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  1. WTF Audi OEM iPod integration
  2. mtm chip
  3. 0-60 a42.0 vs. 3.2 tiptronic
  4. Anyone gone from A6 2.7T MT to A4 3.2Q MT?
  5. black or white a4
  6. Achtuning V1 giveaway and 1 day only sale! Hartmann Forged, Stasis, K04s, Status, etc! Ends 6pm FRI!
  7. Help w/ headliner popping
  8. Bay Area, CA: How much are you paying for your 06 a4 2.0t?
  9. Turbo-back or Cat-back
  10. Selling the Stage 3 S for a new 2006 S-line 2.0 Avant
  11. UPDATE w/ pics: 2006 A4 2.0Tq 6spd Dolphin/black w/ everything (sans S-Line) picked up at lunch
  12. Brings a tear to the eye.
  13. anyone know about B7 cluster stuff??
  14. What is the break-in mileage?
  15. APR Chip, B7 Engine, and 300whp?
  16. Dolphin vs. Quartz... looking for Quartz S-Line Pictures. Dolphin too. (Though I found Dolphin.)
  17. Anyone have time to help me with a sig??
  18. First 600 miles...25.5 mpg. Can that be right?
  19. Can any b7 a4 owners please post pictures of tints on their black a4
  20. Winter packages going fast Dunlop M3 are already on back order
  21. * POST YER PICS *
  22. anyone have a vibration in the steering wheel @55-65 mph?
  23. only diff between s-line rear bumper and stock is....
  25. what's the knob next to the drl knob do?
  26. New 3 vs New A4 - My friend is looking for some advice.
  27. RCA input on a standard radio
  28. Re: Any updates for B7 A4 - Xenon projector headlamp with Angel Eyes
  29. Edgewater Starbucks GTG TODAY!! (wed.) 8pm
  30. Does hte b7 have the cubby hole on the left side of the trunk? specify if you have sat radio or not.
  31. How accurate is your thermometer? It's 43 out, mine says 28
  32. Anyone fit OEM nav in a non nav car?
  33. Can't find pic anywhere! 06 A4 S line in Moro Blue Pearl
  34. WTB a B7 a4. When did Sline package come out and why isnt it available online?
  35. Anyone come from an Acura TSX?
  36. A few pics of my B7... long time reader, first time post.
  37. Anyone seen Audi invoice?
  38. Quattro vs. Front Trak CVT
  39. Anyone here traveling up the Taconic last night in NY?
  40. $350 fee at end of lease ?
  41. S-Line 06 Avants (what did you all pay over invoice)?
  42. Pimplux.. where/who did you get your ABT kit from?
  43. Any difference between 05.5 and 06? I have a chance to get a 05.5 at a good deal.
  44. rims for winter tires with tire pressure monitoring system
  45. Ha, big photo of my car in the new Modified Mag.
  46. Arctic White and S-Line, what do you think?
  47. Will TT 16" wheels fit on '06 A4?
  48. what front bumper is this?
  49. performance exhaust....any out there yet?
  50. Shot some more pix last night after work...
  51. What exactly does voice recognition recognize?
  52. Have any of you taken your car 130+ yet?...
  53. right side mirror stays tilted down
  54. Hey there, question for all you B7 ppl (i'm B5) , i'm looking into buying a new B7 A4...............
  55. Navigation warning - does it display every time you START the car, or only when starting NAV?
  56. Does anyone have the Nuespeed Flash and how do you like it?
  58. Picture Request: A4 with 17" 16-spoke rims
  59. My 3.2 Quattro beats a BMW 330ci
  60. Coming from B5 S4 and considering B7 A4
  61. Getting a new 2.0T, but need help with this dilemma.
  62. Phatnoise compatible with Bose/NAV?
  63. New to AUDI leaving LEXUS - I Want to Lead & NOT Follow
  64. What did they do to the B7 steering?
  65. Looking to get back in the Audi game. What are you paying to lease
  66. I took a few B7 pix for my desktop...
  67. You guys suck.
  68. Blow off valve
  69. Must a dealer install the a4 engine software?
  70. would all 17 X 7 ET40 wheels fit the new b7? or it depended on the rim itself?
  71. Can't decide. S-Line Y/N?
  72. Taste of Lexus event was today, some observations and comparisons....
  73. Neuspeed Sport lowering Springs
  74. ocean blue pics anyone??
