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  1. Just activated Bluetooth...
  2. Just FYI, Phone List recently updated at AUDIUSA
  3. getting a RNS-E into my car, what do i need and where can i find it?
  4. Replacing battery in Audi A4 (B6)
  5. Does anyone have that mp3 card edit program for the RNS-E?
  6. Has anyone put an RNS-E into a car w/ factory BT and iPod?
  7. 2007 S4 bluetooth compatible phones....???
  8. Learned a new BT trick...
  9. Hmm. RNS-E problem
  10. Can the OEM BT module be configured to format phone numbers better?
  11. Anyone know if you can update the software on the rns-d?
  12. RNS-E: whats needed to watch DVDs and how much is the part required?
  13. Lemme guess - there aren't GOING to be any more map updates for RNS-D?
  14. iPhone question
  15. Question about OE C5 S6 Nav (Yes, I STF)
  16. Does Audi 2007 S4 have prewiring for nav install?
  17. 2007 or 2008 Nav DVD
  18. iPhone w/1.1.2 and Parrot CK3000 not connecting
  19. Does anybody get 3D map with MMI in the US yet?
  20. Control Knob malfunction
  21. Navi+ problem
  22. Which is the best Ipod connection for Navi plus?? CD Version
  23. Does any one know where I can get the unlock code for Navi Plus??
  24. BT Retrofit - Dialer not working
  25. Paging TeddyBgame! TeddyB are you out there?
  26. I was on a major hwy, yet Nav showed "off road." Re-starting did nothing, then
  27. upgrading nav disc
  28. Parrot Bluetooth with steering wheel control
  29. What goes into this port?
  30. help
  31. Laser Jammers
  32. Where have people installed their BT controllers (aftermarket) I'm looking for stealth...
  33. RNS-E fuse location
  34. If I have an A3 w/ Bluetooth but no Nav, will the BT unit still work if I add an RNS-E?
  35. Questions about different BT kits
  36. Telephone is not Activated
  37. What do I need to get I-Phone to work with MMI on a Q7? No Bluetooth....:-(
  38. AMI retrofit available, dealer confirmed it today
  39. Sirius radio question
  40. What do I need to get an auxillary video feed to display on 2007 OEM RNS-E screen.....
  41. Where can i get a Navi-cd Adaptor for 02A4????????
  42. which Nav system do I need for an 04 Allroad... and is it plug and play?
  43. ATT 8525 ROM software upgrade (WM 6) available
  44. Google's Android
  45. '06 A4 2.0T Tech package...possible that bluetooth was omitted?
  46. running cables from the engine bay to the passenger cabin on B7
  47. firmware update for 07 s4 ???
  48. After market alarm upgrades
  49. GPS - After Market Installations
  50. A6 Bluetooth aftermarket install
  51. What do I need to do to get my Phonebook to download?
  52. May be old news...But it's news to me
  53. Q for those with aftermarket BT kits and OEM head units....
  54. Any way to get an external video signal to feed onto NAV screen?
  55. Bluetooth volume
  56. will either of these work for my car so i can hear xm radio with my j-version rns-e.
  57. Questions about using a BMW BlueTooth Upgrade Module in an Audi
  58. APR and Jim Ellis Audi present Petit LeMans Customer Appreciation Weekend
  59. Does anyone have a CS number for Navteq?
  60. Bluetooth connection chime?
  61. Looking for advice from the masters on RNS-E upgrade from D Navi w/TMC
  62. Blackberry 8800
  63. will my stock nav controls and dash display work with RNS-E
  64. I dropped a SD card inside my RNS-E and it wont open.
  65. S8 and 8525
  66. Can I use the OEM Nav antenna as an external antenna for a different GPS unit?
  67. Bluetooth in A8
  68. Parrot CK-3100 loud noise wired up to RNS-E
  69. BT volume issues
  70. Need help...Motorola Bluetooth Install
  71. I guess I should have posted this in here, xpost regarding GPS Hardwire help
  72. Does MB V60 work in Audi?
  73. RNS E Issue-
  74. Help with Bluetooth Install
  75. Anybody upgraded their B7 to RNS-E and have a Symphony II+ (not II) they want to part with?
  76. Double Bluetooth?
  77. Steering wheel interface with sony ericson bluetooth
  78. Symphony I Coding and Bluetooth...
  79. Retro fit bluetooth 2006 A6 3.0 TDI
  80. Any experience with TellPhone 5000vi?
  81. What is the difference between US and Euro Bluetooth units?
  82. Can I put an RSN-E in a 2004 A4 Cabriolet? any tutorials?
  83. Just bought a 2001 A8L - Nav disks don't read.
  84. Does anyone have a Parrot CK3200 handsfree bluetooth module running with an RNS-D? Also...
  85. help!!!
