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  1. Got the beast last Friday :-) Already with 1100km(650miles) and first oil change tomorrow..
  2. I'm sure this is old news here but...
  3. It must be a repost but I missed the RS4 0-60 4.2 on Motorweek :-) Is that the lowest time?
  4. Attention DIY oil changers. Don't feel so bad, it took my dealer 2 1/2 hours today.
  5. Some fun in the snow...
  6. So how many LOVE winter driving?
  7. Just curious, any guesses as to what the RS4's ungoverned top speed would be?
  8. A quarter second of fear
  9. So ummm...When is all this **** going to stop so I can at least begin to enjoy the forum again?
  10. Video of Milltek exhaust part 2
  11. Couple Pictures of My Ohlin RS4
  12. Everyone check these wheels out......
  13. Before the snow, salt, and road grime strike...
  14. Anyone want to discuss maintenance issues with the Stasis Ohlin kit?
  15. These are the sickest wheels I have ever seen.....
  16. Well, The RS4 is officially my daily Driver........
  17. First oil change
  18. Xenon bulb change
  19. Coming back from watching the Grand Bayou races today I stopped to weigh the car at a.......
  20. Well, here you guys go. New Official RS4 Timeslip Database...
  21. 1/4 Mile Timeslip questions. Anyone interested in having a database? ...
  22. anyone with the ADR v1 interface...
  23. For US owners that special ordered their cars....
  24. It Has Finally Arrived
  25. Anyone with a Sprint Blue RS4 in the Denville/Randolph, NJ area...
  26. Tom Petty was right.
  27. Solo2 SCCA classification of RS4 in
  28. anyone feel DRC doesn't belong on a car like RS4?...
  29. This could be very interesting but it would depend on the price of course...
  30. Joined the RS4 Club...
  31. A5 the true competitor to the M3?
  32. An intresting review of the RS4... A few odd negative comments on the control...
  33. What has everyones purchase option been and prices?
  34. perfomance loss when going from 19" to 20" wheel?
  35. Just installed a Euro Steering Wheel and I have a question regarding..
  36. +8 F WTF .Good morning from Boston. Didnt even get to operating temp this AM going to work
  37. anybody running the H&R swaybars yet?
  38. RS4 Special Order Deadline...
  39. Two things in life I love the most
  40. Winter Wheels Question
  41. Updated x 2: Two weeks....
  42. Saw a Dolphin RS4 at Leisure World Plaza the other morning
  43. Is there going to be an RS4 campaigned in Speed GT anytime soon?
  44. Up to 6 HP, 6 lbft Torque ... $349
  45. Another RS4 Video..
  46. Got the first real complement on my car today...
  47. BAM, YYZ? Was that you that I honked at on the 401 at Leslie this morning? Anyone else here.
  48. Vag-Com Questions
  49. STaSIS Motorsports announces new addition to 2007 driver line up.
  51. Updated: Two weeks, still no car...
  52. Cool RS4 videos!!
  53. Can our head unit accept SDHC cards? (SD High Capacity)
  54. stasis vs. kw
  55. Just got back from the detroit auto show and only have one thing to say...
  56. What is the best ET/MPH put down by a B7 RS4 owner on this forum?
  57. trouble connecting cell to car via bluetooth
  58. MTM's Sick supercharged RS4
  59. Two weeks, still no car...
  60. Tire question. 1 tire uneven worn, what side is the best to mount?
  61. aright so fess up who else did a few doughnuts in boston tonight lol
  62. The joys of changing your own oil...
  63. I think my mod list is complete...
  64. Porsche profits out of control!
  65. Seat height
  66. Poll: How many of you use Shell V-Power 93? If not, what fuel do you use?
  67. ESP + snow: on or off?
  68. Talk about yer sludge problems
  69. edwardschmedward: did you post pics of your wheels yet?
  70. RS4 / S4 / M3
  71. How do you lift your RS4?
  72. Have you seen these. As posted earlier on the B6 S4 forum and now on TP...
  73. Best compliment to date. . .
  75. where do you get the current Bentley manual? (edit: ignore links, wrong Bentley)
  76. Bimmer guy picks the wrong four door to mess with. So I'm out today............
  77. New Hartmann B5 RS4-131 wheel now available for B7 RS4
  78. i would assume owners of such a fine car like the RS4 could also appreciate these.....
  79. it's alive!!!
  80. Is the cell phone cradle supposed to come with the car or is it a seperate purchase?
  81. Is this Susuka Pearl???
  82. Is there a process by which I can put my itunes files onto an SD card that I can use in my car?
  83. EVO readers voted online for their favorite driver's cars. Audi RS4 ranked #12 as..........
  84. 460bhp version of Audi's RS4 V8 to push Bulgaria's concept mid-engine supercar 12B. FYI.......
