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  1. Mid Ohio looks like it is shaping up to be a quattro weekend.
  2. SALE: 10% Off Neuspeed Products at North American Motorsports
  3. Ronal "Trade your wheels"
  4. B7 body kit
  5. V1 Hardwired - I need a picture
  6. Widest 18" wheel allowed on '06 A4
  7. Please post any pics of 35% tint...does not matter what year, but perferrably B7...thanks in advance
  8. Which Front Lip Spoiler Do You Like Better ?
  9. Anyone experiencing trouble at startup?
  10. How much is your monthly lease for A4 S-Line ?
  11. Anyone know where I can find a GPS sharkfin antenna for a 2005 Dolphin Grey Metallic A4
  12. Tire pressure question for a long cruise
  13. Just installed AWE boost gauge....max of 12-14 lbs boost from stock program normal?
  14. Anyone have an idea when 2007 pricing will be out?
  15. Velocity Motoring now an AudiWorld Advertiser
  16. TV
  17. Money Factor
  18. Stasis Audi Torsen Center Differential Upgrade & 400HPA4
  19. For those of you who installed the V1 remote display.....did anyone install above the radio
  20. If I ordered today when would a 07 Avant arrive?
  21. My RS4 Avant ... hahaha
  22. look what I found at the loca dealer!!!
  23. APR Chip Questions (new to chips beware...)
  24. Possible to order Sprint Blue?
  25. those that went from B6 to B7 and were leasing, i have a question...
  26. 17" Dunlop M3s $50-ea* at Hartmann/Achtuning!
  27. Audi 2.0 FSI Engine of the year article
  28. anyone know the towing capacity for the 2.0T with tip? this would be about one mile total trip.
  29. 2005-06 3.2 A-4 Owners...What's your average MPG around town ???
  30. Are loaners part of AoA service or by dealer
  31. Will Revo Software Reflash be more undetectable than an APR chip??
  32. Exhaust came in...
  33. Audi Website Updated?
  34. Results / Photos / Videos posted from 5/13 CT/NY Audi Dyno Day at EPL
  35. Anyone buy an A4 DTM yet???
  36. OT. Guys, check out my helmet...
  37. Video...1st place in points event #3...
  38. Just drove both the Lexus 250 and 350... Glad I have my A4... More...
  39. Dead key
  40. $3000+ for 3.2 Engine or S-Line Package
  41. 2007 A4 Avant
  42. fog lights with 25th ann. ed. s4 front bumper
  43. Revo, APR, GIAC, Neuspeed...
  44. Working on a buddy's B7: Has Nav/premium sound. Can I tap into rear sub for signal for amp?
  45. help with bluetooth and/or phone cradle, technology pkg 2006 a4???
  46. STaSIS Engineering's new website is up and running, take a peek...
  47. View from outside rearview mirrors
  48. Anyone having this issue with their car...steering sounds...and a tint question
  49. took soome quick pics, terrible ones at that....
  50. anyone have problems with 3rd gear syncro?
  51. has anyone here done this before
  52. Help me find an Avant in NorCAL! (Or hell, Oregon or Socal too!) S-Line, Tip, Nav
  53. Dolphin or Quartz Gray with Beige Interior
  54. ordering a car?
  55. Replacing Headunit
  56. Because no one seems to have Moro Blue..
  57. Pics of my A4 Avant 2.0TDI - European model
  58. RS4 grille for normal A4 B7?
  59. Aftermarket Performance.Exterior, etc. Sites?
  60. cant find the specifics on the turbo setup (+)
  61. Picked up a new A4 a couple weeks ago....
  62. Would like to remove the knee bolster (lower drivers side) to do some wiring ....
  63. what color
  64. Wheel Spacer Experience???
  65. HELP!!!! Me order my 2007!
  66. Also, which fuse could one tap into for a trigger for an amp?
  67. Where in the trunk is a good place for a ground for an amp?
  68. Few pics from today.
  69. $2250 for stasis tracksports installed.... good? bad? decent?
  70. To install a european front plate on a 2006 A4 S-line is there a bracket I need to buy?
  71. Looking for an unmolested 2006 A4 brochure.....
  72. Anyone wants my brand new Milltek Catback? havent installed yet, change plans
  73. Returning to AudiWorld after many years...2007 A4 now on order.
  74. Anyone have a hitch and trailer wiring?...
  75. I don't understand S-Line.....
  76. X-Post: Can anyone confirm this part number for a turbo? 058-145-703J
  77. Sunglasses Holder
  78. Weird Response from Dension
  79. I've finally decided (i'm buying it!!)
  80. A pic to share.
  81. Are Bi - Xenons available on the 2007 2.0?
  82. 2006 B7/S4 grille
  83. HELP! (NAV or S-Line)
  84. 2007 A4 Sline Package with Titanium Package
  85. Anyone else is starting to hate the 2.0T engine?
  86. X-Post.... Red Interior Lights...
  87. Any way to make RIAL DAYTONA wheels fit a B7 A4?
  88. where is the turbocharger located in the engine bay?
