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  1. RS4 or S5?
  2. Front Filler Plate
  3. 08 RS4 Avant in US.....
  4. reprogramming door locks - dealers says it can't be done. WTF?
  5. Flat bottom R8/TT Steering Wheel
  6. RS4 and R8 pictures from the Audi Driving Experience...edwardschmedward will heart the RS4 interior
  7. Car and Driver review of the S5
  8. New addition!
  9. Anyone who's interested in my new project...the Audi one...
  10. Please feel free to jump in on this discussion, get some cool stuff.
  11. Does anyone have any great winter tire and wheel recommendations?
  12. Has anyone used the Tyre Mobility System before?
  13. Need part number for RS4 front bumper reflectors. Thanks.
  14. Will putting aluminum foil directly over front of headlights with hibeam on help them heat up faster
  15. Damn MMI unit won't turn on again. This $hit is starting to piss me off
  16. Did the euro-light install - one question
  17. Ubercar and RI RS4, how was the Glen with the DS2500s and the RE-01Rs?
  18. Car Alarms set off with my milltek system this week...
  19. Liam, any info on the 9.5 x 19 forged wheel project? Is there any chance a lower cost version....
  20. Two black (or maybe the same) RS4 sightings in San Fran. This morning...
  21. Iphone/ voice activated name dial from cars phonebook? Anyone able to do this...
  22. RI RS4; you are THE MAN!!!! It was the correct TSB and parts are on order. Thanks :-)
  23. PSA: iPhone software v1.02 seems to eliminate the annoying pre-connection interference
  24. vs. 911 4S
  25. New meets old...
  26. anyone adjusted the pedal height for easier heel toe shifting? can this be done?
  27. You guys think there will be a B8 RS4 ?
  28. Ok guys the time has come. Milltek cat back or GMG cat back.
  29. "S" mode - disabling vacuum lines to exhaust flaps
  30. Paging Stasis Boyz . Price check on system mailed to Australia please
  31. Speed Hump Take Off update!!!!
  32. BTW, has anyone tried a K&N filter?
  33. I just de-flapped my airbox.
  34. Anyone surprised by this?
  35. You that have installed down pipes
  36. What OEM tires on the 2008? ContiSportContact 3?
  37. Any personal pics of a mugello RS4 ?
  38. Funny story...Kinda....
  39. Unexpectedly gotta move, and may sell the RS4.......
  40. Pads and Rotors
  41. i did a B8 RS4 rendering:
  42. No clutch...
  43. EPC light code from two weeks ago pulled today. It seems that there is a valve to control the......
  44. Installing front brake wear sensor in Ferodo DS-2500
  45. PSA: Stable Energies' harness bar is ready.
  46. Is there a way to do the clear corner mod without removing the bumper?? How about the side reflector
  47. my version of Black Optic...
  48. NORTHEAST FALL MOUNTAIN TREK--Date changed to 10/14/2007
  49. Lunar Eclipse and a dog with 2 dicks....read on here!!
  50. OK, so am I the ONLY one here who has a convertible coming?
  51. Question about climate control and service check
  52. Intake valve removal, what's the latest?
  53. First pics how does it look?
  54. **GMG B7 RS4 WC-GT Exhaust Official Video**
  55. Side / Corner Marker Mod. Where did you guys get the replacement corner markers
  56. Can you get the Euro front bumper and make the front parking sensors operational in U.S. cars?
  57. Sprint Blue Rs4 with Black Optics Package?
  58. For those who had the H&R Lowering springs installed.....
  59. Track feedback on equiptment wear&tear...
  60. Race spoiler. Sincere congratulations to Paul Lambert of STaSIS and to his entire team from the...
  61. just noticed something interesting about the milltek exhaust on the strat website.....
