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  1. Anyone have a realistic value on my car?
  2. any one have a drivers side signal lamp,or know where to find one?97-99 a8 thanks
  3. Gabor, I'm going to be away this week and doing a little "Bentley" reading so I can tackle my wife's
  4. Tozo made me do it.
  5. Remote coding procedure problem 99 A8
  6. Bleeding/replacing the coolant
  7. Congradulations Barack Obama!
  8. Looking to get rid of my front marker plate ...
  9. Phatbox for sale - all parts included
  10. A8CT, where do you get the akebono pads?
  11. importing aW12
  12. vag com q...
  13. W12 been sitting undriven for 10 months
  14. Happy Polling day-[if there is such a thing]-ours is at the weekend
  15. FEELER: 1998 A8 4.2Q Ming Blue/Gray 108K
  16. Best Spark Plug for '00 D2 A8 w/ ~65k miles
  17. If it ain't one thing, it's another... snakebit A8?
  18. Blower motor
  19. TerminA8tr, how did you get to that bolt!?!
  20. 19" wheels/tires fit question
  21. Nevermind... :-(
  22. "REST" function that turns on by it self?
  23. S8 RPM'S
  24. Paul - thanks again for the post on Sat. Got my heated seats working today. Nice upgrade now...
  25. Driver Side Head (rest) Restraint
  26. Where To Find After Market Stereo Wiring Harness For Bose System
  27. Phatbox help
  28. how bad do you think it is?
  29. Aussie A8 D2 - Brake Questions
  30. Anyone have the electric pump/control valve for the heater......
  31. favor?
  32. My son has slammed the seat belt buckle ...
  33. Looking for the part number of the lift point pads.....
  34. RNS-D fan makes annoying whining sound
  35. HVAC issue: Is this something I should be concerned about? Codes: 734 & 1592
  36. What is the difference between single and dual beam Xenons? And what bulb type would you suggest?
  37. Having some troubles. Intermittent Trouble starting...Codes listed below! Help is appreciated! TIA!
  38. Anyone know the part number for this interior switch ?
  39. W12
  40. Paging Tozo....I have a transmission Question
  41. Audi licence plate
  42. Paging CrazyEights
  43. Relative mileage Pre- and Post-facelift?
  44. heated seat retrofit - wiring questions
  45. Front Rotors due---drill & slots or just slots
  46. Happy Halloween everyone! Have a safe night all! Buuuaaahhhhh!
  47. Paul, is your web host having trouble again? Can't get to the site...
  48. Tool for removing the locking ring to the fuel pump basket $57.88 shipped.
  49. A8 Partouts I posted-97 and 98 4.2q
  50. Here are my new Winter Shoes.....
  51. *** Blauparts NEW Enhanced 4.2L Audi S8 A8 Timing Belt Replacement Kit - PRICE BREAK ***
  52. Source for window weather stripping?
  53. New Instrument cluster installed
  54. sunroof trim
  55. Ahhh, to have peace and quiet once again.... Funny how the noise creeps up when your shoes wear out
  56. unknown leak
  57. Great news for my poor A8! They can, and will fix it, but I have a question...
  58. HVAC motor adaption - how do you do that?
  59. 99 passat
  60. A8 tied up to a chimney? lol
  61. Beastly!
  62. Where can I get fuel pump removal tools?
  63. Finally got my "puck" working in the 03 S8, only took over a year to get to it.....
  64. D2 Radiators (pre-facelift compatible years?)
  65. Auto parts comparison site
  66. Planning install of HID's tomorrow...
  67. Fuel Pump Replacement Follow-up
  68. Bumper Lower Lip for A8
  69. Black D2 S8 on PA Turnpike today running fast with older grey MB 560SEL...are you here?
  70. Interesting post in the C5 forum with informative ZF literature / links
  71. Sad A8 story to begin with (Fixed Pic)
  72. After looking all over the country for a window...
  73. Achtoberfest sale pricing at Achtuning ends on Halloween!
  74. Not sure these fit on our cars, but a local guy is selling these 2005 A6 wheels and tires, new cond!
  75. broke off my rear swar bar end links...need help finding quality replacement. please
