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  1. Can anyone recommend a good shop in L.A. area to install short shift kit?
  2. Now B6er's can play too with an RS4 look!
  3. So what happened to Dxben?
  4. RS4 Photo Gallery
  5. Hey daveak05, can you see the chassis flexing? ;-)
  6. I finally saw an RS4 2 days ago in Palo Alto...looked like a moro blue, which a friend tells me is
  7. Someone with Silver interior: What color are the floor carpets, black or charcoal/anthracite?
  8. squeaking sound coming from rear windows?
  9. Here are the pics of the new car...
  10. Gratuitous STaSIS World Challenge Touring Car pictures.
  11. Preferred oil poll...
  12. RS4 vs Segway
  13. RS4 versus Vespa
  14. for those that financed through Audi, what was your interest rate...
  15. Milltek Resonated
  16. Anyone with XM want to trade for Sirius?
  17. Wonder what the cost is on the Magnaflow exhaust.. might be a good deal. But I think the single oval
  18. Audi RS4 Avant promotional video. For some of us it is always about what we can't have.
  19. Audi RS4 Cabriolet promotional video.....
  20. s4 25th anniversary or rs4
  21. Anyone in need of the Carbon Fiber trim for just the ashtray?
  22. Found this VW 502.00 approved oils list but...
  24. Paging Bob W. Where can I get linked to P5 wheels, you seem to reccomend them alot and the site
  25. not sure if any of you are up on the A8 forum, thought some might like to see this....
  26. New pics of Lidatek System
  27. Sparkhill add another to the list...
  28. Audi Wheel Sale
  29. Could someone post some pics of the carbon trim???
  30. OT but saw an unbelievably slammed E60 M5 on the way to work today.
  31. Well, as if the M5 was already within price range of the RS 4...
  32. Any one want to trade their XM for my Sirius?
  33. I just received some info regarding the status of my car....
  34. Ping: Parikh1234 ----> Any word on the GB for those five spoke 18's?
  35. B7 RS4 vs. Ferrari Enzo
  36. Black optic pack, does anyone have it? Photos?
  37. New RS4 questions...
  38. RS4 vs Toyota Camry
  39. RS 4 vs. IS 350
  40. which lubro moly ? I used to use the silver one but seems like only this 2 is Audi approved...
  41. Thinking about purchasing RS4; questions..........
  42. Getting Lidatek laser jammer system added today...
  43. RS4 Used Oil Analysis (UOA) @ 1808 miles after break-in
  44. Camera system for those of us paranoid about damage done to car while we are away from it..
  45. Mugello Blue
  46. Anyone else read the Sept C&D RS4 Road Test?
  47. Overheating Issues with the 1156 DRL bulbs...
  48. Safe at home...
  49. S Button open the valve, does that means you have less back pressure? and...
  50. whoa...December Delivery??
  51. Bullrun Reports on RS4
  52. anyone here own the daytona gray (i think) RS4 parked on Blackburn Ave last night in LA?
  53. New S3 article...
  54. The Evo test that was discussed earler today w/ the top speed test
  55. Need opinions on cars
  56. An AudiWorld thread from YOUR FUTURE!!!! **spooky music** ---->
  57. Oil Consumption FUD Discussion Thread
  58. [SAT Aug 12th] Special event for SoCal, Tour of the NEW Audi Design Center in Santa Monica
  59. anyone know the width and offset of the oem 18" 5-spokers on euro (non-UK) RS4's?
  60. Know of any RS4's on the lot in SoCal?
  61. Waved at a new RS4 in Campbell CA yesterday...no one here I suppose..but just checking
  62. RS4 Does Bullrun
  63. RS4 Trip Report
  64. Track Wheels SSR Comp H
  65. RE: When it rains it pours...
  66. Hopefully, for you guys, the RS 6 DRC was the beta iteration...
  67. Finally, got the alu filler panel installed on Avus...plus a butt shot just for the hell of it...
  68. RS4 VIN List Update
  69. Just checked my oil after 2700 miles.
  70. If there's one thing I have to nitpick on the RS4 it's probably the seats...
  71. Oil preferences? (since we're going to be using a drop or two...) I found...
  72. I saw another Daytona Gray RS4 today leaving the DMV. Now that I think
  73. trim/Carbon/Brushed alum/Wood??
  74. Current oil consumption in the RS 4 is not an issue per AOA. I spoke with...
  75. Went to Staples -- some lazy sh*thead parked shopping cart right next to my car.
  76. Breaker, Breaker ! Calling CBS4 - this is rubber duck calling
  77. Can someone post a close up pix of your CF trim of the end caps on the dash?
  78. Saw this today and thought it was very interesting....
  79. Canadian RS4 lease take over - Avus Silver - Montreal, Quebec
  80. My RS4 Daytona - pics inside
  81. Could someone show me a pix of your front ashtray?
  82. So I got a chance to take an RS4 out for a spin...(long)
  83. S6 Avant LED tail lights
  84. For those waiting on black/brushed aluminium filler panel...
  85. RSfizzy...do you have a part number for those wheels. I should be able to get GB pricing today...
  87. <FS> RS4 Sprint Blue
  88. i think i want to buy an RS4.......
