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  1. Detailer's Domain: Waterfest Special only 4 days left
  2. 325+ miles on a tank of gas what the heck...........
  3. Question about "S" button
  4. Need advice on tires...
  5. APR Presents Waterfest 14 **Inventory and Activity Update**
  6. Want to laugh at men with small wee-wees and big egos?
  7. Save 15% Storewide at our WaterFest SALE - one more week!
  8. Installed Milltek Resonated Valved Exhaust on the RS4
  9. Audi RS4 Lease Rate Info - July 2008
  10. Will the RS4 cabriolet's exclusivity help it to hold its value compared to the Salon?
  11. Lease an RS4 Cab
  12. Driver's door handle cover - can you remove it without taking the door apart?
  13. This puts Viagra to shame.....I've been sporting wood for 6 straight hours...........
  14. New RS4 owner. A few questions.
  15. $8K off sticker for a Misano, Premium, Exclusive for anyone interested
  16. B8 RS4 getting the 3.0L Supercharged as well?
  17. 360 Forged Split 7's on Ibis RS4...
  18. For all you IBIS white owners do you guys notice a slight color difference..
  19. Spotted: Avus Silver in Sea Girt, NJ yesterday morning. Is this anyone here? I was the Daytona...
  20. So what are 2008 RS4s selling for these days?
  21. Looking for info on CPO'ed RS4
  22. CAR UPDATE (for those interested): This time we completely remove the EVAP system, the secondary...
  23. ipod unplug
  24. Fluffhead.....
  25. service at 9,000mi ??
  26. VAGKRAFT 2.0 - Sunday August 17th - Powerade Centre - Canada's largest Audi/VW Show!
  27. 5K service earlier
  28. Who wants a Sprint/Silver for 35k w/ 19k mi?? (Buyer beware!) ...
  29. New Phantom Black RS4 in Solana Beach... you here?
  30. replica alloys - what specs will fit (19's)?
  31. Posting this as a reference for anyone looking for a new RS4, just came from the dealer in Appleton
  32. RS4 in HDR..what do you think?
  33. 2007 Manheim auction pricing
  34. who here has this 07 Audi RS4 w/ OETTINGER exhaust and custom downpipes
  35. Sloppy dealership service - spilled oil on engine
  36. MTM supercharger is out.
  37. Need instructions on swapping front license plate insert pls
  38. Vijay, HRE p40 clarification.
  39. Going to the Audi RS4 Sportscar Experience @Infineon 8/5. Any experienence here..?
  40. A little O/T, but wow, the TT-RS is lookin pretty good!
  41. If you will be in the Sarasota Fl area Saturday July 12th
  42. This poor RS4 looks like it was beat up:(
  43. Bikini Driving School: New Format
  44. Anyone know a good shop who sells the Audi SPP suspenion kit?
  45. Any NorthEast RS4s going to ALMS at Lime Rock?
  46. RS4 Test Drive - Problem with the DRC?
  47. Best Place for Brake Pads?
  48. How much for an OEM RIM?? And where to get?
  49. What do you guys think of this color combo? RS4 Ibis + Silver
  50. sick deal brah~!
  51. Any Sprint Blues with Silver Interior and Ti Package here?
  52. Question for San Fran People Out There
  53. Ok, how come nobody has tried this?
  54. Anyone seen more deals like this?
  55. I flipped out the welder...
  56. A few hours with the IS F...
  57. Stasis SLs on order...Install Saturday..........
  58. Just got my Euro wheel installed...
  59. Help me decide: Used RS4, New M3, New 09 A4
  60. Handsfree "Volume" Control
  61. ACNA at Mid-Ohio
  62. Problems with the sun and no garage in SoCal. Recommendations?
  63. LI Meet
  64. How many IBIS White RS4 were produced in the USA?
  65. rutiger77 YGM
  66. Pre-owned RS4, OVER PRICED!!
  67. First impression and dumb question
  68. Questions for those with Alcons
  69. Rear Drivers "rub/grind" sound with Hotchkis....
  70. Any RS4 with leaking shock here?
  71. New Work Wheels
  72. does the rs4 ipod system recognize different playlists?
  73. Paging JetJocket: The transformation has begun.....;) 200lbs lost.....
  74. all the sudden my car started squeeking all over the place, i thought i was in my evo or something,
  75. Anyone need a set of OEM sway bars?
  76. Key please...
  77. UPDATE: DBW gas pedal to Tilton race pedal conversion (sort of)...
  78. clutch pedal question
  79. Mock up of my new 18" wheels, being made in the USA
  80. Going to Waterfest in a month. Thinking about doing a mod for about $1000.
  81. Ohlins Motorsport Coilovers in stock, special pricing at Avalon Motorsports....
  82. Question for those running MTM Spacers...
  83. New tires are on, 15K service is completed.
  84. mahle oil filter same as OEM filter? my mechanic suggested that they are manufactured by the same
  85. Winter Wheels without Spacers
  86. Feeler post: thinking of selling my used lower intake flap with broken actuator arm.
  87. Wanted: A few cool cars! WaterFest 14 is rapidly approaching..
  88. RS 4 Stealth to laser? long
  89. Feeler: fair price for winter OEM wheels/tires
  90. Did a quick search: Do we have an aftermarket front brake rotor avaliable for our cars?
  91. GMG exhaust installed tomorrow!
  92. BIRD STRIKE! Almost forgot about this until someone sent me the picture (taken with his phone)...
  93. what's a good brake pad that is a combo track/street?
