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  1. Well call your dealers
  2. Check this thread from OT. The END is near!!!!
  3. update! salesman is picking up my car at the port TOMORROW.
  4. anyone catch this AIM headline today?
  5. Spirit blue with grey or black interior ???
  6. lol check out the rivalmotorsport website
  7. 2953 has been quiet lately, did he ever say why he decided against the RS4?
  8. Who has the lowest VIN # and who will be first to take delivery?
  9. Just notified by dealer - Car released from port! (Houston)
  10. VIDEO; RS4 cab and avant
  11. Spark Plugs
  12. Anyone getting a red RS4 ?
  13. Any word about the rs4 being released?
  14. Think I might go with these and dispose of a few more pounds...
  15. 2 incar laps from short lead @ Willow Springs N/T
  16. Thinking about upgrading my 05 S4 to an RS4.....
  17. Anyone heard any official confirmation on the $550 service plan?
  18. Anyone else thought about going to the factory while their car is in production?
  19. Ooops. Chicago Meier's Tavern event now back on Tuesday evening. Sorry for the confusion.
  20. i saw an imola RS4 on PCH in malibu today. anyone know whos car it was?
  21. what's the US B7 RS4 steering wheel going to look like?
  22. who thinks Audi would keep the RS4s at the port for nearly 3 weeks before release?
  23. Gauging interest in group buy for hot new RS4 wheels !
  24. New RS4 pix and 2 vids from my 'home forum'
  25. FYI, Audi West in Houston has two unclaimed RS4s coming in.. 1 Daytona Grey, one Avus Silver.
  26. recent pics from TT-West..
  27. The wheels will be 19", but what is the width?
  28. Do you guys expect to sell your steering wheels and seats when you replace them whith the Euro type
  29. Car is at port dealer spoke with AOA yesterday, still saying no release until mid june...?
  30. Front Filler Panel
  31. So no sport button on US spec? If so is the exhaust valve open or closed at default ?
  32. Audi Expo 2006 - Come be a part of history again!
  33. you guys will want to download this. north america product launch info for the RS4
  34. Should be taking delivery next week... anyone else?
  35. Der Kimbo
  36. 3rd Annual Connecticut S4/RS meet
  37. Possible Group Purchase - RS4 European Flat Bottom Steering Wheel + Airbag...
  38. NE of you guys with RS4s on order getting any sleep?
  39. Alright, so launch was yesterday, who's got a little something they'd like to show us:)
  40. Re: Could someone please elaborate on what the "Lap Timer" is and where it's located?
  41. I want an RS4.
  42. Car is in "Port Stock" status. East Coast.
  43. Audi RS4 Cab
  44. With '07 RS4s arriving anyone heard confirmation if service would be included for $550?
  45. For those who are getting an RS4... What color and which were you choosing from be4 u picked 1.
  46. Maybe RS4 competitor? BMW has 550xi in the works with a 408 hp biturbo 4.4 liter V8.
  47. Der Kimbo, are the Canadian Launch cars on the NJ boat or going directly to Vancouver?
  49. RS4 Recaro's could be available in US afterall.
  50. Is there an iPod input jack (aux or something) in the RS4 ?
  51. Even better news...Just looked and Launch cars are showing release for TOMORROW 5.25
  52. New RS4 owners, are you selling or trading in your current S4? Or something else?
  53. European delivery will be available in the near future- how many of you would have chosen it- RS4's?
  54. Good video RS4 vs M3...Sorry if it is a repost!
  55. They're here...
  56. Who intends to change for the Euro steering wheel?
  57. looking for RS4 stock rims
  58. Europe Delivery!
  59. RACE RESULTS INSIDE - Please do not post in subject line for those who want to watch the race
  60. To all of you waiting for your RS4.
  61. More on BMW / Audi:
  62. x-post for chicago folks
  63. Interesting AutoWeek article
  64. V8 badged in North America?
  65. rs4 delayed.
  66. Sparkhill: in case you were wondering how Phantom looks in the flesh. RS4 porn. <BWW>
  67. Streets of Tomorrow Event in Atlanta - RS4 Video
  68. Some RS4 pics i snapped at Audi HQ, Ingolstadt.
  69. STaSIS Motorsport has strongest team qualifying at Mid Ohio in 5 years of competing.
  70. What mods are people contemplating on their new RS4 . Which first?
  72. Vid: M3CS vs B7RS4
  73. Here is a vid of the new DTM RS4 from Imola, Italy. ENJOY the sweet sounds!!!!
  74. was resigned to giving up my RS4 when it got here, but now that it's on the boat...
