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  1. Anyone here know if Ibis White will be available for 2008 RS4's without paying extra for it?
  2. so i thought about this a lot and almost pulled the trigger today on
  3. Saved by the K40 today. Warning, the following is off topic and may be long and boring to some......
  4. Wondering: Is the sat ready stereo sirius or xm, or "either"?
  5. Interesting video on the DSG...
  6. A sad day - Daytona RS4 wrecked in Denver...
  7. Anybody looking for winter wheels? :) I got a set!
  8. how about a nice fat slice of humble pie?
  9. Dealer quoted $400 per wheel for RS4 wheels
  10. thanks...
  11. Side mirrors
  12. You guys out there with avus silver, any regrets and what colors were you considering?
  13. RS4 owners, pls post a pic of your modified RS4...thanks
  14. Has anyone here tracked their RS4, yet?
  15. Need help please with the black rear license plate thingy...
  16. What's this beast like once you break 5500rpm.............
  17. Now you have one more reason to buy a RS4 and not a MB, Corvette or 911.
  18. Anyone else find a very small dip in power around 2K when slowly raising RPM's? It seems to.......
  19. What are you guys using to hold your license plate? I dont want a dealer frame :(
  20. Single Piece Forged test wheels are here... (EDITED, WEIGHT)
  21. Still considering RS4, but...
  22. Custom titanium wheels paint
  23. Here it is...I think........
  24. Just a couple of pics.........$hitty cell phone pics though
  25. Why Do So Many of You Order yOUR cARS?
  26. Anyone install the trailer hitch? I'd like to tow a large powerboat
  27. I've had the car now for 8 hours and it sucks
  28. Anyone do Hotchkis Sway Bars?
  29. X-Post from Nor Cal Forum: RS4 at Laguna Seca Track Pics
  30. Free EUFAC Stickers:
  31. Do you get a loaner when doing maintainence? Rusnak Pasadena
  32. Powerchip for the RS4 anyone?
  33. R8 to get a diesel
  34. Anyone surf the site radardetector.net???
  35. Audi as a RWD brand?
  36. TopGear fawns over the RS4 Avant.. like we didn't know by now that they love it...
  37. HeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHeHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHe!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
  38. a brief celebrity moment for the RS4 avant....
  39. tyre pressure sensor-- can it be disable?
  40. Picking up my car Saturday- should I buy the 2 Audi service plans?
  41. RS4 meets Photoshop
  42. Re: Transporter Damage
  43. KN Filters
  44. Opinions wanted.....
  45. What's the best way to break the beast in?
  46. I pick up tommorow. Can't wait!
  47. A question came up on which M1 to use.
  48. K40 Calibre Radar and Laser Detector Protection installed by dealer last week, it was their......
  49. Anyone go with the Hartmann RS4 replica rims with winters??
  50. 2nd Broken Windshield
  51. Anyone know the AFS 24-36 month RS4 residuals?
  52. Ken's Steakhouse - AWNE Boston Area November 15th GTG - Updated Attendee List
  53. Picking it up tommorrow..............
  54. Just Orderded. Requested gunmetal wheels. Think they'll show?
  55. What is the red coating on RS4 engine cam covers
  56. $499 just to remove the speed limiter?!
  57. RS4 factory wheel and tire size?
  58. Woo Hoo - got my Titanium wheels + snow tires (M3s) & TPMS in from Germany...
  59. Hey RS4 guys, what do you think of the 2008 TT-RS 2.5 T Quattro?
  60. RS4 on order, accelerated delivery and important dates??
  61. Phantom Rs4 in Rutgers/NB..who are you
  62. Non-PP owners: BT interference?
  63. Black RS4 in Greenwich today that revved engine at me?
  64. RS4 - owners are you happy with the car?
  65. Pray you never have the electrochromatic mirror glass break....
  66. Pretty cool RS4 screensaver on the Audi South Africa Site
  67. euro trunk?
  68. Fun kill...
  69. Google search...
  70. New Wheels
  71. Does the stock Bose audio system have a subwoofer? Where? What size?
  72. Laser pro park
  73. white 07 rs4 pics pls??
  74. What to do...What to do...?
  75. LarryV, I saw the vid you have on the SLK55...nice!
  76. Am I understanding this correctly? Looking to order an RS4.......
  77. Anyone driven P Zeros *and* the Contis
  78. Pictures for those who asked; the following link is from the European Auto Fest and the........
  79. For crying out loud, NOW I'm REALLY confused... Radio/Nav issues again:
  80. Recommended RS4 Winter wheels and tires
  81. iPOD interface, yes or no?
  82. RS4 Maintenance
  83. More power on the RS4
  84. DCH audi gives back my car with +20 miles and a scrape!
  85. How often do you let your RS4 loose?
  86. Let's be careful out there...
  87. Black RS4 on 2nd Ave Manhattan, turned off on 84th.........
  88. Love it or leave it, here it is...
  89. Are B7 RS4 Dyno Numbers Really this low?
  90. RS4 owners......who are we?
  91. I want an RS4 avant dammit!
  92. A German mouse apparently set up home in my engine bay on the boat ride over.
  93. Milltek in L.A.?
  94. who moderates this forum, Jerry Fallwell?