  76. So my odometer read "FUSE" this morning instead of mileage. After 30 seconds...
  77. Anyone following these Supercharger threads....?....
  78. part numbers
  79. New A8/S8 Wheels Gallery
  80. Ugh!!! The A8 wouldn't start this morning.....
  81. Coolant Temperature Warning
  82. Constant MAF 27.76 g/s reading on VAG-COM
  83. Two REALLY nice S8's available if anyone is looking...let me know!
  84. S8 Brakes
  85. got the results on the 1/4 mile run
  86. Parking brake adjustment finally confronted!!!!
  87. Electronic Repair Manuals
  88. heating issues (please read its cold in AK)
  89. On my 99 A8, is my driver's side glass double insulated or was that a facelift feature?
  90. EPL's 2nd Annual : One last hurrah before the holidays: Dyno Day-GTG DEC 6th 9am-5pm
  91. Put the 17" OEM wheels on the car the other day
  92. PhatBox on DC Craigslist $85 - No affiliation just passing it along
  93. Paging: TSHong
  94. So my car's supercharged out of no where - or...
  95. headlight washer jet
  96. Oil cooler R&R
  97. heater control valve ? squealing up a storm
  98. Is there an electrical connection that would alter brake pedal feel?
  99. xeon Install
  100. I need a driver's side front window, mine shattered.
  101. S8 alignment problem ended up being a bad tie rod - got it replaced and all is well...
  102. My A8 nearly killed me an hour ago...
  103. Cross Post from allroad forum... Missing Pixels
  104. Parts Car in Chicagoland?
  105. Fuel tank/pump issues. PLEASE, PLEASE, yes I am pleading.
  106. What hose is this?
  107. Are there any Self-Study Program Guides for the D2 S8 or A8 out there?
  108. Anybody still have the Nav C navigation system?
  109. Does the RNS-D from a 2001 (euro) A8 have a radio-code ?
  110. Radio code input procedure
  111. Wil these rims fit the S8?
  112. What do you all think of the new wheels?
  113. Subaru Legacy Gt
  114. Rear fog light / alarm indicator light stays on for 2 seconds at start up
  115. heating
  116. Anyone want to trade for my stock 5 spoke forged 17s?
  117. high speed whine
  118. Fix for steering shaft adjustment-
  119. Any thoughts on these wheels?
  120. '01 s8 Oxy sensor replacement
  121. Stupid question: Heated steering wheel
  122. painted lowers on an S8
  123. St. Paul side of twin cities mechanic?
  124. Milltek Sport A8 / S8 Catback in stock...20% Off Sale Too!
  125. It's getting nice and cheap to fill the A8 again in the USA
  126. Where to buy fairly cheap rear rotors???
  127. Can I run 245/40/18s on my D2 without issue?
  128. Replacing damper element in grab handle *edited*
  129. OK, so the trunk latch micro switch is adjusted to eliminate the dash
  130. 1998 A8q being parted at my local yard
  131. D2 has an ANTENNA on it in germany
  132. I saw an S8 with one of those ironing board rear spoilers. Anyone here? Before I comment.
  133. Instrument cluster
  134. Edited This may help anyone with the shifter lock out-brake light switch fault
  135. Dealer procedure for shift lock cable recall
  136. Sticky glove hatch-Solution oil spray on dry reciever catch-works perfectly now
  137. Old Dealer Promo Video of the D2A8 (facelift)
  138. Can someone please define the differences between A8L and A8Q-thanks
  139. C/V joint boots
  140. D2 98 degrees
  142. Pedals
  143. So - I finally was able to cross my wheel PN 8E0601025L to the B6 S4...
  144. Tip: solution for infamous brakelight-warning after front brakepad change
  145. W12
  146. Half way there....
  147. Sunroof differences: Pre-facelift vs. Facelift
  148. Top Tier Fuels
  149. Nokinan Hakapellitta R's first impression
  150. Paging Olu and/or Mr. Doofus. I picked up some 6 spoke Avus (not speedline) and need PN...
  151. sub amp wiring
  152. Leak during heavy rains at the sunroof controls/telematics module... likely culprit is the missing
  153. another wheel question B5 S4 wheels 7.5x17 with 225/45-17s? Et43
  154. Has anyone done their own front wheel bearings?
  155. Care to guess if these will work on an S8?
  156. Euro spec 2000 S8 for sale in vermont ...
  157. Mechanic in Lombard, IL Area
  158. Proud Owner of Stock 17" Wheels
  159. finder's fee offered
  160. What offset do we need on 18x8 wheels to clear the big brakes on the S?
  161. Battery question
  162. Not a favorite picture of my A8, but its "new" to the web:
  163. Field experiences with Xenon bulbs ?
  164. Brakeblock bend strut brace
  165. Hid for the fog lights?
  166. Vag Code Question
  167. just stumbled on this...
  168. Trying to fix the blinking "trunk open" light on dash board...
  169. 99A8Q - What do you think of the wheels cleaned up?
