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  1. VERY Clean 83' for sale in Colorado.....
  2. S6 Hood Not Opening
  3. substitute UPG In Sept?
  4. One of your own....just sharing :-)
  5. wanted k26 turbo and euro front bumper
  6. Want to buy URQ
  7. I requested that the parts crisis be posted in the Audi news section of this forum...
  8. Classic parts shortage??? Audi says no.
  9. Cylinder Head for URQ 1983.... can I shop for heads from a different models (4000, Coupe GT or 5000)
  10. Those of you that have installed H&R springs
  11. Lime Rock Vintage Festival $30 entry Sept 3rd.
  12. Engine Guage Compatibility
  13. K26 Turbo trouble
  14. I've been in contact with AoA.....
  15. SCAM or NOT??? New Ebay listing, questionable....
  16. Driven ete 2006 has a nice urq article. page 58
  17. A good idea from Audifans urq-list.........Re: Audi NLA parts situation....
  18. Very nice '84!
  19. Help on manual terminology
  20. More of my thoughts on the Parts Sell Off. x-post from the urqlist
  21. Question: 4.2 32V ABH into Ur-Q
  22. What was the original stereo that came with '83 quattro?
  23. If not Audi.... (Continuing the discussion from the bumper plug thread)
  24. Datasheet for relay part number V23133-A1001-A503
  25. Here is how parts supply for older cars SHOULD be done.
  26. Sport Quattro owners might as well sell their cars now.
  27. Does anyone have a source for bumper plugs?
  28. Looking for some injector cooling fan parts. EDIT
  29. Original paint manufacture, ur-Q's
  30. super big thank you.........
  31. Since Steve stopped doing the video of the day........
  32. Euro bumpers FS
  33. Final Notice! Old School quattro gathering this weekend in Cumberland, MD!
  34. does anyone here have wiring diagrams for 83 urq
  35. Hey Arpy! Your urq made it into Classic Motorsports Magazine!
  36. Anyone in Audiworld actually follow any of the posts here??
  37. My seat dilemma is solved!
  38. where does the vacuum/pressure line go to on the wastegate?
  39. Mmmmm.... Must resist. Anybody know this car and what do you think?
  40. Zowie!
  41. anyone have a good uncracked early dash they'd like to trade for a complete later style?
  42. Anyone have a set of stock urq springs for sale?
  43. Anyone here have an MC1 swap?
  44. Cross-post: Recharged '92 100 A/C with new EPA approved R-12 direct replacement ... R-420A >>
  45. A Midsummer Night's Audi GTG Boston Area August 8th
  46. Non-urq content, but all Audi avant and maybe coupe w/rear wiper content
  47. Anyone have "the list" of urq parts Audi is clearing out?
  48. next question...what do the numbers stamped on the little plate riveted on the passengers side
  49. New Audi Parts !!!
  50. HID KIT, any BTDT's out there?...
  51. Cali UPGer's whose white 83 shares the spotlight with a red RS4 in Automobile mag?...
  52. Removing Instrument Cluster on '83
  53. P36-3016 is it the correct Bilstein Sport front shock # - just to confirm w/you guys.
  54. My Right Hand Drive Conversion.
  55. After a tough event at Infineon, STaSIS heads to Miller Motorsports for round 5 of the SPEED WCTC.
  56. What's a rust free Ur-Q shell worth?
  57. another question..trunk lid and hood are the same as CGT correct?
  58. OK, next question, what is the " bar " gauge in the dash for?
  59. UrQ's don't have a/c or did I not pay attention to what I was buying?
  60. picked up the new to me UrQ yesterday, be ready for a lot of questions
  61. opinion about UPG <below> at kid q"s post
  62. fueling ability of the stock urq fuel dizzy
  63. Hey sexy lady
  64. I have some wetness under the bomb, on the part with 2 wires.
  65. SCAM or NOT??? New Ebay listing, questionable.... No phone number only email contact.. Quick sale.
  66. Anyone converted to a rotary A/C compressor?
  67. steam cleaners BTDT?
  68. I worry about jacking up 1 corner to work on the suspension.
  69. Anyone deal with Ker Innovatec before? Opinions?
  70. UPG let's start planning for 06....
  71. my feeble attempt at german car day pictures
  72. Interesting.
  73. AC Help
  74. Audi "Cruise to Paris"
  75. What a week................ready to kick some ass
  76. Burien Audi Expo roll call - who's coming?
  77. Mini UPG last night in Montreal
  78. Are the axels designed to hit the subframe?
  79. Key Sponsor Announcement and Round 4 of the World Challenge Touring Car Series.
  80. desperatly need an expansion tank formy '83 UR
  81. Rally rear spoiler
  82. 25V talledega Intake.
