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  1. 2008 model design question
  2. Mid-Ohio
  3. 2006 Audi A4 Avant questions
  4. i tracked my car last night and dont...
  5. 2008 SpringBash is tomorrow. Weather will clear up just in time for the show!!
  6. Super Car was crunched last night and I need some advice
  7. Does motor oil oxidize or "age" much once opened?
  8. Spare Wheel/Tire for S Lines
  9. So how long did it take everyone else to discover the extra 4" or so of sunroof travel?
  10. Who has Velocity Motoring, hypersilver rs4 wheel 18" IN STOCK? CC in hand.
  11. Does APR chip/flash improve the DBW throttle response?
  12. Anyone has laser jammer?
  13. 2.0T vs. 3.2
  14. Best Performance / Easiest Hardwire... Opinions Needed
  15. May 08 Lease Terms - Anyone Have Money Factors and Residuals?
  16. Anyone had a bad airbag ignitor? Warning light is on.
  17. Getting APR chip tuning today
  18. Fred baker Audi oil change rip off?
  19. What now ?
  20. Took Delivery Of A 08' Stasis A4 Today!
  21. What's the "prime" mileage of 2.0T?
  22. coming up on 20k. Should I spring for an oil change?
  23. Sport Suspension
  24. A few pics of the manwagon
  25. Europrice website has some new additions...
  26. part number request - instrument cluster cover
  27. Pricing--Market Experience--07 Cabriolet?
  28. tracking numbers in the email inbox make turbosport happy
  29. question on lease prices
  30. doing first oil change myself, anything i should watch out for. any other maintenace items
  31. Why does my BT car have that cel phone cradle base in the armrest and is there
  32. Installing a front license plate holder
  33. Good Lease Deal on 2008 2.0Q ?....
  34. New A4 2.0 Engine Rattle Noise??
  35. Experience with VentureShield?
  36. can the b7 s4 rear section of the exhaust fit on a b7 a4 quattro? not sure if....
  37. Audio Questions
  38. Where to buy and how to replace ignition coil?
  39. I think I messed up (suspension decision)
  40. Hartman RS4 Replicas question
  41. Anyone know if we have these flasher relays in our cars?
  42. Couple quick pictures from this weekend...
  43. Come On Big Turbo Kits!
  44. need specific instruction to pollen filter
  45. Ashtray removal help?!?
  46. Lease on '08 special edition????
  47. 08 A4 Torsen or Haldex?
  48. Announcing Oettinger North America!
  49. Can I Still Order Special Edition A4?
  50. RS4 exhaust
  51. Steering wheel buttons.
  52. RC-CH1Z...
  53. Brake Job...
  54. New Ride arrived
  55. RS4 Engine Cover
  56. Am I the only one that remembers around Dec2007 as when the turbo kit from APR was coming?
  57. B7 on DPE's Polish finish
  58. Which is the correct gap .028 or .032 both are referenced as being OEM gaps...
  59. GIAC flash installed today... 5 programs + flashloader
  60. Rusty spark plugs and coil packs...can anyone give me any insight as to why this happened?
  61. Anyone running S4 spec H-Sport sway bars?
  62. APR Moving Sale Extension!
  63. JHM Short Shifter Install Question~ No Push Down Reverse?
  64. FINALLY at the dealership awaiting Stasis Challenge Package
  65. Got the ECU flashed this afternoon...
  66. Poll: Valvoline Full Synthetic 20W-50 or 5W-30 for SoCal weather. One has...
  67. Back in stock! A.W.E. Tuning B7 A4 2.0TQM Exhaust Systems.
  68. loaner A4 with tip is....ugg crapola
  69. how well are our cars wheel aligned from factory
  70. Aftermarket DV? anyone? Bueller?
  71. APR Moving Sale Update! Exhaust Boxes are Heavy!
  72. DP for a B7 tip? Search and no solutions, so is any one in Oregon near...
  73. Available Titanium Avant 6 speed
  74. Finally pulling the trigger on a new A4
  75. what wheel spacers with sport and titanium? I searched, no results...
  76. 2.0T compatible with high octane racing fuel?
  77. a4 question
  78. STaSIS Streetsports in stock at Achtuning with free shipping and shirt!
  79. need to buy a track helmet near Albany, NY, any ideas where?
