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  1. Any of you mass. guys purchased jewelry from McTeigue & McClelland in Great Barrington?
  2. Anyone in Western Mass got a VAG COM to clear my Airbag light?
  3. Nasty weather today in Waltham, but I'm keepin my fingers crossed for the GTG
  4. CCSU Car Show...4/29
  5. Anybody have this??
  6. Guys need some help ASAP!!!
  7. i have a question regarding the old school mass plate ...
  8. Is the GTG still on for tomorrow? due to the rain??
  9. ***4/18 GTG Update***
  10. Repost (updated info): Hartford caravan to 04/18 GTG.
  11. This rain is rediculous
  12. A Day at the New York International Auto Show...Enjoy (Lot's o pix)
  13. 4/18 GTG... would you guys be willing to help me with a project?
  14. Northern CT, southern MA anyone reccomend a good detail place?
  15. MA National Guard activated due to storm that is supposed to re-form and hit us.
  16. my sump pump is starting to catch up.....
  17. X-link to new car thread! very excited
  18. Anyone have easy access to a drill press in the Worcester area?
  19. Went to summer mode today <crosses fingers on the weather>
  20. Anyone want to trade or.....
  21. Sold my A6, so I'm back to being ------->
  22. Anyone else read Road and Track? New M3 is cover story. Some impressive numbers...
  23. Mtouring says: nice to meet yeh!
  24. Well, it doesn't look like I'll make it to the G2G since my license is suspended in Massachusetts...
  25. Hartford caravan for the April 18 GTG.
  26. OT: Lexus mechanic in MetroWest?
  27. Anyone coming up to Mt Sunapee tomorrow?? Wifey went to today and said the
  28. so who is going to Uconn Car Show this weekend.
  29. I love Vermont in the spring...
  30. Residents of Franklin MA: GET OUT AND VOTE MAY 22nd!!!!
  31. Where can I find used/refurbished commercial gym equipment around Boston?
  32. Anyone know of a shop that has Motul 5.1 brake fluid in stock in CT/MA?
  33. 1 GRAND
  34. Jack's moving to Boston :)
  35. Random pictures of Audis during my trip to hawaii...
  36. Where to go for catback install near Somerville?
  37. ***4/18 Waltham GTG update!!!*** weather is looking okay...
  38. Bentley college car show saturday? anyone hear about this?
  39. Help in Northeast
  40. Lookin at weather.com for the 18th gtg
  41. where in NE, pref. NH to get alu parts anodized,
  42. KONI CHALLENGE CORRAL presented by Herbys53 MAY 26th @ LRP
  43. Can anyone recommend a top labor law firm .
  44. Last Call: NAAC April Social Dinner: Tuesday, April 10th at Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH (6:45P
  45. You know me. If there is a GTG in the vacinity where I am you can normally find me there
  46. Loon S4 sightings...
  47. Hello CT ppl, could anyone recommend me a good tint shop around Hartford? TIA!
  48. Anyone want to do a Skydiving GTG in June or July?
  49. uconn car show caravan? or meet up like last year? anyone? bueller?
