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  2. SPOTTED: grey b6 a4 on CONSTITUTION BLVD in franklin, ma. lowered with exhaust and wheels...
  3. Who's been to H2O before?
  4. So I got to try on some serious BLING today...
  5. Spotted today:: Gray R8 on Rt 9 at 6 pm. White Nissan GTR in Natick this morning..
  6. Holy Crap!!!! Lightning just nailed a tree across the street. What a series of storms today.
  7. X-Post: My A4 is for sale :(
  8. Fast Silver Avant on Storrow Drive
  9. Timing Belt-a-thon update: WAIT LISTING for Aug 10, 2007
  10. SPOTTED: a crazy AW'er holding a gun on the front page of today's Boston Herald
  11. sqaure one mall g2g
  12. Tire Mount and Balance...
  13. Anybody looking for 16mm 5x112 spacers?
  14. xpost from the s4 forum my car is up for sale
  15. Tail Shaft Leak, Pass Front Axil Shaft Leak, etc
  16. how many of you guys have dead LCD screens in your instrument cluster? all b5s and c5s right?
  17. OT: Trying to take the wife to Prov. RI next month for anniv. any recc for a nice restaurant. THX
  18. New b5 s4 owner
  19. WaterFest 14 Pictures
  20. Anyone know which type of paint Anchor uses? PPG or Dupont?
  21. Can I get a show of hands who is planning on going to the Bristol Run GTG this Saturday?
  22. B8 A4 vs A5 lease differences
  23. Extended Warranty
  24. Business trip to Switzerland
  25. spotted grey b6 a4 at manch town fair tire, and a nogaro b5 s4 on rt 100 in stowe vt today
  26. I was ripped off and now have my back against the wall- by another Audi enthusiast
  27. Waterfest 14 Gallery is live!
  28. Versatile Automotive Diagnostics Announces VAD Mobile Wireless
  29. Valet smashed my car in New Haven at the Omni
  30. Bristol Run Caravan from MA?
  31. SPOTTED: silver b5 s4 or a4 RIPPING down 290E around 11:00pm...
  32. WaterFest 14
  33. Anyone here a small business/tax attorney, or know a decent one?
  34. Gauging Interest so I can put this together- End of Summer GTG
  35. Upcoming Bristol Run GTG reminder...this Saturday 7/26! *UPDATED*
  36. Anyone have an engine ECU for a '96-'97 A6 in teh boston area?
  37. Boston folks: Restaurant suggestions needed.
  38. LUV2RDE Vermont plate TT, you on here?
  39. Looking to buy pre-owned A4, any leads?
  40. Window tinting in NH
  41. Cant move the shifter into gear (plus a question about Status)
  42. Spotted: Sprint Blue A5/S5 Friday rt.3 Anyones?
  43. Anyone been down to status recently
  44. Looking to get a key or two cut -- suggestions in the southern NH area?
  45. spotted: New England Audi owners in the New England Audi forum on the internetz!
  46. Spotted: Avus Silver 2000 S4 with NH Plates
  47. Spotted: BostonDriver at Shaws on Lex/Waltham line yesterday.....
  48. A few pictures from Wed July GTG meet in Burlington
  49. WATERFEST! watch out for CONTROLS RAD1
  50. Where to get a set of crimp pliers for CV Boot clamps? I need it for this weekend.
  51. Who has that nasty S8 with the plate SSSM1? I was in the altima (that i was rear-ended in 20
  52. OktoberFAST?
  53. anyone covered with Plymouth Rock used Village Glassmith (Don Cotton)?
  54. New S4 Owner
  55. Good indie in the Milford NH area?
  56. Leaving from the Boston area to NJ this afternoon
  57. who is going to waterfest on Sat?
  58. Paging tobykinkle.....
  59. Just a small photoshoot of the car
  60. nice scenic/windy roads around MA? not too far out west (centralish at most)
  61. Anyone local have a set of wheels/rims that would fit a B5 A4?
  62. soo.. who's c5 2.7T was on the pike weston to boston tonight at 930? ...rectangle exhaust.s...
  63. when / where are the friday waterfest cruises leaving?
