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  1. FREE SHIPPING on all Stratmosphere products
  2. Some teaser shots
  3. S5 or RS4?
  4. Finally installed the Porterfield R4S pads today.
  5. Magnaflow...
  6. Yellow R8 to go with his Yellow RS4
  7. UBERCAR- You order the yellow R8 yet ??
  8. You're an Audi nut IF?
  9. Picked her up today!!!
  10. Useless RS4 trivia...
  11. RS4 or E90 M3?
  12. has anyone painted their brushed aluminum trim/mirrors?
  13. S5 on ebay "The same engine as the legendary RS4 or the phenomenal new R8 yet weighing less" so
  14. Tinted the taillights on the RS4. Looks good not to dark. I will post pics tomorrow b/c it is
  15. Anyone have the Milltek VALVED and RESONATED exhaust? Thoughts please.
  16. Front brake pad ?
  17. Optima battery.. Pros and cons anyone?
  18. Traded my R32 in for an '08 RS4 last night.
  19. 275/30/19 tires Sounds like they rub on my car
  20. Impressions after 12 months and 12,000 miles
  21. Cheapest place for Milltek exhaust?
  22. Snow Day today, it's an Audi playground out there.
  23. This pissed me off a little bit today!
  24. Automobile Magazine references a RECALL on their 2007 long term RS4.....
  25. So to add more in the Oil Flame wars - not sure if this has been posted before
  26. LI-S4 V1 concealed display just arrived.....
  27. Jet Jockey, a question for u...
  28. MTM Supercharger
  29. Looking for 1 18x7.5 AT Italia S5 Silver
  30. Sportster cs...
  31. Car Cover
  32. Holy crap...
  33. RS4 destined to become a classic?
  34. Anyone else having problems selling their RS 4?
  35. STaSIS Ohlins tech sheet. Interesting read I thought I should share...
  36. Experiences with RS4 on track
  37. [Cellphone] pictures of my car with the R8 at Clair... I mean Prime, Audi of Westwood.
  38. Help please - need VAG-COM Coding for Control Module 76 (Parking Aid)
  39. Anybody with misfire problems?
  40. Tint - thoughts, experiences (little long)
  41. Looking for a secure parking space in Stanford CA area...
  42. raced my freinds jeep srt8
  43. My buddy is selling his 07 RS4 Mugello Blue for $61K...price seems cheap
  44. Thanks Ross-Tech, my RS4 has no more seatbelt chime. Have the code for you Sparkhill.
  45. :: ECS Tuning :: Blowout Sale on OEM RS4 19" Alloy Wheels !!!
  46. Would you buy this RS4?
  47. Finally: Hartmann B5 RS4 reps PICS (my winter setup)
  48. Help needed on choosing color, pls respond!
  49. **New RS4 gets a few more modifications done**
  50. MTM RS4 Club Sport Supercharger...anyone know what the deal is? When...etc...?
  51. aftermarket NAV, headunit
  52. Remember my dash which I kindly modified/lighten with a hole saw...
  53. New RS4 Cab.....
  54. ACNA Ice Driving School Event
  55. Do floor mats for the 05 S4 fit our cars?
  56. What's the RS4 oe rear sway bar diameter?
  57. Need a favor, can somone measure the fender height of a stock suspension?
  58. This car scares the crap out of me, and I think I like it.
  59. RS4 Convertible
  60. how do the exhaust manifolds on the RS4 compare to the B6 S4? im sure
  61. i got an odd letter from audi of america...what's up with dis?
  62. UPDATE (long): Weight reduction on the HVAC system...
  63. I was in second gear almost at redline and went to shift and the car wouldnt go into any gears.
  64. Can anyone suggest a good radar detector?
  65. STaSIS/Ohlins Signature Line follow-up review (long)
  66. Looking for Factory Glovebox iPod Assembly
  67. Is this old news? I knew the rs4 was making less power than claimed but is this accurate?
  68. Anyone take the air bag stickers off the windshield visors yet?
  69. Can someone tell me what the standard Vag coding...
  70. Which tire would you want for this situation...
  71. Now this sounds great! I need this on the RS........
  72. Airbox deflapping question....
  73. Paging larryV. What brake pads do you use at the track?
  74. I'm still disappointed that the 4.2 in the RS4 is a honda motor :(
  75. cd changer and ipod
  76. :: ECS Tuning :: OEM B7 RS4 Black Optic Grille - Back In Stock !!!
  77. Front license plate P/N please.
  78. Haven't driven her in a while...
  79. Looking for a Milltek EXHAUST... Anyone selling one?????
  80. someone needs to make an app to batch convert all your itunes store stuff from aac to mp3 :(
  81. Big grin for my favorite Audi applicable product seller...STASIS!!
  82. so i put songs on an SD card on my mac, and i got a card error from the RS4 - i just dragged them
  83. SD card just flat out refuses to play one particular MP3.. (is this OT?)
  84. Factory tuner parts?
  85. advice on tirepressure for 19" Blizzaks?
