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  1. Michelin Pilot Sport II issues
  2. And now Hartmann Gallardo reps (G5) on a B7 A4
  3. Anyone with diverter valve problems since chipping?
  4. Rear lip spoiler options? oem, Spoiler Depot ...whatever? Anyone w/pics on a silver sedan?
  5. V715's on B7 A4!
  6. Another B9 rendering surfaces...
  7. Check out this new silicone t-fitting for the FSI engine
  8. VAG in Los Angeles (please help)
  9. look alive ladies and germs...08 finance programs have been announced
  10. Fueling limitations of the 2.0T FSI and lack of gains from exhaust and testpipe discussed....
  11. SICK!!!!! , My mom picked up her brand new '07!! Good deal, looks great!
  12. hey...
  13. Looking for rear facing car seat that will fit (middle mount is not an option)
  14. GIAC 2.0T dyno plot with Milltek exhaust and Eurocode test pipe
  16. Poor Gas Mileage for a 2.0T???
  17. Does anyone know how to reset the service light? TIA
  18. 2.0 TFSI engine boosting question
  19. any idea of the release date of the big turbo kit? guesstimated price range?
  20. Can someone Photoshop this for me?
  21. Avalon Motorsports.... Event sponsor for Dubs Along the Rockies 2007--->
  22. Audi driving experience
  23. Quick Online Survey / $150 Gift Certificate
  24. 2.0 Chip question for coworker
  25. multiple questions
  26. anyone lower just the front w/ stock audi sport susp?
  27. mercury26 ygm
  28. 2007 A4 3.2 s line - ECU upgrade
  29. Anyone else getting some oxidation or cloudiness on thier piano black trim in the Ti package?
  30. Interior trim supplier
  31. Custom Magnaflow Exhaust
  32. Good news! My 08 arrived today despite Audi telling my salesman they wouldn't be here til Aug...
  33. Free offer, FWIW: "New A4/S4" 2005 line brochure if you want it. Thought I'd ask before trash day.
  34. new front bumper options: Deval / Eurogear RS4 Front Bumper
  35. A4 CVT Transmission Vibration
  36. Anyone have good color examples of the BBS Diamond Black color?
  37. Flashed my car today (APR) and I have problems...
  38. Rear sway and coilovers on my 07 SLine Ti. Thank you Eurocode
  39. Waterfest 13 Gallery is live!
  40. Bixenon... anybody have one where the flap doesn't flip up?
  41. Ebay VAG COM to Change Headlight Settings
  42. Folding Seats Jammed!
  43. Q on fog lights mod: how to cut power first?
  44. Question...Assistance Requested
  45. paging rfattal443
  46. Avant at dealer
  47. Dang '08 is still sitting at the Houston port. I am hoping it starts moving soon....!?!?!?!
  48. Anyone else Hate Brake Dust?
  49. Whats the deal with brake rotors???
  50. Key fob
  51. Clear Bra Installed
  52. Xenon Headlight Flicker Ever Solved?
  53. w00t!Good friend just snagged a silver '07 B7 Tip-O Sedan.Dealer offered him too good a deal to pass
  54. My new A4 Pictures
  55. Stealth bulb mod on B7
  56. cool dyno shot of the VAST 2.0GT big turbo kit....(thanks to Verruckt for the photo of our dyno day)
  57. Baseline dyno of my stock 2.0T: the motor is very underrated by Audi
  58. Looking for some 20in wheels...
  59. Does anyone know the part number for the dolphin gray spray paint?
  60. 08 Sold Order update
  61. iPhone sync w 2007 A4 bluetooth prep with DIS. No NAV.
  62. 10% discount on shipping through Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. New Photo shoot of Hartmann Gallardo reps on MkII TT
  64. Test drove the 2008 C-class today...
  65. Bolt pattern on '08 A4 2.0T
  66. STaSIS Engineering invites you to our booth at Waterfest and to come enjoy some savings!
  67. Diesel Frustration
  68. The Final Day Of The Waterfest Countown is here. Make sure you stop by A.W.E. Tuning's Tent.....
  69. Upgrading from Halogen to Bi-xenons
  70. Anyone have tire problems / vibration after 1st rotation
  71. 2008 A4 new orders question.