  83. Paging Mike Desi..
  84. Largest amount of Audis at Mot this year, and a Urq came in 2nd place for audi...
  85. Engine "stumble"
  86. Relay socket jumper wire
  87. All done - 6 weeks to change the strut housing.
  88. Donor inner fender piece - get replacement to hole or all the way to door jamb.
  89. Torque specs needed please
  90. Rally car graphics specifications
  91. Caliper has been upside down for 6 weeks - now it has brown goo.
  92. Anyone planning on attending MOT? Urq's at the shop being fixed hopefully in time...
  93. CF Sport type hood update.
  94. Ball joint is going in. Do I still have to be cautious?
  95. Wonder if this will end up coming to an AW'er, no reserve is nice
  96. Will an aluminum radiator....
  97. I need a coolant overflow tank
  98. Two or 4 washers per balljoint?
  99. pulling in my bumpers
  100. Also, I came across a good rally video...
  101. Anyone catch the Ur quattro article in the June issue of MPH?
  102. Westgate spring installation and configuration... Need help..
  103. Does anyone know how many Ur-q's were imported to Australia?
  104. PED I am taking the VR tomorrow..:)
  105. might as well make it official...
  106. I having trouble fitting the ball joint back into the wheel bearing housing
  107. So how many urq's will be at the MOT German Car Day Sunday?
  108. Locking compound on CV joint splines is recommended. What is D6?
  109. tire time...
  110. Front shift rod ball socket is gone.
  111. Too many Audis? No way!!
  112. What do you mean the air is too thin. You young wippersnapper..... In my day we ruled Pikes Peak!
  113. Shop removed strut cap with air chisel.
  114. Is this half moon hole in strut tower - typical ? Front.
  115. Hurray! Exhaus mani cracks!!!
  116. "new" urq
  117. Bleeding rear calipers?
  118. is 30 Ohms acceptable for the intake air sensor ?
  119. Oh Jaaaaaaaaames...
  120. upg this year?
  121. What's the part # for the front speaker covers on the early urq's?
  122. With 084 301 115 my car is now a 10 out of 10 :).
  123. Audi Expo 2006 - Come be a part of history again!
  124. 3rd Annual Old School quattro gathering in Cumberland, MD starts July 28 - click to sign up now!!
  125. S2 hubs GB
  126. "Is that one of them Back to the Future Cars?"
  127. You guys are missing out!
  128. so the story is......
  129. did a web search for the urquattro, but typed "urquat by accident and got this....
  130. smoked rear lights
  131. Good use for the original Ur 6" Ronals
  132. headlight wiring tips ?
  133. dumb question- which ps2 game has Ur Quattros
  134. Any place for fiber glass panels?! Maybe sport quattro would be nice :o))
  135. Ur quattros FS in the fatherland
  136. Clutch question......Need help...
  137. Results / Photos / Videos posted from 5/13 CT/NY Audi Dyno Day at EPL
  139. I need a drivers side smoked tail lamp lens
  140. MotorGeek meet Sat @ 5pm in Seattle area
  141. I'm ready to use my California strut.
  142. Is this a re-usable strut bearing?
  143. 1984 Ur Quattro For Sale 85k Miles 1 Owner CA Car (Rebuilt Head)
  144. 5/13/06 - This Saturday: CT/NY Audi Group & EPL Gathering / Dyno Day (3 open Dyno spots)
  145. Old school MotorGeek meet
  146. Selling my 83
  147. Mac 02 pinout needed
  148. Mid engine quattro story.
  149. Bent strut - cv joint is trapped by bent metal.
  150. "hideous old hatchbacks" - Sick 'em (lol)
  151. need new turbo
  152. Today was a good day...
  153. Reminder: Deutsche Marque Concours Sunday May 7 2006 Vienna VA (open & free to all Audis)
  154. Special tool 3078 not playing well with 7mm hex socket - strut removal
  155. April 06 Practical Perf Car p128 has urq - 7pgs wooping $11 issue.
  156. CCSU car show Sunday May 7th
  157. Reminder: ACNA-NJ Detailing Day / Tech Session at KMD Tuning - May 7th
  158. Video of the day
  159. anybody looking for an ur?
  160. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT (3 open Dyno spots)
  161. quattro alloy gear linkage
  162. ur Tool kit
  163. Audi Expo 2006 - It's coming!!!!
  164. urq Alternator part no?
  165. x-post ..crazy power !
