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  1. Guys, I need you help, its tire time.
  2. 2007 RS-4 brakes failed, caused crash
  3. My wife took the new RS4 out for the first time tonight
  4. Already STFA, maybe someone can help..Winter floormats!
  5. Anyone in the DC area have the Milltek , GMG or Tubi exhaust installed?
  6. Stratmosphere Year End Savings on Milltek Exhausts, save up to $200
  7. AMSOIL European Car Formula
  8. I need a price on 4 new / original rs4 wheels shipped to sydney australia please
  9. Mugello Blue RS4 on rt110 in Farmingdale anyone here? I was on the other side of the road in my RS4.
  10. Anyone have specific info on the clutch vacuum assist hose on early VIN RS4's?
  11. New strategy for RS Models
  12. :: ECS Tuning 3rd Annual Holiday Give-A-Way :: Enter to Win a Free ECS Gift Card !!!
  13. :: ECS Tuning Annual Holiday Sale :: Save on 600+ items across the site !!!
  14. Hey guys I need a favor. I'm having an argument with someone that thinks the S5 V8 is a "detuned"...
  15. Anyone have this problem?
  16. RS4 3M or StonGaurd in Washington DC?
  17. seat belt warning light - randomly turned on last night during 4 hour drive...wtf
  18. just hit 20k...brakes sqealing a bit...recs on pads??
  19. Curious how many miles on vehicle when you picked it up
  20. Picked up my RS4 yesterday!
  21. Ahhhh, Laguna. Who wants to go play?
  22. Has anybody put in 10 qts of oil?
  23. Best place to buy OEM Wheel for Spare (with Tire)
  24. I bought my new RS4 today... thanks for the help along the way
  25. NE1 know the stock bolt length for RS4 wheel bolts? I think 29mm, but not sure. TIA
  26. Spotted: Grey RS4 in an Icon Parking garage on 42nd & 9th in Manhattan.
  27. %^#(&#$#q!(# TYRE PRESSURE ALARM!!!
  28. so whats a 2007 MugBlue w/ under 4K miles worth? tia
  30. Part 3 ------ RS4 Bank robbers caught !!!!!
  31. Anyone see Hitman? Drives an RS4 Cabrio, S5 and a glimpse of R8..
  32. easy S4/RS4 headrest mod for added comfort
  33. My breif RS4 story..*clears throat*...
  34. Paying MSRP for 2008 RS4?
  35. DC Metro area
  36. Oh this is soooooooooooooo funny
  37. What do you all think of this......
  38. 380 upgrade for the RS
  39. LG Voyager (verizon) and Bluetooth....does it work?
  40. Question About the Stasis Ohlins Setup
  41. It's final decision time -- RS4 vs. 996tt vs. 997S
  42. Interesting! Glut Orange...
  43. Headrest Mod info enclosed to all that contacted me.
  44. A disaster averted
  45. Does the RS4 MMI support SDHC spec SD cards (High Capacity SD)?
  46. anyone make the blind spot rear view mirrors for our car?
  47. Clunk coming from front struts - DRC?
  48. RS4 Brakes?!
  49. I'm very close to pulling the trigger........
  50. putting deposit in tomorrow for sprint blue. what is most $ anyone has gotten off MSRP? ?
  51. Anyone in Chappaqua, NY trade in your black w/piano black RS4??, Cuz
  52. Milltek review in the December Automobile Magazine...
  53. Is the owner of this ebay listing a forum member?
  54. Havabooz: Saw you parked on 8th this Sunday. Lookin' mean.
  55. Tubi exhaust on...
  56. Racing harness options?
  57. Should I get extended aftermarke warrany over existing 4yr/50k mi??...
  58. does anyone know if S5/R8 LED headlights can be put in rs4 ?
  59. Already modding (!), but...
  60. Tire Load Ratings
  61. Front Engine Splash Shield?
  62. Fluffhead, where do you get your euro wheel?
  63. It looks like I was right all along. The return of the V6 TT in the next B8 S4...
  64. New Rides...
  65. The numbers are in...
  66. Question -There is a connection for phones in the folding console area
  67. Just put the snows on - 18" Hartmann RS4 reps with D3's
  68. RS4 Bluetooth problems with LG VX 9900 EnV....
  69. Audi club Online Magazine From Australia.
  70. I need an oil change. What oil do you recommend for the RS4?
  71. For those considering jumping ship to a p-car, hold on to your horses (RS4) for now...
  72. a bit embarrassing...
