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  1. Cabriolet instrument bezel vs sedan
  2. Installed Euro wheel last night, now traction control light is on
  3. For all those using Stasis SL...
  4. New Carbon Fiber Egine Bay Panel installed
  5. Snow guys, have you tried this...
  6. Important Info regarding DRC parts...
  7. Sometimes you just can't win. I was called in for an emergency at work in the middle of the night
  8. Wishlist for aftermarket RS4 accessories and parts - Ill go first
  9. New Clutch Pricing?
  10. coolest thing ever!
  11. Some fun from Daytona BWW
  12. New DRC part #
  13. Race Jack
  14. Without sounding like a complete dumb ass...
  15. a very happy young man is about to join our ranks (not counting dave in there of course).
  16. What can i expect from a bad DRC
  17. Saw a TT-S yesterday in the parking lot...not bad!
  18. Its starting to get cold
  19. B6 S4 Avant to RS4 upgrade
  20. There's a strange noise coming from the front end suspension when..
  21. Where does the RS4 hide an extra ~400lbs over my 2.0t A4 Avant?
  22. A couple of Snow tire questions...
  23. Dealer Called - new part number for DRC shocks. Not quite a recall, but alleged 'improvement'
  24. crappy dealers - what to do?
  25. Looking to purchase RS4 -- anyone selling?
  26. Happy New Year from GMG and Open house invite Jan 17 2009
  27. Stasis MS update for those of you with it installed
  28. Blue RS4 with Mass. Tags in Philadelphia last night...
  29. This RS4 Avant Exlusive was sold for $137 000 in Sweden
  30. do anyone know if the new B8 A4 headlights fits the RS4
  31. Goin back to visit the dealer Monday...
  32. What A Difference A Set of Snow Tires Makes
  33. New winter set up (wheels and tires)>>>>>
  34. More Morr VS8 Pictures
  35. Will I be able to turn of TPMS with a KEY-USB vag-com?
  36. Brake pads...
  37. Stern Control Arms
  38. Does anyone have a link for OEM Replacement parts? Specifically, a trunk lid?
  39. Hey weren't we supposed to be getting updated forum software? What hap to that?
  40. 'grats, Bob.
  41. First (I'm guessing) RS4 with C6 RS6 steering wheel!
  42. Can anyone post pics of euro silver interior?
  43. Anyone have the setting guide from Stasis for the MS
  44. Fricking Stellar...
  45. Excellent EVO mag write up on the B8 S4... 4.5 stars!
  46. those with JHM short shifter, did you use the four metal bushings? I didn't, was I supposed to?
  47. So tell me does this sound like our V8? or not?
  48. Say some unscrupulous RS4 owner wanted the latest nav dvd for free
  49. Sweet! Front Plate filler panel in today, as is the warranty rubber trim
  50. Well, I guess it's finally really here......
  51. need vag codes for TPMS and RoW setting
  52. What is the part number for the windshield wiper blades? Cant find it anywhere
  53. Paging McGyver: question for you...
  54. Buying a used RS4....
  55. Car was totalled yesterday. :(
  56. The Case of the Disappearing Steering Thunk
  57. DTH Carbon engine bay panel
  58. Euro RS4 interior came in today... official weights.
  59. Is there a way to reprogram how quattro system distributes the power?
  60. Speaking about replacing brake pads, dont you have to bleed the brake line etc?
  61. Pinging/knocking
  62. like it or not Porsche now owns VW, and thus Audi will lose it sports cars perhaps
  63. 2001 RS4 USA imported
  64. Snowy Drive + (big) pics
  65. need help with stainless brake line. ecs or goodridge ?
  66. Anyone know who won Record the Rush?
  67. anyone making the move from rs4 to s4 until the rs5 or new rs4 comes out?
  68. Adjustable Control arms all back in stock!
  69. all of you bitching about your RS4s breaking you better NEVER own or hope to own an exotic
  70. Paging John Stahmann
  71. forgot to mention...my plate holder bulb burnt out. this car sucks!
  72. Weird thing happened tonight.....
  73. Put your reply in the subject box and leave the message box for the overflow.
  74. What better to do on a muggy winter day than...dyno her! LOL
  75. Anyone had to replace a battery yet?
  76. For everyone with DRC issues, you need to check this thread out from the RS6 forum...
  77. Found 2 problems on car today...
  78. Did you know of this hidden Audi logo?
  79. 2nd DRC leak...200 miles after replacement
  80. Carbon build up
  81. In light of all the DRC discussions, I wonder if I should bother picking up the stock suspension
  82. H-Sport rear sway...
  83. was thinking about the DRC failures.....