  166. Reminder: Deutsche Marque Concours Sunday May 7 2006 Vienna VA (open & free to all Audis)
  167. Getting cautious at the step -- Pry ball joint out of hub - don't want to hurt rare balljoint.
  168. Anyone installed Audi 4000 "small" gauges in UR........
  169. Clutch Q's
  170. short shift kit for my 83 urq
  171. Rocker Panel Pictures?
  172. Reminder: ACNA-NJ Detailing Day / Tech Session at KMD Tuning - May 7th
  173. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT (Update)
  174. Sport quattro figures
  175. ECU questions....
  176. Brake pad recommendations ??
  177. You all see Spider Man's Quattro for sale on ebay?
  178. 1983 URQ for sale
  179. urq inner fender repair 'adventure'.. (lots 'o' pics)
  180. Whelp, I started the urq up for the first time since the fall...
  181. Just a reminder that the AWNE GTG is this Thursday 4/27 at Pizzeria Uno's in Waltham, MA
  182. manual vs. electric window regulator, and the dilemma
  183. Carbon Fiber replica Sport Hood - update (sort of)
  184. UPG in Capitola!
  185. Mike DeTergo -UR sport steering wheel *new* who bought
  186. who has for sale Nitto NT450 tires.............not 550........
  187. Looking for Bronze / gray colored wheels , any ideas ?
  188. audi driver?
  189. There is a nice article in MPH magazine about UR Quattro........
  190. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT
  191. 93 urs4 for sale, so cal
  192. Anybody in the UK looking for a prime example of the breed?...
  193. So what's the secret to oil pan removal?
  194. Value of a 3B
  195. Urquattro promotion and Sports Car Revolution
  196. Says it's sold. So is $3500 the going rate for a rust bucket now?
  197. ECU mounting...-pictures??
  198. what carpet works in a UR?
  199. Cat Test Pipe?
  200. Problem starting the car when "hot"........
  201. Brake host attachment to front strut. Just push the hose to the sky?
  202. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT
  203. X - Post: Only 3 weeks till Road Atlanta Driver's School - Sign Up! ->
  204. Happy Easter Guys !!!!!!!!!
  205. Audi Sport Driver from 1983, Shekhar Mehta died
  206. Stebro Group Buy oppty
  207. One of only 3000!! :) Hurtin' unit!
  208. 5/13/06 - CT/NY Audi Group & EPL present Dyno Day for Breast Cancer in Stratford, CT
  209. Urq eye candy
  210. Boston Area AWNE 4/27 Pizzeria Uno's GTG <<<UPDATE>>>
  211. Who's black Ur from Jersey @ Rally New York??
  212. Similarities between my urq and my xB....
  213. Ebay scam....He is back.... the same car different location, and very low price....$2900
  214. Europrice Pre '96 On-the-Shelf Blowout Sale...
  215. 4/9/06 (Sunday) - CT/NY Audi Group - UCONN Car Show - Roll Call!
  216. Any of you folks know the RS2 and Lehmann exhaust cams well enough...
  217. UPG Special Request
  218. X-forum help request
  219. New wheels for the quattro
  220. Europrice has officially moved, again, and is working with Stasis Engineering...
  221. More UPG stuff
  222. There's no stupid questions...
  223. Horn wiring
  224. guys opinions Polyurethane bushings VS Rubber bushings ?!
  226. Thoughts on UPG...
  227. how many UR's going to carlisle this year?
  228. auditurboquattro...saw your post regarding bumper plugs on some 84 rear bumpers...
  229. Able to convert early push/pull diff locks ('83 Ur-q) to dial style from '86 4kq?
  230. How rare is an Ur-q w/o a sunroof?
  231. One awesome track event coming up---Bremerton
  232. Where would I find the "information sticker" that the CGT/4kq's have on their trunk lid?
  233. Who has converted '83 old style fuse box to newer style? Write ups?
  234. Any word on the completion date for the CF sport hoods?
  235. Adjustable timing gear
  236. 4/9/06 (Sunday) - CT/NY Audi Group - UCONN Car Show - Roll Call!
  237. Last call for our 2-day Buttonwillow track event next MON/TUE (March 27 & 28)
  238. Entertainment for all
  239. Vancouver Audi meet- Mar 25
  240. Martin.....shoot me a E-mail or........
  241. Urq wanted ---fixer--project car- not looking for a cream puff... anyone???
  242. Porsche turbo twist wheels on a UR..pics?
  243. Anyone have pics of an Amazon Blue Ur-q?
  244. $16k for a '83 UrQ? Looks to be in excellent condition...
  245. WTB Igloo to Turbo Inlet Hose
  246. Hey Fusilier, Weren't you looking for something like this?
  247. I've been busy on my website today
  248. Rear vented brake upgrade help!!
  249. Time to start thinking about summer. 3rd Annual Old School quattro gathering July 28-30, Cumberland
  250. Europrice Announcement, Last Chance Purchases, Upcoming Sale...