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  1. US MMI 3G+ Data Ending Feb 2022
  2. Nav says "drive up the wrong side of the road!"
  3. 2018 S4 Audi connect hotspot - it it always on?
  4. firmware/ map update
  5. Warning lights after wheel bearing change.
  6. Bluetooth will not stay paired with MMI
  7. New to Audi, how to upgrade maps?
  8. CarPlay Retrofit Interface
  9. Codes to unlock GPS Map while driving my 2018 SQ5?
  10. Problem with the phone.
  11. "Google Earth" out, "Satellite" in - software version 1329 and blurry images
  12. Chorus radio audi q5, aux and navigation android
  13. Android / CarPlay add - anyone in the US try this?
  14. UK to NZ maps
  15. 2000 Audi A6 Quattro
  16. Does Audi Offer Any Audi Connect Promotions?
  17. Can't get FreedomPop or Truphone to work
  18. How to connect data sim card in Audi A8 L 2018 model
  19. Nav Map and System Update Discs
  20. How to get the Virtual Cockpit Google Maps to work in Sri Lanka
  21. Adding a automatic rear spoiler to ttrs
  22. Can't enter APN info - 2018 S6
  23. Add Navigation, Virtual Cockpit & MMI
  24. malfunctioning MMI screen and head-up illumination
  25. Audi RNS-E bluetooth pairing problem with iPhone X
  26. 2013 Audi Q7 - Help with connecting to Audible App
  27. Retrofit Audi A3 1.4 2017 and MMI Radio Standard + Android Auto
  28. Bluetooth media issue in 2016 TTS (Android)
  29. MMI shows presets when decelerating
  30. Satellite module install
  31. Google Earth Issues (3G)
  32. Google earth and real time traffic not working, 2014 Q7
  33. 2018 MMI AudiConnect Issue with MMI Nav +
  34. FreedomPop SIM Friend Network Check In
  35. HomeLink (VC1, VC2) audi 8W b9
  36. Two iphones paired to my new A6
  37. Two iphones paired to my new A6
  38. my Audi broadcast - Audi Infotainment and Navigation on July 16th
  39. Transfer Sim from one car to another?
  40. Audi S5 tweaks: doors won't open/lock, garage opening didn't open, and camera glitch
  41. Audi A6 note
  42. Mint SIM
  43. SiriusXM Traffic on 2017 Q7 (Canadian version)
  44. TruPhone SIM no signal
  45. ESP and ABS
  46. no dash lights and gauges on and off
  47. Audi Connect with alternate SIM card
  48. Aux heater remote - no connection
  49. Help with MMI version in my CPO SQ5
  50. Simple automation Phone >< BT Audi
  51. 2012 A6 Homelink Transmitter Connector
  52. 2009 Q7 navigation issue
  53. mirror replaced by ex-dealer - getting side-assist warning
  54. MMI 2g Bluetooth retrofit - hit a brick wall
  55. 2017 4M Q7 no LTE help.
  56. Audi Connect - what's the point?
  57. MMI Connect App - need clarification of what it does and needs
  58. Telematics/Bluetooth-RNS-E No sound on Phone calls!!
  59. Configure MMI as phone?
  60. Car to Car Bluetooth Communication???
  61. Read notifications of your smartphone as SMS
  62. No Start 2001 A4 2.8
  63. A6 fuse box fire
  64. 1997 Audi A4 Quattro 2.8 no start
  65. 2016 SQ5 locked to AT&T
  66. 3G modem update, details?
  67. starting
  68. A4 b7 electronic ajust +heated+memory
  69. no more 3G on T-Mobile for ~2013 Audi...
  70. MMI wifi settings not accessible
  71. Audi Connect
  72. Active Lane Assist
  73. Crazy ideas for tech
  74. fault codes rnse
  75. Navigation data question
  76. MMI version confusion
  77. 1999 Audi A4 2.8
  78. interior lights
  79. RNS-E 2010+ AMI Integration A4 B6
  80. Audi A8 D2 electric steering memory
  81. An unusual nav traffic problem.....
  82. AUDI A4 B7 - Bluetooth Help Required
  83. Audi 4.2 40v AQH accelerator pedal sender options.
  84. MMI and NAV. Multiple Qs, isssues
  85. 06 Audi A3 Trip 1 computer Malfunction
  86. Sensor voltage/amps
  87. Allroad 12V gauge - signal, scale, etc
  88. audi a6 c5 2004 onstar to bluetooth
  89. Head Up Display on tinted windshield?
  90. Minister is Israel call you now playing
  91. Homelink system - difference between VC1 and VC2 versions?
  92. Now taking pre-orders for new AMI cable
  93. replacing blutooth module in b7 rs4
  94. VAG-COM in NJ
  95. ipad apps/software of practical/functional value in my 2014 Q5 without NAV?
