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  1. Older, Green C5 MA lic# 6BB6... You are a Fuc
  2. FYI cost of fixing car after headlight theft = $4300
  3. a request for some travel help please (vermont to new hampshire)..........
  4. Bostonasphalt2, a4adman, boston driver, a4rye, jmess YGM!
  5. GTG UPDATE: Burlington Chili's 10/24
  6. Yea Boston RS!
  7. UPS had a present for me today...
  8. October 8th Western MA GTG.....is OFF!
  10. Paging meem
  11. Clair fixed dipped headlight...but FUKKED up my bumper and quarter panel. WTF.
  12. Who has the Imola Avant the was at the track yesterday?
  13. So, who else got stuck in the traffic on 128N in Burlington Woburn today!!!!
  14. Hey, dawint...
  15. My first post..
  16. Alright gents (and ladies), need some help w/ some questions for those that know the '01 A4 2.8...
  17. Paging Ray Khan...couple BT questions
  18. "Left Dipped Headlight" :(
  19. Falklassikere GTG and Kruise on Saturday - Hey Cory
  20. hey! -- back from west coast and there's a new banner ...
  21. Spotted on 128N this AM - Silver B5 A4/S4 (?) with BBS RS-GT's
  22. So, day trip to Boston today w/a friend of mine (kidna work related)
  23. so im up here at school in andover NH 700 miles away from my car and..
  24. i saw a modded B6 infront of Concord mall
  25. In with the new
  26. Does anyone want to organize some Audi auto-X events for next season?
  27. Cool old BMW 325Xi on craig's list. Rally or track car for someone....
  28. Wheaton College in Norton - anybody here on the campus?
  29. Do you guys store any vehicles for the winter.
  30. Pulled the trigger on the S4 rear sway bar today...
  31. Did anyone read about the fatality at Limerock?
  32. So, were there any pictures from yesterday's meet in NH?
  33. What's the Fall Foliage prognosis for this year? Looks to me like a lot of leaves are turning strai
  34. Leftover 2004s! at Rietzl...... (TT)
  35. Anyone want to trade thier B5 2.8 ECU for my GIAC Chipped ECU?
  36. ....
  37. Manchester G2G tomarrow?
  38. AutoXing in Loudon Tomorrow!
  39. A4 spotted: Londonderry, NH by Exit 5
  40. Some more Hartford GTG pics (bww, 30+ pics)
  41. damn it, curbed a wheel. damn it.
  42. Silver B5 A4, Reiger, BBS RCs, dropped....on Beacon by the Ritz.
  43. Tyrolsport Side mount intercooler B5-A4
  44. Any you New england Audi guys going to transporter fest this weekend?
  45. Hey Gldnrkt you still going up to the pike tonight?
  46. Time for a BOSTON AREA GTG! Last big hurrah before the cold...
  47. My rental while the car gets new Eyes.... i like it!
  48. XPost: A4 B5 parts for trade
  49. Hartford area GTG Wrap Up and Awards.....
  50. Good turnout at the KK meet today in CT.
  51. Boston meets.
  52. spotted 000A4T on Congress St. tonight, you here?
  53. looking for feedback on KTR performance for clutch install
  54. expired inspection!
  55. Audi S4 Xenon Headlight Theft Website
  56. REMINDER- AUDI AND VW g2g 10/1/05 @ Hampton & Redhook Brewery
  57. October 8th Western MA GTG HEAD COUNT!
  58. Spent the day detailing and creating a new sig
  59. yay, I didnt even get to speak at my magistrate hearing
  60. Forum graphic updated. Welcome to fall, winter is just around the corner!
  61. Dolphin Grey B6 S4 on 93 North today at 8:30...
  62. What are the caravan options for GTG in CT from southern NH?
  63. service around boston
  64. Anyone looking for a '91 200q20v Avant and more?
  65. A.W.E. Tuning at H2O International September 25th
  66. X-Post Headlight Theft Poll
  67. The Headlights bandits do it again!
  68. Fender rolling 101
  69. My new toy got here today from Germany!
  70. i just got tickets to a red sox game, are these any good?