  89. AWE Tuning announces new partnership with BBS Wheels.
  90. No dice iPod for 06 A4 with Nav+
  91. steering wheel vibrations
  92. First impressions
  93. Mods
  94. This will be the next big thing for sure...
  95. Noob question...
  96. Waxing...
  97. Hard wiring the V1 in the new ride this weekend.....
  98. last chance to get in on the San Diego/La Jolla Dinner tomorrow!
  99. looks like i will be doing the KC audi clubs weekend at Hallett in ok..
  100. Ignition power source near sunroof.
  101. pics & part numbers for OEM iPod kit? (+)
  102. Detailing my car..
  103. 5/13/06 - This Saturday: CT/NY Audi Group & EPL Gathering / Dyno Day (3 open Dyno spots)
  104. Mixing it up w/ Vipers, M3's, Mustang Cobras+ @ N.A.S.A track event
  105. my F1 GS-D3s saved my life last Sunday...
  106. Dyno Run on a A4 2.0T FSI + Revo software
  107. What's the MPG on chipped A4s with 2.0 engine running 260HP?
  108. Removing the AC/Climate Control tips......
  109. More Oil Change Blather...
  110. Debadged!
  111. [Saturday, May 13th] SoCal, last call for our annual Julian Drive. Should be big like last year.
  112. What is your best 0-60 mph time ?
  113. body kits and grille 2???
  114. body kits and grille
  115. Leasing Pitfalls?
  116. Audi A4 for Rally Car
  117. Ronal May wheel sale
  118. Springs VS Adjustable Coil Over Kit Question
  119. 2 questions
  120. Making Bose Louder
  121. my 2.0TQ
  122. First time Audi owner...
  123. Titanium Package?
  124. What is the best auto glass repair/replacement?
  125. How to "VAG items"
  126. when is the B8 body A4 or the new TT going to be released?
  127. I'm trying to post in the classified but my user name doesnt work.
  128. optimal power shift points for 2.0t engine (with or without "chipping")
  129. Would it be possible to change the info display to display inst. MPG?
  130. Are there any differences between snub mounts?
  131. abt sidesikrts
  132. Wheel Center Caps.........
  133. Most commonly VAG'd items in the B7
  134. Does the Milltek cat back exhaust with no downpipe for tiptronic fits manual? please let me know,thx
  135. Nav-Plus Question
  136. 2008 B8 A4 info maybe....
  137. Houston Drivers - Audi Stars and Cars Event
  138. Did the Audi Streets of Tomorrow event in L.A. today - "I am completely miserable San Diego!"
  139. Picking up A4Q 2.0T MT S-Line Tuesday
  140. Anthracite/Powdercoat S-line package?
  141. Nav a must?
  142. B7 exterior detail w/Menzerna
  143. Which 17 inch wheels should I get?
  144. Some Sunday morning race car pics....
  145. Does the A4 have Telescopic Steering Wheel Adjustment?
  146. Picture Request
  147. 3rd place in points event #2 with a link to pics and stuff...
  148. (Short APR story) Stopped by an Audi dealer today.....
  149. Better Bang for the Buck? S-Line 2.0 or No S-Line 3.2 V6 Engine
  150. Couple pics w/ new setup.......
  151. DO-IT-YOURSELF debadging
  152. can anyone tell me how to reprogram my b7 key?
  153. DSG Question
  154. Do Euro taillights have partial clear lenses like B6?
  155. Euro Switch for Fogs only?
  156. waterfest?
  157. Octane Ratings
  158. suspension...
  159. Is the sport package just springs or springs and shocks like the B5?
  160. 2006 S-Line Springs
  161. Yokohama AVS dB S2 - noise level, comfort, treadware ? anyone had them on ?
  162. Test Pipe Video - more to come
  163. Anyone with Buyer's Remorse on $3000 S-Line Package?
  164. I'm back with a new....
  165. Changing Wood on New A4
  166. German Driver: I found this pic in your pictureposter... What nav system is that??
  167. Is a chip'd 2.0T noisy?
  168. dunlop sp sport maxx wanted
  169. Does the 2.0T get it done??
  170. Reminder: Deutsche Marque Concours Sunday May 7 2006 Vienna VA (open & free to all Audis)
  171. Shipping costs LA to New Jersey for Waterfest Show
  172. Avon Tech M550 A/S or KUMHO Ecsta ASX ??? help me decide ??
  173. 0-60 & 1/4 mile times (CHIP / NO-CHIP)?