  89. P Targa 4 or RS4??
  90. Daytona with Huper Optik Pictures
  91. Run in with 5 guidos in a honda civic today!
  92. RS 4 - 3000 mile review
  93. For those of you that have owned P cars, are they built any better than Audi's in your opinion?
  94. whos sprint blue rs4 did i see playing around with a modded 350Z on the 405/101 freeways in LA
  95. Any final pricing on winter wheel group buy?...
  96. You guys have got to see this!
  97. OT: when trolls start fighting trolls, the world just becomes a better place :-D
  98. Will we ever see RS4 AVANT OR CAB in limited numbers?
  99. Anyone, anyone? Anyone want to admit to being in DesMoines, Iowa at Zooks Harley yesterday?
  100. Are the B7 S4 door mirrors the same as the RS4 door mirrors?
  101. got my production date!
  102. SR8TED....err, i mean HONER...you out there? -- let's hook up at waterwagens
  103. Anyone installed the short shifter from Stratmosphere?
  104. US Speedlimiter
  105. Changed my tag name to HONER... no longer SR8TED. My S4 is gone. So i needed a new name.
  106. Has anyone considered the CTS-V instead?
  107. Question to RS4 owners..Why are so many RS4's getting called into services?
  108. Anybody know what the final drive ratio is on the B7 RS4?
  109. Jackasses
  110. Audi care, did you buy it? how much did you pay? Dealer charging me $550
  111. Out of curiosity...who's going aftermarket for wheels on the RS4; I mean summer...
  112. Those of you who were interested in the Euro steering wheel GB ---> Now is the time
  113. Am I reading this correctly?!?
  114. Just got mine!
  115. 18 inch winter RS4 Wheel Group Buy
  116. Anyone thinking about taking the resonator off? I did that on my e39 540 before and
  117. Reached for second and the shifter came off. Kinda funny...
  118. Okay, who was this on the 5S through north county SD yesterday evening?
  119. McNish lapping Lime Rock
  120. Having a lapse here... what is the name of the online tire store?
  121. RS4 with 20" RS4 Wheels
  122. what is the maximum speed on each gears? I remember saw it from a website but couldn't find it now..
  123. somebody snap these : euro RS4 seats
  124. just got RS4 yesterday and
  125. This forum is the new black. It is the bee's fvcking knees. I love what you are all doing with it.
  126. Has anyone else considered replacing wheel bolts with a one piece custom bolt?
  127. Sorry I have to post this because it is just WAY TOO SEXY!!!
  128. Anyone got a Milltek on order/en route? If so, post a review ASAP :)
  129. RS4: The Next Generation - More Bling...Less Board...and we have the shots of it
  130. :::::: MirrorWorks Detail Grand Opening Specials - For WA State Folks::::::
  131. b6s4 vs b7rs4
  132. The RS4 Forum is the NEW AWOT... That's all I have to say.
  133. I hear some noise whenever I open the driver side door..sort of like some mechanical stuff operating
  134. Sad day.....
  135. Z06 vs. RS4
  136. Just got JD Power Survey w/ $1 -- wonder if Dxben got his.
  137. Still need someone to guide or clarify my ignorance.
  138. Who's getting up there yet in RS4 mileage? Anyone break the 5k mark yet?...
  139. I must have missed the first part when the 2nd came out months ago. Here is #1
  140. Try not to hold your breath as these idiots cut through traffic.WRX vs Oettinger RS4 B5
  141. Milltek Catback in stock!
  142. Porsche to use DSG-7
  143. Sparky - any new mods?
  144. coolant level, mine is right in between Max and Min mark, is it normal? which coolant I can use to ?
  145. Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself...
  146. Any RS4's for sale?
  147. Does anyone else think the A/C seems a bit underpowered?
  148. Rim question - anyone know of some cool looking 19 inch rims in black?
  149. need help over here yff's
  150. Nail in rear tire!!
  151. Euro Wheel
  152. checked pepboy and autozone, seems like they don't have 5W40 oil...mostly 5W30...any suggestion?
  153. Need Help...
  154. The car connection speeding excuses contest
  155. Smooth smoke/Rough smoke ECS Side Markers are available for the RS4
  156. PLENTY of RS4s in this years Bullrun. The photos. BWW
  157. And you thought Audi specified oil consumption was bad
  158. nice post on the e46 m3 forum =P
  159. I am having sooooooo much trouble getting answers from my dealer...
  160. do you have to activiate the XM or is on when you buy the car?
  161. anyone know where to get the titanium wheels for the RS4? Thinking of making them my
  162. Dxben appreciation
  163. DRL & City Light Write-Up
  164. Need your help...
  165. filler plate price check
  166. zOMG! OIL CONSUMPTION!!!!...
