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  1. So what's wrong with this vehicle
  2. Dang remote(s) quit working
  3. C63 vs M6: Which is faster?
  4. I think for my next tire, I will go with 265/35/19.....
  5. Dealership checks on oil leak and two other things
  6. Random Saturday morning pictures
  7. I pride myself on being able to "find anything on the internet", but...
  8. Stasis MS installed..... Full review and Photos
  9. **Revo Techniks National H2Oi Sale Begins Today!**
  10. Do our cars have 'boom' weights to reduce noise, vibration and harshness?
  11. Looking for info from anyone who has already gone through the DRC repair process with Audi Service.
  12. Looks official, new S4 to have a blower
  13. You guys can do better than this!
  14. So both of my front struts are leaking...
  15. Repost: PureMS.com Summer Coupon Codes!
  16. Spotted a black RS4 in Paramus NJ this morning
  17. Dynolicious users - what weight & drivetrain loss % do you use?
  18. Does any one have a way to get the TSB's on the RS4?
  19. Great photo from last track day.
  20. service schedules?
  21. I got one! 2008 Daytona Gray, w/Premium and Titanium. Having trouble getting used to the clutch.
  22. 18 lbs for 19 x 9.5 Aeroforged Wheels...is there anything lighter out there? The owners of this new
  23. Need Advise... Bought private party used car, has undisclosed accident history....
  24. Quick question/survey for the RS4 guys
  25. GT-R Black box on board
  26. instruction on adjusting the height on rear stasis coilovers
  27. New RS4 pics finally....
  28. Need serious help.. high RPM power loss! *UPDATE*
  29. Anybody seen these or had experience with him?
  30. After 23k Miles and 1 track day time for brake pads. Which ones should i get???
  31. After 23k Miles and 1 track day time for brake pads? Which ones should i get???
  32. Will a better ride COMFORT be achievable with Stasis MS vs.SL?.....
  33. Another bent rim. Are these stock rims prone to bend?
  34. Alignment with Coilovers - what specs?
  35. More Bonneville pictures
  36. Milltek Black tip and polished tip systems back in stock
  37. Where is the best deal for Stasis sl"s?
  38. Got check engine light coming home on Friday...
  39. throttle question
  40. 25k Maint, Fuel Sensor Replacement, and DRC Check getting done today
  41. Cliffs of Insanity 2008...
  42. Woot!
  43. For those who have had DRC failure - I need your HELP!
  44. anyone consider dumping the rs4 for an rs5?
  45. RS4 vs S5 today....just some thoughts....
  46. My daughter called today from Bloomington IN to say she saw a white RS4 there
  47. DRC Warranty
  48. Sub Install - Phase 2: Got blue balls?
  49. Anyone have this manual in english?
  50. waaay OT
  51. deal alerts--where to post?
  52. What is depreciation curve the like on RS4's?
  53. It occurs to me on the DRC failures that we may never see any real effort from Audi unless
  54. What Do You Think? - 2007 Misano Red, 16K Miles, $51,600
  55. TMPS and snow setup
  56. My results from drag racing last night
  57. New to Audi, new to the forum - RS4 2007 Imola Yellow
  58. anybody attending the IRA Audi NE event tomorrow?
  59. 2007 RS4: 2 years left on warranty, enough protection?
  60. So I've finally decided on a set of winter/track wheels
  61. Audi RS4 50 State Legal including CA?
  62. Broken Sun Visor Clip
  63. Does leaking oil mean a first sign of a DRC failure?
  64. Some pics from Bonneville
  65. Just back from the 2 day RS4 Audi Sports car experience at Infineon (longish)......
  66. Interior trim in RS4...Swap anyone?
  67. Clean Sub Install - Phase 1 Complete
  68. So now that WallStreet is melting down, how many are selling their RS4s ?
  69. RS6 steering wheel questions
  70. Anyone ever used 100 octane in their RS4?
  71. DRC - Class Action Lawsutable?..... Just wondering.. RS6 and RS4 owners.
  72. Oil seeping from left front strut
  73. I can confidently say...
  74. How's the RS4 market in the bay area?
  75. clutch odor ?
  76. Suspension Options
  77. Porsche aims to control Audi...good or not so good?
  78. RS4 Parking brake (perforated) handle cover part number
  79. CPO extended warranty question...
  80. New RS4 for $63k or used for $50k
  81. Does anyone know if a B6/B7 S4 exhaust will fit (or could be made to) on an RS4? TIA
  82. Does anyone know the spring rates for Stock spring, H&R lowering spring and KW V3 coilover?
  83. New S4 Avant vs used RS4
  84. RS4 in Video Games
  85. Slipping Clutch?
  86. Tomorrow, I'm replacing the front H-Sway and returning to stock
  87. Northeast RS4 owners......
  88. I know I know..... not another STaSIS WOW what a suspension thread.... but
  89. gt3 green rs4?