  75. RS4 Spotting
  76. Why the continuous arguments RS4 vs M3? Shouldnt it be M5/M6 vs RS4?..
  77. LED brake lights- does the RS4 come with them? can anyone who has taken delivery
  78. pin drop ... silence
  79. *Update* North East Audi/VW show and dynoo June 10, 2006
  80. NEW BMW M3 REVEALED!!!*edit
  81. Excited
  82. Why have two different B7 forums, S4 and RS4 seem similiar to me.
  83. Cost MSRP or less?
  84. Mid Ohio looks like it is shaping up to be a quattro weekend.
  85. M3 Owners BOW to RS4
  86. VIDEO; the new S6; 5th gear
  87. does anyone want a RS4?
  88. Buy your RS4 on eBay...
  89. Video: BMW M5 Hartge vs. Audi RS4
  90. VIDEO; Corvette ZO6 Topgear
  91. Revs limited until oil temp increases...
  92. Bob W..did you turn off your TV lastnight?
  93. How many model years will this car see?...
  94. Nor Cal Streets of Tomorrow... a little video...
  95. RS4 port release date.
  96. RS4's in So Cal today.......
  97. STaSIS Engineering's new website is up and running, take a peek...
  98. Another glowing review
  99. Am I missing something?
  100. Finally drove RS4 in Philly (long)....
  101. this guy has a 2006 RS4 with a supercharger in the NJ area!
  102. Streets of Tomorrow RS4 Drives (or lack of). Nothing new, but...
  103. San Francisco 'SOT' Review
  104. well...i drove the thing. my thoughts inside!
  105. X Post from Allroad forum - About the guy who was told to stop his '06 RS4 test drive...
  106. A few pics i took at the S.o.T. even in LA last weekend
  107. RS4???
  108. Torque question
  109. sport auto: Audi RS4 on the N?rburgring (or bye bye M5)
  110. NE1 have an idea about the gas mileage and GG tax on the RS4?
  111. Avant in US. Do we have a definite "NO"?
  112. As requested, here are pics from last years CT S4 (now also RS) meet....
  113. Crap..Neil that lucky dog..he is at the RS4 short lead event at Willow Springs Raceway in CA
  114. Wouldn't it seriously suck if we have to pay more interest b/c of delay in Launch?
  115. evo (uk) magazine's Fast Club 2006: RS4 places midpack, above Cayman S and AMV8 Vantage
  116. Probably not the best written auto review I've read.
  117. RS4 Transmissions ...
  118. sport suspension plus, Does anyone
  119. last chance to get in on the San Diego/La Jolla dinner tomorrow!
  120. *crickets chirping*
  121. Want a flat-bottomed steering wheel?
  122. my F1 GS-D3s saved my life last Sunday...
  123. RS4 vs BMW M5 E39 race
  124. RS4 break in...
  125. VIDEO; fifth gear RS4
  126. Audi RS4 vs. The Rest - Interesting data
  127. Is it true that they are not giving drives any longer at the Streets of Tommorrow events?
  128. Bad news for me.....
  129. VIDEO; RS4 sideways, short vid
  130. so I went to SOT and didn't even get to ride in the RS4
  131. jyoteen, how have you been?
  132. Thank You!!
  133. How many rs4's are in transit on this forum?
  134. Car at Departure Port. Whew!
  135. 12 RS4s at my dealership!
  136. I'm tired of seeing posts with people bitching about Audi and SOT
  137. so, where is the idiot that ruined the RS4 driving for everyone else in the future
  138. Does anyone know if the new season of topgear has anything new with AUDI ???
  139. There is such a thing as too much acceleration
  140. I think there should be some type of contest for the first
  141. Phantom Black?
  142. Some Sunday morning race car pics....
  143. SOT Chicago review (kinda long)
  144. Ibis White ETA...8.12.06
  145. For those that have driven, torque question...
  146. paging Parikh...
  147. RS4 8/26/06 at the docs
  148. check this guy out.... funny stuff for those who remember
  149. B7 RS4 Price
  150. RS4 Maintenance Plan
  151. Deposit Info
  152. Stratmosphere Building Update..
  153. If rs4 is in production stage does this mean its going to be a launch car?
  154. Those with VIN's: have any of you tried plugging in your VIN on WW's site?
  155. Got a new delivery date
  156. For those that have actually seen one...Roof Rack?
  157. Where can I find OEM RS4 wheels and how much are they? There's no search ability for RS4 yet.
  158. CCSU car show Sunday May 7th
  159. just talked to the concierge for the SOT event...
  160. EDIT: For those who have driven the RS4, does it have the throttle-cut-when-brake-is-depressed
  161. Reminder: ACNA-NJ Detailing Day / Tech Session at KMD Tuning - May 7th
  162. poll: what is your favorite color on the rs4?
  163. So those of you that have orders for the RS4 in if you don't mind couple of questions
  164. X-post: MarqueMadness ticket raffle...
  165. 997 Carrera S or RS4?