  50. Spend Easter in NYC and attended the Auto Show
  51. CAPE COD
  52. Recommendations on auto race attire.
  53. Anyone going to the Tufts University car show today?
  54. Anyone from Chelmsford, MA? Have some general questions about the town.
  55. Temptation, thy name is TT...
  56. Why your winter and summer wheels should look different
  57. SPOTTED IN DERRY NH: Sgtkodiak (Jeff and Isabel)
  58. VAG Help?
  59. Anyone know a good AWD dyno in the Boston area??
  60. Tim, I'm not giving it back....
  61. Anyone know a good import shop near the Burlington, MA area?
  62. NED tonight?
  63. So who is game for a ORLYWTFBBQ in Cape Cod?
  64. IPOD and IRA
  65. NAAC April Social Dinner: Tuesday, April 10th at Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH (6:45PM)
  66. Wheel Bearing Replacement (MA)
  67. Moving to RI!
  68. Getting a TBelt change in Boston Area 2002 TT
  69. Anyone heading to LRP tomorrow with the CT Valley CCA?
  70. Need help with ignition switch replacement in Brighton
  71. Inskip - 0 for 2 in 2 days
  72. Spotted new MKII TT today...
  73. last chance effort for locals, Im dropping off my wheels at rimpro>>
  74. X-post from B5S4 (Pics on the Cape)
  75. ***4/18 Waltham Uno's GTG update***
  76. Looks like one last hurrah for Old Man Winter. I'm glad I waited to take the snow tires off.
  77. East Coast European to sponsor TDH5
  78. Just spotted SOMEthing nice by the aquarium.
  79. Any Back Bay sushi recs?
  80. Guys a question about tires
  81. I remember someone talking about a great place to get leather or interior work done in mass,,more
  82. spotted Imola B5 S4 at foxwoods this weekend, carbon hood and trunk, w/ exhasut stock wheels
  83. Georges Garage in Walpole?
  84. Pepperell, MA Service - Holmes Auto?
  85. Anyone else invited to the Gallardo Challenge at Lamborghini Boston on 4/20?
  86. questions about insurance.
  87. Spotted: Dolphin Gray A6 2.7T Sportline in front of the Parker House
  88. UConn Car Club 4th annual spring car meet
  89. Has anyone tried the "new" Herb Chambers Audi (Pass & Weisz)?
  90. This might be old news, but FYI - Clairparts is "back".
  91. Lidar in Mass?
  92. Bargain B5 2.8 spotted at a yard
  93. Anyone know of a good body shop around Boston?
  94. Wanted: 2007 Sline Titanium 15-spoke Rims anyone know where to get?
  95. I REALLY miss my Audi...
  96. ok, I've officially lost my mind. I took a look at IRA Audi yesterday....
  97. X-post: My first major DIY (major for me): Front brake rotor and pad replacement.
  98. Spotted this morning at Clair Audi...... alms_TT_ny.
  99. Planning on selling my 18" OEM B6 S4 Avus wheels soon....
  100. Spring Metamorphosis hits AudiWorld....
  101. Got my new Audi, my friends think I've gone too far
  102. Frday afternoon traffic PSA (courtesy of BD):huge back-up, SB 128 between Trapelo and
  103. Hey anyone in the Beantown area got a Vagcom I could use for like 30 seconds
  104. PSA: Brand new blue Maxima with tint and a lightbar on 128N
  105. What ever happened to that KTR dyno day Xposted from VWVortex?
  106. Guys need help!!
  107. Whoa, for those that went to RPI... campus closed today after death...
  108. ::Spotted:: Fairway on RTE 9 by colonial VW!
  109. putting out a help call :(
  110. Who is this?
  111. name change: formerly ming.moro. I sold the ming A6, and this SN reflects my name on other forums.
  112. Boston Driver Spotted
  113. FYI - NH State Police running in Dodge Avengers (or Chargers , maybe?)
  114. anyone in West Hartford . . .
  115. Fan question....
  116. Body experts...
  117. yowza RS6 in yellow, 2 in the US, seen one at TCC Brookline area
  118. Gramps finally got new shoes on the RS6...
  119. Quattro alignment
  120. Valet 9104 4-Sensor Tire - Anyone have one of these?
  121. Spring GTG! Wednesday 4/18 @ Waltham Uno's 5PM
  122. Looking for someone with a 2006 S4 or A3 3.2L --
  123. Summah mode =D
  124. Indy shop near Lowell?
  125. Anyone intrested in an aftermarket Tire Pressure Monitoring system might want to check out woot.com
  126. Paging Gdawg...parallel activity, different zip codes:
  127. The most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas...
  128. Anyone with a hub shark near southern ME?
  129. Anyone ever done any business with DRT in Lowell
  130. Paging Shane Hamel
  131. Silver A4 Lynn Shore Drive tonight?
  132. New job in Worcester, where to live?
  133. Any experience with Excel Auto Unltd. in Weymouth?
  134. anyone know how or where I can blue tint side mirrors?
