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  1. Whenever I turn my car on.....
  2. Thanks for the help Guys - I just sent in my order for a Daytona Gray 2008 RS4.
  3. service reminder
  4. Ironic MPG update, FWIW: During a jaunt to Newport for a wedding last
  5. Dyno of R8 vs. RS4...
  6. One year mark
  7. x-post: R8 Registry
  8. Black RS4 in Hillsdale NJ tonight?
  9. Damn auxillary fan stuck on today.....
  10. The guys from the A5/S5 boards seem to have missed the point - have you guys noticed that
  11. Potential RS4 buyer
  12. My cars misfire problems are finally fixed (fingers crossed)...........
  13. mugello blue rs4 on rt 17 in paramus between 3 or 4 oclock, exhaust u here?
  14. So while APR has snubbed RS4 engine mods, they have an R8 on order
  15. RS4 Custom Floor Mats (received, pics inside)
  16. RS4 Registry Update: 1514 and counting
  17. For those with a V-1 radar detector
  18. What tire pressure are you guys running ?
  19. OK so I'm ordering oil tomorrow, should I just pick up what's left of the Motul E-Tech 3000?
  20. iPhone tip
  21. So I finally got pulled over in the RS4 yesterday...
  22. what happened to the brakes here?
  23. New M3 vs. RS4 Cab review
  24. The reviews of the new M3 are in:
  25. So last weekend was the first time I heard an RS 4 from the outside...
  26. Will Audi ever fix their frikcen Bluetooth problem? (frustration thread)
  27. Tail of the Little Red Dragon. The following is a fictional account all appropriate disclaimers.....
  28. 335i faster around VIR than the RS4!!! wow! what do you
  29. Thanks for the input on my situation - Conclusions:
  30. Paired my iPhone the other day and it worked fine, but the next day it did not. The iPhone "sees"
  31. 10,000 miles and counting!
  32. new Safari friendly link for genuineaudiparts.com
  33. Decisions, decisions ...
  34. 2 weeks into owning RS4 and car is already in shop
  35. Just grabbed an A3 for the wifey..next up..Stasis +/- Milltek
  36. Stasis owners: How much have you dropped your car?
  37. Newb question on Maintenance:
  38. US Battle Fleet Arrives in Sydney Australia
  39. Keyed and rock chipped on Sprint Blue...
  40. On-going wear test data for Renewable Lubricants Custom RS4 Oil
  41. Installed: Milltek non-res/valved cat-back exhaust with Dyno
  42. Quick Poll for everyone - how much will a 2008 RS4 be worth in 2010
  43. OT: bimmer won't start, so guess what they gave me for a loaner?
  44. All RS4 pals (Freaky Bob)...picked up a black/black 3.2 6sp TT yesterday...
  45. RS4 Registry Update: 1479 listed
  46. Edmunds "reviews" the RS4 Cabriolet
  47. Ticket for no front plate
  48. RS4 Plugs after 25K miles
  49. New M3 driven
  50. Help... please talk me out of buying one... must resist...
  51. C63: still no manual transmission but still pretty impressive...
  52. OT: What sunglasses are you using this summer?
  53. Just picked up Black Optic Grille
  54. Annoying center console squeaking. Anyone else have it?
  55. Silver RS4 in San Diego... on Carmel Valley Tuesday evening... you here?
  56. Was looking into 18" RS4 wheels (OEM) as a winter setup...(edit)
  57. DMS Software Update
  58. Is the I Pod integration worth it?
  59. Der Kimbo, was looking at pics in your sig and it reminded me of something I looked into a while bac
  60. Serious question here.... anyone lease??
  61. newbie mp3 download/SD question
  62. Near touchless car wash at home. Once you try it, you'll never go back!!
  63. Stratmosphere shifter
  64. Spoke with GMG about their exhaust, here are my findings (info on tips).
  65. OT: Sykotoy, I thought of you when I saw this ad campaign from down under
  66. AWOT now has a motorcycle board (cross post)
  67. lol, the link above to the rs4 forum takes me to rs4 pricing.....
  68. More Calabogie. This time in traffic and following my...
  69. Ok, pretty close to buying the Milltek, but I'm thinking of trying something a little different...
  70. Debadged Sprint Blue RS4 in San Fran. yesterday morning.
  71. Source for Euro-only parts in the USA? Where are you guys buying your Euro wheels, seats, etc?
  72. Video clip from last weekend's ACNA/BMW Club track event at Calabogie...
  73. My RS4 and I just beat a Jag XKR and a GT500 in a race...
  74. RS4 Tint & Clearbra installed
  75. How about a group buy on stock rims?
  76. Milltek Full Valved System 0-60 Clips Courtesy of Futrell Autowerks
  77. One of the worst feelings in the world...
  78. Can you use the ipod function from iphone through pairing?
  79. 1 audi car to own them all , paging 343bhp
  80. New RS4 (B7) Wheels/Tires for Track Use??
  81. RS4 Daytona (FL Plates) w/ cargo basket in Union Square yesterday
  82. Finally some pics...
  83. So now that the August issue of C&D is out, how many days should we give it before...
  84. Like to order exhaust in next day or so, consensus on "best" (sound/performance/quality) system?
  85. what's new for '08?