  96. Homelink retrofit issue
  97. Dynamic Route Option with Sirius Traffic
  98. [OM]Watch Gravity | Rush Online
  99. Front Instrument Cluster Broken, Can't Tell Warning
  100. EPC
  101. 2001 C Navi control removal
  102. 2005.5 RNS-E Nav Update
  103. problem with a4 dash panel
  104. Where did my Sirius XM Traffic go?
  105. MMI - iPhone synch solved
  106. audi a6 4g 2012 electric problem?
  107. CANBus K Line
  108. iNAV button
  109. MMI+Calls dropping
  110. Question on MMI maps
  111. Load map of Tunisia on US spec MMI 2012 Audi Q5
  112. Cruise control crapped out...
  113. Could it be an O2 sensor?
  114. Need help with coding MMI
  115. leaving ipod in car attached always - ok?
  116. MMI 3G VIM Problem
  117. MMI3G software update
  118. MMI Upgrade?
  119. AMI and Samsung Android Phone: Help!
  120. Vagnav's VIM Coding Service for RNS-E?
  121. MMI does not view my iphone podcasts
  122. Can MMi function with both Bluetooth and inserted Sim Card simultaneously?
  123. 04 A8-"Security is locked"
  124. Center armrest cradle
  125. Autostart on the Audi
  126. B8 Bluetooth compatibility?
  127. Battery ground fault locator
  128. MMI 2G and iPhone 3G with OS 4.0
  129. Dead Forum :o
  130. Verizon Droid
  131. Google Android to A4?
  132. Verizon and Audi MMI Bluetooth
  133. Telematics Security/Locking feature inexplicably turned itself on
  134. Too many contacts in my iphone?
  135. Blackberry Bold and Contacts Display
  136. TV integration with RNS-E
  137. for sale 16gb apple iphone 3g at just $200usd and bb bold 9000
  138. Q5/Bluetooth problem
  139. Dumb question, how does everybody access their voicemail via Bluetooth?
  140. Can someone scan their 2008-09 Navigation disc?
  141. AMI Bluetooth Adapter
  142. TV tuner on my RS6
  143. RNS-E SD card reader and Linux/Rhythmbox MP3 files?
  144. RNS-E BT: Any way to set the map screen to be the default view on startup?
  145. How to delete/remove a single previous destination from RNS-E?
  146. wanted:Navteq USA Map with 0260 software for RNS-E
  147. Where can I source a RNS-E these days? Need one for my allroad.
  148. Anyone Successfully Pair a Verizon LG VX8360 with a 2G MMI?
  149. What type of memory card fits the RNS-E MP3 slots? Dumb q, sorry
  150. Any suggestions on radar detector for S5 that does NOT interfere with side assist?
  151. Extra Bose Harness and Antenna laying around...
  152. Parrot MKI-9100 Bluetooth Install (crosspost from B7 forum)
  153. Can I easily install an 08 TT Navi Plus unit in my non-Navi/Bose 09 TT?
  154. MMI Nightmare in Progress
  155. Can anyone help?
  156. any of you guys use Kingston SD cards for your RNS-E? Im thinking of getting a 4gb.
  157. '05 S4(B6) Bose/SympII to RNS-E Upgrade Questions - already STFA
  158. Any Ideas on RNS-E Navigation Going Crazy?
  159. EUR RNS-E MMI to work with new US map DVD
  160. Audi Navigation system and MMI -- how good is it?
  161. Can't seem to check voicemail over Bluetooth connection w/MMI. What am I doing wrong?
  162. upgraded to symph II, in my '00 a6
  163. 8e1 862 407 A?
  164. RNS-E With backup camera
  165. BB storm update: pairs PERFECTLY with 2009 S5, including PB transfer
  166. Problem updating RNS-E to 0260 firmware
  167. iphone and OEM BT and having that audible screech?
  168. 04 A6 going BlueTooth - what phones are you all using?
  169. Converting Analog OnStar to Work in Digital??? 2004 A6 WTF??
  170. Any idea why MMI says "Replace" instead of "Answer" for incoming phone calls, when I'm not on phone?
  171. MMI problem: BT phonebook works, but "Import" and Directory options are grayed out for me.
  172. 2003 A4 V60 Cradle and Bluetooth Adapter for sale on eBay
  173. Anyone have the new Verizon Blackberry Storm? general comments, and how does it
  174. Asked similar ? before, but still confused:Bluetooth problems with 2009 S5- please help!!
  175. RNS-E Bluetooth and iPod integration for 2001 S8 (USA)
  176. ADR V1 install and some RNS-E info
  177. Converting Audi telematics into speaker phone
  178. does anyone know where to get those chrome- like buttons for the RNS-E?
