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  1. No spare tire really gets my goat. Is putting a spare in the trunk a viable alternative?
  2. So I drove the CLK Black-Series and a Targa 4S yesterday...
  3. Guys (/gals) check your front pads! Mine are toast at slightly less than 10K.
  4. rs4 on track for first event ever....
  5. Anyone here running 18" Hartman wheels for winter?
  6. Am I correct that we can still get a XM module for the 2008 RS4?
  7. You guys getting your cars over the last two weeks are killing me...
  8. Out with the Old - In with the new!
  9. Well, my first track day in the RS 4 will be on Friday...
  10. Gustav's (m5board.com) M3 v RS4 runway video
  11. APR Motorsport to bid for 2008 Koni Challenge
  12. Titanium Door Sill Moldings?
  13. Brake pad wear and Rotor wear... don't let your pads wear down too much
  14. FYI- As of today STaSIS offers free ground shipping on all orders within the USA.
  15. So are forged wheels that much better than cast? I assume
  16. How/Where Should I Buy My RS4?
  17. Deflapping trouble..
  18. OT: Japanese Cops Get Cute - Bunny Ear Cruier Lights (VIDEO)
  19. Audi Model Rollout Schedule from Fall 2007 Quattro Quarterly
  20. Edmunds: 1:RS4 2:IS-F
  21. Whats the best chrome cleaner for my Milltek Exhaust?
  22. Sway Bar for sale?
  23. 2008 M3 winner over C63 AMG (2nd) and RS 4 (3rd) in C&D comparison test
  24. Does anyone have experience working with Joe Hoppen Motorsport, Inc.?
  25. Is there a difinitive (sp?) answer on radars?
  26. First sunnny day in the new RS4 cab
  27. Gratuitous RS4 Cabriolet pictures (BWW)
  28. Are all VW504 oils 5W-30?
  29. Does anyone know anything about "Work" Wheels?
  30. new wheel pics...finally.
  31. Dilema-I traded my S4 for a 997 S-hooked it up and its faster than ****e-but I miss my Audi
  32. The cutting/trimming of the doors to save weight as started. Check it out...
  33. Here's your chance to buy the RS4 Avant legal in the USA...
  34. why buy a new RS4 vs. 07 low mileage?
  35. Bluetooth pairing
  36. Snowshoes have arrived....hehe
  37. Step One......
  38. Toughts on JHM short shift please...
  39. Had some seat-time in the S5... can't wait for an RS5!
  40. SD card question - so do i just dump the MP3's right on the card? or do i have to do anything
  41. The RS4 Cab is here!
  42. Yellow RS4 @ Glendale galleria, Socal
  43. Winter tires and wheels showed up today
  44. **SEMA Pre-Sale** RS4 Exhaust System Sale** $1400 + Actual Shipping Costs (or)
  45. Who is going to SEMA?
  46. Heh.. now there are 2 RS4's at NEMC in Boston? Daytona grey and the light grey. Any1 here?
  47. wow...totally and completely speechless - words can't describe driving this car
  48. Bob W...You still meeting us for the drive Saturday? Btw...my pothole costs have gone logorithmic!!
  49. Darn it! Now that I'm taking weight off the front, I'm now adding it in the rear...
  50. Just one more thing to do on the car. In my quest to shave weight off the car I just ordered this...
  51. Thought you guys might want to see what a torn apart RS4 looks like...
  52. serious question: didn't someone here try 5mm spacers and have vibration issues?
  53. A question for those RS4's with H-sport sways and after-market exhaust...
  54. I know this sounds awful but I never drive my RS4...
  55. Painted front "splitter" question...
  56. Lets plan the 11/3 Norcal Meet
  57. Getting new all-season rubber installed this weeknd. I'm suprised......
  58. Well I've finally morphed from JonA4 to JonRS4. Picked up my RS4 from the DAS depot in Tacoma, WA
  59. 1st year depreciation is supposed to be $15k.. Seems we are beating that, no?
