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  1. Anyone try ordering motor oil online?
  2. final resolution to my clutch probelm. Thanks [email protected]
  3. does anyone else get upset that there is no pause button??
  4. Atlanta Owners...
  5. Not much is said about DRC. PLEASE tell us about it. :-)
  6. I've been holding back these pics
  7. Hey RS4 oil junkies
  8. RS4 VIN List Update
  9. First the replica Hartmann wheels and now this? What's next?
  10. sparkhill: I got the filler panel, thanks.
  11. Found this short article about Alusil cylinder linings
  12. My O2 sensor has been fixed, picking up the RS4 tomorrow..
  13. Reconciliation: Ok people.. what is going on? We're becoming a nation divided by motor oil!
  14. anybody else going with aftermarket exhaust?...
  15. No RS4 for Motor Oil! Not in our name! OIL OIL OIL OIL!
  16. Goodies?
  17. As long as we're talking oil...
  18. MD/VA/DC...was the RS4 on 95 to baltimore anyone's here?
  19. pothole, please repost the pic of your RS4's short PENS, i need to show it to my rep
  20. oh yeah almost forgot, L.A. GTG @ The Stand (Encino/SFV) tomorrow night -- Tuesday, July 18th @ 7pm
  21. Lube it up!
  22. Come on now all you Waterfest slackers, what did those of us who couldn't go miss?
  23. Pics of Phantom Black with brushed aluminum filler plate. Oil Consumed- O Qts
  24. RS4 B7 Tuning (Could I and where supercharger the new RS4 B7?)
  25. RS4 envy anyone? It's probably best to just come on out and admit it; repeat after me, my S4 is no..
  26. <runs out to car to try>
  27. Does anyone know part #'s for the anthracite wheels and/or black optics pkg parts? TIA
  28. Poll: How many of you would have ordered or would order an RS4 with DSG if:
  29. RS4 Oil Consumption Database
  30. Discounts - How sizeable are they at the moment?
  31. Did you guys clear bra leading mirror edges?
  32. STaSIS Motorsports back from Miller - No race results inside just pictures and link to results.
  33. trade S4 for RS4 worth it??
  34. Let's say we have to drop a quart every 1000+ miles and
  35. My oil consumption saga...
  36. dxben, here is a shot of the clearbra line on avus in
  37. More Avus pics
  38. DICE i-Audi-T2 - track name on radio/disp?
  39. I notice
  40. OK, here is my stupid question...
  41. I'm sure this is a stupid question but what is the surf board on a RS4?.....
  42. Can someone with an RS4 do me a ginormous favor?
  43. Break-in
  44. Dxben - worked out what your dangly thing is
  45. NEWS FLASH! GMBH changes all rims to be shipped with new RS4's see link : )
  46. Are the new cars really coming with different buttons on the dash? If so does anyone have a link or
  47. Has anyone seen a U.S. Hardback RS4 brochure? It would be cool to keep with....
  48. RS4 in Chappaqua tonight?
  49. my buddy saw a nogaro blue RS4 in San Diego...anyone?
  50. PZero vs. Michellin
  51. Just to reiterate...CHECK YOUR OIL LEVEL!!!
  52. PSA: McGrath Audi in Glenview, IL has an unsold, un-reserved black RS4--->
  53. No touch up paint available yet from Audi
  54. On Order
  55. Thanks for the heads up Der Kimbo
  56. apparently my RS4 will be at Waterthingy, in the FarnbacherLoles/REVO area.
  57. Anyone put in clear sidemarkers yet ? Part # and how did you get at them?
  58. DaveyKid brings up a good point re extended warranty below...here's what I learned so far...
  59. Anyone posted a review on Edmunds? So far 10/10.
  60. RS4 back at the shop for its O2 sensor replacement
  61. Only YOU decide, based upon the following:
  62. I'll give someone $100 to drill this into their hood
  63. Ok what the hell is this? See pic inside?
  64. Latest Gawkfest - My trip to the VW service center today
  65. Ventus Sport K104 are they good tire?
  66. Kid I went to HS with (1 year behind me so he's going to be a junior in college) just bought an RS4.
  67. Taconic Pky Black RS4 here? I was in my Allrod.
  68. Filler plate woes...thoughts anyone...
  69. Mugello Blue
  70. Filler plate info and minor changes for newer build cars...
  71. What exactly in the car is leather and what is soft touch plastic?
  72. my car at waterfest...
  73. Anyone wanna meet in westchester to roll out saturday with us...
  74. Blackberry 8700c resets?
  75. does this sound normal?!?!?