  84. fack! Question regarding warranty coverage for corrosion
  85. 25k service: 2 problems found - both front shocks needs replacing & intake manifold
  86. WTF, 900 bucks to replace front brake pads (parts and labor)......
  87. Are most factory front tow hooks threads the same?
  88. Anyone know what the thickness of the front rotors are when new ?
  89. repost? video
  90. Review on the JHM "Improved" Short Shift Kit Upgrade
  91. What is the closest replacement steering wheel--->
  92. Happy New Year to all. Let's hope it's a "get on the right track" year.
  93. FIFTH WINDSHIELD?? WTF!! How many have YOU gone through?
  94. DRC repair
  95. Milltek on today. I love it. I love it. I love it.
  96. oem ride height question...
  97. Wheel shop says they are unable to match the RS4 stock silver wheel paint - any options?
  98. Co-worker got an S5 and it makes my RS4's V1 freak out... shows 6 to 7 radar signals...
  99. Anyone looking for a great RS4 at a great price? Big highline sale on 1/7!
  100. Hello all... last day to help put one of these in my garage!
  101. Trusted and very good detailer New Jersey needed
  102. Took a trip up to Stasis and JHM - MS and Solid shifter installed
  103. TTS steering wheel pics
  104. 420 horsepower vs Snow
  105. those with hotchkis swaybar......
  106. Look what happened to my windshield
  107. Nice rims, no audi fitment pattern methinks
  108. Merry (Late) Xmas to me, Stasis SL's go on tomorrow....
  109. :: ECS Tuning :: Annual ECS Tuning Holiday Sale and Holiday Give-A-Way :: Final Week !!!
  110. Another set of Dunlop 3D's that won't balance...
  111. Snow donuts in the RS4
  112. What's the best way to get rid of the balance/weight stickers off the wheel?
  113. Can anybody here please post pictures of your rear brakes, please? Also...
  114. Remember when I said no B8 RS4?
  115. Anyone at Glo Nightclub last night in Westbury, LI? 12/27
  116. Advanced Information on Renewable Lubricants Biosynthetic Oil (RLI Biosyn)
  117. great color!
  118. Christmas toy...
  119. Xpost, my winter set-up
  120. Someone backed into the RS4, of course no note :-( Has anyone bought a Euro bumper?
  121. Snow chains
  122. Finally picked up New RS4 in Vegas...and it snowed like mad
  123. I'm no photographer...having said that...
  124. Milltek non resonated valved DP awaiting my return from Florida. Audi dealer will not install.
  125. Semi-OT: So Modified Luxury & Exotics...no more eh?
  126. How bad would you say my DRC leak is?
  127. Another good aftermarket wheel for the RS4?
  128. I needed a "brake" from the holidays. . .
  129. Merry Chistmas Everybody
  130. merry christmas everybody!
  131. DRC?
  132. can anyone post a diagram of the underbody skid plates?
  133. Is that you on Jackson Ave in Yonkers...spotted at around 4pm...sprint blue
  134. I know someone on this board got new StaSIS brakes today... :-)
  135. OT: Favorite classic cars?
  136. Price check please
  137. I saw a phantom black RS4 at El Camino Real & Encinitas Blvd about an hour ago...
  138. Winter tires, wheels are on!
  139. Has anyone seen this error message when installing an XM receiver?
  140. Merry Christmas from a member of the RS6 board
  141. Took manifold off...here's my thought on "carbon" buildup
  142. VF RS4 supercharger
  143. Magnaflow kind of sucks...
  144. Suspension noise - what's normal, what's not?
  145. pictures of euro-tech's website
  146. Anyone in here live near New Orleans?.......
  147. 2nd DRC FAILURE this year!
  148. I can't sleep at night because I can't get these pictures out of my head
  149. NAV DVD will not eject.
  150. I give you...........DRC Koala
  151. First oil change:
  152. How to remove window trim pieces?
  153. We need something like the turbo lady for the DRC failures..... a troll maybe?
  154. clear bra and tints install
  155. Dashing through the snow...
  156. Oh yea ... Now I remember why I didn't buy an M3 !
  157. Daytona Review (LONNNG)
  158. Need to top up the oil but can't find 5w-40 - other recs
  159. Went in today to have my STaSIS SL's adjusted after 5K miles. They settled 3/4" all the way around.
  160. Collector cars of the future? - Not sure how the S5 makes this list instead of RS4
  161. Anyone have a pic of Sprint Blue with black wheels? Not Ti...
  162. Need new tires - summer tires only. What are you guys using other than the PS2s or the Pzero Rosso
  163. Some updated photos..
  164. Office debate... opinions needed. Which would be a more capable snow vehicle:
  165. Ok, which coil over kit? Help me decide, money aside. KW V3 or stasis MS? just cant take DRC. sucks!
  166. Ever seen this early quattro video??
  167. RS4 dolphin grey on buford high way, I was in the black S5. Nice car!
  168. Speed not as dangerous as propaganda suggests
  169. TPMS deactivated
  170. DRC problem - questions...
  171. TPMS Information
  172. For those with Euro steering wheel
  173. Which tires?
  174. Lakeshore Wheel and Tire
  175. :: ECS Tuning :: Annual ECS Tuning Holiday Sale and Holiday Give-A-Way :: Only 2 More Weeks !!!
