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  1. 2003 AT wiper question
  2. Riverside Audi Parts : XM Satellite Tuner Sale
  3. Be sure to catch the new (Monday) Audi two page ad in the Wall Street Journal...
  4. Opions on EBC yellow stuff for street/daily driving? Hawk HP+ are...
  5. Well, I'm back from Montana. My allroad performed flawlessly as expected. I really love this car!
  6. Any update from RMcQ? Did he get the smoke figured out?
  7. Got to use my air compressor to pump up my rear driver side on Sunday.
  8. Dealer says the transmission fluid was a little low, cleared the codes
  9. I been hit. how much $$
  10. Tires at the end of the lease? Opinions?
  11. what would be involved in converting the 2.7T to run on E85?
  12. hitting the road for a cross-country trip in a week or so. any prep
  13. FS: 2001 Left (Driver's side) Taillight assembly.
  14. Arrrgh! Two mods I want to do but can't find instructions!
  15. PPsssttt... 19" bling great deals..
  16. How to remove verticle cargo net?
  17. Tip tranny stuck in 3rd or 4th.
  18. i love the though of the AR but...
  19. Bored today, Priced a 2007 allroad for the UK with equipment that would be found in US. Cost?
  20. AR Kayakers... any preference on roof rack set ups (pics from a short trip on the Potomac River)
  21. Ok so who here is in Decatur and just got an allroad.....
  22. Flywheel on Ebay...any good?
  23. allroadfaq.com - Tip DTC #17125 - Failure poll question - UBER???
  24. Anyone looking for a deal on a 03 in the midwest?
  25. OT /// A Happy Mothers Day to "girlroad",,,,,,, all others and spouses =)
  26. Update on Toyo T1R's. <singing> "You've lost that lovin' feelin', oh-woh-oh, that lovin'...
  27. Followed a 3L A6 w/rear,&front fog lights on in the middle of the day w/25mi+ visibility.
  28. Allroad Dash Inlays are real wood....
  29. WOOT (actually I never say that but it looks cool on here:) 2 ar sightings day....
  30. Is the sunroof roar a normal noise?
  31. Roadtrip Monday; one week in Door County, Wisc aka Cape Cod of the Midwest
  32. hitch on german ebay if anyone interested...
  33. LF CV Boot ripped, no clicking, just vibration, DIY?
  34. Don't buy gas on May 15th.
  35. Add myself to the leaking front air bags club :(...
  36. Roll Call! What was your first car? (or other form of transportation). Details please.
  37. I want this allroad:
  38. Rant time: I have trouble expressing what I find troublesome about some over-privileged youth of
  39. Received my '04. Drove right out of the DMV parking lot and into the Santa Barbara mountains.
  40. looking to buy a an 01 allroad w/80k miles on it and got a couple of questions.
  41. Front CV boot torn this morning. $345. 64K. Nice way to start the weekend....
  42. Differential bearing at 80k?
  43. "girlroad" not in these exact words, called me a "<edit>" and wished me "goodluck"
  44. Purchase $500 or more with Car Care One and receive a $50 mail in rebate
  45. Just back from the dealership - last AoA service warranty visit
  46. ECU swap?
  47. Pics.... new wheels and tires..... and some nice weather...
  48. Any Ex-B5 S4 Owners make the movet to an Allroad - Stage 3 Questions inside
  49. New member of 80/80 club.
  50. Will RS6 19x9 et of 35 fit my allroad with spacers?
  51. Woot! Well I'm on my first road trip in my allroad (Seattle to Missoula)
  52. Is it safe to leave them alone, together, overnight, in the dark like that?
  53. TPMS?
  54. Look what happened to my aluminium door sills..
  55. [SCC/ACNA] Upcoming SoCal events for May - German Invasion / Stand GTG / Palomar Mtn Drive
  56. Smoked Tails Source
  57. Mounting 6 pot calipers... expert ideas please...
  58. nice allroad promo
  59. 402? How much to lower front to make car level?