  76. VIN List Update
  77. Interested in opinions on filler panel choice for Avus...
  78. Latest RS4 gawking trend... RS4 chasing
  79. Chip Herr sets fastes lap in combined practice at a 3:09.218.
  80. Oops, I forgot to return the library books.. guess I gotta make another run to town...
  81. How many of you are doing clear bras on your RS4?
  82. Has anyone with Mugello Blue inquired about touch-up paint?
  83. Chip Herr running 6th in first offical practice of the 4.5 Mile Miller Motorsports Park
  84. RS4 VIN List
  85. We will be at Waterfest this weekend with the RS 4 and Milltek...
  86. Add me to the list of those with shipping blocks left in place
  87. What I'd really like to drive on a daily basis!
  88. Can someone get me a part number?
  89. My ship came in
  90. To those in cold climates and/or will be tracking their RS4's, any concerns about DRC failure?
  91. Here is the closeup of Phantom Black in the sun that was requested.
  92. Pic
  93. I am thinking about declaring my RS4 as a business expense through a lease....
  94. M5 "kill" story
  95. Got my baby back today, time to celebrate. I'll be at Sal's later if any A4/S4/RS4-ers wanna meet up
  96. Hmm.. Answer to RS4 summer tires at cold temps
  97. opinion needed. please help!
  98. Low speed steering making a groan/creak...
  99. Mileage on this car is way better than my S4
  100. Visit STaSIS at the Riverside booth at Waterfest and if you can't make the show visit the website...
  101. MagnaFlow for RS4
  102. What car detailing materials do you guys use?
  103. Here's the partial stable-
  104. what's ur built month?
  105. Retro B5 experience...
  106. 18" lightweight wheels for track?
  107. Finally
  108. Car order update
  109. my clutch hose is here from germany...
  110. Holy smokes! I knew replacement brake pads would be pricey, but this is insane!
  111. Rev limiter questions...
  112. "Calling all cars, Calling all cars" Any Boston RS4's out there on this forum? Or am I ->
  113. Thank god I bought a RS4
  114. So apparently the TPMS in the RS4 is an active type with radio sensors...
  115. Paging Moro Blue RS4 on 101s, Mountain View, and Cisco this am. You out there?
  116. Who is stretching the most to buy this beast?
  117. Production Timetable Question
  118. Milltek installed...
  119. Updated Front Filler Info
  120. After a tough event at Infineon, STaSIS heads to Miller Motorsports for round 5 of the SPEED WCTC.
  121. Another oil use datapoint
  122. Got mine today...
  123. RS4 Withdrawl Rehab Report - Day 3
  124. Order schedule
  125. Bob W: email me when you get a chance
  126. Detailed update on my RS4's servicing...
  127. The picture I promised....
  128. Hey folks, Liam, If I decide to sell my RS4 with something like 2k miles on it...
  129. Does a car get a VIN number before/during/after the car has entered the "production" process?
  130. Jebus! Residual values on the RS4 are horrific.
  131. some SD cards....
  132. The chief engineer of the B8 swears the next-gen RS4 will...
  133. Anyone going to roll the dice on their engine warranty and get aftermarket exhaust?
  134. So who was picking up their Avus Silver RS4 at Knopf on Saturday? Beautiful.
  135. Speculation: How many RS4's will be on the 'pre-owned' list in 1 year?
  136. 270m road trip yesterday. 22.3 MPG.
  137. Pics of my new Phantom RS4
  138. KMarshall...I didn't know you were getting one...what color/options/etc?
  139. 3rd gear a bit crunchy?
  140. MTM RS4
  141. Smallest diameter spare to keep in trunk ?
  142. has anyone here ordered any Audi parts from worldimpex.com?
  143. Ah now why didn't I think of this earlier.. RS4 on PGR3
  144. Hello Der Kimbo...Is their an Avus Silver RS4 at the docks in Houston
  145. Black RS4 on the 241 in Foothill Ranch yesterday,,,you here?
  146. 2008 M3 this is the car that will be gunning for RS4 drivers come next year. IMO the front end
  147. We never got a picture of Ibis White, did anyone take delivery of one and if so
  148. How do you remove the license plate holder?
  149. Yellow RS4 doing donuts at 25 yr anniversary?
  150. Winding Road RS4 review
  151. Wheel Fitment Question: RS6 Wheels on B7 RS4
  152. RS4 featured in Thirteen's MotorWeek HD
  153. RS4 pictures...... (not mine)
  154. How best to launch the RS4 ?
  155. Saw a black RS4 at SNA airport last night...instant penis envy!
  156. by the way, the same pics I just posted also show areas where the clear bra margins are...
  157. What did you all think of my RS4 writeup?
  158. Here it is: old school B5 RS4 9-spoke wheels on a B7 RS4....
  159. Just when you thought that your dealer didn't forget to take off all the suspension blocks....
  160. An Alternative to the RS4- the new Z4 M Coupe. It's making me think REAL hard about the RS4.
  161. Is the oil pan easily accesible under the car? Or is it behind a panel?
  162. RS4 gets a page in Evo magazine...
  163. Cleaning the aluminum trim question...
  164. What I'm doing to pass the time and ease the pain while my RS4 is at the shop...
  165. Black RS4 parked on Putnam Ave/Rt 1 in Greenwich this evening..
  166. just got a lovely call from AoA this morning regarding my rs4....