  64. Anyone know what it would cost to have all the upper/lower control arms replaced on my A4?
  65. Anyone going to Waterfest Sat morning?? Or know of anyone doing any caravans from up north on Sat?
  66. Is that all for pictures of yesterdays GTG? If there is more, please post.
  67. One or Two More Pictures from the gtg couldn't hurt
  68. Central CT: Anyone know good place to get rid of my old stock exhhaust, old cat, and blown turbo...
  69. spotted: sprint blue rs4 in peabody the past two days
  70. where did you guys get your cat back exhausts done?
  71. Shop? Rear bumper/trunk
  72. A few pics from the gtg....had a great time, great to see a bunch of new faces and the same guys!
  73. Lookin for a good shop south of boston
  74. Paging A4Rye...spotted your car at Anchor. Looks great!
  75. Wow! Great turnout tonight for the GTG!!! <pics inside>
  76. Does anyone have a good Bill of Sale form?
  77. Just left for the GTG see you all there in a couple hours!!!!
  78. GTG leaving from Boston area... Meeting spot around 5 PM?
  79. need a good / trustworthy shop in north vt for my 4kq
  80. Who got up this morning and washed their car for the gtg?
  81. to the salepeople at IRA Audi...
  82. looking for stock b5 s4 parts ASAP - can pickup from you at the GTG or your place
  83. Does anyone have a Torx precision set (specifically a T6) they can lend me
  84. Any one want a ticket to Waterfest for Saturday. My car is under the knife and will not be
  85. NAAC Social Dinner this Thurs July 17th at Martha's Exchange in Nashua NH
  86. Not sure if you saw this yet guys: Huge Waterfest Special
  87. Update: The Burlington, MA GTG is tomorrow. New parking diagram enclosed.
  88. Many pics from Saturday's American LeMans Series race at Lime Rock Park.
  89. Spotted ultra clean b6 avant on rt9 westboro freindlys!
  90. anyone have a set of 5mm spacers they want to sell me? or trade for 8mm
  91. Ok boys and girls i need help. my front cd player doesnt want to read my cds anymore....
  92. Look at wed forecast...clear and 87... yes! lmao gettin pumped for the GTG
  93. Attn: Boston Driver
  94. Any good places to stay in hampton beach or salisbury?
  95. Spotted: B5nogaro s4, black int, 6spd, looked stock, at BestBuy in Marlborough
  96. Limerock - Anyone go and how was the race and the changes to the track?
  97. 25quattro S4 w/ exhaust in Hanover/Norwell today...anyone here?
  98. so I'm on the second Floor of a building on newbury ST and I look down and who do I see
  99. anyone have a '91 Audi 200 20vt quattro they wanna sell me?
  100. does anyone in nh / vt have a tornado red 4k hood?
  101. Spotted: Silver or Daytona Grey RS4 in Sopo/Portland ME
  102. So I need to replace the bulbs from my climate control system...
  103. See YOU in the AM! Timing Belt - a thon OFFICIAL THREAD: SUN Aug 10 date
  104. FYI- Antique car show in Dedham today...>
  105. Looking for a B5 A4
  106. Any events in boston tonight i should look out for?
  107. Spotted a Phantom black R8 on lagrange st. in chestnut hill yesterday
  108. Freshly detailed SKLBUS (and a detailing clinic announcement)
  109. Snow Performance Water/Meth anyone?
  110. made it to the Kimballs cruise/show this past Thurs,
  111. WOW, got a laugh from this one
  112. VAGKRAFT 2.0 - Sunday August 17th - Powerade Centre - Canada's largest Audi/VW Show!
  113. Paging Grapeking...How did that turntable to ipod dubbing project go??
  114. Who did i run into on i93 today? Your Silver B5S4 looks great! / exhaust sounds crisp
  115. went down to braintree to get som Elf oil. Damn Boston roads & 93 suck.
  116. Poll, those interested in a Brakes Tech Day...
  117. Just wanted to put up a random picture i found of my car hahaha havent taken any lately
  118. Question about the meet next week? can a couple of my buddies with VW come down?
  119. PSA: Dunks has added the Southwest Chicken to the flatbread sandwich lineup. Chicken, cheese, red
  120. Yikes, it's scary how little attention some people can pay to their car
  121. Providence area - good tech who has worked on 4.2 engine before (possible TB, oil leak)
  122. Anyone else in line @ Chestnut Hill Apple?
  123. spotted: black B6 A4/S4 avant on 128 N got off to 23-24-25 exit to pike
  124. Spotted: Blk S5 pulling a u-turn from his parking spot in Washington Sq!
  125. Amatoo your car drove by me in cambridge today...
  126. black b7 s4 with CH's on Newbury last night in front of Joe's
  127. Ok, someone here missed there connection...who is it, black Audi in the South End
  128. Some pictures from the BMW event July 6+7 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.
  129. Love my A5- Was that you on 128 South near Peabody at 8:30 this morning?
  130. anyone have a '91 Audi 200 they wanna sell me?
