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  1. Left Front Carpet got a "bubble" in it as if there was damage from jack stand or something.
  2. which chip is better
  3. Symptoms of a bad diverter valve???
  4. k04s and 2.8 heads or 2.8 intake cams or neither???
  5. APR Stage 3 Owner's Corral at Waterfest 14!
  6. POLL: best upgrades for $2k
  7. RS4 2.7 BI TURBO throttle revving problems
  8. Alternator hard to replace?
  9. ETKA gods help with part # and compitable modules
  10. Highest Milage on 2.7T Engine (S4/A6), original turbos?
  11. alternator issue
  12. Having problems locating the Coolant Temperature Sensor
  13. Having trouble locating the F5DP0R spark plugs...What are the plugs of choice nowadays?
  14. 2000 A6 Boost drop off
  15. crazy question of the day
  16. New Updated and Improved Valve Cover Cam Chain Gasket Kit For 30 Valve Models
  17. compression test numbers.. what do u think?
  18. something is scratching the driver side window!!
  19. Bought an 2000 A6 2.7T Tiptronic with 93k miles. Need advise.
  20. Differences between 2.7t in 01 S4 and 03 A6, both have manual tranny
  21. why is this in the way!?
  22. How badly do I need an axle /engine alignment? - (see picture)
  23. Slight Oil Leak- ok to drive ?
  24. There's oil in my Y pipe...ideas?
  25. pure motorsports group buy for 2.7t, timing belt kits
  26. "HELP" B5 S4 Auto/Tip---What are these connectors???
  27. Pressure testing question and turbo lady fear: sorry in advance for the Noobatude:
  28. Rear coolant line -- X over pipe Seals?
  29. This forum needs help...
  30. Chinese Turbos
  31. 2.7t Engine misfire even side of motor
  32. maybe getting a 2.7t A6 ... some questions.. timing belt snapped
  33. Anyone care to play Name That Oil Leak? (cam tensioners is not an answer)
  34. Tiptronic performance code
  35. 2.7t boost
  36. SOS Need help with GIAC Software
  37. anyone have pictures of...
  38. Vast Tip Chip Feedback ??
  39. timing belt walking
  40. NOOB question. Please respond! :)
  41. anyone run mahle forged pistons in thier 2.7t? ...thoughts..results?
  42. Max boost on a K03
  43. anyone have exp. with rs4 fuel pump in b5s4?
  44. how to change engine oil and oxygen sensor
  45. Starter Install (Help)
  46. Logs
  47. Piggie Performance
  48. eating gas like a pig and wondering why. . .
  49. Occasional no read from temp guage
  50. no start
  51. Buying my first audi S4
  52. I searched archives and found little on performing coolant flush. I want to do it on my '02 allroad
  53. Looking for a stock J Box ECU
  54. How accurate is actual boost from VAGCOM tool? 22PSI?? with stock fueling?
  55. Fault code for downpipes?
  56. Turbo upper bolt (under heat shield) Need help
  57. no start issue
  58. What's this ?? Can somebody explain how it works ?
  59. ceramic rs4 inlets on ebay
  60. Rear Main Write Up Tutorial (Tech Help) 2.7T B5 S4
  61. K04 upgrade / Tip Transmission
  62. Coolants going somewhere, but where?
  63. RS4 heads VS. 2.8 heads
  64. brakes lock for no reason.
  65. about cooldown
  66. 2000 audi s4 spudding under full acceleration
  67. spark plugs for 2.7T
  68. A/C issue. kicks in mainly when driving, shuts off when idle...
  69. Timing belt service - DYI?
  70. Engine/tranny pull help!
  71. Looking for a casa six speed S4!!!!!!!!!! Anyone
  72. No boost
  73. anyone done their cam seals themselves
  74. odd sound at start up
  75. thoughts on aftermarket rods and measurements. May get rostens instead of pauters, any pics?
  76. kmd dyno tune price offer...