  71. Anyone who's going to the Krispy Kreme GTG bringing a Vag-com?
  72. Who's going to the block party on Friday in Hartford, CT?
  73. Last Call, Hartford GTG, Thursday 9/22, Forecast is warm, sunny and FAST!
  74. Sun. Sept. 25th Massachusetts All Cars Meet
  75. Ferrari sighting in Portsmouth
  76. Meem sighting in burlington, in front of the mall...
  77. OK - so who knew it was illegal to idle your car for more than 5 mins. in MA?
  78. anyone have a set of 17" wheels/tires they could lend for some troubleshooting?
  79. Who was the Imola S4 on Rt 3 near Manch today that played?
  80. Thanks Mike (OOPPST) and Dan (Urban Rally) for your help today!
  81. Finally installed my AWE DTS. I'm in need of an alignment currently. Status, dealer, suggestions?..
  82. Drivin to Boston this wkend from NJ....
  83. soooo, why did Cambridge give Cindy Sheehan a key to the City?
  84. Nashua gtg tonite!!
  85. Who Ever bought this car from Neat Auto Sales...
  86. Ok, whose silver S4 avant was wearing the fuzzy bumper-bra protectors on Newbury St. last night?
  87. Spotted: Pearl White S4 w/ gunmetal RS4 rims in Portsmouth
  88. Getting my car service tomorrow morning at clair
  89. Actual Stories on Bernardi
  90. So, who from the Boston area wants to caravan to Thursday's Hartford GTG???
  91. New sig. pic from Wed. night...
  92. Anymore Nashua GTG's?
  93. Has anyone here used Clair Audi service for a wheel alignment? If so, how would you rate the work?
  94. OMG! Spinners on a B6 A4 1.8T - Merrimack, NH
  95. I wish it was going in the S4 but it will be going in the ultrasport... For now anyways!
  96. If you missed Wednesday's Boston GTG you missed seeing my latest mod.
  97. sighting: white old school s8 (i think) at crosspoint towers in lowell, ma NH plate QU4TTRO
  98. So, is the Sox game going to be rained our or what? I have 5 lux box seats and would hate to miss
  99. SInce all of you (read: A4Rye and A4Adman) are obsessed with me, how about you help me out
  100. Who Owns...Luv2bst
  101. Anyone southern NH peeps going out tonight? Me thinks I needs to drink a few adult beverages tonight
  102. Try #2... Pics from the gtg :)
  103. Some news for those who go to Clair :)
  104. S4 Rear Sway Bar
  105. need to install springs.....anyone up for the challenge?
  106. who's snappy looking gray A4 ultrasport did i see on the pike west this morning @ 7a.m.?
