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  1. So this morning I went to leave home and my car started but once I put it in D
  2. Can I still order '06 or I have to order '07?
  4. is tinting OK for the radio antenna on the glass?
  5. black grill
  6. power loss...??
  7. intake for a b7
  8. would they notice?
  9. Is a safety reflective triangle supposed to come with a B7.
  10. Anyone know where to get a Nav unit
  11. Utterly Disgusted at "mix" function of MMI
  12. who here has actually waited 10,000 mi for the oil change
  13. Has anyone removed the roof racks on an avant?
  14. who in north jersey area knows of a good window tinting place?
  15. Reminder: Deutsche Marque Concours Sunday May 7 2006 Vienna VA (open & free to all Audis)
  16. Eibach nice springs
  17. front suspension sits higher than back with sport springs?
  18. any recommendations for auto shipping company?
  19. ESP button - holding it down for eight seconds
  20. I finally got some pictures of my car up... What do you think?
  21. Poll: What's in the drawers under your seats? (Hopefully you know about this feature)
  22. Suspension upgrade OEM
  24. Took pictures today, excuse the ski rack Squaw Valley is still open till Memorial Day,LOL
  25. World Class Driving -- what an experience....
  26. Pictures of the car readied for Points Event #2...
  27. Wheel Spacers
  28. Titanium Pkg
  29. A4xIV | What is the part number for your KW Variant 2's ? Are they the same as the B6 ?
  30. APR on a leased B7
  31. Is it normal for the 2.0t engine to almost sound "rough" at Idle? The car only has 100 miles on it
  32. '06 2.0T Avant S-Line w/ Titanium Package
  33. RS4 grille for non s-line
  34. interior cleaning
  35. It has arrived .... pick up day :-)
  36. Those with 2.0t engine, would like to get some opinions about that engine
  37. Mirror Trade
  38. Hartmann Wheels needs more room in the warehouse, blem and clearance items need to go!
  39. LAS...is your avant lowered? if so with what and how low?
  40. C4 guest here... What turbo does the new 2.0T use?
  41. Vibrant Exhausts on Sale
  42. Anyone hit the speed limiter?
  43. JDM rims on Euro? I am so tempted to get these with Ecsta MX... What do U think?
  44. Blacked out Pass Airbag light last night w/ elec. tape behind the cover. Now to silence the chime!
  45. OEM Accessory suggestions?
  46. Aircondition cleaning
  47. Which one of these exhausts would you guys choose to put on your cars...
  48. New rims
  49. To APR or to not APR......
  50. problem with my sound system, please help!
  51. where to find parts for good deals????
  52. X Post - thanks for the pic of the "All Rim Drive"...
  53. What did you pay for your A4?
  54. Anyone have/ seen the VAST Cowl cover?
  55. Just saw that the new 3 series coupe is going to be offered in all wheel drive on the 328xi
  56. A4 is one year old today, 12,847 trouble free miles on the clock! Happy Birthday!
  57. iPod again and again
  58. Audi Moped on Ebay.... item number 4635540332
  59. Speed Technik, CT, to host AWE Tuning / GIAC GTG this Saturday!
  60. Differences between the Audi Nav+ and Tech Package - Trip Comp
  61. Anyone bought these B7 rs4 replicas? are these the same as the AT from tirerack?
  62. FYI- Found a place to get both the B7 Flatbottom RS4 wheel and Airbag
  63. titanium package is $3 Gs?
  64. Can I assume that wheels that fits B7 S4 will fit B7 A4 as well? Q inside.
  65. Will the B6 trunk lid fit the B7? Are they the same?
  66. Reminder: ACNA-NJ Detailing Day / Tech Session at KMD Tuning - May 7th
  67. family car idea, a4 avant 2.0t tip or a4 avant 3.2 tip?
  68. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT (Update)
  69. Is it ridiculous to get a detail on an '06
  70. What is the wait time for a A4 2.0T quattro 6MT... with options?
  71. Finally had a chance to take some pics of my Ocean Blue Avant :)
  72. A4 cheaper to lease than an A3...
  73. FOund this article in AWE regading surging on GIAC x chip, dont know if it;s a repost might help...
  74. Satin Mirrors on Motorized Mirrors?
  75. AWE Turbo Gauge
  76. Any of you B7 Guys in Oklahoma?
  77. Suspension upgrade
  78. 07S-Line comes with all season 18s cool. My 04 Ultrasport doesnt have that I should be ordering fall
  79. I will have my b7 flashed and looking for exhaust
  80. Rims
  81. Most might know this, but the radio turns on without key in ingnition, so no seat belt chime when...
  82. What's everyone's experience with the windshield softness?
  83. Intake manifold runner control faults...
  84. Cheap Rims?
  85. Bluetooth install completed.
  86. sd cards
  87. New Steering Wheel
  88. Washing a Black Car?
  89. Bi-xenons are still available on 2.0T...just not on order guide...(attn: AlexTTQ)
  90. Should / can I clean / condition the leatherette parts of my interior with leather cleaner / ...
  91. is this a good deal?