  174. Does anyone have a dyno and sound levels of the GHL exhaust?
  175. My new 06 A4 3.2 6spd
  176. what oil weight are you guys using for oil changes?
  177. AWE vs. Milltek vs. APR
  178. B7/S4 Lower door sills for sale...
  179. anyone know a website to get different headlights and tailights etc for the b7??? and a website for
  180. Anyone Order a Car then Lease it? Can you negotiate the lease before..?
  181. alignment question: I've tried getting my car aligned twice now. and it still pulls to the right?...
  182. Must be nice
  183. Anyone going to the Audi drive at L.A. this weekend? I am in for Sunday.
  184. Search function still blows: Is there an adapter for the b7's to avoid using a hi-lo converter?
  185. Tiptronic Issues & Thoughts
  186. CCSU car show Sunday May 7th
  187. Anyone have price list for '07 model option packages?
  188. having my first service in a week...
  189. Reminder: ACNA-NJ Detailing Day / Tech Session at KMD Tuning - May 7th
  190. Just bought a brand new A4 1.8T Quattro Pro line
  191. Loaner Cars (True or False)
  192. Has anyone installed the Forge BOV for the B7?
  193. What are the loaner cars at your dealer like?
  194. Coilovers...which one of these would you choose?
  195. S-Line Bumper
  196. My supa dupa, all singing, all dancing, ghetto-ass red brake paint job..
  197. B6 S4 vs APR 91 octane & Neuspeed Exhaust B7 A4 (repost ?)
  198. is it possible to swap out the sub for a Rockford Fosgate
  199. X-post: MarqueMadness ticket raffle...
  200. My wait is finally over...
  201. [June 22-23 THU/FRI] 2-Day ACNA Track Event @ Streets of Willow -- REGISTRATION NOW OPEN
  202. Any substance to Automobile Mag's 2008 A4 notes?
  203. Buying A4 B7 2.0T Soon....(Pricing)
  204. Has anyone changed their own oil on a 3.2 yet? Dealer changed it at 5K and I'm almost at 10K ...
  205. Price from dealer on front dumby plate? Mine didn't come with one...
  206. PIC REQUEST of 25th Anniversary Ed Front on B7 A4
  207. you guys w/ the Titanium package got nothing on me...
  208. StartupRacing B7 A4 2.0T Project is starting...
  209. Ronal May wheel sale
  210. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT (3 open Dyno spots)
  211. anyone have a writeup for installing a new cat or test pipe?
  212. How much are you guys paying right now
  213. tale #2
  214. My exhaust post for 3.2 owners
  215. Mileage difference between Chipped and Stock ?
  216. Getting Chipped with a NEW ECU
  217. I'm hearing a humming noise at around 0-2mph. Is this normal? The car is brand new.
  218. Flashed my a4 today using APR, awesome thanks Darren of Streetwerke..
  219. what do you think of this side mirror?? good or cheesy?
  220. anyone that had apr flashed...did you pay extra for labor?
  221. Any other former Saab maniacs now Audi maniacs?
  222. S-line worth it?
  224. M3 owner's observations
  225. What are the current lease numbers (i.e. residual and money factor) for a 2.0TQM for 36mo/15K?
  226. Kumho Exsta ASX vs Avon Tech M550 A/S vs General Tire Exclaim UHP ?
  227. Headlight question...
  228. Good car wash to use on brilliant black?
  229. some pics sline titanium
  230. APR before 1k miles. Problem?
  231. Does anyone have aftermarket sway bars and an aftermarket exhaust?
  232. Does anyone have an idea when we will see a Stage III turbo upgrade for the B7..?
  233. Audi Expo 2006 - It's coming!!!!
  234. Finnaly washed my car and took some pics
  235. 4th day of A4 2.0T ownership and I have over 700 miles on the ticker :-)
  236. JL Subwoofer/Amp Install, A Few ?'s So I Can Tell the Installer
  237. bumpstops on sport suspension
  238. interior cleaning
  239. Yet another "OMG I did the Revo reflash and I can't believe the power" post... Thanks Eurocode..
  240. Dice vs icelink vs Audi ipod integration
  241. black grill for s-line????
  242. Any electrical wiz's want to build me an ipod switch
  243. Anyone consider/experiment with IC-mister (h2o or co2) kits? Summer is coming and i'm in TX...
  244. B7 All Black Grille - Who has one to sell?
  245. 10,000 mile maint. suggestions...
  246. can i use a lower octane?
  247. B7 Accessories....
  248. So this morning I went to leave home and my car started but once I put it in D
  249. Can I still order '06 or I have to order '07?