  107. Pics from tonight's gtg! 36 photos total... hope they fit in one post...
  108. ATTN: boffinasphalt2: here's the gas cap sticker mod ...
  109. How about it BD? One final meet in Oct before winter?
  110. Fish Pier GTG Wrap up Thread.
  111. Installing an s4 sway bar
  112. Update: Tonight's Boston Fish Pier GTG
  113. Any club-goers in here?
  114. Getting my car back tomorrow!!
  115. Black B6 S4 on 290 W Saturday. You here?
  116. Hey Schondame, how is the training going?
  117. Anyone know who's '00 Nogaro B5 S4 is always on Main St. in Nashua?
  118. Clair Audi service / RS6 on showroom floor
  119. Anyone know of any good restaurants in Worcester MA, where I can park my AUDI?
  120. Ten Days to go....Hartford area GTG on Thursday, 9/22
  121. Two things: Question and Google's Gmail, free invites.
  122. Are there any bars clubs pubs in the boston area that show F1 races on suday afternoon's?
  123. White 04 B6 S4...Metro West Rt 20 Sudbury\Marlboro area with AWE exhaust...anybody know him\her ??
  124. I bought my first audi!!!
  125. S4 driver spotted in Burlington VT.. plate "S4S4S4" thanks for the Big Turbo knod ;0)
  126. Reminder: Boston Fish Pier GTG - Wednesday, September 14 <<current attendee list>>
  127. Paint question
  128. REMINDER 10/1 G2G IN NEW HAMPSHIRE- hampton and redhook brewery...
  129. So if I show up to the GTG on Wed. at 7:30, will anyone still be there?
  130. oohhhhhhhkay, Ive seen it all for Audis
  131. sexy new wallpaper
  132. so who was driving the blue B5 A4 1.8T with S-Line (?) Wheels and clear corner mod with the RI Plate
  133. Spotted Nogaro B5 S4 getting on to rte 2 in Leominster by starbucks??
  134. introduce myself
  135. Who from the Boston Area is going to the CT GTG on the 22nd???
  136. Suggestions on where to go to look around Boston at Laptop Messenger bags???
  137. Hey guys I live in Massachusetts about 35 min from boston ...
  138. looking for some new golfing buddies my friends are all married and never play
  139. x-post from A4 B6 forum (~250 hits but no input - sad) - any NE locals w/experience on these? Thanks
  140. Any reputable shop open Saturday for an exhaust install?
  141. Paging GrapeKing
  142. Taking the advice of multiple people...
  143. Ouch...$50.10 to fill the lil A4 this morning @ $3.45/gal :(
  144. oops, i guess i was too forward ....
  145. What do I hate about September?
  146. M.G.L. chapter 85 section 2
  147. Boston Fish Pier GTG - Wednesday September 14 <<current attendee list>>
  148. what golf courses are there in the area?
  149. Spotted on Newbury today: Murcielago, Gallardo, Viper GTS ACR, Vanquish, Panoz AIV.
  150. x-post from OT: cool 330i pics that have got me thinking
  151. anyone drive down 93 S from boston to Canton tonight?
  152. post detail pics
  153. Ok, where to get my timing belt changed in Southeast CT? Any recommendations?
  154. burlington nite life
  155. Anyone going to New Milford CT on Sunday for the big car show???
  156. State Police speed trap 95 southbound at ex 29b - careful :)
  157. Anyone know of any jobs/internships available for a student?
  158. Audi Detail Day Sat. CONFIRM
  159. Spotted Crazy modded Purple B5 A4/S4 at Hooksett tolls on 93N
  160. Northeast will be allocating gas soon!!!
  161. Yikees!!! 93 oct now at $3.46 per gallon in Mansfield. That's up 50cents in 2 days. =((((
  162. Who was the Black B5 S4 on 95S I was talking to Yesterday 4:30pm-ish!?...
  163. Western MA GTG Reminder: Saturday October 8th
  164. wow Ive gone all summer without anyting breaking on my car (except for me breaking the headlight)
  165. More central Mass speed traps
  166. this prob a dumb noob question
  167. Looking for a detailer
  168. For those who were interested in NH this weekend
  169. Audi Detail Day (Saturday 9/3)Needham/Newton
  170. Any Family Guy fans?
  171. Widebody S4 sighting near Wellesley!
  172. Ticket help! x-post
  173. Anyone heading to Deutschwerks Show on Sunday 4th?
  174. FREE DYNO 8/31 or 9/1 in Sterling MA
  175. Next Boston GTG: Boston Waterfront - Wednesday, September 14
  176. It's official...93 oct has hit over the $3 mark in MA!
  177. Needham Detailer Meet
  178. great place to get your exhaust done in CT
  179. My friends in California are telling me that S4's are in high demand, however,
  180. Zerbst, thanks for the invitation, perhaps the rain check will come sooner than later.
  181. ;-p
  182. *** Reminder, Hartford area GTG - Thursday, September 22nd ***
  183. Considering sellilng my A6 :(
  184. hey guys. i have a new ride.
  185. spotted, blue B5 S4 w/ 5 [email protected] UNH, young drive.
