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  1. '05 A8L feeler as seen over @ D2...
  2. Ok folks....I'm in Europe for the day and will be stopping by a dealer to get parts...
  3. Guy falls asleep in car, blows up motor
  4. A5 anyone? I was at the introduction in Brussels tonight.
  5. Can someone with the newest 2007 MMI revision post the version #?
  7. Bluetooth With Treo 700W
  8. MY2007 Satellite radio choices?
  9. 2007 S8 Performanc emods - ECU upgrades
  10. Relocating from the TT MK I forum, and saying hello..........
  11. Does anyone have any extra wheels/tires they'd like to part with?
  12. I thought I would show you the S8 with the Quattro GmbH's and A/S tires
  13. What were these 2 doing in SF!!!!!!!!!! (note: Michigan plates AoA!!!)
  14. A8 MMI mods
  15. 4 way climate problem..help please
  16. 06-07 Front clip on a 04-05
  17. Integrated Escort Radar Detector
  18. window tint
  19. What do you think the market value of the S8 would be in few years...
  20. Who will be the first to get "the clear wheel"?
  21. Ouch. Got a quote from Commonwealth Audi.. lease is not so hot
  22. Need V60X Audi phone.
  23. My car has suddenly developed a split personality
  24. Following LE Audi's question - what is your pet peeve with your A8?
  25. Audi Club NW Detail Tech Day - April 28, 2007 in Seattle, WA
  26. Official BMW CLS Concept Photos
  27. 2008 proposed changes? My wish list
  28. Brilliant Black or Phantom Black Pearl Effect?
  29. Consider the P-Zero Nero (all season) 275-35-20; brand new size for this tire with great reviews
  30. Anyone with 20" wheels (A8/S8): What tires are you running?
  31. the weekly Philly area MRSCC meets are starting up again!
  32. Jack broke on the highway, AOA could care less!
  33. [REMINDER] TONIGHT, TUE April 17th -- GTG @ The Stand in Encino (SFV) 7pm
  34. A8L Adaptive cruise control
  35. Guidance in an A8L purchase??
  36. Transmission noise AGAIN....really tired of this crap.
  37. Anyone have a Motorola Razr V3 or V3xx Phone? How does it pair with the MMI? I have a Samsung and..
  38. '04 A8 phone help please!
  39. are there any clear front indicators for the a8/s8?
  40. Upgrades
  41. Ticking noise when driving
  42. went for a joy ride took some pics. love this car!
  43. Windshield Wiper Question
  44. Teh fruits of my labor have made some progress...
  45. The first month of driving the S8
  46. Curbed wheel help
  47. Self dimming mirror
  48. A new '8 Ring' family: Wife so impressed w/my Q, she bought a new A8L to see how a sedan would be!
  49. Idle RPM's with and without A/C running (kinda long)
  50. Same ol' same ol'.....great stuff!
  51. Sirius Satellite install help
  52. any pics of mtm's s8 exhaust???
  53. couple of problems with A8..need help
  54. anyone here have an S8 and a daughter of legal age?
  55. 2007 Phantom Black A8 SWB with Sport Package. Picture this time....
  56. 2007 Phantom Black A8 with Sport Package + Mods. Click on link below for pictures
  57. Should we wait for new Audi V12 TDI or make a plunge for new Cayenne turbo
  58. Headlight Question
  59. New Audi in the family - A8 4.2 TDI Quattro
  60. Thinking into the future...how much would I be able to pick up an S8...
  61. Coil
  62. Navigation Update
  63. I can't believe I forgot all about April Fool's Day!
  64. Pirelli Rosso 19s strange tire wear and other questions
  65. The "Winter is over - I washed the car today." thread!
  66. Phisherman Fakes the Funk with Bogus Email Scams
  67. extended warranty question :)
  68. Bluetooth Annoyance
  69. GPS.
  70. Gina, does Randy deserve one of these?
  71. The Collection in the Gables, anyone get service there?
  72. I'm finally making the jump from D2 to D3 4.2 SWB, after 5 years.
  73. '04 Phone question. I have the V60 cradle. Now what?
  74. FWIW the cooled/ventilated seats in my Lexus GS actually get cool...
  75. Advanced Key Auto Locks Car? WTF...
  76. Power Rear sunshade problem...
  77. Did this '04 'feature' ever become a reality?
  78. Bade 'adieu' to my '04 yesterday
  79. 2008 S8 Blutooth phone bt:
  80. wife still jacking my ride..still driving ford..send help..