  60. Wheels mounted!... or... wheel, at least!
  61. Throttle Body Alignment?
  62. Allroad Hitch Source
  63. Hon, I'm doing some early Christmas shopping for us :-)
  64. Euro Code Tuning (brake fiasco) Saga Continued
  65. I nominate Rallynut/allroad2001's crown vic for the board's next tranny swap
  66. ABS and Suspension lights on, no EPC light
  67. Hey all, I'm new here....
  68. Jsut purchased 04 allroad 2.7t need to get info on oil reccomnd. and filters
  69. New AR owner in Seattle ..woot
  70. OK, step forward and raise your left pinky - who did this? Have you no shame?
  71. New Shoes Are On (18" RS6 Replicas)
  72. Never say never
  73. Great 2003 allroad MT for sale
  74. RS6 repo on ebay?
  75. Any used H-Sports for sale?
  76. Cleaned the MAF unit, No more SEL
  77. Wheels/Spacers/center caps- with ET30 and 10mm spacers will I need longer bolts?
  78. APR is proud to announce our new braking upgrades for all late model Audi's and VW's!
  79. Follow-up to IceLink - 2 aftermarket solutions
  80. Anyone using H&R DRA bolt-in spacers? 20mm is a bit much, but I like the idea...
  81. 402...
  82. If the Perrin rear end links work in the front for us, will their fronts work in the rear?....
  83. Having Problem Undder High Speed Acceleration, Check Engine Light On...
  84. Service Indicator at startup
  85. Q: Is there a performance rear disk that uses the stock calibers? Thx.
  86. attn any of you Denver allroaders running 18's:
  87. Who has installed piggie pipes? What is involved?
  88. Hillbillies mess with the wrong guy
  89. Retraction (pun intended) of seat belt tightening device recommendation: more
  90. New Audi Marketing Website
  91. Front Control Arm Questions... are there differences in model years?
  92. So it turned out to be a broken pad wear sensor wire.
  93. Big Brake ?'s
  94. FWIW, There is another wheel on the market to fit the ar......August
  95. Comin Home
  96. IceLink Continued...
  97. I saw my first R8 today.
  98. Painting Calipers...
  99. Question regarding rear bumper assembly...
  100. OT: Drove a Ferrari 360 Modena over the weekend
  101. Carfax anyone?
  102. Updated now with stoptechs
  103. Less than an hour after I filled out the AoA Customer Care form, I received a call (DIS related)...
  104. Well, since everyone is doing it, here's another loaded allroad.
  105. Need help with 'stained' aluminum door blades...stfa not much help...more..
  106. Advice Needed re: '04 4.2 with 48k miles on it. kinda long
  107. Ok, I searched and looked on the FAQ....I have the filter AutoZone looked up for the ar...
  108. Another stuffed Allroad
  109. Question about wheels Im about to order.
  110. Brake warning light: what are all the causes?
  111. Wheel Question
  112. Door Chime mod?
  113. trade 06 A4 for Allroad
  114. Tip Chip
  115. Is $600 too much for the front wheels bearings replacement?
  116. Drove a Touareg for a week while allroad fan was being fixed...so happy to be back in the AR
  117. I'm still getting clicking noise when turning..........
  118. Well, sold the S4 today....sniff, sniff. Gonna miss her for sure, but I'm lovin' the ar too.
  119. Battery UPGRADE - Odyssey PC1700
  120. performance chip
  121. Pic of my ar in Death Valley
  122. question about new key fob - How does the immobilizer get the code from the key? is it electric?
  123. Brake issue: Pulsing while stopping. Tried the 80-20 hard stop @ 10 times to no avail. Brakes are
  124. PSA for those with hitch, Block the wheels to the trailer before disconnecting. Trailer slid forward
  125. Any recommendations on car covers? Trying to prevent additional scratches from bicycles and toys.
  126. looking for plastic bumper guard for top of rear bumper to protect from loading cargo..