  86. Anyone here in the San Jose, CA area have VAG-COM?
  87. Paging star607 and others who are interested in aftermarket seats and need info on...
  88. Anyone want to trade my Blk Piano interior trim for your Carbon Fiber....
  89. New problem with RS4. Anybody else have a similar problem?
  90. What do you guys think of these wheels.
  91. My birthday gift to myself is here...
  92. IIRC two RS4 owners opted for the STaSIS/Ohlins SL kit. Can you give us some feedback please.
  93. anyone know of a good modded RS4 for sale?
  94. JMG could you help...
  95. DNA Remap for RS4
  96. Looking at low mileage RS4, registry says Audi Corp. (TRNG)...is that a bad sign?
  97. I need a ciggie now!
  98. Rice mobiles getting the "big crush"...
  99. Oops?
  100. Seat mysteries
  101. anyone getting rid of their stock wheels in SoCal?
  102. In case anyone wanted to know what the Audi ski rack looks like on the RS4...
  103. Special offers, two catback systems...
  104. Back in an Audi...an RS4 Avant
  105. Euro carbon seats. Anybody know?
  106. iPod intergration kit ??? self install possible?
  107. Here's another one, at night
  108. Nose to tail with another RS4 in Anaheim tonight.
  109. so how much are used "pimped out A4's" going for these days?
  110. Quick update on the car. This time we modify the floor to fit my new race seat...
  111. Finally got some pictures uploaded of the girl.
  112. Anyone tried buying a Mark II TT steering wheel/airbag and using it?
  113. Look what i saw....
  114. Recaro aftermarket...
  115. is my car broke or is it my brain?
  116. Downward pricing pressure from M3/C63 on RS4s?
  117. Suggetions on where to get an oil analysis kit - I'm approaching 2.5K miles and will
  118. Thinking of selling/trading my Phantom Black RS4 on a '03 GT2...
  119. Already STFA...Anyone here use a remote car starter on their RS4??
  120. Check out the pics on this thread in the Canadian forum.
  121. x-post for all you boy racers driving fugly RS4's
  122. Buy a CPO'd RS4 or wait for a B8 S4???
  123. Forget the Prawns....lets throw an RS4 on the BARBIE !!!!!!
  124. Any Rear Brake Caliper Upgrades?
  125. looks pretty cool...
  126. OT: Bob, got a video for you...
  127. Skyline GTR >>>> M3
  128. I have never really gotten a straight answer from multiple people, Can you-
  129. Someone tell me again why our cars run so lean....
  130. Another old-timer back into the fold...
  131. I want to paint the reflectors on my dads RS4. Where can i buy Phantom black paint?
  132. Need to bleed brakes can somone give me the correct bleeding order?
  133. Just picked her up tonight.. . :)
  134. E90 M3 Sedan Spotted
  135. I'm b-a-a-a-c-k...
  136. Me likey! April want!
  137. Maybe a cluch issue?
  138. Laf.. the e90 M3 "base price" doesn't even include leather?! Okaaaaay
  139. "Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful" - RS4 talking to the e90M3
  140. Anyone here want the domain b7rs4.com? Just noticed I had it...
  141. Sparkhill, need some help
  142. Group Buy... haha
  143. Don't hate me - Anyone here feel guilty about RS4 MPGs vs the environment
  144. Any Milltek owners move from resonated to non-res?
  145. Paging LI-S4 YGM
  146. Milltek Issue !!!!!!
  147. Is it wise to drive RS4 with original tires in 4 inches of snow?
  148. Don't say I didn't warn you........
  149. enzo faster
  150. You guys are going to be pissed!............
  151. OT - My friend let me drive his Carrera GT, I was shocked
  152. m3 faster
  153. 2007 CPO RS4 Available....
  154. LI RS4 owners...Audi GTG tonight...
  155. VA members
  156. New girl hit the dealer this Sat......
  157. Got to drive my dads RS4 a little more extensively today and was stunned.
  158. How easy/difficult is it to remove the RS4 front bumper fascia and more importantly.....
  159. bmw cls m3 vs. rs4 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  160. FYI: I just found Blizzak LM-25's still in stock in our stock-rim's size!
  161. Anyone here waiting for a new E92 M3? Maybe your wait is going to be longer...
  162. Weird phone + BT issue
  163. Ok, I have a question for RS4 owners... And please! this is a serious inquiry so read it carefully.
  164. new toy officially went into production today....
  165. Imola RS4 with 20" Dymag wheels
  166. BMW officially releases M-DCT tranny for new M3 (dual clutch paddle-shift)
  167. Has anyone bothered installing an aftermarket alarm?
  168. euro springs on US car.. anyone?