  62. RS4 v S3 V RS6 Race day last week
  63. Pic of Pals Daytona with black rims at track
  64. Is the Euro steering wheel still functional?
  65. Detailer's Domain 15% off sale for Labor Day! Get your stuff for the weekend.
  66. Sparkhill, my seven year old son spotted something for you today in the........
  67. size # of turn signal bulb?..clearing the headlights
  68. New addition...
  69. Audi GTG at Chili's on LI behind source mall.
  70. Official Press Release ***Official Euro B7 RS4 Parts Pricing*** Official Press Release
  71. Any cold air intakes out for the RS4 yet???
  72. Cut n paste of milltek problems
  73. You have to get Milltek exhaust mods at an Audi dealer?
  74. New RS4 owner
  75. Anyone going to OBI Car Show on Sunday morning? Im bringing the RS4 down.
  76. Champion RS4
  77. Here are some clean pics of the RS4.
  78. Chan it's Friday and you're an RS 4 owner now. Deliver.
  79. On my way to New York saw a Daytona RS4 outside DC. Anyone here?? 2 RS4's together rare sight!!!!
  80. "Slightly Damaged" Audi Picture
  81. RS4 @ the beach :O)
  82. Spacers ? have you got? good or bad
  83. Here's a video clip from the BMW/Audi event from this past Monday and Tuesday...
  84. For those with H-Sport Sways (or considering)
  85. The Beast is now Physically in the Stable :)
  86. A few of the other cars we got to see on our trip with the RS4. We went looking for an R8......
  87. Installed Euro steering wheel.
  88. seek help
  89. Well I'm sure you thought my family vacation at Disney World would be just that a...
  90. What kind of rates you're getting for insurance? (at least compared to other cars you owned)
  91. H-Sport Sway bars in stock!
  92. Torque loss over hp gains with exhaust mods...
  93. Anyone interested in a slightly damaged RS4?
  94. Last call for Dyno day at AWE 9/8
  95. Ideas for RS4 mods....
  96. WTF! EPC light came on this AM on the way to work. :-(
  97. has anyone tested the yokohama advan S.4. ultra high performace all seasons on our cars yet?
  98. RS4 Avant possible in U.S.?
  99. General info on my brakes from the two day track event(may be OT for some special people on here)...
  100. Bridgestone RE01-R tires and H-Sport Front and Rear Sway bars (edited for dave)
  101. MSRP for new RS4?
  102. I have a question for Petrol Dave or other European-based RS4 owners.
  103. ****Reminder - Hartford, CT - GTG - Wednesday, 9/19 ****
  104. 2007 NORTHEAST AUDI FALL MOUNTAIN TREK 9/29/07......
  105. FYI: My original stock brake pads did NOT have wear sensors. Just replaced them, new ones do!
  106. Detailer's Domain August Contest for free stuff! Check it out!
  107. The scratch you can't itch - but you can polish.
  108. TopGear season starts tonight on BBC america
  109. "VIP" Customer ID... LOL
  110. New Hoen LED City Bulbs released, anyone try them yet?
  111. Guys with exhausts - is it too loud on trips?
  112. [email protected] is no longer around, however [email protected] is here full time again...
  113. NAAC August Social Dinner -- Redbones in Somerville, MA on Tuesday, August 21st (6:45PM) -- Going?
  114. Audi Sports Suspension + vs. Ohlins Stasis
  115. Joined The RS4 Club!! Picking up my beast wednesday!!
  116. Autocrossing/tracking..?
  117. Got a ride in Tyson's (1fastrs4) rs4. HOLY ****! ....
  118. RS4 mileage better than S4?
  119. H-sport sway bar warning
  120. car after the rs4?
  121. For those who like information, I've compiled RS4 Oil Analysis data for the forum to see
  122. Fluffhead, how many rolls of tape did you use on the bumper?
  123. The stable.......
  124. Crack! Goes the windshield
  125. RS4 on Speed TV. Cool vid but in the beg. they are talking about an RS4 and pointing at an S4 :)
  126. What's the skidpad g-rating for the RS4?
  127. For those considering H&R springs and spacers...
  128. 1fastRS4/Tyson - Sorry man, I didn't mean to snub you! I had to hurry and get back to work!