  179. RNS-E - US/EU price and B6 Avant wire questions
  180. Another Q - is there any way to tell if my RNS-E unit is BOSE enabled?
  181. Newly installed RNS-E. The vehicle position on the map lags slightly behind
  182. Anyone ever hear of or see a HRS-GT5 to FAKRA adapter?
  183. Blackberry Curve GPS (telenav) Synch to Audi Bluetooth
  184. Is the Navplus site forum down or what?
  185. Just installed RNS-E. Having issues as follows:
  186. just installed rns-e
  187. Bought RNS-E from NAVParts and forgot my code
  188. Need some help with installation of extension cable for GPS sharkfin antenna to RNS-E...
  189. Difficulty with onstar to bluetooth swap in 2004 S4
  190. Help- call waiting not working properly
  191. HELP, xpost from navplus forum, RNS-E seeing zero sats, worked fine for 10 days, but no longer...
  192. Can I retrofit nav into 09 A3?
  193. PSA: if you need a phone that can survive a two story drop, Motorola KRZR...
  194. Getting a new Blackberry Curve (8330)...what kind of BT performance can I expect for 06 RNS-E?
  195. Samsung u706 and Bluetooth
  196. i-Phone 3G and MMI v. 2740
  197. about to have RNS-E replaced under warranty on 05 ar, should I try to get 07 B7 A4 unit...
  198. Is there any way to unlock an RNS-E without having the security code PIN or vehicle VIN?
  199. Trade Sirius receiver for XM receiver
  200. cleaning rns-e
  201. iphone interface
  202. Can the OEM BT unit be programmed to automatically close the sunroof when a call connects?
  203. Which Nokia to be 100% with Audi Q7 MMI??
  204. I need a single to dual antenna adaptor for OEM satellite radio.
  205. Best aftermarket bluetooth for iPhone 3G?
  206. Is there a nice RNS-E FAQ or wiki somewhere?
  207. Bluetooth Install
  208. Just bought a Parrot CK3100 Black Edition, but the body is grey and the buttons are black. Is this
  209. iphone bluetooth in 2006 s4?
  210. fyi: verizon treo 755p 1.08 update kills bluetooth
  211. If I wanted to add a dvd player to my RNS-E where would be a good place to look for
  212. where can i get the latest software and nav disc for the rnse?
  213. Euro to US nav disc troubles....
  214. how big of an SD card can the RNS-E read?
  215. FAKRA to GT5-1S gps antenna cable
  216. Has anyone retrofitted the Tire pressure monitoring kit from Kufatec in their B6?
  217. RNS-E
  218. Read this if you are using Samsung phones with Bluetooth (2006 models)
  219. New Motorola Phone combatabity Bluetooth BMW /Puck
  220. 2005 A8 + 2008 NAV Disc = Disaster?
  221. 2004 OnStar and Motorola Setup
  222. GPS disabled after BT install
  223. pin removal tips
  224. programming errors on nav DVDs released after 12/07
  225. Dension GW500 and iPhone
  226. Phatnoise Phatbox 20gig Media Player in classifieds.
  227. Are the TEL inputs on Symph I line-level?
  228. 2008/2009 US RNS-E DVD disables TV input
  229. 97 Audi A4 has no AM radio reception... HELP!
  230. Source for RNS-E for '08 A3?
  231. Broken gear in MMI retraction unit, A8 2004
  232. Noodles
  233. Parrot MK6100 & iPhone
  234. VSS location and wire color for my B7, yes, I searched
  235. Hard wire Install of V1 Detector-Chicago area
  236. Still can't do bluetooth in my 2004 A8L
  237. What is this connector, and where can I find the pinouts?
  238. curious post-MMI update anomoly yesterday with directory
  239. Im looking for a V60 Cradle to suit my 2004 A8L
  240. 2004 A8 voice command module language change
  241. telematics stuck on red
  242. Wife got an 08 TT w/ Nav; can I burn a copy of her DVD to update my 06 A4?
  243. Please help me locate a V710 cradle....
  244. Hands Free Phone
  245. I updated the SW to 0150
  246. Any C5 RNS-E units for sale?
  247. Samsung Gleam and Bluetooth
  248. Replacement Antenna
  249. AMI Question
  250. 2000 A6 Symphony radio compatibility