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  1. So I had a run-in with a stock B5 S4 6-Speed the other day...
  2. Engine hesitation starting out in the AM
  3. Tire-pressure monitoring system question
  4. GM to sell stake in Subaru (somewhat OT)
  5. sirius display
  6. 25quattro s4 front plate/rear decklid cf lip and rs4 shift knob
  7. can this be plugged or hooked up to the navi screen?
  8. Symphony Radio
  9. myth or truth?
  10. X-Post: Trying to convince my dad to get an A3 or A4... Help!
  11. Will b6 XM unit fit b7??
  12. Head Unit Removal Keys
  13. Audi RS4 RIMS 9''x19'' ET29
  14. Info on B8..
  15. Update on APR B7 A4 exhaust.
  16. Just lowered with H&R coilovers
  17. APR A3 exhaust
  18. AWE Tuning accessory pages are now live!
  19. what do you do with mods when...
  20. Any of you have the milltek cat-back yet?..
  21. i'm worried about bacque (nick)...
  22. Pricing/Lease Term Help on 2006 A4 Avant 2.0T????
  23. Winter driving with all season 235/45-17
  24. Put my 19" RZ's on and installed an HR/Koni setup
  25. APR update
  26. A4 B7 Complaints, after 2000 miles and 2 months!
  27. Anyone wish they got a 3.2 instead of a 2.0T?
  28. Dammit i think i just got screwed on my first lease!!
  29. Hoen Bulbs???
  30. How much to sell my A4 B7???
  31. H11 foglight replacement done, took 40 minutes. No bumper removal req'd. But....
  32. B7 Halogen headlight numbers?
  33. Thanks for all the help, I leased my A4 today!
  34. Hard cold starting
  35. Hurricane survivor needs help.... My A4 was totalled! Crushed to a scant 24 inches tall!
  36. how difficult is it to remove the stock head unit?
  37. Xpost from OT - 4 people, 1 Bentley doing 208 mph
  38. im looking at a used 2005.5 A4 front track cvt and need the pricing and option list for that car.
  39. Good lease price for S-line?
  40. AC in B7
  41. Navigation in 2006
  42. Reflective Metal Tint
  43. Anyone have the Blackberry 7250 and get it working with Bluetooth?
  44. Audi of America posts its best September yet
  45. B7 New Wheel Trade? SoCal
  46. Scale Model
  47. Any chance of rigging up an IPod to the Audi Symphony (Bose)...???
  48. Picked up the new A4 last night
  49. I need some advice on what lights to buy...
  50. Interior squeeks, anyone?
  51. APR upgrade
  52. anyone special order an interior color on their B7?
  53. money factors
  54. Blaspheme: Anyone thinking WRX sti or Evo for next time?
  55. The 5 minute foglight bulb swap on the non Sline A4....
  56. e-brake and center armrest position on manual cars
  57. Is it just me or...?
  58. Last chance to save big on a Stasis Motorsport Suspension!
  59. Automobile Magazine reports on the next A4/A5
  60. Wheel Size Questions
  61. Buying my First Audi... Can I negotiate the lease?
  62. Will Audi TT wheel spacers fit onto an A4?
  63. Adding Sirius (simple question)
  64. can someone give me some good performance shop url which is in new york area?
  65. APR Directport Switching for the B7 A4 Now Available!
  66. HVAC question....
  67. Tire Pressure Question
  68. Keys went through the wash
  69. bluetooth phone help...
  70. Much thanks to "Blau Flash" aka Eugene for giving me his pro kit springs...
  71. How To Change the Fog Lights
  72. Ever notice other A4 owners trying to "race" you on the road?
  73. Climate Control - Auto Power
  74. Suspension Squeek...
  75. Lease assumption / getting out of a lease / etc.
  76. Found another annoyance :)
  77. Anyone changed City Lights on a non-HID (halogen) B7?
  78. the annoying keychain mod
  79. Two questions: Winter wheels and Homelink programming . . .
  80. Hello and Sidelight Bulb Info
  81. Found something annoying (door related)
  82. is there any info regarding the power that the tiptronic tranny can handle?
