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  1. TBB advice
  2. HELP........Alarm system is acting weird
  3. this forum is dead ; ( From The B5 S4 forum . ER Intercooler update ....
  4. what next?
  5. Insulating the Air Mass Sensor. Anyone ever tried this?
  6. The Million Dollar Question
  7. remote window mod
  8. Blow off valve vs Diverter valve
  9. A6 Automatic Transmission Pressure
  10. Allroad stalling - need help
  12. is there any benefit to buying dp vs. moving cats and o2 etc?
  13. Disconnecting turbo engines
  14. will an s4 chip work in an allroad?
  15. The new K04s are in and I have K03s with 96000 miles - they are tied, but still turn, are they worth
  16. Timing belt complete parts list. "while youre in there"
  17. Timing belt replacement - any non-standard tools other than cam lock bar?
  18. clutchmasters stage 3 capacity
  19. Maximum pressure on a 169kw engine
  20. down pipes for Tiptronic on Tantrumwerks.com
  21. how could i tell? the car shakes at low rpms...but im on stick...
  22. turbos need service after 55k?
  23. RS4 $30,000 engine rebuild
  24. Help!!! Secondary Air Pump Issue 2000 A6 2.7 Auto
  25. Anybody know if a 2.7t would physically fit into an '86 4000csq?
  26. Engine
  27. cranking but not starting
  28. MTM Software Upgrades
  29. How to test viscous fan?
  30. 03 A6 Gasoline Smell - Any Ideas?
  31. Anybody with moded 2003 A6 2.7T
  32. Rotor size
  33. need new engine 2000 audi s4
  34. Throttle body cleaning?
  35. Timing change belt difficulty and cost
  36. designer of 2.7t
  37. Anyone need a Cam Locking Bar & Crank Pin?
  38. Need recommendation for mechanic in North Atlanta - Torque Converter failure
  39. Tiptronic: How to know if the seal on the TC has failed?
  40. 2.8 heads
  41. unbolting a front axle shaft
  42. 2000 A6 2.7t
  43. L Box whats compatable?
  44. Hi, I'm New. EGR valve doubt
  45. anyone in Detroit Metro area have a cam locking bar & crank pin to loan?
  46. APR Releases the R1 Diverter Valve!
  47. Rearview Mirror
  48. Diverter Valves
  49. Muffler size
  50. slight tapping from driver's side cam it seems
  51. Will a 2001 2.7T Tip A6 chip work in a 2001 2.7T Tip allroad?
  52. timing belt ??
  53. timing belt just done today now loud whining sound when accelerating
  54. Audi A6 2.7t tiptronic - radiator troubles
  55. A6 2.7t exhaust options
  56. 2000 a6 with 2.7t
  57. AWE Drive train stabilizer
  58. Weather killing/helping performance? Whats better? Opinions? Science?
  59. Vibrant Exhaust on Ebay
  60. Inmotion Chip
  61. Can someone help me put this jagoff in his place?
  62. 3 inch Intercooler piping kit on ebay? Worth it?
  63. Loud whine from turbos at full throttle
  64. Wrench size for 2.7t oil drain plug?
  65. Looking to buy a used B5S4 with 100k on the motor. Should I be concern about
  66. S4 1st and 2nd Gear difficulties
  67. Surging and down on power
  68. Fuel delivery problem?
  69. update oil lines 2000 a6 2.7t
  70. Value Question 4 all of you
  71. vag com
  72. anyone have a link for upgrades on this tranny or parts for it ,,triptronic
  73. I am looking for opinions... With knowledge to back them up...
  74. DV and TBB
  75. Turbos
  76. Does $650-$700 cost sound right for a 100,000 mile tune up on A6 2.7T?
  77. anyone know were to get an upgraded torqe converter
  78. can i change my timing belt without the cam lock tool
  79. clutch problems
  80. cutting my cats off
  81. triptronic how much hp can it handle
  82. 1k to spend on performance mods
  83. Obviously I'm new here.
  84. Cam seal leaks....twice!
  85. ECU
  86. 2001 audi s4
  87. hesitation with GIAC X at less than WOT
  88. Engine Codes P1128 & P1130.....MAF? Injectors?
  89. Vagcom: Reference code 18305 (In relation to lit "check engine light")
  90. 2.7T overfilled oil
  91. High pitch engine noise (sorry for redunant question still a bit confused),
  92. code 17125 P0741 035 torque converter lock-up clutch performance or stuck off
  93. Phisherman Fakes the Funk with Bogus Email Scams
  94. heres the deal i goofed at work and killed a 2.7t
  95. Is it strange that my engine took almost 7 quarts of oil?
  96. Exhaust Dilemma
  97. is there still a demand for AMS chips? are there any s4's out there not chipped anymore?