  77. Clutch peadle problem
  78. Piggies
  79. Need help deciding between RS4 clutch kit v. South Bend OFE...
  80. Did anyone ever get this engine code???
  81. Belt Tensioners - two ?
  82. Torque converter clutch P0741
  83. </pokes head in> Hmmm, this looks like a nice place... wonder if I should start coming here
  84. Faulty Oil Pressure Sender
  85. 2000 s4 k04 troubleshooting
  86. Oil analysis
  87. Non turbo V6 head on 2,7TT
  88. Boost spikes with GIAC X chip a problem? Details inside...
  89. Wining noise from engine???
  90. So i finally got the clutch fan off, and i noticed a little higher oil temp is this normal?
  91. audi turbos vs aftermarket turbos
  92. Interested in opinions - no start issue
  93. TC replacement
  94. Has anyone here ever built a 2.7t motor from the short block out? (timing issue)
  95. I need a write-up on removing a 2.7t
  96. PVC Suction Pump 2.7?
  97. Audi 2.7l biturbo
  98. Can i use high temp water resistant grease for my diverter valves?
  99. Chipped car
  100. "Engine Temperature Low" Code 19537
  101. Help with 2001 S4 horsepower
  102. Leak in the turbo oil feed line - do I need to fix it ASAP?
  103. Self Adjusting Clutch
  104. Water in Oil - Help
  105. Torque Converter Replacement
  106. Quickaudi - the engine mounts cured the vibration! And a somewhat amusing side note: I took the
  107. Loud whine when steering?? help a Noob....
  108. Oil Pressure Sender Location Pic
  109. car is smoking pretty bad
  110. Does G12 have a shelf life if it has not been opened?
  111. Boost leak test results in "boiling" sound from engine--intake loses pressure to engine by about
  112. Oil in intake side intercooler hoses
  113. My intake air temp sensor seems to report wrong values
  114. NJ/PA mechanic recommendation
  115. clutch fan slightly out of line
  116. Audi 2.7LT Allroad Engine rattling
  117. Storewide APR Sale! - Ecodetuning.com
  118. When pressure testing intake, air leaks from rear of passenger head--anybody know why?
  119. 2.7 Cutch
  120. Suicide doors for A6 4.2L??
  121. Think I may have found culprit to the boost leak, please help me find this part...
  122. whats the BEST BESSSTT engine oil for this engine? B5 S4?
  123. High-pitched whine on acceleration
  124. What's the expected life of the TBB?
  125. alternator help
  126. i changed my o2 sensor!! oxygen sensor signals swapped bank1 sensor2/bank2 sensor2 readout???
  127. Coolant Leak !!! Help a Noob!
  128. has anyone tryed the ZiZa 10,000K D2S HID Bulb Set from ecstuning
  129. How long til my turbos go out?
  130. Has anyone had to put more than 6.3 qts in after oil change to get the dipstick to read right?
  131. Bad misfire under load
  132. Gouge in tranny help - midst of replacing drive axle seals
  133. mangled oil filter from pressure?
  134. BIG savings during A.W.E. Tuning's Week Three Holiday Sale
  135. A.W.E. Tuning Holiday Sale Week 3 Is Running Till Christmas!
  136. Surging/Lack of Power
  137. Anyone ever replaced the Engine Coolant Temp Circuit on there car?
  138. APR Motorsport Vacation Raffle Today!
  139. Race fuel? jet fuel? 110 Octane?
  140. Does anyone have measurements for the Cam Lock Bar?
  141. My EPL Dyno Day Photos...
  142. 01 S4 Running perfect until you go full throttle
  143. New O2 Sensor:::CEL on Again... "Back to the future!"
  144. C5 A6 2.7T owners....who's installed the AWE Tuning intercoolers?
  145. Audi S4 (B5) - 2000 or 2001 ???
  146. Headlight
  147. CT Tuning shop - GREAT experience
  148. Oppinions on Denzo Irridium spark plugs? (recent Vag-COM showing multiple misfires)
  149. APR announces 2007 Holiday sale and Raffle!
  150. Bought universal Bosh o2 sensor and wanted to know....
  151. I got a CEL on today....
  152. In need of cam lock bar...
  153. Normal Spooling Noise??? help!
  154. B8 S4: Exclusive Performance Preview
  155. My turbos make a high pitched sound when starting the car in the morning and then it goes away?
  156. pinging
  157. Dyno numbers
  158. Turbo fail? High pitch whirrring after Sears Point HPDE
  159. Smelly car? Burning oil smell?
  160. coolant loss - drips down to top of trany....its NOT my 2nd pump - any other ideas
  161. Universal o2 sensors
  162. water pump replacement
  163. Projected hp with K04s?
  164. clutch help
  165. Audi newbie - need help!
  166. Engine Dress Up......Painting the Y-pipe?
  167. 2.7 swap help
  168. APR Motorsport to bid for 2008 Koni Challenge
  169. Setting readiness problems (Cat. Converts and O2 sensors)
  170. Humming Sound Coming when I drive the car
  171. 2.7 Biturbo no start after engine install
  172. unsolved boost mystery
  173. APR Stage III Question
  174. Will a 2.7T fit into a '99 Audi a4 Avant with 2.8l in it now?
  175. Water Pump AGAIN?
  176. 2001 a6 maintence and mods
  177. A little help please: Repair shop says I have "Leaky Cam Actuator Seals??? --
  178. ok i tried searching: is this the best oil to use for?