  92. Neuspeed cat-back installed, wow
  93. S-Line Suspension vs. Regular?
  95. afternoon drive
  96. Finally it is here. How to by-pass the air bag system with an aftermarket seat...
  97. brand new remus exhaust. I have a question.. . . . .
  98. 2007 S-Line...
  99. Labree full exhaust for B7 A4 3.2 FSI V6
  100. This topic came up a few days ago...
  101. So, who's in SoCal & is interested in getting a cat-back system for their car?
  102. Did anyone else here get tint's done and the tinter cut the front 2 windows short on the side closer
  103. S-Line Wheels Spare??
  104. If you're looking to get rid of your 17" 5 double-spokes, I'll take em...
  105. What happens after the 3 months intro of XM radio is over?
  106. Help with changing Spark Plugs in V6
  107. 2007 B7 Cabriolet Canadian production
  108. Anyone take off the drivers side interior door panel yet? how hard is it??
  109. Can I safely assume that the rear windshield is the same in B7 and B6?
  110. Anyone have a pic of the sunroof control console??
  111. Where to get exhaust tips for b7??
  112. Stasis SS, Tein Basic, or Spring/Bilstein
  113. can someone track this vin for me?
  114. What do you guys think of this Bluetooth solution?
  115. Sirius channel changing question
  116. Chipping vs. Longevity
  117. B7 A4 AWE Exhaust Sale
  118. Traded in my B5 today for a B7, one question... (pics to come)
  119. Dealer gave me an A6 3.2 loaner for 5K service. I now have a serious case of 3.2-envy
  120. Alright folks...new packages for 2007!
  121. what about these wheels
  122. my pics from wash/wax
  123. Real nicely done red B7 A4 in my work parking lot right now in Campbell CA
  124. This Weekend: MAHA Dyno Day on Sat, April 29th
  125. Anyone visit the NYC autoshow?
  126. Nice B7 S4....
  127. Chicago-area GTG set for May 30th--->
  128. Which parts of my door trim are leather?
  129. Dueling RS4's- I have no idea what they are saying.....but it's cool!
  130. German Driver... you still going to hofstra?
  131. 2.0 TFSI chip tuning - Upsolute - anybody? (+)
  132. Experiences/Suggestions for Kumho MX versus Falken Azenis RT615 ?
  133. Odd photo request for those who attended the New York Auto show
  134. Just a reminder that the AWNE GTG is this Thursday 4/27 at Pizzeria Uno's in Waltham, MA
  135. Got my B7 back last night cuz the Engine Check Light, turned out I'd been drivin with 3 cylinders...
  136. ceramic brakes
  137. Picked up our A4 Avant 3.2 this weekend!
  138. New Puppy
  139. Can you purchase the s-line bumper?
  140. How do i get in contact with goingfast on ebay?...i would like to purchase side view mirrors
  141. 2006 order becomes a 2007 order ? Or not ?
  142. 3M paint protector kits
  143. RS4 and Tiff at the wheel
  144. S-line with titanium package... anyone have pics of quartz grey? Avant?
  145. Exterior differences between the RS4 and A4Sline
  146. xeon install
  147. Wheel Repair
  148. Help with CHIP
  149. Got pull over by a cop today, amongst the tickets I got...
  150. New S-line - now tinted!
  151. Switching to Eibach
  152. Breaking in new A4
  153. DTM Black Grille Installed... [56k grab some lunch]
  154. 0-60 after chipping a 2.0T Q 6MT?
  155. smoked tail lights on black 06' A4? anyone??
  156. Quick update on my brake cooling kit...
  157. I just drove home my new S-line A4, and I really love the car
  158. anyone have a pics of quarts gray with BBS CH's? or other colors?