  186. Any of you guys from Vermont???
  187. anyone around needham want to get the roving detailer to come out? - edit: details pending
  188. Finished CC Mod and Lower Grill Mod
  189. spotted an S4 flying down 93 friday night, possibly schöndame?
  190. is anyone caring about boston's 375th?
  191. 6100 Mile service
  192. When you go to a magistrate hearing in MA for a ticket, is the cop present?
  193. anyone in the greater boston area use Zaino?
  194. Got a nice present for me when I got back from lunch at my desk...
  195. In the market for 02, 03 A6 4.2
  197. For all you Sox fans back east....
  198. Its Pimps, Ho's and CEO's night @ Martha's in Nashua. I'll be there.
  199. What are Vermont's best driving roads?
  200. H-Sport Sways installed last night. Happy, Happy , Joy, Joy
  201. TB Change Tuesday: $400
  202. Don't hit fire hydrants with golf clubs in Gardner, MA.....
  203. ming.moro and others: Judas Priest and Anthrax, October 7th, Tsongas Arena
  204. Hey A4AdMan...
  205. interesting read
  206. Several years ago there was a great Concours and car show at Castle Hill in Ipswich..
  207. Need recommendation for Auto Body shop in Boston Area
  208. INteresting... I saw a 8 jeep liberties lined up in front of the MA state police on the MA pike.
  209. hey boffinasphalt2, check out this shirt
  210. Audi corral in Newport over Labor Day Weekend (Yacht race)
  211. BD....I like the new sig pic.....I got your message......I'll call you..................
  212. ATTENTION: MAJOR SPEED TRAP ALERT!!! RT. 3 South between Concord Rd and 62.
  213. shop to get tire mounted on 18" rim?
  214. Promised Pictures from weekend mod fun...
  215. anyone get the junk mail from Accel Automotive?
  216. Need some help w/ a few questions folks, pertaining to the 2.7T .....
  217. anyone see these headlights on ebay??
  218. Paging Van Slyke...
  219. green debadged A4 at west newton body shop? anybody here?
  220. Metric Systems Experience
  221. A few pictures from today
  222. Weekend Mod Fun,,,
  223. RedTail Golf Outing -- Thank you : Henry and fellow audites...
  224. Have a freind looking for a clean A4 for under 10 grand.........
  225. Saw that fugly blue/orange TT in Lowell today
  226. Spotted: B6 A4 ocean blue black rims Portsmouth
  227. Black modded A4 in Sharon yesterday afternoon .... are you here?
  228. Linking to specific posts in an e-mail ...
  229. Hit or miss?
  230. Hoffman Audi is the best
  231. A4 SPOTTED: 93 NORTH...... Friday afternoon... 3:20PM!
  232. I still havent gotten my magistrate date for my speeding ticket back in early July
  233. Anyone else going to the Airshow next weekend in Westfield, MA.
  234. October 8th Western MA GTG....not just Audi anymore? (read)
  235. for th ose that saw that last post of mine
  236. Anyone here own a C4 S6 with a plate ending in "GOG"?
  237. It's friday! Anyone wanna meet up at Boston Billiard in Nashua for happy hour 5-9?
  239. recommendations for out-of-warranty service?
  240. It's official, my gf drives an audi and I like to pretend I do too...
  241. Anyone in the Boston area have a super-wide angle lens for Canon that I can borrow for a day?
  242. Had a mini S4 GTG this morning.. I also saw a A6 AW member this morning, cant remember his SN.
  243. So, anyone else for GOLF this Saturday???
  244. Are there any Audi dealers in the Hudson, MA area I can trust to do an 70k service..oil change
  245. Last Call, Hartford GTG, Thursday 9/22, Forecast is warm, sunny and FAST!
  246. Need Pirellis? Hey Moderator, ClassAds won't let me log in.
  247. Manch, NH made the list....
  248. While surfing the Audi Collection....
  249. New picture of my Daughter
  250. Who's driven from Boston to Chicago????