  169. Where's the Sirius module?
  170. Test Drove '08 RS4
  171. pulled up to an E63 AMG today at a light, but he didn't want to play.
  172. Calling all RE01R and Stasis Ohlins owners!!!
  173. Who traded their black/Ti/black RS4 in on a Touareg in Delray Beach?
  174. Anyone think Port&Polish Intake, throttle body, ecu remap, full exhaust, phenolic spacers and
  175. Is 55K a reasonable price to ask
  176. Staten Island Audi/BMW/MB/VW Meet Friday! Over 200 Cars with a BK and NJ Caravan.
  177. I have a project in mind. If i buy a Magnaflow Exhaust and cut the tips off my stock exhaust
  178. Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 for your viewing pleasure. :)
  179. Dude.. The Yoko advan S4 (A/S) weren't cutting it this morning
  180. Sighting in Toronto: White with ski-rack, tint & possibly lowered?
  181. My new RS4
  182. Anyone know whero to buy this part for Racing Harness??
  183. At what point do you shift gears during normal daily driving?
  184. oil consumption...
  185. M3 Coupe & Sedan pricing announced for the US...
  186. I'm dying over here
  187. black or gray? titanium package?
  188. Oil maintenance in rs4
  189. DSF-USA : You're Invited! Gilroy High Skid Monster Demo Saturday 19th - 2:00 PM
  190. Paging: Bruno Thanks for the offer of a ride, found my keys.
  191. The perfect exhaust does not exist for this car
  192. Lexus announces pricing on 2008 IS-F
  193. Next mod on its way... Major brake upgrade to complement my front BBK...
  194. I finally got two pictures of what the car's dash looks like with the HVAC system out...
  195. High speed vibration
  196. GMG exhaust installed.....my feelings
  197. Daily driver question
  198. how much would you pay for 07 RS4 with under 500 miles.
  199. blew by a cop today
  200. Anyone know why there is such trouble getting a black optic grill......
  201. Nice article on Audi in Fortune today. Stadler seems to have his eye on the prize all right.
  202. Charlotte, NC anyone?
  203. ECS Tuning H-Pipe installation and review (edited for pic captions)
  204. Here's a B5 that may sound as good as an RS4...
  206. New member...
  207. question about vag-com
  208. RS$ Cabrio $$
  209. Detailer's Domain: GB for P21S Wheel Cleaner/Auto Wash 5 liters
  210. how in the world did jet jockey get on the top 5 posters for 07??!?
  211. Daytona Gray RS4 in Downtown LA 9:20 this morning?
  212. RS4 Forum
  213. i'm kind of really feeling these rims...anyone know if they fit the RS?
  214. Off topic but what a car , what a colour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  215. Another update. This time taking out the complete HVAC system and cutting some additional weight...
  216. An infiltrator in the midst.
  217. need some action around here...poll: who makes the better car, Audi or BMW?
  218. In your opinion, what is a "reasonable" monthly payment for an RS?
  219. I finally pull the trigger on the STaSIS MS suspension and UPS loses it...
  220. Proposal for salvaged RS4 engine
  221. anyone have an idea of what our stock rims are worth on the market?
  222. Jet Li drives a Spyker in WAR. It sounds amazing. Just FYI
  223. Better late than never....
  224. I've come to love Top Gear, but Clarkson's clearly an idiot....
  225. cold, dense, dry air = good.
  226. MTM products.....*Discounted*
  227. Should I get the H Sport sway bars for even better handling if I already have Stasis Suspension?
  228. Audi has announced a 2.9% APR on RS4's.
  229. :: ECS Tuning :: ECS Audi RS4 H-Pipe Kit Now Available !!!
  230. Just ordered the new Conti. contact 3's over the PS2's
  231. Whats the best for a daily driver? Ferrari or Lambo and which model?
  232. Performance questions for Dunlop Winter Sport M3 tires...
  233. Just curious, have the RS4 retail prices fallen in the USA? I was just at my dealers today...
  234. Does anyone know anything about this car? (arctic RS4)
  235. Audi Exclusive Package sans Piano trim please!
  236. Oopsies
  237. geez...daveak05 annhilated me last year (PWOTY)
  238. Weird rattle from undercarriage during full throttle
  239. Argh.....S5 or RS4....I can't make up my mind!
  240. So anyone interested in an '07 Ibis White?
  241. Production numbers
  242. RS4 VS LEXUS IS-F underhood styling
  243. Looking at RS4s are there major differences between 07 and 08s?
  244. Loss of performance with de valved exhaust.
  245. H-Sport Install
  246. Weight cutting taken to the extreme, no make that to another level! :-)...
  247. Scratched TI wheel today
  248. To the idiot in the yellow RS4 in Calgary....
  249. LINK Pleases to OEM rs4 wheels company in USa
  250. Re: I think my car's chassis just got a little stiffer, OK maybe a lot more stiffer...