  85. Does this car belong to anyone here?
  86. Paprika...It's time for you to join the dark side...
  87. Pics of the new beast
  88. Advice for S4 owner thinking about RS4
  89. Couldn't resist....
  90. Removing Seats
  91. Oil extractor vs. draining oil?
  92. Been suspended? Want your old account back? AudiWorld® AMNESTY Announcement!! ---->
  93. Video of Milltek Non-res
  94. Question for snow dwellers....
  95. Parallel parking bozo
  96. big rock
  97. News we have all waited for (Audi content).
  98. RS4 bests M5 and E63 in Automobile Magazine
  99. our beloved RS gave the M5 a good run!
  100. Repost from tripleplate.com... MTM RS 4: 0-60 in 3.9
  101. Looks like RS4 will still hold it's edge against the 'NEW' M3
  102. RS4 Euro grilles Back In stock...
  103. Anyone know the guy in Springfield PA with a suzuka grey rs4...
  104. ELEVENS: what happened to the 'free' maintenance offer?
  105. VAG COM code needed:
  106. E90 M3 V8 base price will be $55K per Autoweek rag.
  107. Who is as crazy as I am?
  108. PSA: Thumperer® = Banulated.
  109. It's finally here!
  110. RS4 Driver Info
  111. 880N around Milpitas. Daytona Grey RS4...seemingly young dude beating on the RS. Dealer plates.
  112. Anyone found a decent replacement for the 7506 DRL bulb?
  113. Want Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
  114. Anyone hardwire their Valentine One?
  115. Fluffhead: Clear Corner Mod help needed
  116. Dang - the white RS4 @McGrath sold over the weekend.
  117. A little teaser....
  118. Is there an option on the RS4 in europe to delete DRC for...
  119. Sparkhill, did you take down your fog light DIY? Link doesnt work.
  120. Anyone try Hoen endurance lights for fogs? (very yellow)
  121. Repost? Nav question
  122. Way to Go Fluffhead! Any one in Colorado want to do some friendly runs in their RS4 and my S4?
  123. Anyone interested in a Denver area meet & greet ? All Audi enthusiasts welcome...
  124. Just a reminder .. D.V.A.G. Dyno Day at A.W.E. Tuning is coming, reserve your spot now
  125. SouthEast Dyno Day this saturday in Atlanta
  126. Does anybody know anyone at Fourtitude.com?
  127. Does RS4 have pre-filter(snow screen) in air duct and, if so, has anybody checked theirs?...
  128. This is what happens when u let your wife drive your new RS4
  129. Didnt know if you all might be interested in my latest B6 S4 dyno results...
  130. RS4 vs Various S4 results (edit)...
  131. BAM, FYI got your email yesterday morning...replied.
  132. Anyone know the part number for our OEM wheels? (I bent two on in-road reflectors)
  133. Radar Detectors--how cops feel about them (a good read)
  134. Do the RS4 replicas wheels fit? Anyone put together a list of aftermarket wheels for the RS?
  135. which color choice?
  136. How many people have a RS4 B7 and use it on the track and daily-driver?
  137. Who would like to see Twin Turbo V6 in the RS4 instead of V-8?...
  138. Exhaust removal question...
  139. Flickr RS4 photo group started...
  140. My RS4 after many hours of detailing
  141. Miltek exhaust question, is the valved version worth the extra $ ?
  142. Voice Dialing difficult @ high speeds. Is there a way to change the sensitivity of the noise
  143. Anyone have the code for our low beam/DRLs or are they the same as the A4?
  144. whats up with all the RS4s in boston....
  145. Feedback from you guys w/Stasis Motorsport kit....
  146. Just posted this for the R8 guys. Supercharged RS4.
  147. As you guys put on more miles, you might want to check your pre-filter
  148. Anyone going to the Detroit Auto show?
  149. no part for fix in north america
  150. Doghnut spare anyone?
  151. Can't get name tags to work...
  152. Getting married this summer...can I put Milltek DP and Exhaust on the resigsty??
  153. So do you guys feel like you are the red headed step child of Audiworld and all the S4 owners are
  154. Come on everybody, lets go over to the RS4 forum and bait the geezers!
  155. here is a comparison...here is my stock B5S4 dyno lets see an rs4 dyno
  156. Want a B7 RS4 after driving it, but interested in any problems and actual H.P.
  157. As a B5 S4 driver i envy your wide body!
  158. NAIAS 2007 recap
  159. OK guys.. I really had no choice
  160. Paging rs4-yyz...is this you? Watch out, the mob is out ;-)
  161. clunking when going over bumps/turning wheel hard
  162. Heading home last night on I-280, 30 degrees out, and then a hot red fireball blew by me
  163. B7 RS4 front brake lines what material are they and how long
  164. Snowing in Seattle.... Day off... a quick photo of the beast
  165. can anyone find a pic of any audi with suzuka grey pearl effect?
  166. More oil info from Motul and how each formulas fall into its category...
  167. How many of you did not get the premium package? Let's say I already have an extra set of
  168. MTM RS4 stuff: Is this "old news" to you boyz?--->
  169. dxben is...