  129. I need one of those ugly bras for the RS4 temp, so i can drive it home from out of state do they
  130. Who out there is perfectly content with their unmodded RS4?
  131. 2008 Model Guides / Price Lists?
  132. WORLD record for shortest clutch life.................16 miles
  133. another reason the RS4 is a better choice: BMW 5-series performs worst in crash test...
  134. New tires coming next week - Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R 275/30/19
  135. Jeebus....the Drama Llama has finally come about in the RS4 forum...keep it up lolz!
  136. A diatribe and a question.
  137. Who had the RS4 on 93N in Quincy with magnaflows??
  138. How difficult/expensive would it be to remove the sunroof and replace a with solid roof panel?
  139. Bob W, please give Scott a hug...
  140. Hub base diam against wheel, steel braided lines and coil overs?
  141. Fault Code P0431
  142. How long did it take the dealer to provide you with ETA after you ordered?
  143. Finally drove an RS4 today... I must say I am impressed
  144. Bumpers
  145. Anyone import an RS4 from USA to Canada?
  146. Need help ! Someone with part # info or anyone else that thinks they can help
  147. Someone carbon-fibered their RNS-E faceplate... (B5)
  148. Champion-prepared RS4 photos---->
  149. xpost-has anyone used Seafoam instead of Techron Fuel injector cleaner?
  150. Is there a link here to TSB's? Specifically, any MMI updates?
  151. oh noooo!!
  152. 2 qts so far in 2800miles, is this something to be concerned about?
  153. Anyone here:Daytona Gray.Bermondsey left on Eglinton.Toronto.Yesterday 7pm.Very nice. Not you BAM.
  154. Still cannot find an RS4 for sale within 4 hours of New York.
  155. edmunds inside line: M3 v RS4 v R8 v GT3 v GTI (?)
  156. Auto insurance question, how much are you guys carrying?
  157. Does anybody have a part-number or source for the euro-frontplate holder? (in black)
  158. Changing Pedals...
  159. purchase rs4 engine?