  95. Dealer disabled the flaps per my request; I am now 24/7 enjoying the sound with no need of.....
  96. OT. Schumi's new job at Ferrari now that he decided to leave the driving to someone else...
  97. stopped by my dealer today because they missed me so much...
  98. Is premium pack worth the extra money?
  99. What weight Mobil-1 are you guys using? I'm a little low and not ready for the 5k yet...
  100. Anyone want to give feedback on XM radio to the Chairman of XM?
  101. Anybody else experience squealing brakes?
  102. While searching for K40, I stumbled onto the M5 board and read some interesting posts about the RS4.
  103. Which one of you guys is at/will be at FI getting an exhaust created?
  104. Anyone else expecting delivery this week......
  105. 4K is the launch sweetspot with 225 Dunlops
  106. In reference to a post from months ago. The Audi field Tec rep told my........
  107. FYI, I was doing an early service at 2.5K and thought it would be out of my pocket. Dealer used....
  108. needed a new steering rack at 2k miles...anyone else??
  109. Philly area meet at Brandywine Porsche this Saturday.
  110. Check out this video... a little strange
  111. My RS4 sounds like a Zamboni machine (Hockey guy's compliment)
  112. Phantom Black RS4 in Columbus, OH
  113. RS4 on the way
  114. Cool story...
  115. Great RS4 Review
  116. Is it just me, or has Audiworld been really flaky recently ?
  117. Observation: B6 A4 1.8T loaner w/ bose versus B7 RS4 w/ bose
  118. Winter wheels. 18" or 19". Still struggling with decision, any thoughts?
  119. Look what's been sitting at the 'ring for the past 45 minutes...
  120. Considering an Aston Martin DB9 as a second car. Any experience?
  121. Anyone notice this on the Audi website, RE: ipod integration??
  122. Sorry RS4 owners, but I've found my replacement.. and like the B5S4, its faster in a straight line !
  123. C4S (996) vs RS4 what do you think?
  124. Pulling the trigger on a Spint Blue
  125. Some mod pics......
  126. One of J00 got own3d by a b5 a4 ?!??!? LOL
  127. Anybody ever use/see this V1 mod?
  128. So what bulbs are people using for their DRL's ??
  129. I want to buy a harness bar, but I do not know of anyone who makes one for our car.
  130. Denver Spotting: Ibis RS4 on colorado blvd, mid-day on 10-29 @ mississippi ave???
  131. Video from last week...Poorly running B5 S4 vs. B7 RS4
  132. Sprint Blue in Ohio
  133. Lamborghini employed...Audi driven.
  134. Question for RS4 owners regarding RPM on the highway
  135. Does anyone have an RS4 version of this logo ? Or can you photoshop wizards make one ?
  136. What are you guys doing about oil at your dealer scheduled oil changes?
  137. Not to brag but this is rather cool.. (RS4 Porn warning)
  138. Its not nav but its pretty cool (for non-PP cars)
  139. need a spare motor?
  140. don't look if you like Avants...
  141. MotoMan has now popped up on the A8 forum...
  142. Myrtle Wood Trim
  143. Tellravi - your Sprint Blue awaits you - saw one today unsold at Audi of Huntington (Long
  144. Hey [email protected], found this pic while reading other forums...
  145. see, b6s and B7s can play nice:)
  146. have we been spoiled by audi dealers?
  147. will we get EURO seats & steering wheel ?
  148. windhshield picture
  149. Painted front bumper/rear bumpers/exhaust frame
  150. Maybe time to visit STaSIS, a little less than 1200 miles and DRC is leaking...
  151. RS4 on eBay
  152. Mike jones drives a RS4
  153. A8 sport package wheels..anyone see them
  154. has anyone done the following mods to an RS4?
  155. who manufactures our car??? confused
  156. If you really think you want to go back to one car.....
  157. Thinking of making a change.
  158. Wheel Fitment
  159. I think I'm going to retire my RS4 from any more track duty.
  160. Sparkhill - is this your latest project?
  161. Audi 50% off wheel sale or almost
  162. Hilarious review of RS4 at "The Truth About Cars."
  163. Thanks to Mike and Leslie at Sideline Sports Photography for some amazing pictures from the ...
  164. Problem with new Motorola KRZR + RS4
  165. PS2 Puncture Advice
  166. Who has a silver RS? Any pics to post for me? Thanx. :)
  167. RS4 Run Flat Tires?
  168. Rajidajdaj Parikh and Der Kimbo!! I am at the San Jose Airport, on the way to VEGAS!!!!
  169. this used to be an Audi
  170. Collected yesterday - spectacular machine....
  171. Yup...They're plastic
  172. Need help with winter wheels.... I am thinking about getting a set of Hartmann RS6 reps...
  173. Attention all AudiWorld members
  174. after a 1500 mile road trip, with tons of Hwy1, i proclaim the RS4 as...
  175. What gas mileage are RS4 owners actually getting?
  176. I just discovered that the Titanium Package...
  177. Are tires to be rotated at the 5k service? nt
  178. Sprint Blue RS4 on Rte 17 Northbound (Mahwah) near McArthur Blvd exit...
  179. Bauer?
  180. So is it befitting of the RS4?
  181. 5000 mile update: Don't buy this car
  182. Crazy Idea: diffuser in the back
  183. Bitjocky calls it an amazing event and that would make for a great Audi World member roundup.
  184. Milltek Exhaust now available for the RS4 Cab
  185. evo long term test of the RS4
  186. It's been nice but I'm trading my RS4 on this...
  187. Pic of the day
  188. Bluetooth Question: Anybody have a RAZR V3c?
  189. newest RS4 bill....over $5000.00:(
  190. Friday Nov,3rd will be the Ferrari French Quarter Classic track day, open to the public. Great...
  191. Pic from recent UK track event...
  192. RS4 Oil consumption !!!
  193. RS4 Registry Update: 812 cars, 1 Lava Gray
  194. Gossip from Evo Magazine (UK) on Audi RS vs BMW M
  195. Alternate sources for Brake Pads?
  196. OT. Two wheels vs four wheels vs Wings at Silverstone this past July...
  197. STaSIS Motorsports Wraps up its Best Year in Racing at Laguna Finale *SPOILER*
  198. RS4 reliability
  199. Getting a vibration between 95 and 100, it smoothes out 100+ should the dealer.........
  200. Thought this was funny...
  201. I guess some people race RS4's, never heard of this series.
  202. Trade???
  203. Bluetooth
  204. Sprint Blue
  205. Anyone use the prestige purchase plan? Is there any benefit or pitfalls?
  206. pre-owned 2007 RS4 at my dealer in San Diego... Didnt think I would see one THIS early
  207. Cold weather problems...anyone experiencing this??
  208. In all seriousness, is anyone working on a reliable supercharger kit for the RS4? If so...
  209. Thanks for all the entertainment guys!
  210. Armrest storage + Eclipse gum package = trouble
  211. I hate to say good bye RS4!! ;(
  212. RS4 Pace Car
  213. Switching odometer to kilometers from miles is a piece of cake....
  214. I just got an erection...
  215. The "Hamster" is talking, walking and ready to go home and to boot will make a 100% recovery!
  216. New M3
  217. The ongoing B5 S4/B7 RS4 wars......
  218. BW RS4 Review
  219. Clarkson rips the S6 Avant, but an add for below invoice RS4's on the first page footer.
  220. REGISTER NOW: New England GTG on Wed, Nov 15 in Framingham, MA
  221. Ok, I just checked the oil again at 2277Mi it is still 1/2 on the stick, none added! WTF are......
  222. UberVier took some great pics at Euro Fest I am linking them from his post on southeast board......
  223. Dealer delivery next week...anything at the dealer that should be changed prior.....
  224. Another RS4 vid.. pretty cool
  225. RS4 advise needed please
  226. Any fellow RS4 owners attending the PMI Global Congress in Seattle?
  227. I realize english isn't audi's first language.. but don't they employ editors?
  228. I come down to South America and look what happens...
  229. R8 Encore event in NYC Oct 28th- thanks to Fourtitude!
  230. Any RS4's in the Pittsburgh area? I'm dying to see one in person.
  231. dear troll: if pride were the issue, why wouldn't we have just bought something else that you...
  232. New to the club
  233. What are you guys installing for LIDAR on the RS4??
  234. Sorry guys, Here is the Dyno vid of the 07 RS4...
  235. 1500K + on miles today and ZERO OIL USE! Holding back on RPM's not much over 5K.
  236. The Evil RS4 takes a first place today, people's choice Blue Ribbon for Audi at.........
  237. Heres the list ben:
  238. ASP GT25 on Dyno Dynamics Video...edit..look up
  239. Can we change the display so that the information is in kilometers instead of miles
  240. Saw my 2nd S6 today.. and my first NSX
  241. Put on the skinnies (winter wheels/tires) w/ custom Audi logo centercaps
  242. anyone know a good forum for Bentley owners to discuss their cars?
  243. Anyword on your RS4 loss on the hollywood freeway. Traffic was backed up on EVERY freeway for miles.
  244. Does the RS4 engine cover fit the S4?
  245. Was reading that KW Variant 3 is available for our RS4s...
  246. Avus Silver RS4 available at McDonald Audi in Denver...
  247. I ran the Skyway to Deals Gap and the Tail of the Dragon in the RS today. No words can describe...
  248. FYI: Spoke with AWE and GIAC is working on new software for the RS4.
  249. Thanks guys, you just cost me c.$80k.....
  250. B7 or RS4 on it's side in a 6-car crash on the Hollywood Freeway...