  75. Winter Protection Advice?....
  76. Blue connector for satellite radio???
  77. Confused - IceLink on B7 with NAV/Satellite?
  78. Freshly Detailed Pics
  79. The kids seem to be getting along...
  80. Is my dealer wrong? (Wheel confusion)
  81. Can someone make me a signature from a picture?
  82. On my new A4...the speedometer shows 80mph while the trip computer shows 75mph!?!?
  83. quick, simple tire question
  84. is the offset for 17X7 rim 40 or 45?
  85. Help with noise in Climate Control Console
  86. How do you park?
  87. Does the Taste of Lexus event include A4's???
  88. Lowering stock sport suspension as is....
  89. Keys are ordered, now what?
  90. Follow-up to my wheel question: Is the offset on the B7 A4 the same as the C5 A6?
  91. Removing Sat Radio access panel? (follow-up)
  92. Any one here have a blue B7 that was at Lowes Theater off rt 10 in nj on wed?
  93. Anyone in Colorado Springs area?
  94. Anyone here use a roof rack on your sedan? Post pics
  95. Should Audi do something like this for the A3 and A4?
  96. clear turn signals
  97. Anyone know if 16" A6 "wineglass" wheels will fit a B7?
  98. will these mirrors fit a B7? 8D0 857 536 N and 8D0 857 535 F
  99. With all this talk about CVT's....
  101. How long does it really take to get a car?
  102. Dension Icelink for IPOD on B7 A4
  103. Post pics w/19" wheels on B7 please.
  104. Moving on from my B5 S4 avant. Thinking 3.2>2.0. Anyone else done the same (B5S4 -> B7 A4)?
  105. B7's with wheels?
  106. what should a shop charge to install shock and springs in a B7
  107. Just liberated an Audi from my dealer...
  108. more chip questions - plz help
  109. Goodbye TL, just ordered a 3.2 6MT Avant
  110. Anyone have an S-Line edition? Can I see pics, please? Thx!
  111. First impressions of my A4 Avant 2.0T Tip
  112. Some SEMA show pics of the B7 A4's that I saw
  114. Headrest Noise
  115. Sport suspension: part 2. Which parts are changed when the A4 is ordered with sport suspension?
  116. New Wheels on the Way
  117. Small intermittent clunk just when stopping
  118. Anyone driven the 3.2 with sport and standard suspension?
  119. Power window single-touch function
  120. Revo Software is out..
  121. May be getting a 2006 A4 after having a 2001.5 any thoughts?
  122. Dension Icelink Pics Please... iPod Integration
  123. X-Post from B6 forum: So, supposedly HPA has twin-turboed not just the 3.2 VR6, but also the 3.2 FS
  124. Wheel well liner
  125. POLL: Silver, Red or Dolphin Gray? These are my choices.
  126. Coilover Care/Maintenance
  127. The fastest STOCK A4 is...???
  128. Need p/n for plastic cover behind headlight bulb
  129. What are the brake rotor sizes? And where to find this info. Audi web does not show it.
  130. Anyone have the letter from Quattro club offering $500 off? Can you scan and post or e-mail?
  131. lease loyalty this month?
  132. B6=B7
  133. Sirius Sportster + shark fin?
  134. Auto vs manual - anyone switch to manual and regret it?
  135. H&R Coilovers
  136. I've been relocated to Europe and I wanted to know my options with the Premier Purchase...
  137. Can the 2.0 T handle a chip if audi chose to equip the 3.2 with a cvt one
  138. RS4 Video!
  139. Neuspeed Power Pulley and Turbo-back Exhaust system
  140. delivery
  141. 3000 mile question
  142. Audio upgrade questions....
  143. 2006 B7 Quattro front/rear bias
  144. B8?
  145. Rumpshaker...
  146. Anyone run 245/35/19?
  147. Need some opinions...
  148. What are some friendly Bay Area Audi Dealers for Service on chipped Audis?
  149. AWE Tuning at SEMA from Nov. 2nd through the 4th.
  150. New to Audi: just bought an 06 A4 2.0T 6MT FWD - some performance questions!
  151. Nav with DVD... Just checking in....
  152. Audi OEM iPod Interface
  153. Last day of APR Oktoberfest sale!!
  154. Weird stuff with new 06 A4 a month before Halloween.
  155. Pics from my first car show!
  156. What does this warning light mean?
  157. Trunk space - A4 vs. BMW 3 series
  158. Any idea on where Auto Gallery's storage lot is located?
  159. I've installed my rims.
  160. Any 1/4 miles runs with chipped 2.0Ts?
  161. So does the B6 and B7 have the same cvt tranny?
  162. audi a4 b7 s line
  163. 3.2 CVT's are out. Just saw one at dealer for $36.9k with a seperate XM option...