  81. So apparently the current D3 was designed...
  82. tire size
  83. D3s are sky rocketing down
  84. Homelink Buttons Lit?
  85. my take a 2005 black A8L..Wow
  86. Bluetooth version
  87. BMW Building 8 Series.....
  88. Kevin Costner drives an S8......Dances with V10's
  89. bluetooth issue motorola v3xx
  90. Anyone know of a good detailer in the Queens, NY area??
  91. Redesigned A8/A8L (D4) to the U.S.--Any news/timing?
  92. Very Nice
  93. Got My Audi S8
  94. Great deal on 12 spoke wheels
  95. Private message access...where?
  96. Plano 4.2:......THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER.....;)
  97. Valentine 1 with an A8
  98. What is the latest on Bluetooth adapter for 2004 A8L? Thanks
  99. some quick pics of the special order Suzuka Grey Pearl S8
  100. 05 A8L Gauge numbers no longer showing at night
  101. New to me, 04 A8 with tranny question or problem
  102. The Phaeton factory
  103. OK, who has a Audi V60 they'd like to get rid of....
  104. Birth in the family but....
  105. Amulet Red A8L pictures...
  106. Dealer Service Department Saves Dopey Husband From Irate Wife (long story) ...
  107. interested in an S8
  108. winter mats
  109. iPod Connection for 2005 A8L using the MMI?
  110. OnStar - 2004 Owners with OnStar
  111. No factory phone in '04 A8L? Hmm...
  112. 2004 A8 "jerky" shift from 2 to 3
  113. Is it important to hit the 5000 mile service
  114. How much is my '05 SWB worth?
  115. Der Kimbo - Questions on 2007 Parts
  116. Need feedback on Audi of Huntington( Long Island)
  117. My experience with Riverside Audi - (Long)
  118. Any interest in Premium All Weather Rubber Floor Mats
  119. TPMS question... how are the sensors powered? what about the spare?
  120. Help! Cant decide between Black and Northern Blue in a 04 A8. Thoughts?
  121. I've made the move to an A8L as well...after all of these years, first time in this forum.
  122. Death in the family...
  123. A8's must be complex! I asked for a filter and oil change on Saturday ...
  124. Quartz Gray with Amaretto interior?
  125. What is the optimal tire pressure for 20" all season tires on the A8?
  126. Picking up my 2007 Phantom Black A8 with Sport Package tomorrow. Can't wait.
  127. New A8'er
  128. BMW CEO Responds to the Audi "threat".
  129. Warning Graphic images, probably repost!
  130. 2004 A8L Sirius Channels not organized
  131. Not many sedans on the road make my A8L feel small
  132. Will S8 wheels fit the A8 and are they the same as the A8 sport wheels?
  133. The Stand GTG in Encino (SFV) is back for 2007!!! -- TUE March 20th
  134. Love of 2004 A8L continues
  135. debating trade of my car for a CPO W12 - question regarding my CPO
  136. Tank System Malfunction?
  137. Anyone know how rear cooler is removed?
  138. Audi DTM
  139. ContiSport 2's
  140. russ, saw your a8 outside Bailey's yesterday. Lookin nice and low.
  141. How many A8 owners experience this?
  142. VAG-COM Preparations and Questions
  143. ipod Retro Kit?
  144. Paging Scmalk... Are your wipers working better?
  145. BIG question, what years do the MMI updates apply to?
  146. D3 black or blue spotted Fox & Hound tonight, Erie....a hello from schnellmb if you're on here.
  147. My first day with the S8 in a snowy and freezing rain day
  148. Wind noise over 30 mph!
  149. S8 Available Black/Black
  150. Stuff for sale from my A8L
  151. A piece of useless trivia! You can set the S8 cruise control to a set point of 150mph!
  152. any chance that the s8 will be availble with comfort seats as in the a8?
  153. S8 owners: howling noise at ~900 rpm with warm engine and cold air?
  154. Anyone have pictures of an Ibis White S8?
  155. Need Pictures of Artic Grey Exterior
  156. Quartz gray pics anyone?
  157. I STFA and looking for lightweight oem or oem look wheels in 18/19 inch size
  158. Anyone ever use Swaplease/Leasetrader?
  159. anyone with an uncomfortable driver seat....
  160. Northern Blue color change from 2004 to 2005
  161. Strange problem with Treo & Bluetooth
  162. Amber Turnsignals in front
  163. New owner q's
  164. Audi Customer Advocate - LONG
  165. What triggers the sleep cycle?
  166. Just got my Black 2004 A8L, few stupid questions
  167. Check Engine Light.....sputtering and no power eerghhh !
  168. TSB RVU Engine Control Module Update (I3)
  169. some teaser pics of the new addition!