  94. Oh, I got a bad feeling about this...
  95. RS4 one of Fortune's top luxury cars
  96. How many RS4s made it to the US?
  97. Could anyone help me to understand the color of Mugello blue? (Previous Santorin owner)
  98. Driving away in the RS4 was one of my favorite parts of the day.
  99. Opinions on Clarkson saying the cocks have left their M3's and are now driving RS4s ?
  100. Run-in with a black&white patrol car
  101. Yeah I still think RS4 looks way better than M3
  102. How much better is the RS4 in wet conditions? vs M3?
  103. How many RS4 Cabs were made?
  104. Where to get a Revo Flash done?
  105. Shots from today's drive, along with new modes
  106. does anyone have a list of a/s/rs differences?
  107. Rims scratched ! Any suggestions pls?
  108. We all love our Milltek exhausts, but......
  109. A video i haven't seen yet, hope you haven't either...
  110. @ Audi of Bville, peaked into window of "RS FOUR" - had push start?
  111. Does the stock shift knob pull right off without any lock screw?
  112. Anyone ever sell their US spec steering wheel and airbag?
  113. anybody been brave enough to get the cylinder heads ported yet?
  114. Future RS4?
  115. Has anyone had any success getting their green CF engine covers replaced?
  116. Time it takes to remove and reinstall front bumper?
  117. Alignment required after installation of H-Sport Sway bars?
  118. Anyone with instructions, diagrams, or pics of airfilter removal/airbox access?
  119. ECU upgrade ?
  120. oh no the RS4 is FINISHED!!!!
  121. Oh no! The RS4 was locked up on Rikers Island (prison) this morning!
  122. Wheel alignment specs
  123. 2007 RS4 with 32K Miles, what is fair price? Worth it?
  124. Just sold my S4, and sold my Allroad a couple of weeks back and my sig is a lot shorter...
  125. So I finally got out to the track this past weekend for my first event
  126. sup? you guys still fighin about oil and stuff? question: ...
  127. I've been buying 93 octane from the Shell station close to my home for years, yesterday I saw that
  128. No more feathers, rattles, and beads (new forum software at last)
  129. Pre-owned RS4 Price?
  130. Hello To The Driver Of RS4 Hempstead Tpke East Meadow NY
  131. CAR UPDATE: New brake system; including rear brake lines, front brake lines and clutch line...
  132. Looking for a new phone...Does anyone have the new Sprint Instinct?
  133. for those with the Revo flash: what effect (if any) does your S button now have (on the ECU)?
  134. UPDATE: The new pedals and their installation related problems (new floor)...
  135. RS4 vs M3 Manual vs M3 DCT
  136. I have a problem: For some reason my wheels are pealing, very wierd. Has anyone else had this proble
  137. My new RS4 - Mods, Dyno, Weights, Pics..
  138. Audi RS4 Texas
  139. dammit, cops towed my rs4.....
  140. from S4 DTM to RS4, worth it?
  141. Future direction: Audi Engines...
  142. BEWARE: You've received A Hallmark E-Card!
  143. Is this anyone's on here?
  144. Palo Alto car show
  145. Hello
  146. RS4's at Bear Mountain Pics...
  147. Used RS4s on Autoextra.com between $18k-35k - are they a hoax?
  148. Might be in the market for one of these, but no alcantara?
  149. Going back to the subject of wheels...
  150. rs4 mirrors do fold in.
  151. A few Saturday morning pics....
  152. btw, I had an A6 3.2q for a loaner...seems to get pretty decent gas mileage.
  153. at my request, dealer changed out ipod adaptor for cd changer and i got car back
  154. so I picked up my car today after the 25k service...
  155. Owners with Premium Package....
  156. interior detailing question
  157. UPDATE: RS4's at Bear Mountain Drive...
  158. Attention Diecast collectors, especially cab owners (sorry if this may be a repost)
  159. anyone know this car..... looks to good to be true.
  160. Christmas in mid June?! Thank you STaSIS! My rear BBK is here...
  161. RNS-E Aux input active and installed!
  162. UPDATE: Quick sneak preview at the major brake system re-work...
  163. STaSIS will be closed tomorrow, Friday the 20th.
  164. What clothes do you guys wear when you go to the track?
  165. 2007 rs4 transmission failure? HELP!