  131. Any other AWers want to make the trek to Waterfest Friday? We have a good group going...
  132. Spotted...Blk S5 behind me on the Pike today, after the Allston/Brighton tolls. You got off
  133. Attn: Wickedated - How was your burrito ? :)
  134. Just moved back to the area need a shop recommendation
  135. Audi Timing Belt - a - thon interest.
  136. just curious, can you make a duplicate audi key like you can with house keys?
  137. Shine racing services????
  138. Anyone here been to Limerock/going this weekend and know what my best bet would be for me and 3...
  139. spotted!!! 95s near ex 32 the batmobile!!!
  140. NAAC Car Control Clinic on July 26th. Hone your skills!
  141. woo! tracked down / stalked out my mini s! shes heading for the atlantic!
  142. spotted: black b6 a4\s4 at mitre in bedford
  143. Anyone with a Black B6 S4, CT plates in Lexington (Hartwell Ave) today?
  144. Engine tear out pics...
  145. Andover/ N Andover BT
  146. Spotted: Nogaro B5S4 w/ NY plates in Beacon Hill neighborhood.
  147. X-post...cheap brakes
  148. does anyone have pics from this weekends HDPE at NHMS?
  149. anyone with a silver S4 w/ Rial wheels parked next to my black A6 at the reststop on 90w a little
  150. Spotted DoubleTrouble in NL today!!! Almost pulled in to see you!!
  151. Looking for help working on b5 a4 2.8
  152. Temporary Tag Advice
  153. Spotted: 1 S6 with exhaust Crooked tips and 1 red B6 S4 with wheels
  154. Advice on anchor auto body......
  155. Red S4 or RS4 in Riviera Estates Yarmouth Cape Cod?
  156. Latest Update: AWNE GTG Wed., July 16th, 5:30PM, Chili's, Burlington, MA - PARKING MAP INCLUDED
  157. got rear-ended tonight
  158. Picking up the car tomorrow!! can I get temp plates until I get the title and registration??
  159. Whose dolphin b6 1.8t did I see on rt 16 in natick/wellesley today?
  160. Dealer Service in Hartford CT Area
  161. spotted: REAL FAST!!! silver B5 (A4 i think) "eurodesignmk.com" graphic on the side...
  162. HELP! [please]
  163. Paging CP: NHMS SCCA vs ALMS Limerock? Loudon is 40 mins vs 4 hours to Limerock.>>>>
  164. Pumped for the meet comming up! havnt been to one in a while...... hopefully no rain.
  165. Need a Land Use Attorney to possibly help resolve an easement issue. Can anyone recommend someone?
  166. Paging DoubleTrouble, im in New London for the rest of the day....
  167. ears are still ringing from the finale last night !
  168. Anyone going to Summer Nationals tonight?
  169. what ever happened to that "get together and do some pulls" night?
  170. Too bad there wasnt a lil more wind last night.
  171. Called in a drunk driver tonight. This wasn't your typical drunk driver though.
  172. Wow, isn't July 4th so quiet?
  173. Happy 4th New England Audi Worlders!
  174. was that an RS6 on west I90 right by fenway at about 10pm i passed? it was too dark to tell but as
  175. PiMp Red UR Quatro coupe spotted!
  176. Does someone who lives with me in my rented apartment need to be on the lease?
  177. Need a qualified shop/individual in metro Boston for a coilover install on a B6 S4; suggestions?
  178. Anyone got a small, old cheap laptop to sell or know where to get one?
  179. Silver 99 A8 partout near Boston
  180. spotted: sprint blue rs4 at cyprian keys yesterday
  181. I bought sweed's car!
  182. B5 A4 Suspension help
  183. SPOTTED - 8:34 am Newton Corner exit 17 -Silver 2.7T A6 driven by old hag
  184. anyone have access to a welder and/or good at welding?
  185. SPOTTED: attractive female in a c5 A6. silver,lowered,with rims on 190 in worcester
  186. Wanted: A few cool cars! WaterFest 14 is rapidly approaching..
  187. hey fvckers, check out my updated website. Trying to increase traffic for search engine ranking.