  72. New Member
  73. Compare Audi A4 and BMW 328XI
  74. Check Engine Light Turns into Big Job
  75. RS4 bumper
  76. oem bike rack
  77. Has anyone had a camber problem after putting the H&R spings on?
  78. When will the 2008 MY hit the lots?
  79. I want my car damnit....my patience is beginning to wear thin
  80. Waterfest Deals At The A.W.E. Tuning Booth
  81. Oettinger RZ in charcoal silver OR Sportec mono 10 in gunmetal both 19 inch which one looks better??
  82. Aux in for 07' A4 radio via cd botton and recode of radio.
  83. Major Electrical Problems (water related)
  84. Anyone know of recent lease deals for the A4 cab???
  85. Diesel option for 2009 A4
  87. It has been a while, but I think I will start posting again
  88. Does anyone have a wiring Diagram for the Symphony II+ NON bose
  89. Verification: B6 A4 1.8t quattro susp (spring+shock) will work on B7 2.0t quattro right? TIA
  90. DD's Pre Waterfest Special starts now! 10% 15% and 20% off!!!!!
  91. Airfilter
  92. ? for the group. Do you have a indicator light in your cluster that tell you your headlights are on?
  93. Why doesn't Audi stock parts???
  94. Any word on when '08 B7's are arriving and/or prices revealed? NT
  95. Shmeless eBay plug: 05-08 A4 interior door panel
  96. AWE Tuning is heading to Waterfest
  97. Doesn't it matter to get ECU chipping before fully break-in?
  98. ***Revo Technik National Waterfest 13 Sale Begins Tomorrow***
  99. I can't find the audi SmartBuy contract right now, but question on refinance at end of term...
  100. Anybody looking for some RS6 wheels? If so I have my stock set in my garage waiting for a good home
  101. STaSIS Engineering Waterfest Sale is on...
  102. Tape deck SKIPs with tape adapter
  103. Is auto better with 3.2 than 2.0T?
  104. The APR Waterfest Sale has begun!
  105. GIAC Presents: Xbox 360®/Forza Motorsport 2® Giveaway at Waterfest 13!!!
  106. (long) Have the new engines been scheduled for the 2008 MY of the B7 A4?
  107. Waterfest sale at Achtuning.com!
  108. My B7 rant (long)
  109. 1999 a4 wagon battery won't hold charge
  110. what do you guys think of this b7?
  111. Some new pics of my 2.0T & Stasis exhaust review
  112. Not sure what to buy, A4 Avant 2.0T or A3 3.2 for 08 model year...
  113. Odd option package info in new brochure for 2.0T
  114. Foul weather and S-line
  115. b7 wheel gallery...does one exist?
  116. Bluetooth problems - is it just me?
  117. Few questions about putting springs on my car
  118. Help with seatbelt chime in Pittsburgh, PA area
  119. Anyplace open on Saturday in Los Angeles that can reflash my friend's whip? APR, GIAC.. don't matter
  120. Putting the Jack back in its case
  121. Anyone wanna trade RNS-E XM for Sirius?
  122. Need a favor....
  123. This is the most popular forum I've found on Audis but....
  124. 1997 Brake Tool
  125. Need help with residuals,money factors for a 2007 2.0T Q Avant...
  126. Need part numbers for Blackout grill or DTM grill and black on black filler plate. help please!
  127. Had the dealer top off my coolant, will do the flange recall next Tuesday
  128. Tire recommendation needed
  129. Value of A4 for lease takover
  130. Looking for a few good cars: Waterfest13
  131. Thoughts on changing brake pads (OEM), change rotors necessary?
  132. Anyone with an S2000 or driven one for extended period of time...
  133. My lease is up in September. What are the current lease rates like?
  134. 2005.5 2.0T A4 Quattro F:R
  135. Bad news
  136. Coilovers???
  137. Avalon Motorsports is MOVING...
  138. Worth getting the '08?
  139. Lease up 9/30 considering leaving Audi
  140. B8 can't come at a better time.
  141. Anyone know what the ECM update re-flash actually does?
  142. just noticed something about the passenger seat..