  90. Took a little road trip to Vegas this morning...
  91. Clean Subwoofer Installation
  92. Anyone see this Audi "Designed to thrill" campaign?
  93. Front license plate fram
  94. Update - Flat spot at 2600rpm.
  95. sale ads ok?
  96. Edmunds does a full article on Audis RS future
  97. OT. Does anyone know how Bob W and star607 are doing? Hope everything is OK with them.
  98. $1 question....
  99. Any one using K&N filter rather than stock?
  100. Has anyone ever upgraded to this?
  101. New owner of a Papaya Orange RS4...few questions
  102. What the RS4 needs is...
  103. Its Landed... NEW owner
  104. daytona silver RS4 in nyc toight, downtown around 2nd and 14th, mass plates
  105. http://northeastaudievents.photosbyramon.com/
  106. Best product to clean silver interior seats. Mine are getting a litle grungy
  107. I looked up under the dash (passenger side) and saw the corner of a piece of paper
  108. Laser Jamming
  109. Stasis SL is on. What's an acceptable variation in height - on the same ends of the car
  110. Considering going from B5 S4 to RS4. Anyone here done that transition and what are your thoughts
  111. Clicking noise coming from frontleft suspension on slow left turns
  112. Difference between Stasis suspension kits?
  113. hot climate RS4s: anyone had a goopy gel oozing out of the rear wheel wells?
  114. How come some have traded their '07 for an '08 RS4?
  115. Just found out that the Kahn RS-S will fit the RS4
  116. "with a car like that (RS4), you why would you bother with a motorcycle?"
  117. brakes start to grumble after track day
  118. Just wondering how much can i sell new OEM RS4 wheels off brand new rs4 (not TI)?
  119. What's the highest oil temperature you've seen?
  120. Repost perhaps? Anyway it's good news for Audi fans waiting for the TDIs...
  121. Some goodies from Neckarsulm
  122. What's going on with Audi Club, So Calif?
  123. Worth Buying? RS4 w/Sunroof Delete & No Premium Package
  124. Apikol Rear Differential Mounts now available!!!! ....
  125. Trade 07 RS4 for 96' 993TT or 01'-03' 996TT?
  126. Why do the R8 and new RS6 have one pice rotors? when we have true floting?
  127. Does anybody have the link of those wheel options from the Euro catalogue?
  128. Road America - Real vs Simulated
  129. hey bob W are u ready 4 IKE
  130. close call..
  131. "GruppeM Intake" product info ...read the last sentence.
  132. Warning!! Large pics inside!! Ohlins content RS4 and A3 Thanks to Stasis!
  133. Sandisk SDHC 8GB card
  134. Paul Miller vs Riverside Audi for 25K Service.
  135. Daytona Gray RS4 on Queens Blvd Near Hillside av NY
  136. If anybody ever has the chance to get to Road America, I HIGHLY recommend it
  137. RS4 (Black) on I-5 in Olympia this morning
  138. New rotors go on tomorrow
  139. ****Hartford CT GTG - New Date - Wednesday, September 17th
  140. New RS4----5th Audi
  141. 850 miles - already cracked the windshield - damn...
  142. Here's a interesting ad for used 07 yellow rs4...
  143. Rhodes St, New Rochelle, New York: Avus Silver RS4
  144. Driver's side seatbelt "twisted"
  145. The horror!!!
  146. RS4 OEM Rotor Hub Face Size 135mm or 150mm?
  147. Another reason Audi drivers are better than Ferrari drivers
  148. I think I smell gas under accelration. I might be imagining it. Any idea what it could be?
  149. ***Postponed, 9/9 Hartford CT GTG, due to weather.....new date to follow
  150. EPC (Electronic Power control) light came on today during driving. Anyone know what it means?
  151. Is there a market for a stock exhaust with Ti tips?
  152. tire question: anyone running 255s in front, 275s in back?
  153. Anyone running sport edition ST4 wheels from tire rack? Pic's?
  154. Stasis SL supposed to arrive tomorrow
  155. front break squeal
  156. 2 new exhaust vid
  157. Thinking about doing Euro Steering Wheel.....
  158. What would you pay for a 07 with 23K miles?
  159. OEM R8 Euro Sport Seats in an RS4? Possible?
  160. IbisRS4 - was that you on Yorkville today? (Toronto)
  161. Anyone use Lamin-X protective colored lense film?
  162. removing rear discs/rotors
  163. New owner
  164. Looking to see if anyone has had this problem....
  165. anyone remember the cost for front and rear brake pads from their dealer? installed?