  170. Broke some (more) sunroof parts today :-(. Anyone have...
  171. Brake Caliper lube / Lubro Moly LM508???
  172. Is original ATF synthetic?
  173. Transmission Question- I am sure you get alllot of 'em
  174. Audi Driving Experience -- tried it out last week at Texas Motorspeedway
  175. Resolved to buy HIDs-Today
  176. Front alignment errors cannot be corrected - suspension work needed...
  177. 1997 A8 4.2 Quatro Coolant
  178. Transmission service consensus
  179. Update: The start at second crank issue was the fuel pump...
  180. How do I black/smoke out my tail lights on my 99 A8?
  181. Solemn note, don't always trust ebay....
  182. Impressions... seat time in a D3
  183. Serpentine belt question...
  184. 4 Sale - Enkei 18x9 RPF1 whels w/ ET 35 only set in country
  185. Paging Bruce M...your presence is requested on the D3 forum!!
  186. Extended Warranty for 2004 A8L
  187. Hey PaulW, what's up with audipages? Please tell me it
  188. 01 s8 putting in a PCS Transmission Controller
  189. European Street Parking Lights?
  190. Awfercrissake!....No reverse on the A-car! Is it done for? Any help appreciated!
  191. Brake pad source recommendation?
  192. Please, any write-ups on fuel pump installation? THANKS!!
  193. Windshield Washer Pump
  194. Oh snap! Look who's back.
  195. Winter Tire/Wheel questions...
  196. Would I be crazy to trade my OEM 18" wheels for a set of aftermarket 19"s?
  197. Oil Oil Everywhere!
  198. d2 trans reliability
  199. This is ridiculous - a dis from the C6 forum
  200. D2 S8 vs D3 A8L vs C5 S6 vs allroad
  201. Front bumber is falling apart on my 99' A8. Where do I find another one to put on?
  202. OK guys, stupid question. How do I add a picture to my signature??
  203. Symptoms: Car runs for about 30 to 45 min. then dies and will not start, after inst. new fuel pump.
  204. H&R special sale at Achtuning (Very limited time!)
  205. In desperate need of an Origional Owners Manual for 1999 Audi A8 Quattro
  206. Power steering rack
  207. supercharging an S8
  208. 2003 S8 vs earlier
  209. Dude, Thats great. BTW, Ill be back in CT next week for a couple of days, assuming...
  210. Selling Thule Aero foot pads - fits D2
  211. I leave for Miami and leave the car at the tech's for propeller shaft and fuel pump...
  212. The Dreaded Pinch-Bolt strikes... Is it safe to use mapp gas?
  213. Any value to a 99 A8 needing tranny, tb, and control arms?
  214. A8 radio code
  215. my service indicator says "OIL"... never said that before
  216. A8 Rear Blind Motor
  217. Audi A8 Book - really awesome ebay find! Whole history on development on A8...
  218. With all the latest drama, has anyone noticed the "As the AudiWorld Turns" add banner?
  219. Is the front bumper lower spoiler available as a separate part?
  220. Anyone looking for a nice 2004 4.2 Allroad? There is one coming up at auction on Thursday
  221. Radio code
  222. Side Mirros Re-Adjusting when starting vehicle
  223. 99A8Q and KYNZ YGM regarding wheels
  224. Who can repair or replace 18" 10 slot, Pie Plate wheel?
  225. What kind of Dino oil should i use on my oil change? PaulW, what do you suggest?
  226. fuel filter check
  227. Jeebus HC on a freakin' popsicle stick - go to an island for a week and return to...
  228. How to reinstall upper front control link?
  229. man, I can't catch a break.... wife's car is in limp mode!!!
  230. A8 Head Gasket Replacement Procedure
  231. OK, focus on Audi, what to change when doing the TB, help
  232. the next topic should be "forum obsession"
  233. OK -Seems some sanity returning-OBHW come back please even with a new name
  234. 03 S8 Avus Gray Boston advertised
  235. Although I don't always agree with him, I will fight to the death his right to say it........
  236. Recommendations for 01 A8 brake pads?
  237. Mobile GPS
  238. How to replace the Outside Mirror Switch-HELP
  239. OEM roof rack source?
  240. And the moral of today's story is always get a carfax or carproof..
  241. Anyone know this '02 A8 for sale at Audi of Fairfield, CT?
  242. Ok! It finally happened. No fuel to the fuel lines. Fuel pump must be dead.
  243. Not my finding but worth looking at it....
  244. Rear Window Defrost
  245. Air Intake Hose 2000 A8
  246. Trying to get 2000 A8L and need advice
  247. Fuel filter
  248. dead light
  249. 165,000 miles tonight...
  250. AutoUnion 1939