  135. When you put stupid drivers behind nice cars...
  136. Kind of a sad day
  137. Pioneer -AVIC-D3 perfect for audi!...I just thought i would post this up
  138. So... who's going to summers this week?
  139. woohoo, getting my RS4s mounted tomorrow! Tires were delivered today!
  140. Uh Oh Silver A6 getting flatbedded at Exit 39 off 93N this afternoon
  141. aw members sighted?? and some races
  142. Anyone plan on having a G2G soon? Good weather is starting to come
  143. got a free car on Boston craigslist.
  144. Paging zwoobah.. can you send me an e-mail RE: a/m warranty service?
  145. powder coating recomendation, central mass?
  146. group drive . . .
  147. N E X T: New England AW GTG
  148. Why are track days at Lime Rock so expensive?
  149. RedSox Tickets bt: Did they go on sale yet? I am looking to get tickets for
  150. Anyone in the Boston area have a blinder m 20?
  151. Little Foreign Car Garage...quick question
  152. my new bike for those who are interested
  153. Which MA golf courses are open now?
  154. I heard a rumor NH tint laws have changed to allow front windows, true??
  155. Anyone going to the New England Car meet today? Info inside:
  156. Attention; Mirror/Mirror 70
  157. Sprint RS4 @Reading rt28 / and K40 saves the day
  158. Team Autocross in Central VT May 5th and 6th.
  159. hey guys - need help with part for strut install >>
  160. Any one know of a place that carries VHT Nightshades tint around here?
  161. Just wanted to introduce myself to Audiworld...
  162. Looking for Indy Near East Windsor, CT
  163. Looking for a good indy in the lakes region of new hampshire
  164. Is anyone attending the first street night at New England Dragway on April 4th?
  165. Saw a B5 S4 on Storrow Drive today with Vermont plates. anyone here?
  166. My father just picked this up on Tuesday...
  167. so which one of you road-tripped it out here to Cali this week??
  168. Spotted in Beijing. What is an AVUS?
  169. Just signed up for the BMW CCA Driving School at NHIS in May. Anyone else going?
  170. Poll: When is your target date for putting on your Summer wheels and tires?
  171. Spotted 3/22/07, Mass Pike westbound at 4:30 pm
  172. Grey RS6 spotted by Newbury St., nene?
  173. anyone selling a set of valeos?
  174. Gas Milage, I am getting 320 on my 991.8T, i think this is low, considering i am on the HWY, is
  175. Gorgeous white S8 outside of Audi of Nashua this morning. Nice RS4 in the showroom as well.
  176. Silver RS4 in NEMC parking lot, anyone here? -first RS4 i've seen 'in the wild'-
  177. Well folks, it's official, the S4 will be on it's way to it's new owner later next week (more)...
  178. Kind of repost from BMW CCA Autocross post from below. If you're going, read this.
  179. If anyone is looking for a house in the burbs I just listed mine today. Tell your friends!
  180. Paging absoluteis. Nice chatting with you today by Mulberry's. Love your RS4 :-)
  181. I just scored 4 tickets to Red Sox opening day!! yay me!!
  182. Anyone have a room for rent in Boston?
  183. anyone have a Vag-com in the Northampton, MA area?
  184. Looking to hire a new employee in my office. Anyone looking for a job?
  185. anyone have a set of 17" avus to get rid of cheap
  186. Planning for BMW CC Autocross April 22. Anyone know of a nice hotel in Ayer, MA
  187. does anyone have exp installing a greddy tt in a b5 s4?
