Tech Articles: Brakes, Wheels/Tires & Suspension

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(A4) = Audi A4(A8) = Audi A8 (80/90) = Audi 80 & 90
(S4) = Audi S4(TT) = Audi TT(GA) = General Article
(RS4) = Audi RS4 (AR) = Audi allroad (OA) = Other Audi
(A6) = Audi A6 

Model(s)   Description
A4   Changing a Front Axle (B5)
Article By: Pscheoverdrive - 2008
A4   Front Wheel Bearing R&R Using Hub Shark (B5)
Article By: Mister S - 2006
A4   STaSIS Motorsport Coilover install *page 2 added*(B6)
Article By: Jet Jockey/A4 Pilot - 2006
A4,A6,   Front Control Arm Replacement (B5, C5) *updated*
Article By: BSK - 2006
A4,S4,A6,allroad   Perrin Performance Sway Bar Links
Article By: Ed's A6Q now allroad - 2006
A4,A6   CV Boot Replacement
Article By: Kris Hansen - 2005
A4   Repair Brake Pads/Rotors/System Bleed (A4)
Article By: Stratocaster1422 - 2004
A4 Replacing Rear Wheel Bearings
Article By: S4Mr. Piggie(mike01s4) - 2004
A4 Installing A Front Strut Tower Bar
Article By: ModifiedA4 - 2004
A4, S4 Brake Disk Shield Installation
Article By: Jason W. Haines - 2004
A4, S4 Tie Rod End Replacement
Article By: Chris Haigh - 2003
A4, S4 Coilover Suspension Installation
Article By: Frank Sheperson - 2003
A4 Installing A4 Brake Ducts
Article By: Phil Reynolds - 2003
A4, S4 Installing Front Brake Pads
Article By: Carol Wong - 2003
A4, S4 CV Joint/Boot Repair
Article By: Andy TN - 2002
A4, A6, allroad A8 Brakes for other Audi Applications
Article By: Leszek Mazur - 2001
A4 A4 Spring and Shock Installation
Article By: Rich Letsinger - 2001
A4 S4 Wheel Well Liner Mod for A4 1.8T
Article By: James Reedy - 2000
A4 Repairing Scratched Wheels
Article By: Bob Petruska - 1998
A4 Replacing the Brake Pads
Article By: Dale Black - 1998
A4 More Information on Brake Noise
Article By: Bill Nieman - 1998
A4, A6 Electronic Differential Lock (EDL/EDS)
Article By: AudiWorld - 1996
Model(s)   Description
S4,A4   Rear Wheel Bearing Change (B5)
Article By: Mark P - 2005
S4,A4   Front Wheel Bearing Change (B5)
Article By: Mark P - 2005
S4   S4 Brake Pad Replacement (B5)
Article By: Morgan Evans - 2005
S4   Front Brake Pad Replacement (B6 S4/B7 All)
Article By: AlanL - 2004
S4 StaSis Mono-6 install on B5 S4
Article By: Jeff Moss - 2004
S4, A6 Porsche Brake Pad Wear Sensors for Stoptech Brakes
Article By: Andrew Gray - 2003
S4, A6 Installing AP Racing Brakes
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2000
S4 & Others Plus Zero Tire Upgrade
Article By: Don Pavlik - 2000
Model(s)   Description
RS4   Front Brake Pad Replacement
Article By: absolutcq20v - 2008
Model(s)   Description
A6,RS6,allroad RS6 Brake Cooling Modification
Article By: skiwi - 2008
A6 C4 A6 Flexible Brake Hoses (C4)
Article By: Grant Lenahan- 2008
A6 ESP/ABS v5.3 Pump Replacement (C5)
Article By: OCDboy - 2007
A6 Suspension Swap (C5)
Article By: Kris Hansen - 2006
A6 H-sport Sway Bar Install
Article By: Robert Gedeon - 2006
A6 Replacing FT & RR Brake Pads on the A6 (2.8q and 2.7t)
Article By: Mark Quinn - 2002
A6, Allroad A6/Allroad Swaybar Upgrade
Article By: Mark Fankhauser - 2002
A6 A6 Audi Sport Package Rear Sway Bar
Article By: Joe K - 2002
Model(s)   Description
allroad Allroad Air Spring Replacement
Article By: canAudian - 2007
allroad Conventional Coilovers on Allroad
Article By: RMcQ - 2005 
Model(s)   Description
80/90 Rear Big Brake Upgrade B4 90q
Article By: 4AudiQ - 2007
80/90 Full Suspension Overhaul (B3)
Article By: S4gasm ~ (aka LoTR) - 2007
80/90 Full Size Spare Holddown (B4)
Article By: 4AudiQ - 2006
80/90 Big Brake and 5 Lug Hub upgrade (B4)
Article By: 4AudiQ - 2006
80/90 Master Cylinder Upgrade (B4)
Article By: 4AudiQ - 2006
80/90 Ventilated Rear Brakes for 20v Coupe
Article By: 90quattrocoupe - 2005 
80/90 996 Porsche brakes on 20V 90 Coupe (90 Coupe)
Article By: 90quattrocoupe - 2005
Model(s)   Description
OA Removing/Installing Wheel (Q5) *updated*
Article By: Reggie - 2010
OA Replacing Parking Brake Cables on Audi 100 (C4 chassis)
Article By: RangeR BoB - 2004
OA Front Brake Pad Replacement 100 CS
Article By: Stephan Kuehl - 2003
Model(s)   Description
GA DIY Alignment
Article By: Bernie Benz- 2009
GA Wheel Refinishing
Article By: GdawgA4 - 2008
GA Floating Brake Caliper Service
Article By: Grant Lenahan - 2008
GA Cleaning Rusting Brake Rotors
Article By: 4AudiQ - 2006
GA Spare Tire Retaining Bolt Mod (for wider spare tire/wheel)
Article By: Richard Solomon- 2004
GA Suspension Noise Troubleshooting Guide
Article By: Brian Laursen - 2004
GA Home Guide to Wheel Scuff Repair
Article By: NASA Racer - 2002
GA Brembo Brakepad Removal/Installation
Article By: Jyoteen - 2002
GA Stock and Aftermarket Wheel Weight (336K)
Article By: - 2002
GA Do it Yourself Camber Adjustment
Article By: Eugene Gomez - 2001
GA Braking System for Dummies
Article By: Leszek Mazur - 2001
GA Painting Brake Calipers on a Budget
Article By: Mike Tracy - 2001
GA Effect of Wheel Mass on Acceleration
Article By: Eduardo Martinez - 2001
GA What do the Different Stock Wheels Look Like?
Article By: AudiWorld - 2000
GA Stainless Steel Brake Lines Primer
Article By: Andrew Warren - 1999
GA How to Defeat Brake Noise
Article By: AudiWorld - 1997