  60. One QUAD outlet catback in stock...
  61. Can a flap be used as a spacer in an emergency?
  62. Brand new Avus Silver w/ Titanium Package in Spokane WA
  63. GOT MILK ?????????
  64. i wasn't aware the steering wheel was different in the US until today - what's the deal with the
  65. Will my carrera white b7rs4 spacers fit on an is-f?
  66. Am I crazy to trade in my RS4 for a 997 C2S??
  67. I'm supposed to pick up my RS4 tomorrow!!!! though dealer says it may be friday morning at latest
  68. Anyone had trouble shifting into 1st gear ?
  69. I installed spacers on my bicycle when I was a kid but realize now they're called "training wheels"
  70. Got rubber mats?
  71. Recent Germany travelers and car rental questions
  72. San Diego area GTG 11/5 @ 7pm
  73. Lexus IS-F reviews are out ! Wow.. much better than I thought
  74. A sad story...
  75. If I buy some RS4 spacers, will it increase hp in my A4?
  76. Has anyone tried putting spacers on their flap ? I heard its worth 15whp
  77. I picked up a Carrara White spacer FTW!!
  78. Another spacer thread anyone???
  79. Hey, has anyone put wheel spacers on a B7 RS4? This webb sitte is cooll
  80. any one put wheel spacers on rs4 b7 ( what size )