  143. My dealer rocks
  144. I can't wait to see the B8. I think next time I'll get the station wagon.
  145. Weird "beep" sound from somewhere inside my avant..
  146. Any updates from those getting their 08's soon?
  147. Anyone fit a memory seat on 2.0T?
  148. Achtuning Special of the Day
  149. Anyone with technical knowledge on the new 3.2L and 3.6L V6 engines?
  150. Anyone have experience leasing through Karshopper.com?
  151. Wheel Spacer Question
  152. Running Fogs with parking lights
  153. Has anyone done a carbon fiber hood or trunk (or both)?
  154. Value of 2006 base model
  155. This forum has been so slow lately!! Post a pic so we can drool over your whip =0)
  156. Audi A4 reliability research - results in August
  157. Going to get my coi lovers installed soon
  158. Need good indepentent shop in So Cal
  159. Will S-Line bumper fit normal A4 2.0T?
  160. You know it's happened to you too
  161. STaSIS today...
  162. I searched but didn't find a clear answer about 2.0T ticking sound at idle
  163. Audi A4 Avant Edition preview
  164. AMS Inventory Clearance Sale Coilovers, Springs, Short Shifters, Wheels more...
  165. plain front grill
  166. Audi A4 Global Drives Contest
  167. new Safari friendly link for genuineaudiparts.com
  168. Is it true that a DV is all I'd need to fix this:
  169. Break in period
  170. x post from wheel/tire forum....any help appreciated
  171. Forge DV Log Results -- Very pleased!
  172. Confused...Comparison between APR chip and GIAC regarding tiptronic
  173. Any stories of APR'd cars that were refused engine/transmission/turbo warranties?
  174. Anyone else seen this? Oil leaks out the filler cap
  175. Chip's A4
  176. Garage cleanout
  177. New pics
  178. Saab XWD
  179. Considerations- BMW 335i , Audi A4 2.0 or Audi S4
  180. STaSIS team in Toronto
  181. Have to go to training for 6 weeks...any special storage advice for my car?
  182. straight pipe with silencer or muffler idea
  183. any suggestion on where to get B7 A4 2.0tq front brake pads and wear sensors? part#s? TIA
  184. Anyone have a center console squeak.....
  185. New pic from Mount St Helens
  186. Hofele Design for AUDI A4 B7
  187. On-line registration is now open for VAGKraft 2007
  188. I miss my car!
  189. would the 3 spoke multi-function steering wheel from an european B7 (RHD) fit our car?
  190. Lease up in 5 weeks, many OVER miles, HELP!
  191. Did some mods today: wheels, coilovers, body
  192. XM with my new 07 A4
  193. so just got back from my dealer with an update on my car
  194. Just took my car in to fix the coolant leak...there's now a recall for that part.
  195. Aweful grinding sound when shifting into 3rd gear
  196. boost controller on an apr chip
  197. Horrid Brakes on A4 2.0T 2007
  198. springs or coils?
  199. I love audis but the movie transformers really makes me wanna get a new camaro
  200. Can't stand the 2.0T anymore...thinking about trading for a B6 S4 and take a minimal hit
  201. iPhone constant un-sync/re-sync with Bluetooth...
  202. Potential coolant leak?
  203. For those of you who like some of the more vintage Audi models, 90q20v Turbo for sale (x-post)...
  204. Has anyone tried VF's turbo kit?
  205. Can OEM Sport suspension be added to a car by dealer?
  206. One of those times you wish you had your car (Tibet, June 9)
  207. b7 audi a4 wheels chipping
  208. I wish it would stop raining so I could wash my damn car.
  209. Tire Load ratings
  210. Had to add a quart of oil @ 4500 miles. Normal?
  211. Problem with CD changer symphony
  212. b7 avant springs question?
  213. RNS-E Pricing
  214. Yokohama tire clearance sale at Achtuning (savings of up to $613.60 per set)
  215. 520 HP Audi TT!
  216. DD's Huge July 4th special!
  217. has anyone chipped a b7 a4 2.0T CVT?
  218. Whoever had a doubt about the STaSIS Exhaust....
  219. Eurocode testpipe
  220. b7 avant wheels .. 17in. brand new!
  221. Any way to put aftermarket or retrofit Memory seat on 07 2.0t?
  222. mine is close, but it's not for sale
  223. Anyone heard if APR is doing any sales for Waterfest 13?
  224. Garage addition...hehehe
  225. Is the stock front swaybar as thick as the 32mm H&R bar?
  226. Question about excess miles at lease return
  227. SPOTTED AND RACED! spotted and raced a new A5 today on the 101 freeway in Thousand oaks, Ca
  228. Attn: [email protected]
  229. Paging Tanner...
  230. Can you add the S-line after buying the car
  231. Looking for an Ibis White A4 Avant 2.0T 6 Speed, S-line, Titanium
  232. Here we go again... more future Audi news.
  233. Delievery update..
  234. I am sure ya'll seen this B8 rendering already, but just in case...
  235. Great Audi Long Form on YouTube
  236. B5 Secrets on the B7?
  237. New Stern snub mounts coming shortly!
  238. Blue tooth Treo owners...need some input
  239. Dice I-Audi-R install problems in 2007 A4
  240. A4 Avant owners.
  241. Just Picked Up A Brand New A4 3.2 Quattro Today
  242. So I emailed AoA via their Website about center position LATCH
  243. Any others with bad silver paint?
  244. May sound trivial but...
  245. more 2008 changes/info...
  246. center caps...
  247. "I3" Flash update...anyone have it?
  248. turbo-back exhaust for a tip
  249. STaSIS Exhaust Introductory Sale!!
  250. If you can't park a car, how the heck can you drive it?