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  1. CT/NY Audi Group Get Together & Dyno Day Update#5 - This Saturday 1/24...
  2. Yes!! I am back!!
  3. Anyone have a 6sp tranny in their UrQ? Please email me if so...
  4. connecting rod
  5. Driveshaft woes
  6. Anyone need/want these?
  7. Who needs one of these? (we all want one)
  8. Hey Fus, what's the tranny in your rallye car?
  9. wanted rear spoiler(NOT GROUP B), measurements? for sale?
  10. Those of you running hydraulic heads....
  11. Kent's got some nice photos of the Sonoma event, posted on his site...
  12. White Smoke, Low Power, Hesitation at Low RPM.
  13. Hose question
  14. Battery purchase question: URQ same as CGT?
  15. Does Anyone Have a URQ w/o Sunroof?
  16. Ur q VIN numbers
  17. CT/NY Audi Group Winter Get Together & Dyno Day - UPDATES #4
  18. Reminder: EPQC Events THIS weekend (skiing and karting)!!!
  19. Any of you guys who have MC or 20v converted still have....
  20. 20v Oil pan Question
  21. Electrical troubles....(longish...)
  22. Cat Poop
  23. At -5 degrees, the clutch pedal sure moves slow
  24. I have no dashlights....
  25. Speaking of Ebay.....all of $67.00
  26. There's a couple of urq's on ebay now
  27. 10v ur quattro Ottinger version
  28. any of you guys seen this? SportQ hood
  29. CT/NY Audi Group Winter Meet & Dyno Day - UPDATES #3
  30. Did the A2 Rally have 80:20?
  31. would you say a standard or modified car is worth more
  32. Looking for image..
  34. Low mileage urqs - GEM or nightmare
  35. Buying Ur-Quattro in next 6 Months - Have Questions
  36. Thought you 20V brothers could appreciate this.
  37. Alternator VAG#
  38. how hard is it to find nice coupe.....
  39. different coupe types......?
  40. Nathan..
  41. X-post: Looking for struts for '85 Coupe GT
  42. Walton's book on UK ebay
  43. CT/NY Audi Group Winter Meet & Dyno Day - Jan 24th - Wethersfield, CT
  44. Front Sway Bar Installation Question
  45. custom motor mounts
  46. New brakes and CGT-Q
  47. Attention dash swap gurus-
  48. Look what was at today's Audi meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. clone car
  50. recognition!
  51. hey urq20vturbo.....
  52. urg from waterfest
  53. quick tranny question
  54. Gotta get a paint job...
  55. Hey kid...almost finished with the oil cooler duct.
  56. 2nd annual Audi meet Dec 20 @ 1 pm - North Vancouver, BC
  57. Come on wussies, get your car out there and have some fun!
  58. Favorite Old vs New shot
  59. his wed is the Kansas city areas quattro clubs First meeting at Jaywolfe audi
  60. My turbo project is up and running... need help with fine tuning
  61. any thing to look for when purchasing a ur quattro
  62. When doing a tranny swap where the final drive is changed...
  63. Reminiscing about Portland International Raceway last month.
  64. SQ Grill
  65. Dad, can I go out and play?...
  66. Thinking of selling my 83
  68. Hey urq20vt.....would you mind taking a look at my TAP MAC-02??
  69. Silver Coupe GT...seen in seattle on I-5 goin south at light waiting to get on I-5.
  70. Who questioned me on the door decals? My source is wondering about who...
  71. Soundbite of my heavily modded 200 Avant...
  72. One COLD UrQ
  73. Does anyone have experience with doing a resistor mod on a MAC-02?
  74. I'm trying to find the link to this picture...
  75. Ever notice how much better these cars perform in sub freezing teperatures?
  76. EPQC Longwood Gardens Fun Run POSTPONED to 12/13!!
  77. can anybody direct me to find a "pretty nice" ur coupe around 8 to 10k - 84 or 85 would be good
  78. flare me.......? flare you!