  166. No RS4 Drives at LA Streets of Tomorrow Event
  167. RS4s at Manheim auction
  168. Milltek RS 4 Exhaust with valves prototyped and track run...
  169. who wants to see pics from yesterdays RS4 encounter???
  170. Poll: If the RS4 had been offered with DSG, would you have gone for it?
  171. OEM RS4 19" B7 Wheels. Anyone know the weight and price?
  172. How much are you paying for your new RS4? >>
  173. Hey RXBG...
  174. ugh, just called my dealer...no VIN yet, he said it would "be in production next week" as it is with
  175. Millennium Audi screws up my RS4 order bigtime
  176. Looking for the European seats for the new RS4?
  177. Here is the new Fifth Gear episode that featured the RS4 that aired yesterday.
  178. I haven't seen many B7 A/S 4's @ night...do the U.S. spec reflectors light up when lights are
  179. Audi Expo 2006 - It's coming!!!!
  180. What is option code S0C?
  181. Steering Wheel
  182. Why the hell does the words "B7 RS 4 forum" dissapear when you are in the RS4 forum. Its so annoying
  183. Are the new Rs4s coming with these seats>?
  184. One of the best car commercials I have seen.
  185. Dealer update: misano red RS4 on the boat but estimated delivery shows June 14
  186. Did anyone take video of the rally Audi guy doing a powerslide in RS4 on the cone track at Belmont?
  187. RS4 = 66K
  188. NY Streets of Tomorrow Pics...
  189. F355 vs 997 Carrera S
  190. Now that ppl have actually driven an RS4... not too much bitching and complaining now
  191. xpost for Winter wheels and mats
  192. Was in the RS4 pace car today with the European seats... (OMG!)
  193. "Steets of Tomorrow" comments incl RS4 v. RS6 thoughts
  194. Streets of Tomorrow RS4 Test Drive
  195. any holding off on buying the RS4 until the GT-R from Nissan comes out
  196. Just came back from the "SOT" event- drove the RS4!
  197. VIDEO; New GT3
  198. Funny how the Bimmer guys try to sort the E92 M3/RS4 comparison...(sorry if a repost)
  199. Two questions regarding this forum:
  200. No more speculation on RS 4 weight in the US...the data is in...
  201. Supercars by Martin Brundle; VIDEO
  202. Some pics of U.S. spec RS4's in Cali from RS6.com
  203. Import anyone?
  204. Finally! Definitive proof of the RS4's true weight!
  205. Anyone who ordered one with Sunroof Delete get a build date yet?
  206. Audi Streets of Tomorrow - RS4 will be available for test drives
  207. Raises hand ...
  208. Here is the new Euro RS4 brochure.
  209. Sat in one yesterday
  210. Reminder: ACNA-NJ Detailing Day / Tech Session at KMD Tuning - May 7th
  211. watched a B7RS4 today for the first time in Tokyo. partly off topic...
  212. I dont know how to read any of this, but I think this shows our car can somewhat keep up with a C4S.
  213. Audi rep states that rs4 is going to be 3957lb?
  214. Long time lurker, first time poster, RS4 Sprint Blue on order, B5 S4 to become the winter car
  215. Spanish RS4 test...
  216. Getting REALLY sideways in the RS4...
  217. Raffle: Piloti shoes from MarqueMadness!
  218. Ditch our spare tires?
  219. Should we start a VIN registry like DAVEYKID did for the RS6's?
  221. So umm...where are all the pictures at? Oh yeah...
  222. This car looks great but needs turbos to get my vote..mmmRS6 motor in this car= yum
  223. Image of an RS4 finally up to go with the forum heading above!
  224. I can't wait to see one of these things!
  225. Greetings from teh RS6 Forum! (RS4 sighting on transporter)--->
  226. So I'm hearing through the grapevine the new BMW 335 will do 0-60 in 5.3sec.
  227. ** placeholder for 1st page post **
  228. which chip is best?
  229. ...
  230. Finally a VIN for my US order!
  231. Video ; RS4; 5th gear commercial
  232. Video; RS4 in Dubai
  233. Video; RS4
  234. The first 250 cars have now been completed and are awaiting shipping; first cars should be released
  235. so the B5 S4 and RS4 are one forum, but now B7 S4 and RS4 are separate...why?
  237. I guess I should post these here now.....
  238. what the heck is an RS 4?
  239. HOLD it folks. when do we get an R8 forum?
  240. now that we have a separate forum....when are we getting the steering wheel and the seats
  241. ....
  242. rhode island is neither a road nor an island...discuss...
  243. b7 rs4 forum = b6/b7 off topic forum
  244. Pls post sound/video clips of the RS4
  246. *post all your stupid rs4 questions here*
  247. W00T! Welcome to the new forum :)
  248. Wecome to the new RS4 Forum!