  127. selling" complete 2002 allroad air suspension"
  128. allroad at Autobaun Performance in Georgia here?
  129. PSA : Our key fobs are not waterproof! :(
  130. 2001 NAVI how to use?
  131. Paging RMcQ: what's status on fix for the black beast?
  132. Instrument Cluster Failure - A Call To Arms!!! Please Read!!!
  133. Car Seat and Accessories unsolicited endorsement
  134. Happy "Quattro" de Mayo, everyone ;-)
  135. New allroad bling
  136. Is there a fuse that runs the cig. ligter for front and rear passangers?
  137. Paging ryry... Did you ever mount those wheels you bought?
  138. how do you spell HEINOUS?
  139. Weekend Survey...If you had $4000.00 that had to be spent on your allroad.
  140. Couple of sniggles on '02 2.7T - UPDATE
  141. great day at the `ring
  142. The General is pushing $10M
  143. Does anyone truly know when Audi will have a diesel in the A6 Avant here in US?...
  144. Help w/ creaky steering wheel
  145. Good news - airspring covered under CPO warranty Bad news-tie rod not covered
  146. turnkey "stage III" allroad
  147. 17 x 8 OZ SLs with 32mm offset: fit an Allroad?
  148. Has anyone dealt with AAAutowarranty?..:see more
  149. Does the Touraeg have a brake upgrade option we can use?
  150. O2 sensor replacement (pre-cat) Shade tree or not?
  151. An A4 that gets 45mpg... why can't my allroad do that :(
  152. Will RS6 mirrors fit Allroad???
  153. 725hp general lee for $2M on ebay
  154. Brake Recommendations, please.
  155. more
  156. how you loving that ?
  157. Stage 3 soon..Who wants my Giac chip?
  158. D'oh, leaking from the transmission output seal...
  159. Groundhog day revisited...voltmeter issue...tested by local guy and both
  160. xpost - BBK experimentation - call for help - anyone run Cayenne based BBK (or buying them soon)?
  161. Replaced center dash display and it upped my milage 2mpg
  162. help on my move to Canada, sort of OT...advise needed...
  163. My friend found a 2005 allroad with 4000 miles, that is right 4000 miles on it and they want $30k.
  164. Europrice Leftovers Sale, it's on the shelf, it's dusty, it's priced to go...
  165. dailyCarVideos.com
  166. Decided: Mintex Red Box w/ OEM rotors for rear. First the S6, but I fear the allroad is next.
  167. Question on wheel alignments--
  168. Couple minor sniggles with our '02 2.7T
  169. diabolical plan taking shape
  170. Got Big Wheels? Reminder, keep 5 OE studs in the ar for the spare.
  171. K03 Turbos for Sale in Marketplace...
  172. what battery do you recommend for replacement. mine is DEAD
  173. error code P1857-35-00
  174. more overstuffed allroad pics
  175. So it sounds like I need to find some new tires for the allroad. Any recomendations?
  176. TCM(Transmission Controll Module). Any one know where its ......
  177. I KNEW cobalt blue was the fastest color . . .
  178. Tire load question for the group: Is a 93Y or 1433 lbs per tire rating enough
  179. 4.2 Exhaust Upgrade?
  180. Hey, What's involved in the 60K Service?
  181. ugh. new Cat (right side), new O2 sensor (right)....
  182. C5 A6/Allroad 2.7T "piggie pipes" are back in stock, also, a sale as well..
  183. Any PNW's allroader's going to Bremerton for the driving event on the 19th and 20th?
  184. selling complete 2002 allroad air suspension,anyone interested?
