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  1. CD Text out via serial to LCD? Maybe more people involved in this could get this working.
  2. WTB: D-NAVI CD Brain box
  3. Search has lead to little/no answers
  4. What track naming format is everyone using for SD cards?
  5. Anyone got 2005 Map (4B) discs to work on RNS-D ? More than SafeDisc 2 ?
  6. is there anyway to make the warning message go away?
  7. How can I take out the Nav unit without keys, I only have two keys
  8. Need some info please.......
  9. 2002 Navigation Help A6
  10. Does it matter whether my SD cards are formatted FAT32 or just FAT, as far as the RNS-E goes?
  11. Voicemail function on the NAV+
  12. My crosspost from B5 forum on Lintech adapter
  13. More fun with Blackberry 7135e - question for 2006 OEM BT owners
  14. Thanks to TeddyB and PeterH for added input on the install of my BT module
  15. Thanks to NSXJR /Lee Hicks for quick shipment on my BT antenna and 54 pin
  16. c6 a6 bluetooth cradle options
  17. need help on oem ipod install plz
  18. OnStar inoperative
  19. [Verified] Fix for full telephone integration on RNS-E ("Please use your phone" message)
  20. Bought '02 A8L. Need info on NAV+, MP3, etc.
  21. Firmware Update
  22. help me here... wanna make sure I get the right one
  23. Nav CD version?
  24. iPod video through RNS-E
  25. Is there a newer HW rev than "G" for 2006 Bluetooth modules?
  26. Navteq postcard received: are these ACTUALLY new Nav disks for RNS-D?
  27. BlackBerry 7130 compatibility
  28. what's the site where i can buy adapter cables?
  29. Edit...what parts/harness do i need to install a c-nav in a 2000, also what to use for a/v hookups
  30. Bluetooth range issue in ar/A6 avant with rear prewire?
  31. Where can I find more voices for Phatnoise Media Manager?
  32. 2003 S8 Phones and Telematics - Help please!
  33. Can Bluetooth shutdown on key-off be extended?
  34. Any inexpensive sources for Phatbox cradles?
  35. RNS-D + Phatbox == no fast-forward/rewind???
  36. Dumb question, but does RNS-E play anything besides .mp3 on the SD cards?
  37. Finally picked up an older D series Nav+ on the cheap. Is there any way to get up to date map info?
  38. X Post: Need help finishing Parrot 3100 install:
  39. Paging TeddyBGame
  40. rns-e fan draining car battery?
  41. .
  42. Parrot Bluetooth used with Multifunction Steering Wheel
  43. TPMS Retrofit????
  44. 2001 ar, "G" series retrofit BT, and VZW Blackberry 7135e - phone book?
