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  1. 1st A4 speeding ticket
  2. 660cc injectors really needed??
  3. Tiptronic clunk from 3rd to 2nd when stopping.
  4. New A4's prominent nose
  5. After just 10 miles, it is so nice to be back in an Audi. I definetly made the right choice.
  6. Very cool (and entertaining) video of a B7 RS4!
  7. Alright fellas. Let's see your mileage. Just turned 18k with no problems to report.
  8. Promotion on Sirius until 12/31 directly from Audi...
  9. New 2.0T Avant Quattro...HELP!
  10. Audi A4 B6 2.0 4 cylinder
  11. Took delivery today...pics to follow
  12. Failed iPod installation attempt (story + images)
  13. artic white with snow.. gota luv ur audi when its snowing
  14. Opinion - Who ever packaged the iPod Integration kit...
  15. The OEM B6 S4 Rear Sway Bar installed -- If you didn't upgrade yours, do it ASAP.
  16. 2 Days Left - End-of-Year Buy It Now Before the Rates Change on Audi Extended Warranty
  17. Cost for set of Radio/Nav+ Puller Rings???? - TIA
  18. B7 A4 APR exhaust available at a really good deal.....
  19. The new b7 a4s are fantastic and im very pleased with it all.
  20. Where is the UPS guy???
  21. Teaser #2 for the exhaust mods....
  22. flashing check engine light
  23. What services are included in the first 5k service?
  24. After Market Navi...
  25. Sport springs with S-line shocks?
  26. Getting into a New A4 Avant (interesting insurance #s)
  27. S-Line Wheel Question
  28. wipers
  29. Just got APR'ed
  30. creaking noises...
  31. Xenon headlight question
  32. question for stick shift drivers
  33. 19" B7 RS4 wheels 35mm offset post - can't find it...
  34. Sub line level converter splice location... ?
  35. B7 Non Bose/Non NAV pin outs to & from AMP? I want to...
  36. APR Exhaust...
  37. Car shipping recomendations?
  38. Dallas dealership recommendations?
  39. Gas Mileage (Again...)
  40. Anyone with an 06' 2.0T with beige interior?
  41. Front seat - folding down?
  42. S-Line Suspension v. Sport Suspension
  43. Rear lip
  44. Anyone lease a 2.0T here and flash the ECU?
  45. PSA: So who thought Audi's coil problems were over?
  46. Hey guys, need a favor...
  47. Long Island/Nassau County People - Any GOOD tint shops out here?
  48. Page 104 of NAV manual - anyone actually get this to work?
  49. Customs, how long does it take to process a car?
  50. Finally Ordered my A4 today...details inside, pics when it arrives.
  51. Can anyone confirmhaving a working Icelink and Sat Radio in a B7 w/ Symphony II Bose and Sat?
  52. can someone please take a close up picture of their e-brake handle button?
  53. Break-in for 2.0T w/ CVT...
  54. New b7 owner! Im a part of the club now!
  55. Free UPS Ground shipping on all orders placed this week!
  56. Audi Ipod adapter installation instructions
  57. Audi with 20"
  58. Can anyone confirm that Audi's iPod solution does NOT display track names?
  59. How is the sound quality (compared to SD) for IceLink/Audi iPod?
  60. Aftermarket Navigation System?
  61. Sirus aftermarket solutions?
  62. 3.2 Interior Question...Wood trim switched to "brushed " aluminum / standard alumunim
  63. Starting to look alot like Christmas......
  64. any Stage I S4 now A4 2.0T owners here?
  65. any luck with special ordering?
  66. New Service Bulletin
  67. Ok, so WHAT is covered under Audi Advantage?
  69. Couple of very quick and dirty photos of my A4.
  70. Please Confirm...Ebony is BLACK Leather...not greyish?
  71. Just took delivery of a 2006 2.0T Quattro, impression inside
  72. Audi iPod Adapter in stock
  73. I want to take a moment to say thank you.
  74. Flat tire (s)and bad dealership
  75. Slight delay in acceleration from a stop, and the fix...
  76. my car has arrived at the dealer, about a month early. Not gonna pick it up a for a few weeks
  77. x-post: Vote for CNET's Tech Car of the Year
  78. Any good auto start ignition options for the B7 a4?
  79. tips on fuel efficient drives(for manual gears)?
  80. X-Post: regarding Roadside assistance.....
  81. x-post: My flat tire from tonight...I'm still shocked by this one.....