  176. Tire pressures for P-0's... drivers side door sticker suggests 41psi all around....
  177. Limited qty of Hartmann RS6 - 172 wheels in 18x7.5" ET20 winter fitment just arrived, on sale!
  178. VF Engineering RS4 supercharger project is being fast tracked...
  179. Question on Euro RS6 steering wheel vs Euro RS4
  180. Platinum interior pics?
  181. RS4 Throttle Body is the exact same part as a C6 Corvette Z06
  182. Need dealership service advise in New Jersey
  183. Sub mod done tomorrow...
  184. Any OEM Audi steering wheels that fit other than the Euro RS4 wheel?
  185. Have to mount the snows tonight:is the RS4 wheel bolt size the same as B5?
  186. Tis The Season. Revo Technik's Holiday Sale Has Begun.
  187. Question about Golf Tee Mod (pinging ELEVENS)
  188. Anyone else experience horrible service at their dealer?
  189. New snow tires/wheels
  190. Anyone know the part # for front pads, genuineaudi does list the RS4
  191. To revisit an ongoing topic....V1 or 8500 X50...OR go with newer GPS tech...
  192. At Daytona this past weekend, they had the RS4 DTM car there...
  193. European Car Magazine - Feb 09 issue has MTM RS4 and RS6 coverage
  194. Detailer's Domain Buy More Save More Sale
  195. what does it mean when you feel like you're driving over a gravel road when the wheel is maximally
  196. B pillar black outside trim piece.. how is it held on?
  197. Stasis SLs went on Saturday...
  198. are these compatible with our front end?
  199. 2 incredibly annoying RS4 issues to get to the bottom of...
  200. How much have people paid for OEM 19" titanium rims/wheels?
  201. Winter + lazy people = anger
  202. Boeing soon to need your bailout money!!
  203. Buyers Beware...Vendor Warning! Very Longish...
  204. has anyone set their MPH alarm? If so, what speed?
  205. Anyone know what the most recent 07 manheim numbers are? (sedan only)
  206. Anyone need some DRC shocks?
  207. Pricing question
  208. A wheel question or two
  209. Tranny Fluid Change
  210. adjusting DRL
  211. Going up to Norcal and Infineon to have my JHM Shifter and Stasis MS installed
  212. on that note: what rims do you all like for snows? I need 'em!
  213. so i learned today that 12,000 miles on P'0's and snow is a bad bad bad thing....
  214. VIR pics
  215. Alright everybody, it's time to VOTE so I can get that RS4 and join your club!
  216. Wow this sucks
  217. those of you with after market seats, what are you doing for the airbag light?
  218. Taking One more shot: Black RS4 on Rte 66 in Middletown 12/11/08.
  219. Picking up my new 2008 RS4 in Vegas next week
  220. brake pad sensors
  221. windsheild icon on display
  222. How long of free Sirius do we have?
  223. Anyone know a decent mechanic in Arlington, VA...need a brake job.
  224. RS4 Saved me a couple of nights back..
  225. Anyone here gone airborne or nearly so with their car?
  226. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the rear wing in this link
  227. Okay, so now I'm seriously thinking about these wheels. Good for the RS4?
  228. For Sale: Used Milltek system. RES, No Valve catback system
  229. Preventing FSI valve deposits with fuel additive and oil
  230. Europrice - Double Sale! Holiday Specials and Currency Exchange Sale Combined...
  231. Do I need a front wheel allignment after front DRC replacement?
  232. Any way to remove the front grill ?
  233. NY Metro RS4 Drivers
  234. Stasis MS
  235. A sneak peek of something we've been working on...
  236. All season tires???
  237. Nay-sayers aside, I am one step closer to possessing an RS4...
  238. Are you the one drivin on the sprainbrook p'way with custom NY plate "RSKITALL"?
  239. Anyone consider Hartmann RS6 replicas. Can be had in 19x8.5" with ET 25.
  240. Winter wheels have been on for a couple of weeks...
  241. Looking to buy a used RS-4 and need some advice
  242. Pray to get this in the U.S.A..... Q7 V12 TDI...500HP/1000NM monstaaa!!!
  243. who filed this complain
  244. New (used) RS4 owner
  245. Looking for Team Imola.... Here is a link of what I believe is the original owner of your car
  246. Last Call - Stern Adjustable arm Preorder Sale!
  247. Has anyone else only had 1 side replaced for DRC issues? Dealer ordered parts for front right...
  248. Bilstein PSS10's for the RS4.... are they available and how good could they be?
  249. I've searched...HomeLink
  250. I Drive Slow Because I Can Drive Fast