  98. '03 A6 2.7t with 68K. Noise at start up. Please help diagnose...
  99. Sluggish acceleration - help diagnose
  100. cat codes for CEL came before 80K miles warranty still cover it?
  101. I smell oil up front.
  102. changed mass air flow and...help
  103. Need help choosing a platform
  104. How many TIPsters out there modifying?
  105. Add a K&N Filter or Not
  106. Anyone think this is legit? catback system for 675? TYPO $1150
  107. RS4 Clutches now in stock and ready to ship!!
  108. Samco Complete Hose kits in stock at AWE Tuning AND...............
  109. xenon ballast
  110. anyone think these wheels would look alright or have a picture of them
  111. Oil Leaking from Iintercooler Hose????
  112. APR fase 3 kit, in a European S4
  113. A box ECU
  114. 2003 A6 2.7 rear spoiler ?
  115. 2000 S4 Q's -
  116. pictures of my a6..camera phone but not bad
  117. AWE S-Flo intake
  118. 2.7T Turbo Replace/Rebuild?
  119. Can anyone help with trying to get my A6 2.7t
  120. how do you tell if your car is 2001 or 2001.5?
  121. How to increase horsepower on 2004 A6 2.7T (86,000 miles)
  122. When is a good time to replace the exhaust gas temp sensors? more..
  123. RS4 Motor
  124. Car doesnt want to go into gear
  125. Hey everyone, I'm looking at buying a 2001 S4 and was wondering if there is anything I should...
  126. Stalling issues
  127. V6 DIS4-05 Ignition Wiring Diagram
  128. need a right side ballast
  129. Timing Belt on 2.7T
  130. Where can i buy the tool to compress the cam tensioners to do the cam tensioner seals?
  131. CHIP
  132. Wheels
  133. Turbo noise after turning car off
  134. Low boost with MTM chip
  135. Replacing ABS module on 1999 A6 with rebuilt from Module Master
  136. APR Stage III Questions
  137. Some problems
  138. How do I reset check engine light
  139. New Bailey DV Valves on Ebay
  140. Break-in period on my new short block?
  141. Autozone - VAGOM (1999 A6)
  142. Rear crank seal ??
  143. Oil Leaks-Clogged Suction Pump-Bad Turbo?????
  144. CEL 18032 P1624
  145. Burning Oil smell?
  146. S4 and A6 2.7T Power Steering pump the same? Mine died can get one fron an S4.
  147. what to do about my s4 avant in Miami FL Orig in s4 forum
  148. Battery Recommendation for 1999 A6
  149. 2001 A6-2.7t check engine codes
  150. newbie asking old questions about T belt
  151. 2.7's fully built bottom end potential?
  152. Has anyone changed their interior?
  153. Leminwinks settings for 2.7T?
  154. *x-post from S4 forum* - Question re: oil leak for the 2.7T BT.
  155. stage 2, have some stage 3 parts and time on my hands. Can I...?