  159. STaSIS Motorsport coilover kit installation part 2. The external reservoirs...
  160. My impressions of the tiptronic and another weird observation
  161. Dealer drove 170km on my car in 2 days!
  162. Paging Ticket Proof - Titanium Package (long)
  163. What do you guys think of this?
  164. Discuss Tint?
  165. noob question on vag tool
  166. Is the A4 3.2 much more quiet than the A4 2.0 Turbo ?
  167. help
  168. What is the color list for 07 A4?
  169. Parktronic
  170. B7 VAG mod suggestions?
  171. Audi OEM iPod Integration
  172. APR B7 A4 2.0T Testpipe programming is now available through all local dealers
  173. Slumming it - B6 loaner impressions
  174. advice on waxing
  175. RS4 price comparison
  176. Anyone have the new 2007 Order guide?
  177. $ RS4 steering wheel
  178. Carbonio Cold Air Intake - anyone on the fence about this?
  179. RS4 film
  180. Air conditioning question
  181. HID bulb replacement
  182. Exhaust Options for Automatic Transmission
  183. Audi A4 B7 APR CVT Question
  184. New B7 Owner. Audio question
  185. REVO or APR...well ask eurocode tuning, they have both.
  186. 2007 order guide is due out tomorrow (4/21), correct?
  187. decided to backout on the Q7 and bought the 2.0T quattro sline
  188. Got GIAC X chip +
  189. Drive Las Vegas Speedway, 4/28-29
  190. Who makes Audi Symphony II
  191. Is Phantom Black a special order only paint?
  192. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT
  193. Do I need to order new B7 with sport suspension?
  194. Neon SRT4
  195. XPOST Picking my new car up from the dealer today. What should I use to detail the car right off the
  196. tint: suntek vs. llumar
  197. New B8 A4 test mule already??
  198. Want to bet me I can crack into the 13s!
  199. Fun ride home tonight (Raining cats and dogs!!)
  200. anyone with GIAC 'X' chip program. strange boost 'cut-off', car is jerky...
  201. How to clean you Enzo?
  202. clear bra/ mask
  203. lowered and exhaust. should that do anything to the warranty? piss off the dealership?
  205. Nuvolari and Turbo Twist wheels on sale at Hartmann/Achtuning
  206. Need help! Rearended!
  207. Fair price on this car?
  208. another "new mirrors" post...
  209. Exhaust Question
  210. Please come on out!!
  211. Anyone had thier car flashed in the MN area?
  212. Break Covers?
  213. does anyone know how much...
  214. Need Help here! A4 Avant S line 3.2 or 2.0T for mountain driving ????
  215. Was considering an S4, until.........
  216. Where can I get touch up paint for my B7??
  217. This is it folks. Finally it's in and I can give you an initial review of the...
  218. bose system
  219. Wow, 32.2MPG!!!
  220. looking for a custom grill that fits 2006 A4 s-line package?? links or any help
  221. How much over invoice
  222. forgoing s-line for non s-line
  223. Sport suspension difference if any, between 2005.5 and 2006
  224. Will these fit onto the A4 -B7 and would they clear a BBR? 18"x8.5 with a 32mm offset BBS RC.
  225. New 3-series coupe pics. So-so. Rear lights are from 1990's Mazda 626.
  226. HELP: For those who have leased your A4, were you able to haggle the lease price down...
  227. Does a new A4 rattle?
  228. anyone heard of Nothelle Tuning?
  229. Somebody run this vin for me
  230. Neuspeed's ECU Flash Programming Now Available at North American Motorsports Connecticut Location
  231. springs only?
  232. ACNA-NJ: Detailing Day / Tech Session at KMD Tuning - Sunday, May 7th (x-post)
  233. 06 A4 Manual/Guide in PDF
  234. 2006 A4 headlight warning light?
  235. Can someone please recomend a good ClayBar/Polish/Wax regimen?
  236. Anyone want B6 S4 wood trim? I'm looking for aluminum.
  237. Bose sounds like ****
  238. No front plate
  239. Show me your S-line.... Pic's please
  240. remus exhaust? what do you all think? opinions
  241. I can't copy my phonebook via bluetooh! help please
  242. Need help with hawk hps brake pad install, front caliper holes not lining up
  243. [REPOST] Its on, its tomorrow...LA GTG @ The Stand in Encino (SFV) - 7pm
  244. Available upgrades for B7 A4?
  245. Pretty neat little feature.
  246. Will the 18"x8.5 with a 35mm offset BBS CH fit onto the B7?
  247. ceramic brakes
  248. Reminder: So. Cal April 29th Dyno Day!
  249. does anyone have the Titanium pkg on their car or have one on order ?, i want to see some pics other
  250. Can someone post pics of their A4 with Black Flik wheels with chrome lip