  83. Lease Question
  84. Is there a VAG mod to get rid of the "door open" chime while the car is ON?
  85. Lowered on Eibach Sportline springs (PICS)
  86. New mod: Just added a set of Höen Xenon match fog lights.
  87. Change fog lights to driving lights?
  88. Just got my '06 Avant yesterday (new member, brief intro)
  89. Is the Tech Package available without Bluetooth? Edmunds says yes, Audi site says no.
  90. Fitted bluetooth Parrot ck3100 to my 2005 A4 (with Concert II & BOSE)- heres how...
  91. Test drive observations. Brake pedal felt softer than on my B6...
  92. Hey guys check this rim out.
  93. Just ordered 3.2 Red- need to see some pics
  94. Help with Driver Information Display
  95. MD gtg this sunday
  96. Damiler to buy 20% of VW
  97. 225/40 18 with DTM rims on Avant. OK?
  98. AlexTTQ...
  99. AWE Tuning increases warehouse space
  100. well, broke down and did the a4 mod
  101. seat/pedal comfort
  102. I just sold my B5, anyone care to run a commission number and see where my B7 is?
  103. Anyone been able to special order wood trim with S-Line?
  104. Black mirrors - DTM Edition
  105. trip computer confusion
  106. Suze Orman - Buy vs Lease Rant
  107. Hey, I picked my B7 A4 today =)
  108. Question to dutchy2.0turbo
  109. A4 B7 Full ABT Body works
  110. Polished aluminum mirrors
  111. CA emissions... is it built into the Audi Configurator? Dealer says to add it on seperately when
  112. Tried making a deal today on an S-Line, no dice...
  113. Im picking my New B7 a4 avant up from the dealer tomorow..
  114. 25th Anniversary quattro® Special Edition B7 S4----->
  115. Any word on when the B7 convertible will be available in the US?
  116. S-lines in London (some observations)
  117. Our B7 portion of the website is under construction, but check out what we have so far!
  118. A4 Avant + Family
  119. Does this mean no more complaints about Audi service?
  120. Heavy Groan When Braking
  121. Any of you replace your stock rotors to crossdrilled or slotted yet?
  122. StanJ
  123. Relocating for work for 6 months to Europe, where can i get a car cover for the B7?
  124. Saw a black B7 with yellow fogs...WTF? weird mod, IMO those look good on the IS
  125. I am currently selling my rims, but have a dilema..they look good
  126. s-line lease?? <$500/month?
  127. Did my dad kill my car?
  128. Which brand tires did your S-Line come with? How much harsher is the ride compared to
  129. City Lights
  130. (edit) forgive me for still being a B7 noob but does the 2.0t have dual side mounted IC's or...
  131. Going to the dealer to get my new ride….
  132. Wish AoA did not require the
  133. APR Switch?
  134. SNOW wheel-tire Packages.
  135. Bluetooth Retrofit: Not technically possible (so contact Audi)
  136. Changed the foglight bulbs, took 20 seconds -- did not have to remove the bumper (PICS)
  137. Know where to find aftermarket Springs? for 2006 A4 Avant ...out yet?
  138. Factory Sport Suspension option
  139. Is Ocean Blue available on the S-Line?
  140. how long do you wait for turbo to cool down?
  141. so why is this thing so cheap?
  142. A4 in Europe gets to watch TV
  143. is the trany supposed to jerk?
  144. anyone know where i can get ditz 1417 and 1280?
  145. Finally installed my votex spoiler
  146. How much does one extra year alter the payments on a lease deal?
  147. Any pics of the non-Technology Packaged eqquipped center display?
  148. has anyone VAGed the NAVI warning screen?
  149. Bluetooth Display Question
  150. Installing Bluetooth..
  151. 18" winter tires?
  152. Finally signed on the dotted line...
  153. Will the A4 be at the Taste of Lexus event?
  154. window tint suggestion (over the bayarea)...
  155. Want a nice sporty 'note' from the exhaust......?
  156. My choices... go for sporty S-Line or special order luxury and wood trim?
  157. Traditionally, when does AofA start offering the $1000 rebate to current Audi owners?
  158. Hello New Here. 1k mi on my B7 ( More Pics )
  159. Popping headliner pieces
  160. Setting Speed warning 2
  161. those who VAGed the b7.....