  86. One of those times you wish you had your car (Tibet, June 9)
  87. Oil question for RI RS4
  88. Just installed new Neuspeed Rear Sway Bar.
  89. PAGING Evil Buddha
  90. RS4 action shots in the wet
  91. Bob W, turns out you're right about the iPhone unpairing issue...
  92. Is anyone else going to Mid-Ohio this weekend?
  93. 07 rs4 "deals"
  94. Where am i ????
  95. Picked up My RS4 today...
  96. Pic showing H/R drop ..........
  97. Thinking of selling my RS4...
  98. Nice RS4
  99. Why was my Cayman S post deleted?
  100. Finished video in motion coding, Creative Zen M hookup...
  101. FYI: iPhone does indeed pair with the RS4.
  102. Stasis suspension now on... sway bars and camber arms added today
  103. Edited for all - I love you guys and wish I could have joined you with the purchase of
  104. Anyone get their iPhone to sync with the RS4 yet?
  105. Daytona Gray RS4, San Francisco, 101S around 11AM this morning. Anyone here?
  106. Man suing to raise speed limits, says states are just trying to cash in
  107. Phantom Black in Brooklyn Heights just now. anyone here?
  108. NAVTEQ 2007 Navigation Plus Update Disc
  109. RS4 Chip news. This email just in !........
  110. Latest lidar jammer and radar detector tests
  111. A lot of heat generating from under the steering column....anyone else?
  112. Warning to anyone with non-stock light bulbs...
  113. Winter wheels question
  114. Now here is a stock VW that could kill the RS4 if and only if they made some. Sh!t, now I want....
  115. DD's Huge July 4th special!
  116. Got my RS4 1:18 model
  117. whos sprint blue RS4 in NYC tonight parked on 26th street and 8th or 9th ave at about 9 PM?
  118. Another go at the Cayman S
  119. License plate suggestions... obviously this is Aussie slang... crikey
  120. Track Day video No Music / Only engine
  121. Hey guys, quick question on interior panel removal.. not sure if this is A4/S4 xpost-able
  122. full milltek dyno - Paging Honer again- scary PIC
  123. Who here is going to the SOCAL EURO Fest. at Qualcomm in SD?
  124. Possible RS4 $25,000 engine rebuild
  125. So tell me if you think I am out of line on car purchase - this is what I want to do
  126. rs4 ecu
  127. C&D tests RS4 & R8 against other cars at VIR...
  128. Paging Honer
  129. RS4 Track Day Movie
  130. Video taken two weeks ago.
  131. Picked up a used 2007 RS4 today with 3250 miles
  132. Cancelled my order for the 08 Cabriolet
  133. Rolling start: Audi RS4 Avant vs MB ML63 AMG
  134. Here's my next tire and you?
  135. Nav Freaking out, constantly rebooting
  136. Question: Found a nail in a tire....
  137. I just noticed a very odd problem a few days ago...
  138. Headlight Assembly Pics?
  139. I was out running today in the woods when an RS4 passed by me...
  140. Car Repaired - Before/After Shots
  141. The new shoes, Potenza RE-01R 275/30 ZR 19's FIT! All I can say is WOW! How do they mix the......
  142. hey Der Kimbo....regarding your wheel designs.....
  143. Imola Yellow RS4 seen in Dallas Sunday
  144. RS6 content. . . will eat M5s and E63 AMGs for lunch
  145. Curious: In keeping with Evil Buddha's 'fictional story' conceit, I wonder
  146. Short Shift Kit Recommendations?
  147. OK, I am back with the same type of question. RS4 vs 997?
  148. Here's my new camera mounting position. Credit goes to Ubercar for the idea but I had to modify...
  149. Picking up my new RS4 on Saturday...
  150. rs4 supercharger is available, as per OT.
  151. Exhaust haze under hard acceleration?
  152. Just Posted my RS4 in Classifieds
  153. ASR or EDL on the track
  154. What's the age of all you RS4 owners?
  155. Anyone know of NEW 07 RS4's out there and what dealers may be discounting on them.
  156. X-post...Nice little surprise came today...
  157. WTF? 6,220 miles Daytona RS4 for $77999
  158. anyone know if the iPhone will pair up with our RS4's bluetooth?
  159. R8 next to RS4
  160. Anybody else going to LRP for the ALMS race on 7/6 and 7 under the Audi MS Hospitality offer?
  161. RS4 has color envy, RS4 meets some real RS's
  162. Does someone have an orange RS4 in the Northeast?
  163. Audi Announces 2008 RS4 Cabriolet Pricing and Equipment
  164. Anybody know if the WPX option still includes the CD Changer
  165. I want
  166. I know that for the first 1500 miles, you arent supposed to drive over 4000rpm.
  167. Got my RS4 this past Friday
  168. Picked up my RS4 yeseterday and there is a really bad rattle consistently
  169. x-post: For those wondering about the benefits of adding downpipes...