  82. The final Stage 3+ raffle has been won!
  83. Check out this new load of BS my dealer is trying to pull...
  84. has anyone replaced the e-brake handle on their b7?can i have a picture of how the button(more)
  85. B7 3.2 Chrome Trim?
  86. Revo Technik introduces our performance programming for the B7 A4 2.0T FSI
  87. gas mileage
  88. Anyone ordered the RS4 recently and knows how long the wait should be?
  89. Teaser...
  90. Just wanted to Join In.
  91. Nasty Tire Experience
  92. Quattro Snowcircles
  94. wow look at this mini mac setup....wonder if someone with an audi can do the same...
  95. Last week of the AWE Tuning Holiday Sale!
  96. Any new news on DSG on B7 Quattros - Already STFA
  97. splicing into always-on power
  98. Anyone have pics of a modded B7 avant?
  99. Sad Sad Day
  100. Thought you guys might find interesting:^)
  101. Install w/ pics! RS4 e-brake handle for B6/B7 A4/S4
  102. WARNING to potential buyers from an owner...
  103. FYI - My sales guy told me A4 prices going up $600 in '06.
  104. Happy Holidays from AMS...Click here to ...
  105. Question about tire condition when you return a leased A4
  106. icelink plus and navplus (RNS)?
  107. Small update on GIAC and Fuel pump testing.
  108. Just curious
  109. 2 Days left to win an APR Stg 3!!! Call APR for details.
  110. 18" RS 4 Replica Wheels. $199 Each + 30-Day Road Hazard...
  111. Tin?
  112. iPod
  113. What's the best offset for 18"
  114. APR Exhaust..
  115. any advantage of bluetooth connectivity other than for phone?
  116. damn!! scratched my wheel... Any leads for repair/resurface shops?
  117. Any interior wiring diagrams available? Looking for dash harness diagram
  118. Got my first Audi and loving it... are creaks normal????
  119. what's the difference between the euro and the US xenon headlight assembies
  120. Thanks everybody at AW!!! 1st Place Hottest Audi at Hot Import Nights this past weekend!
  121. Milltek Exhaust & Cat In Stock for 2.0T...
  122. How many people here is driving a lease but CHIPPED?
  123. So anybody have 0-60 times for a chipped 2.0T yet?
  124. The one you have been waiting for. Turbo kit sale!
  125. Does the DVD Nav have an audio-in port in the back?
  126. Scratched Rims
  127. What is the widest possible tire using 18x8 wheels with ET 35 offset?
  128. Just got APR'd
  129. Trunk Lid Complaint
  130. How do you adjust the headlight? I have the halogen and just lowered the car.
  131. Caressa Wheels
  132. Where can I obtain a B7 Avant S-Line roof rear spoiler?
  133. so do the heated seats turn off automatically?
  134. Problems with my A4
  135. Adding XM radio to A4 B7 Avant with Nav+
  136. Exhaust Opinion....
  137. part number for xm module
  138. Just ordered - few quesions regarding process
  139. Aftermarket HU with steering wheel control functionality?
  140. window tinting
  141. Bizarre brake light problem!
  142. Photoshop request! Please...
  143. question on (long awaited) iPod cable connection...
  144. AWE Exhaust vs. APR Exhaust
  145. If you were going to replace your mirrors covers...would you choose matte finish or chrome finish?
  146. Holiday Blowout! Neuspeed 70mm Exhaust for the B7 A4 2.0T Quattro Manual
  147. Lights question.....
  148. Seat Memory
  150. Too Bose or not to Bose?
  151. Ordering next week..can't decide on color; black, silver or quartz grey...
  152. "Rest of world" lighting setting
  153. Dual Poll Question - Miles between fillups and Noises
  154. Dear AoA..PLEASE unbundle the need to get leather for having a sunroof..not everyone likes leather !
  155. Do the B7's have two rear fog lights? Thought I saw one tonight lit up on both sides.
  156. can any one tell me the size (mm) of the festoon bulbs that are above the sun visors that light...
  157. New to the club :)
  158. Flashed the GIAC chip today at Streamline
  159. Need part numbers for front & rear Brembo BBK (yes, I did a search already)
  160. whoa i just got a $475 quote for installation of my Stasis Streetsports. Is this right or i am...