  170. A8L
  171. New Lexus LS is a big disappointment... also some 750 complaints...
  172. Multi Media Upgrade
  173. 04 Cell Cradles, Lets all end this right now...
  174. Single rear seats W12 only option?
  175. Ready to buy A8, need help with Auction Results for negotiations
  176. Must have options?
  177. Insurance Costs
  178. What kind of lease terms are you all getting on 2007 S8?
  179. office package desk
  180. Lease Return Inspection
  181. '05 Door closer assist question.
  182. 04 A8 electronices problems?
  183. Credit where credit is due and another step closer to the end...
  184. If any of you S8'ers are interested
  185. Black interior anyone?
  186. Picked up my newsed '05 A8 today
  187. Stuck KEY when battery dead
  188. Brought a S8 home to lower and learned a couple of things...
  189. I'm going from an '05 A8L to an '07 A8 SWB with Sport Package. Has anyone else done the same?
  190. Anyone Have Velocity Motoring VB2 Wheels?
  191. I love my Audis..and especially the S6, but if BMW was offering $11.3K in incentives on the 7 series
  192. I've have the new MMI software for a week now and all is good...
  193. anybody with this: Rising and reducing tapping noise from AC??
  194. How's reliability been? Came across this:
  195. Emblem Removal
  196. Still looking for a Sirius module for my 2004 A8!!
  197. HELP! I've been jacked!!
  198. 4 S8's at my local dealer!!!!
  199. Has anyone seen any high quality premium all-weather mats for the S8 or A8 SWB? Like the A8L?
  200. Interesting...SIG is dynamic!...
  201. Can the S-Line sport steering wheel and leather shift knob from the Q7 be fitted on an A8?
  202. keyless entry malfunction
  203. Major positive piece about Audi's plans in the Saturday NY Times Business Day Section
  204. Windows / Sunroof open close from key fob
  205. My new 2007 A8 has arrived 6 weeks early. Will Audi buy out the last month of my lease?
  206. Toddlers and rear electric door locks.
  207. Sport Package Suspension Settings Questions???
  208. Diamon-Fusion's working great
  209. Can't decide - Atlas Gray or Black??? which colour looks better on the road?
  210. Who would be interested in this wheel ?
  211. are brake pads covered under the maintenance package?
  212. bluetooth question...
  213. Can somone please help me interpret this service history
  214. I have a set of 4 oem 19" wheels (mint condition) with
  215. Sorry to say I have been diagnosed with AE. Symptoms: Extreme drooling, staring, glazed...
  216. "Interesting" new MMI quirk...
  217. Chip Herr Returns To STaSIS Motorsports for 2007 Season
  218. End of lease question
  219. Light wont turn off
  220. s8 lag time, etc.
  221. 2005 A8L Ignition Coil Problems
  222. Denison Ipod interface
  223. VAG-COM - seat belt warning
  224. Looking for v60 phone cradle 4E0 862 407 B
  225. Wheels & Tires...
  226. THANKS to Der Kimbo and Justin of "The Collection"
  227. 2007 S8 final drive ratio
  228. Where to get audi parts online?
  229. Should I buy 2004 Audi A8
  230. Torsional Rigidity Audi A8 D3
  231. Question about Ventilated Seats ?
  232. Is the automatic trunk opener option for 2004 A8?
  233. That time of year: 2008 model year changes . . .
  234. Are CPO cars from Riverside a bad idea? More...
  235. FYI - TSB for MY '07, passenger side, rear airbag wiring harness.
  236. Wiper issue... add me to the list! (long post)
  237. Just bought CPO 2004 A8L
  238. How do you know if you need a MMI upgrade, I have a 2005.5 with bluetooth and so far the MMI has
  239. brake symbol indicator+ beeps heard during hard accleration...anyone?
  240. Dension unit and enfig
  241. DIY Oil Change
  242. so about 1.5 years and 37000 km later, heres my first self detail attempt. All with zaino..
  243. Have you guys seen this link?????
  244. The Dension Gateway 500 arrived today
  245. Wood steering wheel and shifter
  246. Looking at an 05' W12 - CPO'ed with 20k or so..... anything to be carefull of or consider ?
  247. MMI Upgrade was done today...well, almost..
  248. Euro Advanced Key
  249. Audi A8 wins another one
  250. Audi R8 Best in show at Chicago Auto Show