  179. Where to buy K04s....
  180. GIAC phone number?
  181. How to .. Clutch job? Ive STFA. No answers.
  182. Ball Bearing Turbos!?.....hmm?
  183. Stage 2+ troubles !!!Help ??
  184. Anyone in NE doing timing belt job in the near future? I decided I am going to DIY mine, but I want
  185. transmission
  186. Foul Vapors
  187. What do you guys think of this diverter valve?
  188. Good & Cheap engine mechanic in greater Pittsburgh area?
  189. lost power 2.7t
  190. purchasing a new 2000 audi a6 with the 2.7t
  191. EGT sensors
  192. Turbo O ring issue
  193. APR and Jim Ellis Audi present Petit LeMans Customer Appreciation Weekend
  194. whats 2080bar equal to psi?
  195. WAs the ECS««tuning''dot««com ! service good?
  196. Installed APR R1 DV's...is a flute-like sound from 2200-3000 RPM's normal?
  197. Introducing Clutchnet Corporation as a new banner advertiser
  198. Just wondering.....Help someone
  200. Does the 2.7t fit through a standard sized apartment door? if its on a cherry pciekr
  201. throttle stuck wide open
  202. UGH! Looking for some help here Re: referal for "reasonable $$$" TB change!!!
  203. help!!! smoking from engine
  204. so i just finished with piggie pipes and its nice but i want it louder
  205. how can i replace the jet suction pump on audi a4 2004
  206. Turbo boggs on full throttle
  207. APR H2O International Sale Begins Wednesday September 18!
  208. How many points?
  209. brake icon on bord blinking
  210. 2.7t.....P1171 error code
  211. Possible that Audi mistakenly put an Tip AA Ecu in a 6 Speed?
  212. couple of piggie pipe questions? getting ready to diy
  213. 02 sensors codes 17521 & 17539 back after swap
  214. MAF and O2 Sensor questions......
  215. Need recommendation for mechanic in Chicago area - Torque Converter failure
  216. Looking for some guidance on Timing Belt and 1st Chip upgrade:
  217. how do you set valve timing?
  218. wheres the best place to hardwire in my V1
  219. Temp display needle is intermittent
  220. quad turbos? whos ready 4 dis...im gonna buy two more ko3s, open my hood,
  221. Strange pinging noise when shifting
  222. 2.7T Allroad check engine light problems
  223. where does the after run fan disconnect?
  224. Oil Recommendation and Timing Belt Question
  225. Question re piggies
  226. Can a Turbo be made switchable ?
  227. and why does my samco tbb have to interfere with my front engine cover and the boost sensor?
  228. tons of s4 parts on teh classifieds
  229. oil temp whats too high?
  230. Strange Noise like a saw blade when starting the car
  231. What shall I do next....thoughts?
  232. new spark plugs and fuel pressure regulator
  233. Is Mobile 1 (0W-30) the right syn. oil for an A6 2.7t?
  234. Whistle noise from turbo?
  235. 2000 A6 2.7T Sound System
  236. getting 2 codes HELP!!
  237. New Project.....pix inside...
  238. Has anyone tried the "OEM Pentosin 5w-40 Synthetic Motor Oil" that they sell at ECS?
  239. K-04 turbos back on stock on Monday at Achtuning $2,150 per pair
  240. Exhaust on a 2.7t
  241. Boost Gauge Pod......hmm?
  242. At Water Wagons will you be able to reflash your ECU there?
  243. ESP light!!!!
  244. white smoke...
  245. unpluging the clutch switch to start the car with no clutch?
  246. 100,000 mile tune up question
  247. drivers side door wont unlock or lock using the buttons on the key
  248. Two Stock turbos?
  249. what should i do....
  250. diverter valves bosch 110's vs apr R1's