  188. When was the last time you were flagged down... because someone liked your car?
  189. Auto Body recommendation needed - Nashua NH preferred
  190. Best place to get tires mounted?
  191. I know we just had a major snowstorm, and there is still a LOT of snow and ice...
  192. Update: I have nads and a new car.
  193. Any local scrapyards buy Audis?
  194. rt 9 wellesley commute, ming 2.8 a6 wagon
  195. If anyone is interested.....
  196. Another Boston BT: Where to stay? I really would like to do Ninezero but I can't bring myself to
  197. First time for everything.....i hate weston cops!!!!! (kinda long)
  198. hey guys, i recently moved to manchester by the sea and am looking for a tint shop
  199. Free set of OEM spark plugs for the 1.8T
  200. need recommendation for having rock chips taken care of
  201. Need a belly pan, went to VW and he had no clue what would fit ..... can anyone help?
  202. one good thing about this snowstorm ...
  203. I saw "300" last night, in the Jordan's Reading IMAX theater. That place has a CRAZY sound system.
  204. WTB: B5 S4 front bumper
  206. whoa, did I just see boston driver on pbs?
  207. Tonight's commute home in the snow proved one thing to me.
  208. New S6 in the Rowes Wharf parking garage today. Audi Sport license plate frame
  209. to the CT Lexus 470 going 20mph in the left lane while we all passed you on the right:
  210. Drive safely out there, snows or summers..i dont see one truck with a shovel yet...=/ ?
  211. Hope those of you who switched to 'summer mode' stay safe with all the snow predicted!
  212. Alarm problem again...seems to happen when it rains/snows...
  213. no snow as of this morning :( - how come the weatherman can't get it right this year?
  214. The new speeding ticket surcharge in MA lasts 7 years? WTF?
  215. According to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, my car is gray.
  216. Nogaro B6 on rt 9 with the Wellesley Police Welcoming Committee
  217. does someone in s.nh or ma have a cam lock tool I can borrow for wp, tb job?
  218. Capecod people: The g/f and I will be in Falmouth June 8-15th. If any of YFF's want to meet up,
  219. Boston Folks: I would like your suggestions for a VERY VERY nice place to eat.
  220. Does anyone know of a good vehicle shipping company?
  221. B&B suggestions by Lime Rock?
  222. gonna need winter mode tomorrow ... that is all
  223. Dyno Day at SWIFT near mohegan sun
  224. Bonded windshield replacement
  225. wth? called dealer about 45k service, oil specifically, they put in m1 5w-30 in a 2.7t...
  226. Bristol Lounge??? Food ideas?
  227. Anyone know a good reputable exhaust shop in NH or MA, i need some help
  228. VW / Audi Dust Off
  229. Looking for a Good repair shop in/near Portsmouth, NH
  230. What Radar Detectors are you all using?
  231. Anyone in RI ever use Providence Auto Body, Inc. for work on their Audi or any other...
  232. its time...I would like to get a vag com, where can i get one?
  233. Just got my H&R coilovers put in, and so far i am like the feel, there used set off
  234. I need to buy a Toyo T1S 235/35/19...
  235. Getting ready for my spring time mods, do any of you have any of these mods:
  236. New England Car Enthusiast Meet March 25 2007
  237. >>>Location poll: since Spring is coming, and we'll need to have a GTG soon...
  238. I need some help!
  239. Mirror when your first car was totaled did you get blue book trade in value or retail?
  240. For people with rolled fenders, where did you have them done?
  241. This is SPARTA!
  242. so i just got my new cell phone
  243. Who has the holy$hit front plate on the RS4?
  244. Any have a cold air intake in the NE area, need one for tuesday morning, or know
  245. Anyone hear have a B6 blue S4 at Dick's Auto Body getting worked on??
  246. intake manifold runner stuck open bank 1 P2004?
  247. Is it easier to install a cambre kit when i do my coilovers?
  248. Hogan Tire in Woburn mangled my wheels...off to Rim Pro?
  249. Looking for a place that sells HID Bulbs in NH or MA
  250. Optimistic?