  81. So I'm having the factory 35k mile service done to my A3 and I see three 2008 RS4s in showroom!
  82. For all of us that give out rides at track days. FYI, Carrera GT Crash Settled at $4.5m
  83. OT: Official - GTR is out
  84. Would we use 18" for track wheels
  85. RS4 Convertible on Ebay Daytona if anyone is interested. *Not Mine.
  86. I'm going to put this up on ebay if anyone's interested...
  87. Well today my son got bored and blacked out my side orange indicators
  88. The new Porsche RS4 ?
  89. Took the RS4 to get it's 5,000 mile service, got to drive the demo S5.
  90. Last call for Boston Area Fall Finish GTG tonight!!!
  91. I'm an M driver (M Vs S) my opinions.uh oh! before it starts, read my post ;) (long -youll like)
  92. Don't you just love BMW owners?
  93. OT: Who here owns apple stock? Yes!! Apple pays for all my mods!!
  94. New RS4 Cab
  95. Just ordered!!
  96. Interesting RS4 v M3 v C63 article, CAR magazine
  97. Thanks for the tip Sparkhill :)
  98. I am looking to have the REVO flash done to my car, so I wanted some feedback from the guys
  99. any one put wheel spacers on a b7 rs4
  100. sad people on audi world webb site
  101. To sell the RS 4 with or without the Milltek?
  102. Strange TPMS warning - Took off and zoomed down an on ramp pretty darn hard and the TPMS went off.
  103. Sold my RS4 last week!!!! And ordered a new car the same day......
  104. Ecu tuning and exhaust
  105. Parting w/ RS4 is such sweet sorrow
  106. RS4 sighting, I90 just outside Buffalo, Illinois plates, dark blue...
  107. Question about the small screen behind the steering wheel.
  108. Anyone know how to get car seat dents out of these seats
  109. Some pics from my weekend in Germany
  110. Flap modification question
  111. Is there a way to tune only memory stations while watching the nav?
  112. AUDI RS4 Shifting Algorithm...
  113. PCC-ACNA Virginia Fall Run picture post
  114. street racing
  115. Out at the track the other day....
  116. Miss a couple of weeks, and I'm all flapped out
  117. Is the S5 Hurting RS4 Sales?
  118. can i put wheel spacers on a standard rs4 avant b7 2007
  119. Is there a way to get to the first page of a forum with less than 56 clicks?
  120. These squared-off wheelarches were originally destined for the RS4? They still suck on the RS6......
  121. New video: M3 v RS4 from MSN Autos
  122. Great..Look at what you've done. The british guys are making fun of us with this "de-flapping" talk
  123. Cab is in port at Houston - hopefully in my garage in a couple of weeks!
  124. Repost: Swedish M3 v RS4 video but with English Subtitles for those that
  125. Used Milltek Catback for Sale...
  126. Talking lease with the dealer (which will remain unnamed to protect the innocent)
  127. Mugello Blue Titanium Package pics
  128. How many owners here came from a B6/B7 S4?
  129. Ok, so does a 2000-2004 Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale = a B7 RS4 on a twisty road?......
  130. RS4 vs.335i V2?
  131. My wife and I are having a baby boy, by a show of hands, how many of you are circumcised?
  132. To horn, or not to horn...that is the question.
  133. i was told that the "grey" anthrocite looking rims weren't available on delivery yet
  134. Daytona Grey is best with or without Titanium Pkg? Black vs. Silver interior?
  135. RI RS4: A Couple Questions...
  136. Wow.. Just got back from Vegas and saw a Maserati MC12
  137. Flap Switch Modification (Partial)
  138. I am sure I am going to get flamed for this, but I think it would be cool if.....
  139. GMG to run 2 car effort in Speed GT this weekend @ Laguna Seca
  140. Hey Bob everyone has been so caught up flippin out over a flap. What did you decide to use for
  141. Do I need to reinstall the flap horn? or can I leave the horn out completely?
  142. German Autofest 2007 and Audi club Drive
  143. RI RS4 - would Audrey Flap or de-Flap
  144. Pre De-Flap: 0-60 4.3 Seconds. Post De-Flap: 0-60 2.9 Seconds. Pretty happy with the results.
  145. Has anybody thought about replacing the "horn" with the turbinator, should be good for about 100 HP.
  146. well reworked some stuff, and have an order on a sprint blue rs4!
  147. Whats the fastest 0-100 Achieved in an RS4? The fastest i have seen is 9.6 from this other forum.
  148. damm havent been here in a long time. Whats up with all this flap crap?!?
  149. I love my deflapped RS4, but this forum has gone totally flap crazy.
  150. Spare tire and tie-down strength flap (edited)
  151. Fap, fap, fap, I mean flap, flap, flap, thought I was on AWOT for a minute.
  152. RI RS4: When should be expect the writeup?
  153. Ok, enough Flapping BS. Two cars, a Ferrari 360 CS and a B7 RS4 play cat and mouse.....
  154. I just flapped myself.
  155. what is the difference between flogging and flapping...discuss amongst yourselves.
  156. Ok...who's flapping their mouths over here?
  157. Is this flap anything like a sphincter? If so, I'm going to remove mine for more low end performance
  158. Hopefully, all this flap stuff will lead to.......
  159. I don't believe there is a flap...
  160. if anyone is aware of any rs4's (used) for sale - i am in the market
  161. FLAP ON, FLAP OFF, THE FLAPPER! The forum has gone flappin' crazy!
  162. Intake Flap - Heat or Flow Direction?
  163. Anyone have a pic of where the flap is located?
  164. Post deflapped race against 05 E55...
  165. Anyone run a dyno "deflapped" yet???
  166. Girodisc can do replacement rotors
  167. Help! About to purchase RS4, I need your advice, please!
  168. any of you de-flappers notice higher oil temps,i de-flapped mine and the temp went up from...
  169. Would the flap be so that hot engine air isn't always sucked into motor at low speeds?
  170. Bob W., do you have a MAF log that starts at around 2000 rpm and goes up to 8K?
  171. RS4 burns down a house
  172. Would B6 S4 Rubber mats fit in a RS4?
  173. Just Deflapped the beast and what a difference. Wawaweewa:)
  174. Question for those using ADR's V1 Interface Kit w/ RS4 Euro-Wheel setup..
  175. Hold up on de-flapping, I'll have an switch mod posted by tomorrow
  176. UBS Stamford Sprint Blue RS4?
  177. alright YFFs, I just put my lower air horn back on, and I'm going to log MAF again....
  178. Deflapping tomorrow and can't wait to see the difference.
  179. Small air filter on air intake tube
  180. Window Tint in/around Boston? for Audi S5.
  181. May be OT for some. Pictures of the Mont Tremblant ACNA' event from Sept. 29th and 30th...
  182. Anyone know anything about night thermal imaging systems....
  183. Black RS4 near LA Thursday night?
  184. 36 hours left......Northeast Mountain Trek. Hope to see some fellow RS4 owners!