  188. Anyone going to the ALMS race at Limerock on 7/12?
  189. spotted! 93 north ex 28 b5 a4ish no hood silver bumpers
  190. Anyone have a set of stock 5 spoke rims?
  191. Looking for a stock dual-tip muffler for a TT MK1 if anyone here has one for sale...
  192. Boston Area AWNE GTG - Wednesday, July 16th, 5:30PM - Chili's - Burlington, MA - Current Attendees
  193. wayy overdue
  194. spotted: urs6ville tell me that wasn't you I was driving next to for 20 miles on 84 today
  195. Watch out for A+ Autobody in Somerville, MA.....
  196. Spotted: Black A5 3.2 @ Springpoint Marina 6/30 @8pm
  197. First R8 I've seen on the road this morning at about 8:30a
  198. Be careful driving around Fall River, manhole thieves!!
  199. I spy with my little eye... An RS6 on 495N @ 915ish this AM
  200. What are you guys, or did you guys do with your stimulus check?
  201. I am changing my username all the way to slowEURO
  202. Anyone here have a white TT (mk1) coupe with black wheels? on 495 today around 3 pm...
  203. What do you guys do with old, bad brake rotors? Sell for scrap metal?
  204. Paging A. Shea, YGM
  205. Ray Khan were you driving a Honda S2000 on rt. 28 going towards medford this afternoon?
  206. Looking for a good independent mechanic in Central CT.
  207. what's going on with storrow east bound??
  208. Mark's Cruise Night tonight......
  209. 2010 Bmw M5 to get 5.5L Twin Turbo V10
  210. Metric Systems in Cambridge, MA - does not honor job quotes.... - Cross Post from B5 Forum
  211. Nissan Skyline R35 spotted on Rte 93 in Dorchester today...
  212. Notes from the ACNA/BMW Club Canada Day event at Calabogie (ridiculously long ramble warning)
  213. Waterfest Role Call
  214. EBG - spotted you this am heading north on the everett....playin hookey
  215. Cape Cod REcommendations? (going July 5-12)
  216. reccomended place to have AC recharged?
  217. Waterfest Falken Tire Booth Cars
  218. "The Bristol Run"
  219. anyone near I-89 from west leb, nh to waterbury / stowe, vt have a vagcom that can help me out?
  220. So who's going to the HDPE next weekend at NHMS? Anyone want to organize dinner on sunday night?
  221. Anyone know this guy?...
  222. crazy green plate workaround method ... plz discuss
  223. Touch up paint
  224. well Eric at spp just sent me some pics of my new wheels... so pumped right now!
  225. and god said to Noah, build an Ark!
  226. Looking for a Milltek cat-back, who has one for sale?
  227. Anyone have or know someone in the area selling 01-02 S4?
  228. Winter Tire Sizing, LM 25 on S6 , XL rated, etc., etc.
  229. So a tuning shop is trying to buy this car I want...
  230. think it would be OK to bypass the usual forum rules and have 1 thread for a flea market/swap meet?
  231. spotted finallyS5 in Kendall Square last night.
  232. For anyone in Natick around lunch hour, there is a free cookout!!!
  233. Summer in Maine
  234. Any u S4 guys need a set of sparkplugs? looking to get rid of pay shipping or pick up...
  235. spotted! slowEURO: nogaroric on west boylston near price chopper
  236. Awesome experience at Lee's ... Advanced Tech in Gloucester, MA
  237. FREE Mass inspection ?
  238. It's finally on its way....
  239. just got back from the Kimballs cruise/show, had a GREAT parking spot!
  240. Local owner? Nogaro '04 avant for sale.
  241. Toluene Purchase
  242. Anyone got any leads on a B6 S4 for under 30k? Looking for a friend
  243. Stage III, done and done.
  244. I'm not normally one to stir drama, but wtf is smashtheqube's problem? I recommend a shop, and he
  245. Sobriety checkpoints will be out this weekend
  246. Need some stock B5 S4 parts.
  247. cross post about a local Audi guy who the old timers will remember
  248. Quick question: My bro-in-law just bought a new ML350. Where are you all going for the clear bra's
  249. So we know there's an A4AdMan, but is there an A6AdMan too?
  250. Watkins Glen track days in August. Hosted by the NEQ club.