  161. Problem with my 2.0T quattro tiptronic
  162. Audi seems to have picked up the pace on B7 orders. Ordered mid November, car was built last week.
  163. AWE Tuning weekly sale ends Sunday at Midnight! Big savings on AWE Exhausts.
  164. Anyone here have a subscription to Eurotuner? I need a scan of a page from Jan '06 :(
  165. Brand new A4 in shop for 7 DAYS NOW !! - Cold Weather Starting Problems
  166. Free Freight Friday is back, Includes Winter Wheel and Tire Packages
  167. Looking to get my wife a new B7 Avant (2.0T)...any good Prem Purchase deals out there?
  168. Looking for sway bar kit. HSport worth it?
  169. Autocross Events
  170. Engine Oil Sensor Defective
  171. Stupid question. How do I access this menu?
  172. Need some input...
  173. For those of you located in Southern California...
  174. iPod where you put it
  175. Champion Audi in Pompano, FL...
  176. Locking Problem
  177. squeeeaaaak
  178. Not funny.
  179. Getting key fob to work correctly with memory seat settings
  180. 1/14/06 - CT/NY Audi Group Winter Gathering - EPL, Stratford, CT
  181. Stayed up to 2 a.m. -- 1st CF hood on a B7 in the US by EuroGEAR USA!!! (pics)
  182. average fuel consumption calculator -accurate?
  183. Help! Getting a new 2006 Audi A4!
  184. AWE Boost Gauge
  185. Cruise Control intermittently works
  186. Audi A4 vs. BMW
  187. The vibrating headlight comes to an end...
  188. Anyone else mistake the civic at night from far for B7 and feel dumb afterwards?
  189. So the B7 has been in the shop for 5 days due to a cold start issue.
  190. Allow myself to introduce, Myself...........
  191. Are the "new european mats" ok for snowy climates?
  192. What mods can I put on my B7 3.2 ?
  193. The winners story... a good one for the holidays.....
  194. Audi iPod Kit
  195. *Reminder* Week 2 of the Holiday Sale! This weeks specials involve exhaust.
  196. Congratulations to Geoffory Jarrett!!! 1st winner of the APR Stg 3 raffle.
  197. New Winter Mats stink
  198. SNOW wheel-tire packages
  199. Does anybody here have milltek exhaust installed? how does it sound? Louder than stock, but not too
  200. Transmission..
  201. does anyone have O.Z. Ultraleggera wheels? pic on car would be nice
  202. Anyone familiar with Brembo-Kits (will fit or not..)?
  203. Will someone please photo shop these wheels on a black A4, Thanks
  204. B7 RS4 Replica Wheels -- On The Car
  205. LED Taillights
  206. A4 accessories shop while in HK...?
  207. Vinyl rings of ricedom -- sorry, couldn't resist.
  208. 05.5 3.2 Options, Packages, and Pricing
  209. Where to put 12 inch subs in 06 A4
  210. My friend just bought a Lexus IS250 !! OUCH. The paddle shifters sold them and I am sick now.
  211. Should I buy exhaust now (AWE) or wait for other systems to come out?
  212. Audi Accessories Catalog - License Plate Frame Question
  213. Anyone know the current A4 Avant lease rates?
  214. I have two pdf's of the new Rieger-Tuning kit for the B7....
  215. Audi R10 info...
  216. Stupid question..did anyone take delivery of a A4 3.2 6spd SLine Sedan yet?
  217. Floor Mat Cleaning
  218. TantrumWerks is proud to announce the creation of Fast Intentions Inc.
  219. Poll: Mileage, what are you getting? Please list engine/% city-highway driving/tranny/mileage
  220. feedback on these wheels..please ;-)
  221. Is 2WD exhaust system the same as AWD?
  222. Update on Headlight vibration...
  223. Calibre Radar Detector/Laser Jammer System
  224. my new toy...
  225. Stock / Black / Grey and No Plate....
  226. A4 2.0tq from Suby Legacy GT wag
  227. Can 18's clear ecs tuning porsche big brake kits?
  228. A4 3.2 S Line
  229. noob from B5 forum.
  230. A4 Manuals online anywhere?
  231. Who got their car REVO chipped? Good? Bad? Ugly? Post up!
  232. Poll: Who would have already chipped if it were simpler? Imagine chip tuning at YOUR location?
  233. who's up for a group buy on the rs4 pedal set?
  234. Acceleration specs for the B7 3.2 Quattro 6spd??
  235. phantom black front plate
  236. Web sites
  237. 2.0T FSI Fuel pump info
  238. Wheel decisions - one or the other?
  239. Can someone post up instructions/pics to change my B7 pedals/dead pedal? Got an Abt swag :)
  240. Can someone post up instructions/pics to change my B7 shiftknob? Got an Abt swag :)
  241. What's up with GIACs HP/TQ chip for the 2.0T?
  242. Does anyone know how to access the Equalizer Presets on B7 Symphony Stereo
  243. AWE Tuning Holiday Sales for December 12 through the 18th!
  244. Question for APR.
  245. A4 2.0T power by Revo!
  246. In Attention Of stanj
  247. Regarding the stickers... you guys do know the UrQuattro had ring stickers on the the front doors...
  248. What to do with my new 2.0T A4
  249. New observations on the 'adaptive headlight' error code I'm getting
  250. 20" wheels