  185. RS4 Wiki / upgrades
  186. Just deflapped the airbox... THIS THING IS A ROCKET!!!
  187. Anyone else annoyed by the ridiculous gas consumption when the engine is cold (40L/100km - 5mpg)?
  188. Is the owner of the new Phantom Black RS4 in/around Solana Beach on here?
  189. Daytona Gray, SanFran off geary last night
  190. Good source for OEM/Used/After Market Stocker RS4 wheels?
  191. A friend of mine owns a MB Tuning shop and says that he has Renntech Software for the beast that
  192. Target-> Audi RS4?
  193. For the paranoid in you:
  194. Brakes - pads worn out as well as rotors on the front - NEED HELP
  195. Looking for 2007 RS4 Ibis White New or Used
  196. anyone here park under 1 penn plaza today?
  197. how to lower b7 rs4
  198. X-Post: Cliffs of Insanity 2007......
  199. laser jammer installation
  200. ACNA NJ - Fall Foliage Drive 11/3
  201. GMG exhaust
  202. a lot of cheesy..........................
  203. WTF? Audi has the cab at the same lb as ours. I thought it was.......
  204. RS4 DRC problems
  205. Is an RS4 as fast as a 360 modena?
  206. In my quest for wheels, I spoke with a guy today who said he put 285/25ZR-20 tires on a RS4.
  207. Winter wheels
  208. For those interested, here are the published weights of various tires for the RS4.....
  209. removal of foam block and aluminum rectagular brace from trunk
  210. grrr. I cant wait for my baby to show up
  211. NorCal RS4 GTG - when/where exactly?
  212. Paging Bob W.
  213. Clutch pedal feel question
  214. Anyone see a cab yet? I am interested in how they look in person, not pics.
  215. Fall Finish! Boston Area GTG 10/23 AMC Burlington
  216. To the black B7 RS4 in quincy, MA stop and shop the other day
  217. the stock B7RS4 wheels are ET29, 5x112, and 57.1 center bore...correct?
  218. Help with I-Pod integration in the '07 RS4 I have searched and
  219. My Infineon Raceway track report (long)...
  220. Stand by for my report on my weekend at Infineon Raceway and my test drive of the new S5!
  221. Tire Mobility System = teh suck.
  222. Hats off to STaSIS
  223. Canadians who bought US RS4s
  224. BU Black RS4 Guy from Moogies
  225. brake dust
  226. Question for RoW RS4 owners...
  227. RE960AS Pole Position, Pilot Sport A/S or PZero Nero M&S
  228. Pirelli Pzero Corsa's wnted for B7 RS4...
  229. anyone notice APR developed an FSI fuel pump?
  230. Black wheels
  231. Who's RS4 is this on ebay? Looks too good to be true
  232. Daytona Gray on 78 in NJ last night, are you here?
  233. Any Tubi exhausts?
  234. Shocked: TPMS alarmed today, and all 4 were at 30psi (recommended is 41), warm day, ...
  235. I sure wish RS4 came with DSG...may buy M5 SMG instead
  236. Ibis White RS4 in Steamboat for sale?
  238. New M3 sedan pics...
  239. RS4 Circuit de Catalunya Experience
  240. do we know for a fact that the RS4 brakes are identical to the C5 RS6? need some wheel opinions....
  241. Black optics grill on daytona grey
  242. B13 RS4? Any info?
  243. GMG exhaust for B13 RS4?
  244. **B7 GMG WC-GT RS4 Exhaust Systems in stock**
  245. B12 RS4 ?
  246. X-post. Wed, Oct. 10th Audidriver9 and I are flying out to Cali to pickup a new car at WMS.
  247. B10 RS4?
  248. brand new RS4 needs steering rack replaced
  249. B8 RS4?
  250. GMG WC RS4 Sport Exhaust Systems in Stock ready for shipment.