  160. Euro brake lights?
  161. Odd question - does the air recirculation button on your car do anything ?
  162. Finally took some in-car video of the RS4 at the track...
  163. Thanks to ELEVENS for posting how to fix noise from dash area. I had a very annoying creaky plastic
  164. Check Engine Light came on for a day and then went out this.....
  165. Who's DARK RS4 coming down Rt.93 towards Boston, Friday Night around 11pm, got off on Storrow Drive?
  166. Shes Finally Here!!!!!
  167. Is there a good spot to put the
  168. If I was looking for a used 2007 RS4 in 2010, what would I be paying??
  169. flat tire light on in the dash
  170. RS 4 at Mid-Ohio last month...
  171. Part No. for Sport Suspension Plus? Can it be ordered through USA dealer?
  172. Is there a PDF version of the RS4 owner's manual available?
  173. A thought with regards to wheels/tires......
  174. Hello im in New York and im looking to buy an RS4 but can seem to find one the way i want.
  175. Do you think a front license plate is more esthetic than having none,
  176. Quick Q. Is the non-titanium package headliner grey or black? thanks
  177. PZ rossos255 ready to be changed to what? whos using wider and what?
  178. Help! Dropped screw into engine bay, now its trapped on underbody panel
  179. Paging Bob W... Someone needs a date while in San Antonio...
  180. RS4 Titanium Package Wheel GB:
  181. Bentley manual on DVD for RS4
  182. Any interest from you all for the 20" Forged OEM RS Style wheels?
  183. RS4 owner @ the snow
  184. Bob.W; Evil is spreading quickly through the Lone Star State ;-)..........
  185. Bad video, we need the MTM Super C... ASAP
  186. RS4 spare tire (donut)???
  187. Parikh1234...
  188. Anyone selling the stock Downpipe? this is for.....
  189. 4th CEL..im fed up
  190. Mosport DE track event video site, some RS4 content.
  191. Just amazing. The new GT2 laps the 'Ring in 7:32, just 4 seconds slower than the CGT!!!
  192. Hitch on the RS
  193. HELP...need H&R springs installed in the northeast
  194. Attention Socal Euro attendies.... Free delivery on all STaSIS products!
  195. How many people opt for sunroof delete?
  196. H-sport sway bars
  197. To the Phantom RS4 on Taconic N: Sorry couldn't roll w/ya, been pulled over 2 many on that stretch.
  198. new order deposit -- refundable or no?
  199. Welp, there goes the "newness". Got a nice 1.5" rock gash yesterday on the hood.
  200. what is the Audi care plan and what does it offer that standard warranty doesnt?
  201. Anyone bypass resonators on stock exhaust??? What kind of sound? Thanks...
  202. Who has H&R Lowering Springs on their car?
  203. People with the silver leather (white) seats: what is your cleaning regimen...?
  204. Anyone drive their RS4 to Lake Tahoe in winter?
  206. S-Mode (The definitive answer to what that button does.)
  207. RS4 Pricing
  208. Who has Wheel Spacers on their RS4?
  209. does iPod integration show you track names or numbers only?
  210. Why no snub-mount for the RS4, it was a great mode for the S4.
  211. Miltek exhaust/downpipes/headers
  212. Do these fit the RS4??
  213. Does this steering wheel fit an RS4 and does the a8 airbag work???
  214. Does anyone know how to turn the DRL and Citylights together using Vag-Com?
  215. Grey RS4 on the Merritt Pkwy Tonight...
  216. Nice RS4 review, even if late
  217. wheel spacers
  218. Is Stasis supposed to have a rattle?
  219. Going to look at an RS4 tomorrow and have some questions:
  220. Some pics I took this weekend...
  221. Can anyone do a front end alignment on our car? Dealer said that they have some special......
  222. Would the RS4 benefit from a properly designed rear spoiler?
  223. Euro-spec stuff for rs4
  224. How many white 07 RS4's were produced total? (ibis + arctic combined)
  225. Who's got the NJ plate "RS Four" saw you in MA last week car looked stunning.
  226. Is the RS4 Cab equipped with a full size spare and wheel?
  227. HAHAHA.. Has anyone seen this RS4 Video? This is too funny...
  228. A few track day pics...........
  229. Oil temp got as high as 268F on the track with a ground surface temp of 105F. It seemed a.......
  230. Anyone know someone from whom I can buy the RS4 exhaust valve from? (the thing that acctuates and
  231. Do you have to yell to talk when using your Iphone over Bluetooth?
  232. RS4 Suede Interior Parts...
  233. Advice pls: mugello exterior, silver interior:Aluminum beltline, piano black, or none?
  234. RS4 convertible
  235. 2007 RS4 with 13k miles. Certified Pre Owned. How much do you think i can offer the dealer with them
  236. titanium package too dark for a mugello blue?
  237. Black Suede parts installed...
  238. iPhone BT: software update 1.0.1 does indeed fix the random unpairing issue.
  239. Installed KW V3's on the RS..
  240. Blackberry "Pearl" issues... please help
  241. overall thoughts on a cpo'd rs4?
  242. found over on autospies - don't shoot the messenger
  243. New setup tested on the track today with very impressive results. I had the.......
  244. SD Card Capacity Question
  245. Need some help, on purchase...
  246. "Corrupted" SD card?
  247. Anyone been on the Audi Driving Experience?
  248. So I'm planning on taking the RS4 on a scenic drive tomorrow. Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire?
  249. So it's time to bid farewell to Der Kimbo and say hello to free enterprise...
  250. What's a fair price for a used RS4 from a Toyota dealer? Avus Silver with black leather, carbon,