  164. Can anyone tell me what size our front brake rotors are? I'd like to replace them...
  165. 2.0T Oil capacity?
  166. Vibrations in new A4
  167. '02 a6 blitzsafe won't work on wife's '06 a4... what will for an iPod?
  168. just ordered my b7 as follows...
  169. Can you guys running chips do some vag com logs...
  170. anybody know if thermal has any plans to make us an exhaust?
  171. Has anyone who ordered their car tried to get carbon fiber trim??
  172. Ok, going to order my car today, should i forget the bose system
  173. Roadfly.com Features A4 in First Video Podcast
  174. RONAL, wheel-tire packages, SNOW etc
  175. Installing satellite radio
  176. ECU flash on Automatic?
  177. A few pictures of the forged wheels on customer car
  178. APR Tuned Vs. M3 (333HP!!!)
  179. can you get a b7 audi a4 with just regular xenon headlights, not bixenons
  180. Pirelli P6 4 season
  181. New reliability research
  182. 25th Anniversary Part Numbers Inside.
  183. My 2006 A4 Avant just got here!
  184. Sline vs SPort
  185. Any new updates on when REVO or GIAC is coming out w/their chip?
  186. It has been ordered.
  187. Never Buy from Urban Importers
  188. for those that must have the 25Q V7J bumpers...
  189. Big Lip, Work Wheels On Special
  190. B7 RS4 - Exterior View & specs...
  191. B7 RS4 Interior again - SICK seats!!!
  192. B7 RS4 Interior shot if anyone cares...
  193. Has anyone figured out how to add OEM Bluetooth without Navigation?
  194. ABT body kit - Not on their site... YET
  195. HOT B7 Interior package...
  196. H&R/Bilstein for B6 to fit B7s?
  197. New wheels.......
  198. what price would you guys sell your rs6 reps for?
  199. Has anyone managed to change the city light bulbs?
  200. Can someone take a picture of the factory bi xenon ballast?
  201. What type of gas does an A4 2.0T Quattro require?
  202. A Fool and His Money
  203. Just to build-on "FCastigl" post below...I am contemplating on steppin' into a B7, just wondering...
  204. Squeaking clutch pedal - Any easy cure?
  205. Will a B6 A4 H&R rear sway bar fit the B7?
  206. has anyone changed the suspension on your B7? I didnt get the sport suspension
  207. Where do you get the 1304 tips i would like to order them
  208. Could the guy from apr on this forum post
  209. Pics from this weekends Show- Will do 360 pics on Sat
  210. Help with Invoice Pricing...
  211. Lets say, hypothetically, I sat down and wrote an order for an A4 3.2 6M. What would...
  212. X-Post: Anyone from Southern California heading up to Infineon?
  213. XM or SIRIUS??? AND WHY??
  214. Can anyone verify paint code for Ocean Pearl Blue Effect?
  215. Chick left a note on my car Saturday night.
  216. 2.0T Cold Starting Survey
  217. 18x8.5 BBS CH on B7s
  218. Phat box work on standard stereo
  219. Re: Chip
  220. My car came in Early!!
  221. had a coil pack go up in smoke in my new a4...after dealer installed new coil car still w/not start
  222. Good place to look for rims for a B7?
  223. GIAC
  224. real time gas mileage do you need technology package
  225. 18x8 wheels with 235/40-18 tires
  226. Lease on 3.2?
  227. Basic Insurance Questions (maybe off-topic)
  228. B7 S4 rear & exhaust?
  229. Damn! Our clutches give off a DISGUSTING odor...
  230. pure-motorsport.com is getting me pricing on xenon housings. would anyone else be interested
  231. APR vs Neuspeed
  232. What bulbs are in our city lights?
  233. Picked up mine last night!
  234. Any non Audi solutions for Sirius hookup?
  235. APR chip
  236. Car Phone Out
  237. Winter wheels?
  238. suspension height of stock 2.0T
  239. Any cons on chipping?
  240. Sorry is this has been posted already New B8 info
  241. Weird question
  242. cigarette adapter
  243. Made an intake today :-) i'm chipped and good info!!
  244. No Love For Dubs?
  245. damn it..went to the carwash last night....now I need to take the car out in the rain!!!
  246. 400 miles and now my side passenger mirror doesn't tilt down in reverse
  247. APR Oktoberfest sale continues!!
  248. Has anyone tried to mount A6 4.2 polished aluminum wheels on a B7?
  249. Mean Grill Shot
  250. Boost Poll: What boost are you measuring on your chips? ...