  86. Has anyone found a way to delete old contacts from OEM Bluetooth?
  87. Apple Iphone works with RSN-E/Bluettoth
  88. Question: retro fit an oem cd glovebox changer with RNS-E onto an A4 (B7)
  89. 2004 A8 NAV update
  90. Looking for BTDT's on RNS-E, Ipod Ice Link, Blackberry Voice Dial via BT
  91. BT installers
  92. has anyone tried motorola t605, for handsfree bt phone and music?
  93. parrot ck3000 volume issue
  94. 2008 Navteq DVD available
  95. telemute help
  96. Are the Navplus forums down right now?
  97. Anybody with nextel two-way?
  98. Symphony I, car came with the phone package. Any way to get my SDA w/ BT connected?
  99. Bluetooth in an '04 A8
  100. Delay hearing sound from BT to speakers - CK3000 with BOSE system
  101. Nav sometimes on't allow me to enter a street number
  102. NAV not working
  103. AT&T (Cingular) 8525 ROM upgrade :^)
  104. AVIC D3 Help... Nightmode won't initiate.
  105. Which fuse for Parrot ck3100 Install ?
  106. Help: B6 A-Pillar Reassembly
  107. Just installed OEM bluetooth
  108. 6th Grade Question in a Post-Grad Forum: Newb to Nav...?
  109. Audi V60x needed!!
  110. Sat Radio w/ Navigation help!
  111. Parrot CK3100 volume issue with Bose Symphony
  112. Samsung Blackjack
  113. Retrofit Bluetooth in RNS-E equipped cars...
  114. Cingular 8125 and Bluetooth pairing in Audi Q7
  115. Is there a SDHC Software Upgrade available for the DVD RNS-E??
  116. Phatbox Battery Drain with RNS-D
  117. RNS-E telephone help
  118. Looking for a good stereo shop around San Diego, CA that knows what they're doing
  119. Wont connect to BT any more
  120. Installer recommendations in SoCal for OEM BT module for B7? (xpost)
  121. rns-c versus rns-e
  122. RNS-E Ground/speaker problem
  123. Concert I retrofit into C4 question
  124. Tap, Tap, Tap,....Is this thing on?
  125. TREO 650 vs. 700
  126. Don't like OEM phone/nav speaker
  127. What is the latest software version for MMI?
  128. how do I convert an A3 A4 2007 nav from europe to USA programming?
  129. OEM bluetooth kit installed...
  130. Motorola Car kit installation w/ factory Mic?
  131. Treo 700wx
  132. 07 A4 BT with Verizon Motorola RAZR
  133. Navigation Plus updated firmware
  134. telematics to bluetooth question..
  135. problem with nav DVD drive
  136. C-navi vs. D-navi
  137. How do I add Bluetooth and MFSW to 2004 A4?
  138. Does anyone know if the Q7 will ever have a 3D nav aspect. Look at the new A5 pic
  139. Is there a "Alt. Frequency" radio setting in RNS-E? cuz I can't find that in my unit
  140. Is anybody able to help me...please
  141. Would you buy an AMI with your next A3/A4/TT/R8?
  142. Motorola BT -> Symphony II integration
  143. OEM BT problem
  144. Help with Motorala HF850
  145. Need Help MMI with Samsong I730 Phone
  146. Question on the operating controls of BNS-d NAV on an '01 Allroad
  147. Anyone have problems with Parrot repeatedly muting the radio to search for BT device?
  148. s/d card question
  149. BT volume question
  150. What BT phones work the best with the 07 A4's system? pref. nokias
  151. Radio Symphony II don't wakeup and don't illuminate
  152. MMI telephony bug after pairing w/ BT phone - MY2005 A8L
  153. Is 2007 A6 Tech Package possible in 2001 A6 2.7T
  154. 2007 A4--can it use the OEM XM module
  155. Help: Radio Mute switch from Aux out jack?
  156. How do I connect to the car......
  157. Hi, needs help on pairing Telus mobility Motorola V710 to 07 A3.
  158. Telematics & phone troubles
  159. just got a Parrot ck 3100 Bluetooth and need help installing on a 2000 A6 w/ Bose
  160. A4 2007 - Sirius harness only has one antenna cable??
  161. X-Post...RNS-E question..would appreciate some input
  162. Good phone with OEM bluetooth?
  163. Anyone have a RNS-E instruction manual?
  164. Installed RNS-E recently with XM module and now my Valentine One is falsing constantly
  165. Anyone have a Kenwood BT100 Bluetooth?
  166. Motorola IHF-1000 Bluetooth Car Kit / Sony Ericsson W810i Problem
  167. phone book upload issues
  168. Just FYI for aftermarket bluetooth
  169. WTB V 60 Phone Cradle
  170. New Software...
  171. RNS-E + CD Changer?
  172. here you go bluetooth conversions!!!!!