  162. Just curious -- how many of you have the S-Line?
  163. Anyone get letter from AOA about them picking up last two months of lease?
  164. Brake painting BT:
  165. [O.C. Reminder] Audi GTG @ G.Bilotta's in Brea -- Tomorrow TUE Sept 27 8:00pm
  166. Stasis Motorsport suspension on sale at Achtuning $3750 shipped*
  167. Audi Usa
  168. Fixed the Passenger Side Airbag Warning Light
  169. X-Post: Cliffs of Insanity 2005...
  170. Springs for B7 Avant? anyone know who's producing them now?
  171. Wheels, Monet Realism. Good idea?????
  172. Need confirmation, ordering coilovers tomorrow.
  173. Just got my B7....BUT
  174. After lurking on AW for nearly 8 years, I pulled the trigger on a 2.0T yesterday!
  175. Anyone go for the OEM big brake upgrade from ECS yet?
  176. Neuspeed power pully kit (2.0T)
  177. Porsche AG plans to invest 20% in VW AG announced today in Germany.
  178. About ECU upgrade...
  179. Blacked out the fog light surround.
  180. I've searched the manual and couldn't find what this is... anyone?
  181. Chip - software upgrades - results
  182. merchand-chroomstyle.de
  183. can someone explain what exactly a flash does for the 2.0t
  184. What level of tint should I get?
  185. Washed the ride and took a few pics today...
  186. Is this a good lease (pp) deal????
  187. 2006 2.0t with S-line package -- just looks or performance also?
  188. european license plate
  189. anyone with a vag tool? ..need a few things done..
  190. IM GAY
  191. Help me with this quote!!!
  192. 2006 loaded 2.0t with nav = $1,200 over inv -- is this good?
  193. does your b7 having vibration/rattling noise near the front of the sunroof area??
  194. Looking to trade my Sirius for your XM
  195. Hartford GTG pics (BWW, 30+ pics)
  196. 1st post
  197. What's the depreciation over the 1st year?
  198. Pics of my new B7!
  199. New Accord rear end looks like a Pontiac Grand Prix!
  200. Yuck. Anyone else get the Goodyear Eagle LS2 as stock?
  201. Audi S4 Avant V8 vs. Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
  202. BOSTON AREA GTG - Last hurrah before the cold!!!
  203. What's the deal with the iPod integration?
  204. when to drop the clutch
  205. Selective unlocking, question for VAG-COM users
  206. More FSI Problems
  207. Container arrived today 18" RS4 back in stock new 45mm offset.
  208. Delayed wiper VAG-COM change
  209. 4GB SD Card for $270 - Will this work with the RNS-E?
  210. Honda copied the A3/A4 taillights for their 2006 Civic sedan!
  211. Just got my ride 06 CVT Blk/Blk...
  212. AMS is having an end of summer sale
  213. Is this a nice looking ride?
  214. APR @ H20 International with great deals for the weekend!!
  215. Avant owners!
  216. Is the Audi Owner Loyalty Program permanent or only offered from time to time?
  217. Pirelli P6 in Snow?
  218. Chipping the 2.0T???
  219. Creaking from the Center Console....
  220. Does turbo lag vary from car to car?
  221. anyone know if the BOSE has hidden EQ settings we can access?
  222. 2005.5 3.2 at invoice minus a little?
  223. A4 2.0T
  224. What's a good lease payment on this configured car ....?
  225. Less than glowing review of Avant 2.0T
  226. MP3 not doing any random search
  227. NEW for The O.C. -- Audi GTG @ G.Bilotta's in Brea : TUE Sept 27
  228. Audi Ipod integration........
  229. walnut/varona trim option
  230. Has the CVT been "strengthened" in the 06?
  231. A.W.E. Tuning at H2O International September 25th
  232. C'mon GIAC, release your software already. Man, i'm gonna be pissed if it's not as
  233. how would stock wheels powdercoated black look? (excuse the 30 sec photoshop attempt ;)
  234. S-Line exterior colors. Are they all available?
  235. Tint Colors
  236. 19",8,5 ???
  237. sorry guys but just wondering, is the k-03 still the stock turbo for the B7 model?
  238. Cover or plug for the cup holders?
  240. Pacific Northwest Beer and Brats meet
  241. Arctic White 2006 availability in SoCal?
  242. Anyone brave enough to chip their CVT 2.0T with Neuspeed's performance chip...
  243. Anybody know current MF and residuals for the 06's?
  244. Factory alarm system
  245. 18" wheel fitment on B7
  246. Just how fast is the 3.2 engine vs. 2.0 ?
  247. First service, when?
  248. Last Call, Hartford GTG, Thursday 9/22, Forecast is warm, sunny and FAST!
  249. Dash Light Dimmer - can it go darker?
  250. B7 ABT AS4-R -- 480hp bi-turbo V6