  170. Paging RI RS4. Just got off the phone with Motul's technical rep and...
  171. Painted diffuser & filler panel - Daytona Gray
  172. I hope they don't come out with a clone of the RS4 because this is an S4 Avant clone if you ask me..
  173. Getting so close I can smell the fresh metal...
  174. Been lurking around the forum and gotta say...some of these RS4's are damn awesome looking...
  175. Carbon fiber accessories for under the hood, RS4
  176. I have condensation inside the front glass of my left front fog light. What is an easy way to.....
  177. RS4 Euro Front Bumper/ Steering wheel/sport seats
  178. Anyone know if the Stratmosphere RS4 Replica wheels (19x8.5 ET35) fit on our RS4s?
  179. suzuka grey pearl effect = best color ever.
  180. RS4 GTG Thursday January 11th, 6PM at Mews Tavern, Wakefield, RI
  181. Quick question on oil standards for you folks...
  182. Need a 2007 RS4 NOW?
  183. RS4 delivery tomorrow - got the word from trucking company
  184. Fighting the pavement with the RS4 (and S4)
  185. Vijay's and gtikid98's garages are nice but mine is better b/c ...
  186. Time to take a breather from fighting and enjoy 2 more pics (tinted but front plate still)
  187. i apologize if i hurt your feelings rs4 enthusiast fellows !
  188. first two b7rs4 FATS logs (courtesy RI RS4)
  189. I should have some comparison video's after this weekend....
  190. Will iPhone work with Audi bluetooth and send contact list to rns-e and...
  191. To continue the trend...B5 RS4 vs B7 RS4 from the German magazine Sport Auto
  192. let's all hold hands...
  193. how about some of you B7 RS4 owners give us B5 S4 owners a ride that involves cornering and braking
  194. I am NOT a real enthusiast!!!!.......
  195. B5 A4 owner here with questions about tuning options? Do you guys have a FAQ yet?
  196. who wants to petition for a new forum for RS4 vs B5 S4?
  197. RI RS4.........oil question again
  198. Interesting RS4 vs B5 S4 thread from the B5 Forum!!!
  199. GMG Track Day At Big Willow Invite!! Jan 24th
  200. Another awesome RS4 pic at Laguna Seca
  201. Congratulations to Bob W. #1 Dxben #2 Sparkhill #3 daveak05 #4 and I guess my dumbass for.........
  202. The RS4 sucks
  203. RS4 vs M5..check out this video!!!!
  204. Did you guys see the hp for the B8 RS4?
  205. haha, you RS4 owners are so stupid!
  206. How many of you guys are disappointed in your new B7RS4 ? mostly performance ??
  207. fog lamp replacement. What is the best bulb???
  208. Alex, how did your 10.5" wheel testing go?
  209. Hope you guys don't mind my lowly A4 self posting in here =o)
  210. To the driver of the RS4 with New Jersey license plate "RS Four"
  211. FREE Factory Recommended Maintenace for 4 years/50K miles on '07 RS4
  212. you RS4 drivers ready for this? a 425 hp lexus IS is about to debut.
  213. Hey, Bob. May I have your autograph?
  214. Incredible!
  215. What does R stand for in RSR? wonder if this is "RS4+"
  216. Is it just me or do the fogs SUCK
  217. Was anyone from here around to remember this?........
  218. RS4 VAG-COM recode for RNS-E
  219. Cross-thread post - I need advice!!! RS Audi purchase horror story
  220. Will the RS4 be Barrett-Jackson worthy in 30ish years?
  221. NYTimes accolades
  222. Question on the US 0150 Update to RNS-E
  223. Hamster update...........Pt 1 & 2........
  224. Photo shoot, detail and wrap session in OC, Calif
  225. Anyone else just spend 7 hours in the garage? And no, it's not even close to Vijay's
  226. If you must have a front plate, try this.....
  227. Audi is bringing the RS4 Avant to America!!!!
  228. ibis white - wow!
  229. DRC
  230. So Automobile Mag has added an RS4 to their long term 4 seasons tests
  231. ....so Cars.com has 13 RS's listed as "used".
  232. What does 4 stand for in RS4?
  233. You Southern Cal guys have it all, the weather, The RS4's, the cheerleaders......
  234. duPont Registry EXOTIC CAR buyers guide 2007 says "RS 4 is nothing less than a four-seat supercar"..
  235. Did you guys get a stereo/nav manual in addition to the owners manual?
  236. What does R stand for in RS4 ??
  237. What does R stand for in RS4 ??
  238. I'm suprised this hasn't caught on more....barfing out eyes....
  239. What does R stand for in RS4???
  240. Skip Barber...have you ever been?
  241. Do you guys have sunroof? How much will the RS4 loos on the track?
  242. Can the front + rear camber,toe and caster be adjusted?
  243. Here's the Motorweek video on the RS4
  244. VAG-COM Torque Logging is cool (update)
  245. Did you know that with the S-button disengaged, on acceleration the exhaust valve opens at 5000 rpm
  246. OK, be honest - How many times have you hit the rev limiter?
  247. Is it true? Audi is only making 12000 RS4's???
  248. RS4 arrived at port in San Diego today - red w/ black - requested
  249. I'm thinking of buying one, but am curious as to monthly cost...
  250. Don't tell Timmay, but RS4 named Performance Car of the Year