  73. Should I go with 275/30/19 or 275/35/19?
  74. Ragtop question:
  75. New member, pics of new RS4...
  76. Quick update on my trimming and cutting my car doors to save weight...
  77. NOOB questions (well not even NOOB) joining the club and putting down deposit next week
  78. RS4 Audio Overhaul.... Finished Finally
  79. how do i put itunes on to sd card so that it will play in car
  80. Another spare tire question
  81. so manhattan audi has a red RS4 and yellow coming in - they treated me very well in service today so
  82. Mirror whistle... anyone?
  83. GMG LA Auto SHow Rs4 Specials!!!
  84. RS4 Registry Update: 1778 sedans, 171 cabriolets
  85. What are the best all seasons for winter?
  86. Wheels
  87. What is the best way to bypass the RS4 brake pad wear (sorry) sensors?
  88. Pzeros off continental sport contact 3+ on yummy
  89. According to the R8 forum, MTM has some major upgrades for our engine
  90. Changing P zeros today after 27,000klms first set, getting more pzeros
  91. WOT WOT just hit 40 K today , love the car as much as when got it a year ago!!!!
  92. MOV'IT Full Ceramic Brakes.
  93. If only it was that easy! LOL...
  94. She's finally here! Picking up tomorrow at 4.... Pics enclosed.
  95. Where is Greg/gtc?!?! Dude, you gotta read this.
  96. took the 750i in for service today....got a loaner story.
  97. Who was the d!ckhead with the white RS4 on 3A last night from Hingham to Quincy?
  98. oil temp question
  99. Sydney Lamp Post 1 - M5 V10 nil
  100. Anyone know where to find the full lineup of every wheel Audi has recently offered?
  101. Winter wheel fitment question- any thoughts to share?
  102. Saw an RS4 cab at local dealer today. Not bad but sure ain't worth $86k IMO.
  103. Stolen @ Gunpoint RS4 used in bank robbery
  104. tyre pressure for standard spec 255/35x19 p zero's
  105. Why is the B7 RS4 So Heavy? What Do You Do to Reduce Weight?
  106. Is the torque spec for the wheels like the others 89 ft-lbs?
  107. EPL Dyno Day Dec 8th : Spots are filling up fast!!! - 2 Spots left.
  108. One sick S5!!!
  109. What's the verdict on the tire mobility system?
  110. How much are you guys paying for 100 octane unleaded race fuel out of the pump???
  111. [email protected]: Regarding the new STaSIS SL Ohlins Kit....
  112. Picked up this Bad Boy last week
  113. MTM supercharger info and WAITLIST !!!!!
  114. headrest adjustment mod
  115. Saw a white R8 on the way back from lunch today. Ironic, I've yet to see an RS4 on the road in this
  116. I've decided that in 3 years I will buy an R8.
  117. Dension GW-100
  118. Right headlight dipped??? WTF?!?!?!?!?
  119. Gunmen Hijack RS4 in Sydney
  120. Paging RIRS4
  121. TPMS with new winter wheels-question
  122. New family cruiser SUV ride... recomended forums?
  123. Curiousity from RS4 owners. Any regrets since you all have some "miles under your belts"?
  124. Calling RI_RS4 (again)!
  125. Beverage Holders in US RS4
  126. Strange click/clunk noise when i full lock steering?
  127. You won't poop on this IS-F vs RS4 test.....
  128. Pesky rattle in the console DIY fix
  129. Sold my RS4...
  130. Cab red color top FTL
  131. Sykos Dyno Plot link
  132. Questions on track tires
  133. EPC and MIL codes
  134. Hey guys, I just set up a new email address for suggestions and comments
  135. Best Mod I ever did to the RS4 in terms of comfort...
  136. new brakes pads and rotors back on the car
  137. 2006 RS4 Oil Filter
  138. wanted -- rs4
  139. A HUGE thankyou to PAUL MILLER AUDI!!!!!!!!!!!
  140. Why the hell is it so hard to find a good gas station with air.....(somewhat long rant)
  141. RS4 w/ Smoked Tails at Taco Bell on the Berlin Tpke You Here?
  142. Shell v power racing 100 ron woohoo
  143. Part number help for XM conversion on 08 with Nav
  144. Thanks ELEVENS...your V1 installation info worked perfect and fast
  145. Slow day... Anyone want to comment a winter Wheel option
  146. techart wheels on rs4 b7
  147. How wide are the RS4 exhaust tips?
  148. ISF vs M3 vs RS4.........
  149. Just passed the 20k mark. Where is everyone else at?
  150. paging firewired....were you at Rivercenter mall today?
  151. Finally, all the work is done....
  152. S5 rear quarters - not for me...
  153. Car takes SOOOOOO long to start.
  154. Headlight Aiming
  155. 'tis the season.......
  156. HELP needed please...Euro Recaro Seat VAG Coding
  157. RS5 to get V10?
  158. broken mirror
  159. smoked an e46 m3
  160. ReconTrojan: Where is your RS4?
  161. so anyone blow a rim? how long did it take dealer to replace it?