  166. The Dealer from Hell!
  167. San Francisco tire repair? [edit]
  168. RS4 spare tire?
  169. My A4 with RS4 Bumper. Thought you guys may want to take a look. Putting the A4 badges back on the
  170. Anyone famillar with interior and exterior Zxilon treatment by Audi?
  172. All you Northeast RS4 owners......
  173. Does anyone know how to change the "home" address for the RNS-E?
  174. Question on iPod Integration
  175. Paging Sparkhill: You guessed it, ANOTHER lighting question!
  176. Does anyone get the voice command to work well? I just end up shouting at it for not understanding
  177. Bluetooth/iPhone pairing issue. I've had my iPhone for 2 weeks now and have no issues
  178. Next Generation RS4 (B8) Yes or No? When
  179. That's a lot of cool garbage!
  180. Congrats you guys made the Top 10!!
  181. Squeaky noises
  182. STaSIS + MTM 10 Spacers
  183. Curvy roads around SF bay area?
  184. Exact specs of stock wheels?
  185. Fair value for 4K mile "VIP loaner" RS4?
  186. RS4 Values.
  187. Sorry for my ignorance, what is throttle body adaptation (TBA) ???
  188. Engine Oil for RS4
  189. On the milage topic, who actively drives a car less fun to prevent milage and why?
  190. New RS4 owner
  191. Realigning hood
  192. RS4 is back home from the shop...here's the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  193. Blue Mugello RS4 NJ Plates On The GSP
  194. Yeah!
  195. went to gmg coils fixed...added license plate filler...and a wash...link to pics
  196. you guys are going to love this (x-post from AWOT)....
  197. Mileage Check! 22K - 2007
  198. Dora da explora.
  199. Is 1200 miles too early to change out the oil?
  200. ACNA NJ - Motorsports Park, October 21st and 22nd.....some open spots
  201. Anyone with a black rs4 running around Chalfont, PA area???
  202. Transmission Fluid Change
  203. Paging....Daveak05..did you go with Unitronic..and??
  204. X-Post, for Sir Bob mostly....
  205. Calling Bob, deflap master....
  206. Audi pure protection-worth it?
  207. Is it really a Bose speaker in my RS4?
  208. 'RS4 Raider' stops by for some Stasis SL treatment....
  209. rs5 or 911 c4s? thoughts?
  210. I was able to take some more pics this am.
  211. Bought Dynolicious for the IPhone. RS4 Results
  212. Seen this?
  213. How is it that there are all these new RS4's at dealerships?.......
  214. TPMS Problems
  215. Confirm or Deny: RS4 Support Money Goes Away After Tuesday?
  216. Scalding Hot Liquid from Gas Pedal?????
  217. Have a safe Labor Day weekend !!
  218. hre comp 97 installed pic
  219. Thinking about a Misano Red RS4. Thoughts?
  220. Finally, HRE M40 are home...
  221. How hard is it to get original RS4 19" wheels?
  222. New to the Club
  223. ***Reminder, Hartford, CT GTG - 9/9/08***
  224. video drive by this one works...sorry about last
  225. Vid: Mini sound clip
  226. sprint blue rs4 cab in greenville, nc ? license plate says "audi"
  227. i saw a white IS-F today
  228. NORTHEAST AUDI End-of-Summer JAM.....3 weeks away!!!!
  229. A Question for the Board...
  230. Put a Deposit on a 2008 Avus Silver RS4: Good Choice or Not so Good?
  231. Anybody ever used the Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1 Star Spec?
  232. Save 15% storewide, Milltek and more...
  233. Well it's decision time - RS6 vs. RS4
  234. Audi RS4 Add
  235. Dunlop Winter Sport 3D Ordered and Received 24 HRS
  236. Removed Sirus-Audio disappeared from ipod
  237. Is there a good cross-fit guide for audi parts i.e. will A3 wheels fit on my A4, etc
  238. B7 RS4 suede steering wheel "Limited Edition"
  239. Quick poll... Who had DRC problems? "Yes" or "Yes X (as many times you had your issue fixed)
  240. Considering RS4 - help needed on price
  241. RS4 in the shop, A4 2.0T loaner in the garage, and my impressions of the new B8 A4....
  242. Best tint percentages?
  243. Does anyone have a lull (flat feeling) in acceleration around 3200RPM
  244. Audi selling R8 race cars to public
  245. Blue RS4 on 422 yesterday PA I JEDI tags
  246. OK - so "out of the box", the new VTS is the first sedan car to break 8:00 on the Nurnburgring....
  247. Note to self on Launches
  248. Could anyone tell me stock ride height for an rs4. Or rather how much lower than a b6/7 s4
  249. so i'm getting LED headlight envy - how long till there's a mod of some sort to get them on the rs4?
  250. Many Scratches on the navigation display surface when picking up RS4