  80. Avants and Wheel Spacers....
  81. GIAC Chip - Coil Pack Issues
  82. Just picked it up Friday
  83. are our cars supposed to sound
  84. Attention Northeast A4 owners.......
  85. Those who installed the votex rear lip, where did you attach the tape under spoiler?
  86. Finally got my painted door blades and rear valence installed this weekend.
  87. I hate the brake dust, I may just get gun-metal or black rims instead of silver.
  88. Boost psi
  89. Turbo Timer
  90. instructions for changing B7 3.2 air filter
  91. heated seats not working
  92. Audi OEM bike rack
  93. Type of Motor Oil (2006 2.0 Turbo CVT)
  94. Spark Plug Replacement B7 3.2
  95. Thought coil pack was going gone. Car rocked side to side while idling and
  96. lug nut socket size
  97. What gas mileage are you guys avaraging on a 2.0T stick
  98. oversized brakes on 08 A4
  99. Is the Stasis/Mahle motorsport software different
  100. Confused about TPMS
  101. Aftermarket HID Replacement Kits (OEM Part Numbers? + Problems)
  102. wow! My 3rd A4 and first APR chip, what a difference!!
  103. Service Call - 25K Flash?
  104. 17" AS: What tire pressure do you use
  105. Last week for APR Sale at Achtuning!
  106. Coil pack diagnosis?
  107. Paging Raistlin...
  108. Sick Vid: Some guy Hooning it up in an Audi 80 painted like the General Lee!
  109. Ok, even better how can I get the LED setup in my new sig. Anyone...
  110. Ladies and Gentlemen, Riverside Audi's Online Parts Website, AudiPartsDepot.com is now live!
  111. Last thread for a while....just turned in my 05 lease
  112. Does 15k scheduled oil change make any noticeable difference?
  113. Does mid-grade fuel decrease mileage on 2.0T?
  114. Can anyone tell me where I can get brushed aluminum mirror caps??
  115. Is the B7 A4 shop manual only on CD? Or is there a print version? I've STFA but no luck...
  116. New '08 A4 3.2 Convertible for $729 - $0 Down - 39 Months
  117. POLL: LED daytime running lights or not...
  118. Changing the 1156 daytime running light...
  119. Finding Mobil1 0w-40....
  120. Dealer financing question
  121. 2.0T very rough
  122. New owner here; question about front sway bar dimension
  123. black accents
  124. Stasis Touring package
  125. 2004 a4 Ultra Sport1.8t vs 2006 a4 S-Line 2.0t
  126. Anyone know how to get access to the daytime running light bulb to change the bulb 1156? Couldn't f
  127. CEL and EPC light on, but my car drives fine....
  128. CF teaser
  129. Adding mp3 player to A4 with Nav & CD changer
  130. Sounds like Ive got a bad coil pack. Car idles like a cammed v8 and it rocks side to side
  131. B7 Cabriolet US vs EURO Tail lights
  132. help in DC area?
  133. Failed Coil Pack 200+ miles from home
  134. tire pressure sensors
  135. Anyone know if the fjront B7 brake pads have the wire connectors on them? I just bought some Hawk H
  136. just got my vag com and did the window up and down with remote mod. I also did the fogs with high b
  137. Dealer said $500 off sticker. Is this a joke? (Avant)
  138. 19" Wheels
  139. busted fuse somewhere
  140. Car wont start.. in shop, please help:
  141. B7 A4 reliability - better info
  142. 18in wheel specs
  143. Recommended street pads for Stasis Touring package (Alcon 345 x 26mm)?
  144. Friday Funny: Take an A4, add rice...
  145. My brother is looking for a B7 A4. I'd like to forward him over some pictures of them lowered w/rims
  146. Front filler panel for sale
  147. Braking suggestions...
  148. :: ECS Tuning :: Selection of Audi Collection Items - Now Available !!!
  149. I was thinking about getting the B8 2.0T Avant but if the oil filter is like the B7 I'm passing and
  150. If Audi wants to be like BMW by changing the oil fiter to just the paper alone why the heck
  151. KEY TSB's???
  152. Tracked the Car at High Performance Driving School... (long)
  153. New rubber: Toyo Proxes 4
  154. Does any one know of a good tint place in Washington DC area? Thanks in advance
  155. Anyone else with sunroof rattle?
  156. How much longer?
  157. oil filter ecstuning $9.95 vs. partsquick $4.87 why is ecs double the price of partsquick? my car i
  158. what's the first scheduled maintenance mileage, 5K?
  159. Poll: For everyone who has chipped their 2.0T's which is the most powerful but reliable?
  160. Who is running REVO with NO problems???
  161. IS IT TRUE???
  163. Getting some more stuff done to my car. While its there what else should i do?
  164. CEL on 2.0 FSI
  165. How "exclusive" is Audi in your neck of wood?
  166. Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 (245/40/18) - Installed
  167. Another follow-up on my seat repair...
  168. is there any way to tell if my car has revo???