  162. Anyone know this car?
  163. RS4 0 NYC pot hole 1 :( rim warranty was a damn good buy i guess
  164. oil temp?
  165. Any one looking for a new Imola RS4 for invoice? Look inside.
  166. Track day ?
  167. Sneak peek at what is coming soon from STaSIS!
  168. Yeah, I know, I've been MIA for a while (flame suit on) - Anyways... Winter tire question
  169. Before someone else gives away their RS4 on trade.....
  170. Just got the new MT in the mail, RS,M3, C63 comparison.
  171. Street racing is bad, but last night I killed a...
  172. to winter tire or not.....
  173. Break-in period?
  174. Does anybody have hearing issues with their Bluetooth with the Iphone?
  175. Need for Speed™ ProStreet
  176. Why are so many selling their RS4's? If you have, I am curious why
  177. Ultimate Pedals
  178. C&D vs. New M3 and C63
  179. Warning...RS4 Avant pics inside...
  180. Is TPMS worth the cost on winter setup?
  181. Brought my new car home on Monday evening
  182. EPL's : One last hurrah before the holidays: Dyno Day-GTG DEC 8th 9am-5pm
  183. iPod integration
  184. I can't believe the number of people who are light in the loafers and need a auto tranny
  185. Slightly OT but worth the read and it's about the B8 S4...
  186. I have had almost a dozen emails from you all..a question/help
  187. Calling RI RS4!
  188. Well someone is going to get a great deal on a RS4...
  189. Ok, at least I have an ETA now -> Jan 28th.......
  190. 1st week with the new cab...
  191. Now I have to check three AudiWorld forums!
  192. Clutch Hose Issue in A3 - Anyone hear of it outside the RS4?
  193. Just drove a papaya orance rs4 with the milltek full exhaust system....
  194. RS4 Delivery in Germany
  195. "BMW shares fall on weak results " Hmm..
  196. Calling all with Stasis/ohlins...
  197. Watched RS4 at a track event last weekend. Car does GREAT stock. That is it.
  198. so Reggie....no pics from the road trip? WTF?!?
  199. I'm back!!
  200. Carbon Fiber engine covers yellowing??
  201. Saw Sprint Blue...
  202. Pics of the new cabriolet.
  203. Anyone have a Sprint Blue RS4 in for service at Paul Miller in NJ today?
  204. Reminder: San Diego GTG Tonight!
  205. Just bought an RS4 Cabriolet
  207. Post Miltek Dyno results
  208. Top gear RS4 vs. Mountain Climber vid. ... I never saw this so I'm going to post.
  209. RS4 Car Cover?
  210. Last chance to order the RS4
  211. Best video, best cars yummy
  212. The Train finally arrived and transport truck made it to Dealer
  213. So how many of you with new Cab's can not eject your DVD out of the Nav?
  214. 2007 RS4 Winter set
  215. Cayman won. No RS4 for me, at least not for few years.
  216. RS4 or S6
  217. Flat bottom steering wheel coding
  218. Seriously considering Ti package now...
  219. Tinting windows on Daytona Grey
  220. Some observations on removal of intake flap
  221. Quick clip of Tubi on an RS4
  222. IT'S HERE! Will be picking up Sprint/Silver cab tomorrow AM. Pics to come!
  223. RS4s on Ohlins/Stasis Coilovers Pics
  224. so im selling off my a4.. and was looking at the new rs4.. but i've been told
  225. Has anyone rented an RS4 or an S8 in Germany?
  227. Hypersilver rims...
  228. 2008 RS4 Cab....
  229. damn all this Halloween candy!
  230. Just realized I never shared these photos from a long drive...
  231. December issue of Motor Trend did the same exact comparo as C&D and yielded... the same result.
  232. Is that not Kimbo's/Liam's Rim on this R8? SEMA Show, I think?.......
  233. 08 Black Optics/Ti package so nice...
  234. Holy Sh!t; Pagani sets new 'Ring record.Eclipsing the Porsche's unofficial record by almost 4sec...
  235. FYI; We are going to have some nice cars in New Orleans this weekend.....
  236. Okay, I dynoed with the intake flap out: +7-9hp gains, inconclusive.
  237. Is there life after Porsche?
  238. Production end date
  239. This weeks Auto Week says 2009 for new RS4.
  240. Got the winter wheels on today
  241. News Bulletin.....Better not drive in Massachusetts with your Milltek!!!!
  243. RS4 Cabriolet telephone
  244. Sydney RS4 oil change = $512 O.O
  245. Doing some videos...need some suggestions
  246. Great signature from Rennteam board...R8 content
  247. Anyone going to the Nov 18th half day at California Speedway? I am going in the afternoon &
  248. Raindrops keep falling on my head....
  249. IPOD integration sucks
  250. 08 RS4 on the way..