  45. Audi Bluetooth and SMS
  46. Bluetooth weirdness (X-Post from B7 A4 forum)
  47. HP 6515 paired!
  48. Nokia 8801/8800 and Q7 bluetooth
  49. Question on swapping out Symphony II and Factory Nav. for RNS-E...
  50. Anybody have trouble with SD cards??
  51. Bluetooth for 2001 A6 4.2
  52. Why is it that when in BT mode; A call comes in, the ring sounds like a friggin burgler alarm???
  53. Onstar after end of 2007
  54. I am having a problem.....with bluetooth module
  55. About Audi Blue Tooth, Need Help from you guys!
  56. Any one know where I can get Dietz 1417?
  57. Can I install the bluetooth module in place of my Onstar box if I don't have a RNS-E?
  58. I guess, it will be pointless to buy US rns-e units now
  59. Anybody know anything about- Clarion NICE navigation
  60. Adding Nav to an 06 A6 (MMI) - Can I use the Sat Radio MOST?
  61. Anyone install a tv-tuner into a US MMI A6?
  62. RNS-E Software update notification??
  63. Loud bluetooth pairing sound
  64. Treo 700w - Speed Dial numbers not all imported
  65. OnStar Telematics
  66. RNS-E: Is there any way to show surface streets at lower zoom levels?
  67. One Silly Question
  68. Swapping out OnStar for BT but unsure what this "black box" is
  69. Yes, the Motorola V557 works...
  70. is this the pt#3b0 919 146 for eom tv tuner(rns-d). If so who can get it
  71. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - Remote start project for Allroad
  72. New RNS-E hums noisily in right rear speaker based on display brightness level, not volume level.
  74. B7 S4 Bluetooth and Treo 650 CDMA
  76. DVD/Nav Install - Notes and help needed....
  77. How can i get Midrange sound control on a brand new US RNS-E
  78. Screw the ipod, I'll just run iTunes.
  79. Thanks PROXUS!!!
  80. Strange lighting issue ? Only since RNS-E install
  81. Versions on RNS-E ?>>>> Whats current ?
  82. RSN-E iPod Video Playback
  83. SD cards
  84. cable from cell mount to telematics port
  85. 06 A3 w/RNS-E and BT - need your VAG-COM codes!
  86. RNS-E on it's way..Vag codes pretty please
  87. can the NavPlus act as a phonebook?
  88. blue tooth
  89. Navplus.us! Hello? Admin?
  90. 2006 A3 w/OEM RNS and adding BT - Help!
  91. Motorola V60S compatibility
  92. Motorola V557 compatibility with '06 RNS-E/Bluetooth ....
  93. STA I saw comments on a TSB about Onstar module going bad when the back up battery is drained.
  94. Paging TeddyBGame
  95. A4 Radio Mute
  96. What's the max capacity for the SD card reader on the RNS-E?
  97. Anybody has computer or PDA wired to the car? I have PDA connected to GPS.
  98. Newb RNS-E question
  99. Verizon Razor and Bluetooth Caller ID Question??
  100. Coverting shift controls to audio
  101. X-post: Has anybody added another siren or backup siren to their factory alarm system?
  102. Possible to move climate control???
  103. Fuse box basics
  104. Audi A6 2005 MMI, where is the mute
  105. Phatnoise with RNS-E?
  106. Score another one for the glovebox team
  107. Program the Steering Wheel Phone buttons
  108. 2006 Navigation
  109. Convert Onstar into Bluetooth?
  110. Paging TeddyBGame
  111. Newly installed RNS-E has 2004 SW, should I spend $220 @ Navteq to upgrade to 2006?
  112. question for those that have upgraded from the CD nav to the RNS nav
  113. Turning multi-function display off when you have NAV?
  114. Parrot CK3000 in 2006 A4 questions
  115. Audi A3 Bluetooth Install Kit
  116. The danger of bluetooth <joke>
  117. Xpost: OEM submarine fin installed on 2001 C5 A6 Avant.
  118. New Owner and '01 A6 Nav
  119. Did anyone try PocketPC Ipaq h6300 with the Audi BT module?...
  120. Debating whether to get an RNS-E. Help me decide.
  121. I must be missing something simple...
  122. Does anyone know what this indicator is for?
  123. cross post- installed bluetooth in my 2004 A8 in less than 30 seconds!
  124. HELP signal speed for my Audi A3
  125. X-Post:: Removed Audi Telematics and replaced with Audi Bluetooth module for RNS-E
  126. HP Ipaq 6515
  127. sort of off-topic, but anyone know how to clean dust from under the screen of a razr?
  128. Anyone know how to wire the Deitz 1280?
  129. Memory stations default on RNS-E
  130. I've been doing some research and can't seem to find if this is possible
  131. Anyone in Western NY area who is capable of trouble shooting an RNS-E problem?
  132. anyone try a BMW or MBZ v60 in their audi?
  133. Bluetooth kit Question - Nokia CK-7w vs Parrot CK3000
  134. connect the speed sensor on a 1999 A6 2.5 V6 Tdi to the KNA-DV3200 navigation sensor.
  135. Various questions regarding MMI (M.O.S.T.) and potential expansion (iPod, etc)
  136. digital onstar upgrade possible?