  170. RS4 Cabriolet pricing is $81,900
  171. Something is wrong! The time is too slow. R8 time at the "Ring"...
  172. 4TH Annual S4/RS BBQ & Road Rally
  173. Poll for track junkies...Magnesium or aluminium?
  174. So what are we using for oil these days?
  175. really unhappy with my magnaflo...
  176. Interesting and probably independent DYNO of RS4 vs R8...
  177. Performance seems to suffer when its...
  178. Quick advice/pics needed please. Sunroof: glass or solar...and don't say
  179. Stasis Install on B7 RS4 at Penske Audi
  180. Saw Andy Immel in his Sprint Blue at a gas station in Campbell CA yesterday..
  181. Cheers to McGyver and NorCal Audi Club!
  182. Ordered my RS4 Cabriolet today. Thanks everyone for your input.
  183. Resetting service interval...
  184. White RS4 on 85N near 101 this morning . . .
  185. Saw a Daytona grey RS4 in seattle today w/ Der Kimbo's rims...
  186. Wow Chris! your MTM clubsport article made the Audi email news letter thats gotta be a first!
  187. Mom, please call uncle Wolfgang and ask him to steal me a clubsort. I need it.
  188. There's nothing quite as exhilerating than dropping it down to 3rd on the freeway...
  189. I had my cracked rim fixed and plan to use it as a garage kept spare. Is anyone........
  190. Ok, so I just put a bare stock RS4 rim on a digital scale and it came in @.........
  191. "The new tires are here! The new tires are here!" All I can say is Holy Sh!t, they..........
  192. OMG I want this car soooo bad! Tiff driving the GT3 RS and Cup car...
  193. Are the Power Steering Fluid and Oil Level Dipsticks accurate when the car
  194. Where to find list/pictures of Audi Exclusive colors?
  195. I received only one slightly positive response after emailing all the main US Audi tuners about a...
  196. Well, I did it, I ordered my car
  197. request.. show me pics of your modded RS4.thanks
  198. question about exhaust...
  199. New to forum...looking to buy new '07 RS4...what should I look to
  200. Its official paris hilton is somebodys bitch...
  201. Bumps on RS4 leather seat surface
  202. Avus Silver RS4 in Rockville Center NY. Anyone here?
  203. Brakes got very loud very fast.
  204. does anybody have pictures of the titanium option that is offered?
  205. Anyone seen the '08 optional floor mats?
  206. Anyone running Hoosier R6 Slicks for track days?
  207. Lifetime air filter according to the Bentley service manual
  208. Car alarm SUX! Any replacement sirens available?
  209. Drove an RS4 today and it was amazing. I
  210. Supercar Test
  211. Improved breathing and coilovers..?
  212. HSport RS4 35mm and 29mm Swaybar photos and review...
  213. If you could have any color RS4, what would it be?
  214. RS4 Sedan production rumors clarified
  215. X-post from B6S4 - just got back from Italy and saw Arctic White RS4 Avant on Autostrada.
  216. new rs4 fuel consumption
  217. Minor update: 2,100 miles and I am still in the top third of the dipstick
  218. Decent RS6 pics
  219. RS4 Registry Update: here come the '08's
  220. Question regarding wheel fitment (HRE)
  221. [REMINDER] Tomorrow, TUE June 19 -- L.A. GTG @ The Stand in Encino (SFV)
  222. who does your oil change?
  223. Pol(e) part 2. Info pleease
  224. Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pad Update
  225. Cross-Post: Anyone have a good body shop in NJ or NYC?
  226. We will have an R8 on display at the Palo Alto Concours D'Elegance next Sunday June 24th. For more
  227. Question for anyone with P-Zero's
  228. A few of my Le Mans pictures
  229. And the final spec will be...
  230. Why are they bringing the RS4 Cab, but not the RS4 Avant?
  231. The following is a fictional story: 12.98 ΒΌ mile Turbo charged 350Z gets double spanked......
  232. R 10 TDI one more time win Le Mans
  233. Happy Father's Day, fellas!
  234. Opinions needed on pros/cons between an 08 RS4 Cabriolet or the S6.
  235. Amphibious assault
  236. And then there were four! So I woke up this morning confident in the knowledge that.........
  237. Valentine 1 Hardwire (2007 RS4)
  238. ELEVENS, hows the airbox mod working?
  239. Paging absoluteis: Please email me. Thanks!
  240. Is this a fair deal
  241. Bye, Bye RS4
  242. XPost ...sorry for intruding in your forum with non RS4 stuff but I need some advise.....(more)
  243. We put the car up on a lift today, 275/30/19's are a go! I should have them on by next.........
  244. Hrmmm...Half my '08 order didn't get approved...
  245. [L.A. GTG] Tuesday, June 19th @ The Stand in Encino (SFV) - Who's coming???
  246. Kaput
  247. Paging richib86: What ever happened to the F1 Boston GTG plan?
  248. JHM shifer ?
  249. Magnaflow install comments and ?
  250. Tire Pressure at Track