  156. Radio in Safe mode
  157. Prices for Performance Upgrades
  158. I am hearing a weird [turbo] noise during acceleration...help Piggy????.
  159. 1993 90 s v6
  160. My 2.7T starts up and immediately shuts down....does anyone know from experience what the problem is
  161. I just spent an 1 1/2 changing my spark plugs because I had a misfire code come up on the VAG replac
  162. Service Engine Light
  163. car wont fire up
  164. Is it possible to log the MAP sensor and N75 valve to see if they are failing?
  165. Cam Position Sensor?
  166. Odd noise
  167. Does anyone know any good mechanic in South Florida???
  168. Oh My
  169. Need cats... Can I replace with downpipes?
  170. crosspost: help me get my AR into the shop under warranty
  171. I'm the #3 PW on this forum for 2006!!! Look out, No. 1 - I'm gunning for you in '07. ;^)
  172. Engine coolant temperature indicator w/ three beeps
  173. Kombi valve line, how much pressure?
  174. Need an S4 airbox
  175. Burning smell coming from engine
  176. Have problems with EGT sensors??
  177. 2001 S4 Which EGT is #2
  178. Wow..that's all I can say...
  179. Damn, I think I am in for major bills
  180. where could i get my car to pass inspection with tinted windows in the north jersey area
  181. Chip and ECU problems
  182. X-post from PNW forum, my mechanic looking for assistance with my TB failure
  183. XPOST looking for feedback
  184. What Forged Rods will work without clearancing of rods or boring motor?
  185. Anyone know the difference between the 3.0L V6 heads and the 2.7T heads?
  186. 2001 s4 sparkplug/low rpms issues
  187. need help, trying to put motor back in car after cracking k04 housing, >>>
  188. What dyno and drag numbers I can get from VAST stage III
  189. 2003 A6 2.7T Tip(5spd) Please read and help me figure this out
  190. VAG code suggestions
  191. Source for EGT sensors?
  192. Bars Leaks, Alumiseal, etc...
  193. new owner 2001 S4
  194. anyone here ever do an engine oil flush on the 2.7t ??
  195. Going to check out 2.7t A6 6spd, vag-com in hand...
  196. Recommended Chips
  197. VAG Interpretation Help (Inside)
  198. O2 ?'s: Which side is Bank 1? Which sensor is S1? Pre or post cat?
  199. S4
  200. Check Eng. warning light
  201. Newbe
  202. ABD Big Bore Sound
  203. 2.7T GIAC Stage 3- running rich
  204. Car is making a low pitched short lived WHOOOO sound on acceleration
  205. APR Holiday Sale and Stage 3 Giveaway!
  206. camlock tool for 2.7T
  207. 2.7tt... how much power before building the lower end???
  208. 00 2.7t fuel problems i think
  211. Boost problem / leak I have problems with the boost, recently I installed
  212. The sweet smell of Coolant.... AGAIN!!!!!
  213. lightweight pulleys <x-post, B5 S4>
  214. boost, got none
  215. Very Poor MPG. Dealer saying that car is ok
  216. on injectors the question
  217. Can of coins rattling sound on start up............. intermitent
  218. 2001 s4 transmission
  219. Engine/tranny repair questions
  220. How should I be checking my oil?
  221. Help......... code 1113
  222. Are 'universal' O2 sensors okay?? I'm a DIYer and can splice wires, what
  223. serious lag and a strange grinding noise... help!
  224. New wheels
  225. WTT: Two Polished Forge DV's for Black Forge DV's
  226. Anyone using the ECS race N75 valve in there 2.7t?
  227. BAR Certified Mechanic in Metro Detroit Area??
  228. CV Joints
  229. Motor dead, want to rebuild, where to get BUILT parts?
  230. how much do 2.7t's usaully go for? i want to put one in my 90.
  231. Torque converter problems
  232. Need Help Modding My 2.7t
  233. I'm getting a allroad
  234. So who is to blame, in your opinion....
  235. 200-300 rpm drop at idle...
  236. Please help for the 2002 Adui A6 2.7T, hot starting problem.
  237. xpost Turbo coolant leak
  238. AWE's stage 2 clutch Vs Stage 3 ClutchMasters
  239. Reliability of B5 platform
  240. will down pipes from a manual fit the Tip engine?
  241. Secondary Air Injection Insufficient Flow Both Banks
  242. Engine Codes - P1131, P1129, P1127
  243. Questions about the DPs, STFA already and is still confused. TIA.
  244. need help!! buying the best 2.7t clutch??? AWE's stage 2? Vast's stage 2? clutchmasters' stage 3??
  245. What to do first???
  246. Twin-Turbos on A62.7T
  247. Boost gauge
  248. What's up everybody
  249. Diverter Valves
  250. tranny pan