  166. Poor car....
  167. new Glut Orange RS4 with Titanium package at dealer...
  168. Paging Elevens. How do you like the Ducati for street use?
  169. Premium Fuel?
  170. I have not done this in a long time...
  171. Was checking out the X6 at bmw.ca...and noticed an m3 sedan costs bout 25K cheaper than RS4
  172. Anyone know this RS4 owner....?
  173. So I crack open a cold one and start my de-flapping operation...
  174. Sighting today - Silver Thayer St, Providence, RI.
  175. Welp! Just cleared-out the parts closet... my car's on eBay and I never knew I'd have leftovers, hah
  176. Car update: Complete re-work and modification of the brake system...
  177. Do they have a RS4 lightweight?
  178. Recode - Clear Corner Mod
  179. anyone running the Carbonio Intake on the RS4??
  180. Took your advice, guys...revised Bikini Driving School
  181. An alternative mod: weight reduction....
  182. If anyone's looking for a black RS4 with 15k mi (?) with goodies, it's at FarnbacherLoles...
  183. Euro wheel
  184. Drove my new RS4 home today
  185. Best de-flap instructional thread? searched but can't find a good one...
  186. Rear reflectors removal.... how!?
  187. RS4 autocross video - In car
  188. Used RS4 vs. New S4??? (I think I know the answer)
  189. FCC chairman recommends Sirius-XM merger be approved.
  190. What was done to the Champion RS4 Race Car to get 500HP. I know it had a stock aribox and straight
  191. Reminder: RS4's at Bear Mountain Drive...
  192. Audi New Inventory search options for rs4's
  193. Picking up my brand new RS4 tomorrow morning,
  194. Laser jammer mounting question.....
  195. I just swapped my ipod adapter for a cd changer. The cd changer works fine but all I get on the
  196. Tubi installed!!...
  197. Happy father's day to all you RS4 owning dads.....
  198. Windows Not Rolling Down on Random Startups
  199. Milltek installed!!!!!!
  200. Vijay - saw your RS4 in Griot's Garage catalog......
  201. got smoked by 911 turbo...
  202. Have any of you guys noticed how many new M3's are up for sale on ebay? Nobody buying them?
  203. Requested A of A lemon my car.............
  204. Where to get a set of brushes to clean all the crevices in the wheels?
  205. From RS4 to R8
  206. RS4 Owner - M3 Sedan Feedback - Previous Drivers of both Only
  207. Help with radio code after hard wiring V1.
  208. Oil change
  209. has anyone here tinted their front/rear lights?
  210. Is it possible to change 2008 RS4 cabriolet from Sirius to XM radio?
  211. OT: R8 Day At Stratmosphere...a pair
  212. Considering buying a used RS4 from USA - need some advice on choosing...
  213. Zionsville, IN....
  214. Think I have one of the last RS4's
  215. Did used RS4s hit a bottom?
  216. Aftermarket exhausts and warranty question
  217. Warning! Buy new... CPO inspection doesn't mean s**t!
  218. Winter Wheels??
  219. How much does a respray run? I thought about taking off my Clearbra(TM)(R)(LLP)(OPP)
  220. Averaged 26.2mpg from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.
  221. outside temp gauge calibration?
  222. Bikini girl and a Porsche
  223. thottle plate angle. comments?
  224. MTM's RS4 Clubsport is for sale...
  225. Exhaust Option
  226. WTB: Milltek B7 RS4 Downpipes
  227. Look what World Champion Tom Boonen rides when he does ride a bike
  228. Pics from Watkins Glen....
  229. LarryF RS4 cab Build pics... thanks MTM & Stasis
  230. Winter wheels should have been long gone...
  231. DRC warranty?
  232. Revo Technik welcomes Best Foreign Cars of Severna Mark MD to our authorized dealer network.
  233. Now that RS4 is no longer made, would anyone consider the Saab Turbo X sedan, only comes in black!
  234. RS4 Cabs
  235. Reminder: RS4's at Bear Mountain Drive...
  236. NAV/CD changer question
  237. Before & after dynos of stock vs Milltek & Revo from KMD (long)
  238. April, YGM...extremely important.
  239. where to buy RS4 Euro steering wheel + airbag ?
  240. 17 y.o. Lottery Winner's first purchase....
  241. Milltek res/non-valved review after a twisty drive:
  242. Got a case of the Mod Bug again...what non-cheese options are there?
  243. Saw a few RS4s in the parking lot at the Greenwich Concours d ' Elegance this past weekend
  245. Pictures of my new mods: Alcon Brakes
  246. What gives?
  247. Perfect Father's Day Gift for the Auto Enthusiast
  248. Any RS4 owner in Montreal for F1 this weekend?
  249. Spotted: Imola RS4 on Manheim St, Chicago...U on here? Car sounded fantastic and love the color ;)
  250. Speaking of Dyno's: Here's my MTM exhaust dyno run