  167. dxben, ready to talk seriously about your recourse with AoA? If so...
  168. Parikh1234.. any pix of your blue with the blacked out plate holder??
  169. Pic request -- anyone with a silver interior w/ aluminum trim could please post a pic?
  170. roof rack to carry bike
  171. NE1 making a trip to Eagles camp at Lehigh U.?
  172. RS4 Haunted House, kind of corny.
  173. whats the weight and oil you put in your car? is only 200miles now and I want to buy some just
  174. Motorola Q
  175. Man i'm kind of disappointed. I kind of miss the drama from last nightb.
  176. *waves smoke away from face*
  177. RS 4 receives a pretty good review in C&D
  178. I feel so honored right now.....
  179. For all the RS4 owners experiencing problems with AoA, etc, I have one line of advice for you:
  180. Wow, I'm gone for a day and I come back and see what is probably the longest thread I've ever seen
  181. News on the supercharged RS4 Plus yet?Sparkhill, can you
  182. Sparkhill, I saw your RS4 at NNMC a few weeks back
  183. Add another Avus Silver to the Board
  184. dxben was right. I am a corporate shill for BMW. Here's my pimpin ride
  185. RS4 resale value-
  186. Wow! That was amazing. Who is the moderator here, who cut out some of last nights posts?
  187. You know Ben, Eric Fletcher could seriously help you.
  188. lemon > *
  189. 2.0 > 3.2
  190. 3.2 > S4
  191. S4>RS 4
  192. .
  193. isn't service and maint. included? my rep made me bought the free maint. thing....
  194. Just picked up my black RS4 =)
  195. New button conversion complete (sorta)
  196. I still really want an RS4 regardless of what has taken place tonight...
  197. ok, so we're going for pinks.
  198. lame.
  199. anybody have any high resolution (1920x1280) black rs4 pictures?
  200. New, improved, and still free...
  201. OK boys and girls, as entertaining as it's been, we need to let a certain someone cool off a bit.
  202. I gotta say that no intelligent engineer would buy a car in it's first model year.
  203. Question: RS4...what is the RPM at 70mph in 6th?
  204. dxben, my man, try this...
  205. How did he do that? (new RS4 video)
  206. I'm already starting to think about winter wheels.....
  207. about to pick up my RS4....need some moral support =) how is the RS4 vs M3? I drove the m3
  208. PSA: Europrice email accounts not functional...
  209. Floor Mats and car cover
  210. Q for dxben - did u ever hear from AoA, if so who?
  211. Parikh1234 - post up pics of your Spirit blue ;P with the all black filler
  212. LBI G2G 7/22/06 6-7pm
  213. due to time away from home, i've been lagging behind you kids for break-in...
  214. New RS4 Owner - Introducing my self
  215. Silver RS4 in Nicasio around 3 today...Nice!
  216. WoW.. nice RS4 video from Taiwan
  217. Saw a Black RS4 this past weekend parked at Lime Rock....
  218. where are you dxben? did AOA treat you right??
  219. RS4 or all A4 share same sidemarker with JETTA?
  220. I'm freaking out... gotta saw off the mufflers! Something!!!
  221. cracked cylinder heads - anybody heard of that happening on anyone's RS yet?...
  222. So, how long of a wait?
  223. Hardwiring a V1 in the RS4
  224. Kill Stories..come people fess up..I know this car is fast
  225. RS4 trip to Whistler...
  226. front filler plate...
  227. RS4 windshield
  228. Had FarnbacherLoles give the RS4 a slightly more aggressive alignment...
  229. It's finally on its way...
  230. Antenna on the roof. The antenna has changed effective with week 22 production or May 29th and later
  231. My RS4 should be here in 1-2 weeks...a few questions....
  232. How much dusting do the stock brake pads create?
  233. Well lookie here... I think I'll try these for my next set of tires
  234. tire pressure
  235. RS4 vs Subey
  236. Poor dxben...
  237. For those who have tracked their RS4, how did it hold up?
  238. Audi R10 vs Harrier Jet........
  239. Caliper
  240. My RS4 is back. SIKE!!! They found yet ANOTHER problem with it.
  241. for those that traded B7 S4 for RS4...whatd U get for a trade
  242. Couple of pics from our Waterfest booth...
  243. Question: What's the best published 0-60 time in the RS4? No anecdotal responses please.
  244. what is the best radar/laser jammer? Escort or Valentine 1?
  245. L.A. GTG @ The Stand (Encino/SFV) tomorrow night -- Tuesday, July 18th @ 7pm
  246. agains M5 AMG E55 on the freeway, what do you think?
  247. What's up with Daytona?
  248. A Midsummer Night's Audi GTG Boston Area August 8th
  249. RS4 oil: What is stated as factory fill in OM? This leaves...
  250. Does XM get better reception than Sirius?