  137. FYI: Just got an e-mail from www.caughtbluehanded.com/ADR on their CK3000 BT kit...more
  138. phone cradle for Treo 650 for A8 and A6
  139. Just purchased a RNS-D unit, is PhatNoise compatible with this Nav. system?
  140. Electronics guys. Got a question about wiring a phone kit from radio power....
  141. Can someone sell me a backup US Nav DVD for Euro RNS-E?
  142. I am goint to install my RNS-E from my 02 B6 to an 06 B7
  143. IPOD Integration + Sirius Module in Factory Deck?
  144. should i get rns-e for a3?
  145. Need some OnStar/Bluetooth/NAV info
  146. Background noise with Parrot CK3000 Evolution
  147. Audi Nav+ Map CD Confusion!?
  148. cross post: 06 S4...how do you turn the radio/stereo off and leave the NAV sys on?
  149. Navigation 2006 S4
  150. Phone to car capability?
  151. Trouble with Nav Unit in 2000 A6 Avant Wagon
  152. RNS-D to RNS-E upgrade
  153. assigning voice tags to phone directory?
  154. were can i buy the nav plus
  155. 2006 A8L Treo 650 Contact Integration
  156. How can so many used Navigation Plus Units be floating around?
  157. 2006 A8L MMI navigation bugs?
  158. RNS-E install for C5 A6/S6/RS6/allroad: Part II and III
  159. RNS-E Retrofit Question
  160. NAV unit questions
  161. Bluetooth Question
  162. which LOC?
  163. How to remove factory trunk mounted navigation system (BNS)?
  164. Nav manual online?
  165. Difference between f-unit and j-unit RNS-e nav units?
  166. speaker interference
  167. Need a smaller XM unit for my Alpine IVA D900.. Can I.....
  168. What does GALA stand for? Is it an acronym?
  169. I have an '06 S4, with the "RSN-E"
  170. No NAV for 2004 AR????
  171. Fishy Ebay auction
  172. Navi plus , problem with lens CD
  173. eBay Score! (X-Post)
  174. Ok, I'm stumped. I just figured out my RNS-D won't show RDS data for preset stations!
  175. Need some help guys...but this should be an easy one for you all
  176. RNS-E install in 2001 A6 - Part I (xpost)
  177. So I test drove a C6 A6. Had a question about the Navigation system compared to the previous generat
  178. Car Charger Re-wire question
  179. Upgrading to the 2005+ OEM Submarine-style roof antenna
  180. "Old" navigation system instructions?
  181. a funny thing about navi & ck3100
  182. Cant decide between Motorola HF850 and IFH1000 bluetooth car kit..
  183. FIX [Treo650 resetting when linking to '06 Audi Bluetooth]
  184. Audi CD TeleAtlas SatNav
  185. B5 Nav Plus power drain?
  186. Speaker wiring help with RNS-E in 2005 ar...Ted?
  187. Parrot CK 3000 Evolution Bluetooth install
  188. Onstar Audio Problem with RNS-E Head Unit
  189. Parrot ck3100 install on Bose Symphony in Audi S4 question...
  190. Navteq 2006 DVD for RNS-E now available.
  191. Blaupunkt ME3
  192. Nav+
  193. After Market Bluetooth for C6 A6 (with MMI integration ...)
  194. How do you upgrade the firmware on a Parrot CK3000?
  195. FoTki slide show of pics I took of my RNS-E installed
  196. RNS-D upgrade for C5 A6/S6/allroad/RS6 - Fitment, thoughts, caveats etc..etc..
  197. RNS-E upgrade for C5 A6/S6/allroad/RS6 - Fitment, thoughts, caveats etc..etc..
  198. Can new Audi Bluetooth be retrofitted to older Audi NAV system?
  199. Is there any way to get the stations to come in better w/rns-e?
  200. B6 A4/S4: Symphony II to RNS-D (OEM CD based Navigation)
  201. Screen shots
  202. B6 A4/S4: Symphony II to RNS-E (OEM DVD based Navigation)
  203. holly crap!!!
  204. Upgrading 2004 allroad for Bluetooth
  205. Introduction
  206. Welcome to the Telematics Forum