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  1. Additional possible dates for the NYC RS4 Spring Run
  2. Is it just me, or do you have to logon every time you visit these new forums ?
  3. Part number of bolt and washer for a CF cover mounting bracket
  4. U.K. RS owners Mass protest Text Watchdog 30th March 19:30
  5. No more orange
  6. Aftermarket Part's Links
  7. 10mm Spacer? MTM sell 20mm for RS4?
  8. buyback time?
  9. 07 RS4 questions
  10. does anyone else have issues getting on the forum from a blackberry bold?
  11. RS4 Registry
  12. First Service?
  13. Detailing in Toronto
  14. Engine cover discoloration
  15. Got my engine plastic replaced under warranty
  16. Part No. for Trunk Cargo net for our cars - the one I have is really weak and does no
  17. DRL's
  18. Just got the call!!! My HRE M40's with PS2's just shipped out today
  19. Euro Steering Wheel Has Landed
  20. Wheels, powder coated?
  21. Opinion Needed Please
  22. Top 20 sports cars
  23. New RS4 Owner - 'ello!
  24. Europrice Sale - They Broke my Forums Sales Event...
  25. A couple of pics from the weekend.
  26. Gotta love those valve deposits
  27. STaSIS Ohlins SL Sport Suspension Anyone?
  28. Poll: What did you change at your first brake job?
  29. Anyone have experience with Sumi HTR Z IIIs?
  30. Front Rotors
  31. Ok.. how can I tell if my rotors need replacing?
  32. Anyone on here have a Black RS4 in Maspeth, NY?
  33. Euro Wheel Installed
  34. IBIS owners unite...... where are you?.... how many of us are there?
  35. Spring NYC RS4 run! Let's pick a date...
  36. DRC service evidence
  37. