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  1. Oil analysis
  2. Dropped off the baby to get Stasis installed.
  3. Anyone looking for a New Red RS4?
  4. they're de-carbon-ing my valves. what's that?
  5. Help me accessorize my RS4...
  6. Is it just me or anyone else here agrees with me that BMW ...
  7. What is the RS4 Clutch/Flywheel rated to?
  8. Brits are receiving a letter saying DRC warranty extended to 5 years or 75K? Us?
  9. Happy Halloween here are some ugly scary rims, lol
  10. DRC Update: New bulletin came out saying slight "sweating" is normal????
  11. My soon to be SC'd RS4 getting smoked by SC'd B7 S4 Avant
  12. What would this Forum be without de-flapping, oil and DRC? just a thought :)
  13. Just ordered Blizzak's for winter tires to head to the mountains
  14. DRC thread OTD. Failed. Plus another major concern...
  15. Cold Air intake for RS4
  16. spotted silver RS4 in Northridge yesterday near the mall..u here?
  17. Any inspection recommendations for Mercerville, NJ?
  18. Blk RS4 spotting in s. fl
  19. Still looking for one or two RS4 19" OEM rims
  20. RS4 Euro seats
  21. Question about oil change
  22. Hello from a soon to be new owner...
  23. Anyone go from an E39 M5 to an RS4?
  24. Achtoberfest sale pricing at Achtuning ends on Halloween!
  25. Europrice - Currency Exchange Rate Sale - Ends 31st!
  26. Saw my first RS4 in motion (not just sitting at a dealer) last weekend. Pure Sex.
  27. 19 inch mounted snows ok? How much are the factory Titanium package rims?
  28. Well, just signed up for VIR
  29. What Happen to the Suzuka Grey RS4???
  30. Huge problem with ESP on a wet track day, please help!
  31. Titanium package trim?
  32. DRC, is this leaking or not? (pics inside)
  33. Aftermarket brake pads users - advice needed
  34. Stance
  35. Introducing Stern Adjustable Control Arms - Preorder Sale!
  36. 1st and 2nd Gear??
  37. Cursory Inspection of a used RS4?
  38. a thought... if I were to make up a calendar for 2009
  39. Wachusett Mountain Meet - Central MA
  40. Suspended
  41. Roadtrip in a Ferrari
  42. EPL's 2nd Annual : One last hurrah before the holidays: Dyno Day-GTG DEC 6th 9am-5pm.
  43. does anyone make 20" RS4 (7 twin-spoke) reps?
  44. Continuing issue with RS4 - long...
  45. Has anyone put alcantara in their RS4. The factory should have made it an option
  46. Apparently we should have bought VAG shares rather than VAG products.....
  47. All Titanium Package RS4's Post a pic
  48. Anyone using trapster??
  49. some new pics
  50. Audi's "Meet the Beckers" videos
  51. Paging Mickf29, any pics of your car?
  52. Repost (blast from the past department):
  53. F*CK F*CK F*CK I am an idiot
  54. Question: where to mount laser jammer pods?......
  55. Paint code for titanium wheels?
  56. Euro RS4s have push button start?!!
  57. UPDATE: It's done! Well almost...
  58. Fall greetings from New England
  59. Anyone interested in an '07 RS4? 3M, Phantom/Silver, Premium, Certified for $53,995
  60. RS4 crash update...
  61. My ugly winter wheels
  63. Have you seen this...
  64. 2008 RS4's DRC Problems
  65. Good article based on recent hot topic: CARBON DEPOSITS: Cleaning Up What's Left Behind
  66. What is the latest consensus (if any) on Revo settings?
  67. Re-cross-drilling your rotors?
  68. CAR drives the new S4
  69. odd thing with oil temp, i noticed it goes DOWN when i turn on AC. no joke. And when i turn off AC,
  70. All that and a bag of chips
  71. Anyone else getting calls from tollfree nb after servicing car,
  72. Bob did you ever get your front bumper adjusted? My service rep gave me a printout...
  73. Friend said he saw his first riced out RS4
  74. Stasis Suspension Group Buy/Sale__Final Notice
  75. DRC issues
  76. John Stahmann's RS4 and Top Gear at the Salt flats together..
  77. Just had a "WTF" moment on the phone with my dealer about carbon build up and nitrogen.
  78. 20% on Milltek systems continues
  79. Spotted Mugello Blue near Consohocken this AM - color looks fantastic
  80. what to look for when purchasing used
  81. Apikol differential mount
  82. Had a bad misfire with check engine light tonight
  83. anyone know if I can rent an RS4 Avant in Europe
  84. Best RS4 colour combo IMO...wow...
  85. Europrice - Currency Exchange Rate Sale!
  86. Interesting tire story from 20/20........
  87. Need Input: mystery engine noise while car is off
  88. Son of a......
  89. Audi Navigation DVD
  90. Who has had their intake manifold replaced? Any info/experiences you can share would be appreciated.
  91. Anyone done dyno pulls while logging air-fuel ratio?
  92. looking for local service and maybe some tech support for my rs4
  93. looking for aluminum trim
  94. European Car magazine comparo-RS4/M3/C63 Guess who wins overall honors ;-o)
  95. Another Snow Tire Question
  96. Quick question: How many liters of brake fluid for a full flush?
  97. Sub Install Update today...
  98. Update on squeak from rear, holy sh!t...
  99. Newcomer here
  100. Trim trade: Aluminum for Carbon
  101. RS4 Weight... different numbers in different publications?! I've seen between 1600Kg to1720 KG?!?!
  102. So I drove a new M3 and M5 today on the BMW test track and............
  103. Lets see everyone's winter set ups?
  104. Test fit snow tires
  105. Brakes Gone At 6500 Miles ?
  106. 18 x 8.5 ET35 BBS CHs with 20mm spacers
  107. DRC leaking? How bad is this?
  108. another oil question...
  109. Who has a red RS4 from MN?
  110. anyone used 19" Blizzak's for winter driving in the snow?
  111. UPDATE: Interior and roll cage paint job...
  112. I see oil around both front struts. Anyone done DRC replacement in Bayarea, CA?.....
  113. brakes pad & rotors front & rear for $200 dont know about this one
  114. Just a little info....some may find this weird or gross, but it works......
  115. Recent new sale prices
  116. MTM spacers & Stasis Coilovers
  117. Update from my first track experience
  118. Miami dealer uses Romero Britto paint job to move old Audi RS4s
  119. IS-F vs C63 vs M3 comparo with special mention of RS4 in a side article...
  120. CD changer question
  121. RS4 Avant track/barrier encounter..............
  122. Anyone know how many 2008 RS4s produced for U.S.?
  123. H&R special sale at Achtuning (Very limited time!)
  124. "loose screw" sound coming from pass. front area.
  125. Audi crappy warranty
  126. Is it worth changing stock brake pads for a track day?
  127. anybody in norcal have an extra front license plate bracket they want to sell?
  128. DRC issue
  129. When was the instrument cluster changed in the RS4 (fuel/temp)?
  130. Anyone have pics of an Imola w/ Titanium package?
  131. RS4 Avant crash at Castle Coombe UK
  132. My Lamin-X Install
  133. Looking for Feedback on Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R
  134. How do you pause music on RNSE.
  135. RS4 got a little buddy this weekend...
  136. Rear Turn signal-Replacement
  137. Those that moved from a STIII B5 S4 to an B7 RS4-questions
  138. What is the correct part number for the Porterfield R4S front Pads...AP1029?
  139. Why are so many people 'upgrading' from 19x9 to 19x8.5?
  140. My first high perf driving course
  141. Anyone have an RS4 without nav? Pic requested.
  142. Sumthin's been a-nibblin' on mah RS4!
  143. Need a new watch...thoughts??
  144. NEW MOD... Time for the install of the OMP steering wheel with a SPA quick release (very long)...
  145. New RS4 lately?
  146. Finally... almost done the RS4...
  147. DRC Update #2
  148. I so a grey RS4 on Union & Arroyo Pky in south Pasadena around noon you here?
  149. Dealer doesn't want to pay $2k for DRC tool, what should I do? Please help!
  150. RS4 Exhaust clip in a tunnel
  151. Hartmann RS4 - DTM wheels now available in 18x8.5" ET25 for direct B7 RS4 fitment!
  152. Rare 2008 RS6 test drive VIDEO and pix! (x-post)
  153. Got wheels???????????
  154. Steering rack replacement?
  155. Think we're the only ones who have issues with mismatched paint and bumpers?
  156. PSA: I counted 10 new M3s on the lot at the BMW dealer here in S.A. this morning.
  157. Is anyone else going to this?
  158. Dash rattles driving me crazy
  159. best sound value?
  160. 3rd Gear Grind???!!?? Is this normal to happen every now and then?
  161. great price on KW's from a vendor on 6speed $1500
  162. Anybody in here, in the CT area that was looking to get a Valentine 1 Installed??
  163. Sub with Grille....that should be it...
  164. All Weather floor mat
  165. What do you think of using one of these instead carrying a spare?
  166. RS4 Brothers... Thought I would share our sister S5.
  167. MTM supercharger - 530 hp. Who's gonna do it first?
  168. GT-R transmission woes
  169. Fog lights w/ city light mod. Has anyone tried this on the RS4?
  170. For Bob W regarding data logging
  171. Exhaust valve mod with reflash
  172. Hey RS4Raider...That thing sounds amazing, like Bigfoot. Nice to meet you.
  173. Helpful Guide on Fighting Traffic Tickets
  174. AudiWorld's Petit Le Mans 2008 gallery is live!
  175. Trade in value on '08 RS4-
  176. Winter wheel/tire noob question - Will these fit RS4
  177. So - which car had the wheels first? the RS4 or the A8?
  178. Anyone get their Quattro mag and see the article on Carbon Fiber brakes for the RS?
  179. NO RS4 this B8 generation
  180. High RPM power loss... RESOLVED!
  181. RS4 vs. Corvette....
  182. Phantom black spotted at Tuckahoe Road, NY...nice to meet you!
  183. Porterfield R4 Pads
  184. Does anyone on here with Stasis SLs go to any of the NYC area meets...
  185. Those with the Stasis MS set-up...
  186. Made some Tubi exhaust videos this weekend. Hopefully I did a decent job of capturing the sound.
  187. After months of looking at the RS4 pre-owned market...
  188. Questions about V1 hardwire
  189. TargaTrophy 2008, Sat Oct 25th 2008 - Event update!!
  190. Did you get an alignment, free or not, when you got your DRC replaced by Audi.
  191. So all 4 tires were 35 PSI (5 below normal),
  192. Best place to buy OEM wheels?
  193. Petit LeMans was a blast...... Met a bunch of great folks.......
  194. Will a 8.5" et 35 wheel width work on a RS4? Will it look sucked in or flush?
  195. loud popping noise
  196. Clean Sub Install Finished!
  197. On the streets of Munich -- TTS and RS6
  198. Anyone have any other RS4 related PDFs or technical diagrams to add?
  199. DRC Update
  200. went on vac for 5 weeks and no problem on start up
  201. Disconnect battery or not for vacation?
  202. Update to "check engine light"
  203. rs4 chip
  204. PSA: deal alerts so cal dealers
  205. RS4 residual value
  206. Nav system update
  207. Is there any way to pop out the front grille piece? I need to adjust my K40
  208. Motor Sound Package
  209. 2008 Ibis w/ 7100 Miles "EPC" code tonight on the way home......possible problems?
  210. Run through the Tail of the Dragon! To the European Auto Fest; October 17th -19th.
  211. Pics of some small mods
  212. Threw a CEL this morning, anyone in Bay Area with a VAG-COM?
  213. getting pads/rotors replaced free by claiming faulty warning light??
  214. Euro Steering Wheel
  215. 18" wheel recommendations
  216. has anyone else had this experience? In 4th gear doing around 65mph, drop into 3rd gear,
  217. Does anyone have an RS4 with 5 spoke wheels? I need pics please.
  218. Night time Avus pics
  219. Spark Plugs
  220. Wanted to say hi...just picked up an 07 Daytona Grey
  221. Possible Rs4 suspension Groupbuy.... any interest?
  222. 18" OEM 7-spoke wheel: 9" or 8.5" width?
  223. Chunking
  224. Brake pad cracks
  225. How many days was your car in the shop for a DRC repair?
  226. A few pics from my trip to Yellowstone & Grand Teton NP over the weekend.
  227. Engine for the next RS4/RS5....
  228. With or without the RS4 badge...
  229. Photo shoot from last night...
  230. steering wheel install question
  231. Pagining MrBucket: you coming to COI?
  232. Would Cutting the resonators off a miltek resonated exhaust be blashemy?
  233. Fuel pressure sensor recall/TSB. Anyone have actual info on this item that I can provide to my SA?
  234. Quick input on price...looking to pick up 07 RS4 tomorrow
  235. Just testing new sig image I took this weekend
  236. Help me diagnose a strange sqeak.....
  237. Oregon Racing...
  238. RS4/VanquishS
  239. Funny RS4 Quotes, other stuff for Canuck to ponder...
  240. decisions, decisions ... looking for input
  241. RS4 v. C63 and Bentley GT Continental
  242. 2000 Imola - had fun on Rt. 611...
  243. So this is good...DRC
  244. Massapequa Diner Meet. Long Island NY at 8:00.
  245. Thinking of canceling my GTR order too, we dont need no stinkin "black box" -older brother
  246. Timing LOG for RS4, trying to diagnose hesitation
  247. Winter Tire Setup-VMR V710
  248. Is anyone watching CNBC?
  249. Who's going to the Petit LeMans this weekend?
  250. RS4 Supercharger