  173. Adding Nav system to a 2006 A6 Avant
  174. Portable GPS
  175. 2001 A6 4.2L Hands Free Cell Phone
  176. Has anyone successfully wired a Parrot Bluetooth to a Bose Sympony II using just what is supplied?
  177. Uploading the Address Book: Alternate methods?
  178. PSA: Treo 700wx connects and transfers speed dial and contacts flagged as "CarKit" perfectly.
  179. Sirius Sat Radio
  180. Audi Bluetooth with Verizon Wireless Nokia 6315i
  181. Installed RNS-E this weekend havea couple of questions
  182. Has anybody used jetwaremobile software to improve bluettoth info transfer?
  183. Audi Nav vs Acura Nav
  184. Running the cable from the sharkfin to the RNS-E.....
  185. Question about KRZR...
  186. Phonebook no longer Downloads
  187. Is RNS-E more plug and play in a 2004 AR?
  188. MMI Software upgrade help
  189. 2007 DVD for RNS-E is out + new 0150 firmware
  190. Has anyone used a Palm 700wx connected to a B7 (S4) RSN-E? Is it just favorites like the 650?
  191. Cingular 8525/Bluetooth 2.0
  192. B5 S4: Aren't they all pre-wired with mic and speakers for the phone from the factory? TIA.
  193. With of these performance deals out there for the holidays.....
  194. Can a North American Q7 with nav run a european nav disc?
  195. End a call? '06 A4 w/ nav & bluetooth
  196. Anyone know a good installer for Laser Jammers in Portland OR?
  197. Parrot CK3000 Evolution with a Symphony II BOSE
  198. Some Sirius questions . . .
  199. I just installed a bluetooth parrot and I'm not sure if it's working right. Shouldn't you be able..
  200. where can you get the safe code from if you dont have one?
  201. Bluetooth
  202. Has anyone heard when next Navtek RNS-E DVD update will be?
  203. Something I didn't know about the Parrot BT
  204. Hard wiring Parrot and radar?
  205. RS4 B7 2007 Coding for RNS-E and MFSW
  206. Anyone tried a KRZR with
  207. xm radio and A6 2007
  208. Nav/tel question
  209. Should Ibuy a RNS-E or 3rd party?
  210. Anyone know what is going on with CaughtBlueHanded.com?
  211. MMI Question
  212. dumb question - MMI vs. RNS-E?? what's the difference?
  213. 2007 A4 Bluetooth
  214. Imate PDA/phones
  215. Phonebook Download
  216. Intermittent BT Connection
  217. German C-Navi discs
  218. hardwired phone charger, gps, radar etc B7 A4
  219. treo 650 not syncing phone book with b7...
  220. My Nokia 8801 is working perfectly with my RSN-E BT in my RS6
  221. Car alarm on a 2001 A4 (button on side panel behind drivers seat)
  222. HELP PLEASE - "Telephone Not Ready"
  223. blitzsafe adapter and rnse
  224. Opinions, please: Motorola V620,V600,V557,V551,V400,V300,V710
  225. anyone use HP6945 phone with Audi Bluetooth ?
  226. Helping out a client...
  227. Best place to get radio removal keys?
  228. does anyone with a pioneer headunit with an LCD screen (like the AVIC-D1) have the pioneer
  229. I cannot get the RNS-E SD drives to recognize more than 3 albums on a card - maybe 40 files in total
  230. Last question, (hopefully.) Bluetooth error...
  231. New A3 BT question
  232. 2nd issue, seeing "too many communications errors to continue"...
  233. ATT: needforsleep
  234. Latest news on iPod and MMI integration
  235. MMI Software version / compatibilities / Electrical problem
  236. Anyway to have EU DVD work on RNS-E with US firmware?
  237. Adding Nav to an '02 A4 w/o Navigation Package
  238. OEM microphone question
  239. RNS-E, looking for Steve: Hey I asked the fellas over in the B6 S4 forum about where to purchase a
  240. Tech Package w/bluetooth to RNS-E will it work?
  241. Anyone know who makes the BT module for Audi?
  242. 04 A4 Navigation Switch Pinouts?
  243. video Ipod and PS2
  244. Navigation and video signal while driving.....
  245. In dash gps install for A3
  246. sd card woes
  247. Does AUDI BT support AT commands?
  248. Multimedia Interface for RNS-E
  249. C-Navi Nav+ question
  250. <crosspost> Aftermarket Bluetooth that uses OEM wheel buttons, sweet!