  169. Anyone has problem with rear seats rattling over bumps?
  170. Any of you guys who have replaced your rear anti-sway bar, were the end links worn out?
  171. does alcohol...
  172. Looking for cheap all-season tires?...Try the Contiextremecontact.
  173. Thinking of installing a JL Audio Clean Sweep
  174. i want to kick the engineer who made the support that holds the battery down, my battery died and ha
  175. b7 fog light bulb h11 replacement: I'm confused one recent post said you have to drop the front bum
  176. so, where's the TCM on this car? and why isn't there a tip chip yet?
  177. Those who painted the non sline and/or bought sline rear valence, need ur input
  178. H&R coilovers and problem with tire
  179. 2006 (B7) A4 3.2 Quattro going into LIMP mode
  180. Clutch done to death, or "don't try this at home"
  181. Got a VIN and the car has been released to carrier
  182. My weekend photoshoot
  183. Acceleration times with chip reflash?
  184. Lease Transfer
  185. New Avant SE and ACNA Loyalty deal - join ACNA
  186. Any 17" owner thinks the ride is harsh?
  187. Tip, torque converter hesistation problem?
  188. Strange MIL
  189. Stupid oil change question...
  190. S6 DRLs in a DTM bumper (revisited)
  191. Where is the "ignore noobs" button and how do I activate it?
  192. How do you change headlight bulbs on 08 2.0t
  193. How do I access engine air filter on 2.0t
  194. Anyone else's 2.0T lose power @ 3k rpm when engine is cold?
  195. kenwood dnx7120...
  196. Front Grille
  197. Couple pics from today
  198. What do you guys think, is this a good deal?
  199. STFAs but no luck. I need to touch up a ti wheel. Please! Help?
  200. Will the turbo glow red without load?
  201. fyi with changing reflectors...
  202. omghi2cf.
  203. question for those who have shaved their calipers & questions about decals...
  204. Re: Bluetooth install quesiton for those who have done it.
  205. cost effectiveness...
  206. Change voice command volume
  207. MPG on 3.2 quattro?
  208. Buddy of mine just had his APR'd ECU reflashed by the dealer. Apparently a new OEM software is out.
  209. lets trade front filler plate
  210. Anyone have fog light grills they want to sell ?
  211. Question for B7 owners with Dice iPod adapter
  212. Gas mileage poll: chipped 6MT city/hwy/mixed driving - what are you getting?
  213. 1000th Post. Only took me 4 months:) Going to party:)
  214. Audi lists 2.0T quattro has better mileage than 2.0T frontrack
  215. 2.0tq tip 0-60 in 8.55sec how about an apr tuned 2.0tq tip what's the est. 0-60?
  216. PSA: Never do any business with PAP Parts.
  217. AWE exhaust tip question
  218. Just got back from APR
  219. B7 any good for sand dunes driving?
  220. How many B7 3.2 6MT Avants out there?
  221. feeler: NY metro area audi meet/cruise
  223. New photo's from Poland (S6 Carbon braktes and Leds, Rieger front etc.)
  224. paging Auditude2.0T, where did you get your wheels?
  225. Just ordered Velocity RS4 reps 19x8.5 w/ET38 offset
  226. i'm looking for a set of wheels...
  227. Do the '08 MY 2.0T engines have the updated fuel system parts that were involved in the TSB..
  228. B8 ordering guide available in B8 forum.. 6MT lovers get the shaft
  229. NE1 else ever have their drivers front window switch work strange?
  230. What options are there for black rims with silver/chrome lip? Anyone got any pics? TIA
  231. Upgrade sound but wanna keep stock head unit
  232. exhaust for A4 3.2?
  233. GFs new to her A4
  234. Has anyone ever had problems with their gas gage?
  235. help!!!!
  236. Clutch options
  237. APR Moving Sale!!
  238. 2007 17 in wheels, pirelli p6 four seasons tires/stock wheels pricing question??
  239. Red T, what does it mean?
  240. any good books on the B7 in circulation now?
  242. i need some help...
  243. Is REVO flash any good?
  244. Symphony II+ Bose???
  245. Frustrated New A4 Owner
  246. chip question...having fleeting thoughts about flashing my car
  247. Bike Racks: Thule on Avant
  248. PCV and Breather Tube Part #'s
  249. One filthy Avant
  250. Anyone else here feel like our cars are faster at 3/4 throttle than WOT.