  79. Any one interested in purchasing some Coupe tail lights
  80. So how much power can 10vT make?
  81. Ok, I will post a picture here too...
  82. Dean T's 83 urq
  83. Injection alternatives
  84. Spring rates?
  85. What kind of ATF fluid are you guys running in your Urqs?
  86. How do I find a Quattro Coupe to buy?
  87. Speaking of Sport Q's...heres one..
  88. Sport Quattro interior question
  89. Found something interesting about my Urq (long)....
  90. Paging Mike Desi....
  91. Tiptronic
  92. How do you remove the headlight brackets???
  93. MarsRed83UrQ, can you contact me?
  94. Thought you guys might get a kick out of this...
  95. So, I'm driving down RT495 South today and I pass a cop...(long)...
  96. How rare is 82/83 Ur Silver Over Black Leather??? How many Urs left?? Future Values?
  97. X-post...Add this to your Christmas lists!
  98. Oil temp sensor?
  99. X-Post: Akron, OH - GTG 11/29/03
  100. was someone looking for this wing?
  101. wtb: ur quattro smoked taillights
  102. shortyq...a urq tech question
  103. I got my Urq back today! (56k beware)
  105. You guys see the STaSIS prepared and designed Quattro Coupe we built for the nationals?
  106. Anyone know the max CFM flow of a Forge 006 DV?
  107. A dollar for a CGT style Ur
  108. theres some new pics up of the gtg on the 4k board
  109. Euro light question
  110. Car smokes when the heat is on
  111. Shifter
  112. Mr Fru-T-Pants...are these the wheels you were speaking of??
  113. Badness at Goodwood
  114. Unhappy '87 5000 TQ
  115. Does anyone know where I can get some Urq parts?
  116. Today's GTG....
  117. Kidquattro, I'd like to meet up with you and follow you down tomorrow.
  118. Whelp, just got a call from my dad, guess what he beat on tonight,...
  119. UrQ Spotting in Northern Virginia
  120. for those of you who want a SQ hood on their Urq, This is what it should look like...
  121. i'm thinking of ditching my '01 S4 for a UrQ - where can these cars be found?
  122. I don't know about you guys... but my Ur runs better in the cold...
  123. Do all YM 4000Q's have 4.11 rear diff's? Thanks, whomever.
  124. Audi factory racing vidoe
  125. 500 HP URQ
  126. New Haven GTG info...
  127. Snoogins or anyone else who's got a better Translator than "AltaVista"....
  128. Priscilla got some new eyes this weekend!
  129. GTG anyone? check it out.
  130. Dialynx 10 sec qtr mile..Just listen to the sound of this car
  131. i guess we should figure this out now..
  132. smoking10v-Urq, I just thought of something....
  133. looking for a sport quattro type hood . . .
  134. What's torque specs for the clutch slave cyl on an 83 wx?
  135. Any NJ, NY, CT, MA guys up for a little GTG this weekend??
  136. Anyone have pictures of this car?
  137. anybody ever seen an audi v8 swapped into a ur?
  138. havent had any help really..
  139. what the hell is wrong with it
  140. 1995 S2 Audi Sport UK
  141. Gmbchef and anyone else who didn't get the UPG-QQ article written by Underpressure...
  142. how do you make turbo cars make the cool chirping sounds like race cars
  143. Aslo... starting/car dying
  144. Window buttons
  145. Representing the urqs at QuattroFest.
  146. Toxcheap, could you please contact me off-line?
  147. Anybody know what a factory Urq shifter knob looks like?...
  148. upgradeing
  149. Black UrQ in El Toro, CA?
  150. Re: S.O.S. KidQ I saw the pic of that UrQ with the S4 wheels so I dug a old Vid of Den's UrQ...
  151. S.O.S. new to this board, problem with my '83 Urq (long)
  152. VIR December Driver School
  153. Hey cuatrokoop...
  154. Well had to drive the Urq to work today, in the end this is how I felt...
  155. Left rear directional on the fritz
  156. If anyone is looking for an inexpensive Quat, I know where a solid project car is FS...
  157. Dash swap question
  158. My Audi parts guy comes through again!!
  159. I normally listen to cd's in the Urq but decided to listen to the radio...
  160. Silver Center Caps?
  161. reminder: dubsnorth volkswagen audi gtg
  162. BIG GTG , Carshow & O'Fest @ Hartmann this SUNDAY 11-5
  163. X-post, I think you guys will like this!!!
  164. Well...no car yet, but this is getting me excited!
  165. New to list - Ur q fuel problem -long
  166. Clutch slave install tips
  167. 'splain this to me
  168. If only GBP:USD was 1:1
  169. dubsnorth audi vw new england meet this weekend!
