.7 turbo charged, pressurization is a big issue-
  144. 2.7t timing belt change. Does anyone have a cam locking tool I can borrow/rent?
  145. Upgrades for 2001 S4
  146. Changed my Diverter Valves Have a ???
  147. 2.7 t-turbo accelerating problems
  148. KO4 Turbo upgrade?
  149. No Boost, Lots of smoke
  150. Passenger side turbo (blown seal?)
  151. Carmel color oil, bubbles on dipstick, oil seems over filled when it shouldnt be....
  152. Throwing Intermittent P1131 Code @94k miles.....
  153. I GOT KnoNKinG
  154. help Plzz my ESP,ABS and CEL are all on
  155. i have some some problems about my b5 s4 plz help
  156. What's this part??????
  157. I Need some halp on PO103
  158. Is there any way to override the security lockout on an APR v 5.0 ECU?
  159. Stage III turbo kit for 2.7t with tiptronic (stage III minus)??? need help, is this true?
  160. 2.7t issues
  161. How to ps pump/cv axle?
  163. 2.7T (S4) Engine Removal Guide how-to PDF
  164. 2.7T engine failure update...
  165. b5 coolant resevoir
  166. KO4 just installed. Now what?
  167. Any Difference Between Darintake Vs S Flo Set Up
  168. coolant sensor replacement
  169. Looking For N75 Upgrade for my AR 2.7T
  170. Coolant Leak?
  171. S.O.S.! Something wrong with front end!
  172. 01 S4 AIR BAG SENSOR. Need help
  173. just had a lot of maitenance done - 2002 Audi A6 Quattro 2.7T
  174. AutoSpeed K04 Install Specials
  175. o2 sensor? cat? please give insight
  176. 16486 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Signal too Low???
  177. allroad throwing codes
  178. Can't find a DYI and STFA for Timing belt replacement. Anyone care to send me a link on the tools
  179. X Post - Wicked Motorsports (WMS) - Presents California Custom Tuning
  180. x-post. what do you guys think about the following codes i pulled...
  181. simple boost question
  182. Help solve mystery repeat misfires on allroad 2.7t cylinders 4, 5, and 6.
  183. Hose Near PCV or Suction Pump?
  184. APR Customer Appreciation Day and Grand Opening
  185. abradable turbo compressor coatings. aka zero clearnance treatment
  186. High-mileage 2.7T and oil grade choice
  187. Oil Leaks under the engine. Cam Seals ???
  188. Help Running Hot =( Is It Blown Head Gasket? long
  189. Need help I have a 17799 camshaft position sensor Bank 2 G163 : Short to ground P1391-35-00.
  190. idle problem during shifting???????? much help needed
  191. Buying a 2.7T
  192. chip awe vs apr
  193. Does this boost chart seem normal?
  195. Suction jet pump
  196. RS4 clutch can't hang, what should I buy?
  197. Audi 3366 Tool (Cam Tensioner Tool)
  198. 2.7t engine swap into porsche 914
  199. Is this beautiful or what.
  200. Turbocharger
  201. Misfiring
  202. Stiff clutch and some grinding when going into reverse. Normal?
  203. 2004 a6 2.7t ECT Sensor help...
  204. need a lil help please
  205. P0491, P0492 2ndary vacuum bank 1 and bank 2
  206. 2001 audi a6 2.7t problem
  207. This weekends's project
  208. Another Bad EGT
  209. B5 S4 EGT Fault Code?
  210. Timing tensioner seal leak
  211. Question about this valve (vacuum leak)
  212. Part number for this broken part?
  213. Is it normal to have higher pitched spin sound when the motor is cold?...
  214. Swapping out my blown tracksports with some new ones
  215. ***NOW SHIPPING*** A.W.E. Tuning DV1 Diverter Valve
  216. New to Seattle, where is the best place for aftermarket cats??
  217. Black smoke under WOT
  218. Just completed Secondary Water Pump and Alternator Swap...long
  219. MAF sensor
  220. Turbo oil return line o-ring replacement...
  221. wastegate settings are screwed up...
  222. Misfire Help
  223. Just bought a leak tester, guess what I am doing tomorrow........
  224. During key off/Vehicle shutting down.
  225. also what is the propper gapping on plugs for k04's ?? tia
  226. how do you count the cylinders? ..i have a cyl 6 misfire. looking down from the front which is it?
  227. how to disable the alarm system
  228. Timing belt will NOT tension
  229. Poll: How many miles did your turbos last before needing replacing?
  230. Minute warm up / cool down
  231. MOTOR BUILD ASSISTANCE!!! oil check valve o-ring mystery!
  232. Alternator issue's
  233. Engine ID
  234. Newly installed K04, oil streaming out of oil feed line at turbo housing.
  235. Need stock or blown clutch discs from all 6 speed cars
  236. O2 sensor related DTC's
  237. Cranks and cranks but it will not start..
  238. HELP... P1242 Injector Circuit Open Cylinder 6
  239. APR Presents Waterfest 14 **Inventory and Activity Update**
  240. Boost Problem of course
  241. Boost problem my mechnica cannot diagnose... any ideas?
  242. Secondary Coolant Pump
  243. K03 failure at 50.000km
  244. Well for those interested in doing turbo swap, here are some (bad) pictures
  245. 00 audi a6 2.7 6sp.
  246. spark plugs??? (Long..)
  247. DTC P1624 on 01 A6 2.7t
  248. Need help....slow temperature gauge reading when car is cold...
  249. Those who have an RS4 oil cooler does the seating surface area for the oil filter....
  250. Need electrical help, please read... (k04 b5, small things)