  185. IceLink? Who has it? Who likes it?
  186. Steering wheel - A4/A6/allroad compatibility?
  187. coolant temp sensor question: just replaced, but how snugly does this new sensor fit w/ the clip in
  188. Time for new shoes; almost 30k out of OE Dunlops
  189. so, unexpectedly, I hate the 3 b7 a4 2.0t loaners I've had in the last 2 weeks
  190. manual 535xi wagon - $60K (see bmwusa.com)
  191. A.W.E. Tuning "Partner Spotlight" - BHR, Inc.
  192. Allroad Owners Manual
  193. Allroad Twin-Spoke Wheel Repair
  194. Last try before I call PG Performance... Anyone want to sell US hitch?
  195. Voltmeter down from 14 to under 12....could it be a problem with the solar fan?
  196. Anybody corrected front camber on a lowered allroad?
  197. Wheel Help - 19x8, 30mm offset with 5 mm spacers, will this work on my 01' allroad?
  198. Question about factory XM radio operation
  199. Suspension warning light came on -
  200. Help appreciated: Need best price/service online for Mobil-1 Synthetic oil for ar??
  201. Changed wheels to 18 inch (RS6 Replicas) and 245/45/18 tires. What pressures are you guys running?
  202. Anyone running 245/40/18 tires? If so how far off is the speedometer?
  203. Changed Spark Plugs, mis-firing
  204. Noise from the rear for 1/2 mile each morning
  205. steinline - Any pics on the RS6 Recaro's in the car? Do they weigh less..
  206. Top Gear is on the Science Channel.......rerun though :( Maybe it is
  207. HELP! Installing hp-2 brakes, missing the ribbed washer for the bolt to the hub plate.
  208. ├╝berstuffed allroad
  209. Extendend warranty options beyond CPO?
  210. Shifter cover removal?
  211. Servotronic power steering isn't working - relay is intact - what else should I check?
  212. anybody use loctite on bolts before mounting the wheels?...
  213. Ideas for new mod on cupholder?
  214. off topic but need buying advice for third car
  215. Ice Link recommendation?
  216. Need help finding body part
  217. Help me with my brake calipers
  218. garage door opener.
  219. Those with the Recaro Young Sport CR, little help please...
  220. Radiator Fan..
  221. Decided to go with the 13" Stasis setup.
  222. attn PNW ar's saw 2 2day: a nice alpaca going south on OK hwy towards military rd this am, and...
  223. Rear Left Settles about an inch
  224. Blinker relay replaced. No problem. thank you all.
  225. Need to buy a single stock twin spoke - email me directly - thanks
  226. I've noticed my car lowers everytime I stop at lights. Thought I was
  227. If I disable the TPMS can I use the older sat radio module?
  228. Rut roh, Raggy...
  229. New (to me) allroad owner, and I have a hitch question >.<
  230. rack question, who makes this one?!!!!
  231. Bike Rack Hitch Mount and Cargo Net
  232. Pulling the flasher-blinker switch/relay.
  233. where to buy lug nuts? can't find that post, somebody linked to cheap source for the bolts...
  234. Boldly blowing past the entended warranty window!
  235. POLL : Who has a TIP with the most trouble free miles??
  236. Remember this road rage fantasy...
  237. How many here drive without the extended warranty, after the factory one ended?
  238. So I put 18.71 gallons in my tank today. I literally sputtered into the gas station. NE1 beat that?
  239. Had an '04 Porsche Cayenne S as a loaner for a couple of days
  240. Help with Strange Blinker sound...
  241. Mechanical Breakdown Coverage for those who cant find extended
  242. Paging Tenacious auDi....where did you have your exhust done?
  243. Beautiful day.... $325 to fix 2 wheels "out of roll". Gotta love Boston pot holes!
  244. 2004 Allroad - how to tell which stereo is installed?
  245. Allroad 4.2 - Above 4700rpm, ?torque ?power. Where is optimal acceleration region?
  246. A5 Sportback
  247. Now that some people have seen both the US and Euro hitches, why the difference in towing capacity?
  248. hopefully my final chapter in my brake search - help me pick between these two options
  249. Well some of you claim to haul....
  250. morning fun with another BMW genius