  167. *pffffff*
  168. How many have had people phone/photographing your car?
  169. Has anyone done a clear bra or scotchguard paint protection on a black car
  170. How much of a deposit required for order???
  171. dxben - AoA response?
  172. Performance modifications?
  173. Automobile review...fair?
  174. did anyone try to see if vag-com and lemmiwinks will work on the B7 rs4 ? ..just curious .
  175. RS4 weight issue...people feeling it?
  176. I don't have dyno #s to back this up but after extensive research I've found out...
  177. sweet! UPS just dropped off my rims.
  178. Spotted a black RS4 w/tint near Seal Beach and taking the 605 on-ramp..anyone here?
  179. &$%#@@ My RS4 is down for the count with only 318 miles!
  180. Hey dxben - warning light thread
  181. Why hasn't this forum been added to the search options?
  182. My RS4 is at the shop now... [title edited for the overly sensitive]
  183. RS4 Owners: Is the RS4 everything you thought it would be???
  184. RS4 aluminum steering wheel
  185. Nice review of RS4.
  186. For those married w/ kids still in car seats (I have 2),
  187. Thanks Jason...
  188. Think this would work in the B7 RS4 without any(or too many) issues?
  189. Not why I got the car... not that I mind the positive feedback...
  190. Got the dreaded EPC light again tonight.
  191. Does anyone know where to get 93 octane in Phoenix area?
  192. RS 4 Series
  193. probabaly a re-post but has anyone dynoed their car? also..
  194. Anyone notice how poorly written the RS4 road test is?
  195. Audio input question.. I am about to implement the most killer mod ever on a car..
  196. Saw my first live RS4 in princeton,nj
  197. Just curious...What is your Current mileage at? who is through the brake in period?
  198. New Motor Trend issue compares RS4 and CTS-V...
  199. Sparkhill, did you ever get the rest of the part number for the front filler panel w/ aluminum
  200. New issue of Automobile magazine has 6 page review of the RS4
  201. Good Morning RS4 owners!! I have 3 questions.
  202. Yet another Avus Silver RS4 pic.
  203. Who's Daytona Grey RS4 did I see in Mountain View on Villa near castro st. tonight?
  204. Possible to import Suspension Plus and do aftermarket install on our RS4s?
  205. ok whos volcano black rs4 did i eat alive tonight ???????
  206. PSA: Autozone carries Castrol Syntec 5W-40
  207. Ahh.... The simplicity of a RS4 is high performance in itself. Warning!!!
  208. Did you pay any "mark up" ? This dude at Rusnak is quoting me....
  209. Why I hate car magazines at the moment...
  210. Front license plate panel... need advice
  211. Spring into Summer with the STaSIS Waterfest 2006 Sale!
  212. How are you guys exchanging for normal motor oil before break in? ie - tell the dealer to do it?
  213. Just for fun, do a search for engine break in on your browser.
  214. Anyone know of any dealers in Ohio with RS4s on the lots?
  215. Has anyone noticed a power increase past 1000 or 1500 miles?
  216. Parikh1234, what is up with your clutch?
  217. Finally 1500 miles, 2 quarts low.
  218. OK sparkhill...how do we get rid of the orange front turn indicator lenses?
  219. I have a 1.8 mile track only 45 minuets from the house. I need some
  220. dtm jackets and shirts
  221. Has anyone pondered, or better yet, done research to know what Audi did to make this car weigh...
  222. Anyone suggest a radar dectector?
  223. RS4s aren't really much faster (if at all) than the B6 A4 3.0s. (proof inside)
  224. The EPC warning symbol came on today while driving..
  225. I Need Tires with a Larger Contact Patch (section or tread width)
  226. I have to say, after sitting in and starting the RS4 I just dont think
  227. Just traded in my S4 and got a new black RS4
  228. If you need some variety to help you appreciate your RS4....
  229. On the B6/B7 S4s we blocked the vacuum line to the muffler valve to leave it open all the time.
  230. This may be the first engine and tire modification to my new RS4, what do you guys think?
  231. RS4 Lighting Question
  232. Paging Mr. Fluffhead.. Question for you..
  233. Went to Rusnak, sat in the RS4 and started it up and played with
  234. lease options
  235. RS4 theme song...
  236. Those with RS4's, what deductible on insurance...
  237. is this good news for me? I am determined to get a healthy discount of a RS4.
  239. Review from carsguide.com.au
  240. Does anyone here actually work throughout the day?
  241. Has anyone taken delivery of an Ibis White RS4 in the USA yet??
  242. Extended warraty for RS4?
  243. so I just read the new Motor Trend (RS4 vs. CTS-V)
  244. How do the PS2 tires do in cold (30-40F) conditions, no snow .. ?
  245. i'm thinking of trading for rs4
  246. Black RS4 at Cheeseburgers in Paradise tonight in columbus, anyone here? Couldn't stop lookin
  247. any so cal dealers with an RS4 on the floor?
  248. Repost?A good video demonstration on Quattro.
  249. Repost? Short Video with good exhaust note.
  250. Must.....resist....urge.....for....test....drive