  170. Turbo Upgrade Project underway
  171. Weight
  172. Small Audi GTG in Framingham, Mass. 10/26, 12 noon ish
  173. Ur-Quattro Rare workshop manual and service bulletins
  174. What cam options do i have with the mechanical head???
  175. Brian stopped by with his mint white euroed 83
  176. Quick ECU question regarding blink codes
  177. Clutch arrrrr
  178. would this turbo bolt up directly to a 5ktq(link to pic)...urgent
  179. Nasty body roll
  180. ebay germany
  181. Underpressure, great article in QQ (pays to park next to the writer's car; ) )
  182. Mr.FRU-T-Pants I went for a ride today.
  183. CT fun run pics
  184. VT, NE Audi/VW GTG Details...
  185. Help.
  186. Paging nerdhotrod.....
  187. Well, just made a verbal commitment on an '83... 'Bout to join your ranks..
  188. Anybody need urq tie rods?
  189. New Ur-Q Owner w/ a few questions(long)
  190. own a 1995 rs2 avant-need links to engine-tuners
  191. Wondering if anyone's used a KKK K16 on a 5 cylinder 10v or 20v
  192. I need a little help
  193. What have you guys been getting for gas mileage?
  194. anyone on here have a euro urq?
  195. Have some inconsistencies. Any thoughts on this?
  196. 84 ur cylinder head bolt pattern and tourqe specs please
  197. Fresno area...GTG!!
  198. Modifying locking differential actuators
  199. few more urq questions...
  200. My new front plate.
  201. two things that bother me about my URQ
  202. Boy i think there is a Audi dragster trend going on...
  203. Invitation info [email protected] Hartmann Motorsports Oct 26 sunday
  204. urq vs 4kq, for those of you who have had both...
  205. Need upper radiator hose, which models fit URQ??
  206. NEWS FLASH: NorCal Audi Club Events for October 2003
  207. the hunt is on...
  208. Sport Quattro vs Mitsu Evo 6
  209. Look what came in he mail from Austria today . . .
  210. Audi, SCCA, IMSA, ALMS, WRC and....NHRA!?!...
  211. Just got back from tech school in maryland...
  212. Any CT owners free for a fun run on the 13th of October?
  213. Audi meet near Amherst, MA this Sunday (28 Sept 03) at 2 pm.
  214. REMINDER: today van nuys KK meet. 8:30pm
  215. Extrude hone - xpost from AF
  216. 20V conversion
  217. Looking for used turbo
  218. Anyone have problem with the rear view mirror adjustment?
  219. Window sticker on ebay...
  220. My children, aw just messing with my camera...
  221. need servis in Chicago area for my audi 200TQ please
  222. Work commences
  223. H&R Koni set-up
  224. 9JX15 Sport Q Ronals on Ebay Germany..
  225. Bling
  226. The strut rut
  227. window sticker
  228. ATTN !! Anybody that was at the NE UPG meeting...
  229. Answers for 83quattroCT (Long!)
  230. 2nd Annual Octoberfest & GTG @ Hartmann Motorsports in Irvine
  231. Need your input.
  232. alternator not charging battery.....
  233. help...QUICK!
  234. How many UrQ owners in so cal,,,,,,,,,, Just wondering
  235. WTT +or - $$$ Ducati 748s for a Urq of equal value
  236. If Michael Knight drove a Urq on Night Rider, I wonder what it would look like?...
  237. urq fired up!!!!
  238. Reading PA Fun Run/BBQ THIS SUNDAY (9/21)!!
  239. Boost Question
  240. of all the things you can store in the trunk of an RS6...
  241. x-post, Latest news 'o engine rebuild! Comments welcome!!
  242. toyota celica awd turbo ?
  243. check this urq out....
  244. Looking for an 83 URQ
  245. Motor in, together, cranks....
  246. 17x 8.5 on 83urq
  247. Kidquattro Thanks check this out
  248. Any good "Audi shops" in the Cincinnati area?
  249. Man that 13.1 pass didn't get many hits what about "TOXCHP vs C5vet" 2.2 10v vs 5.7 16v
  250. Rear brakes upgraded. It worked!!!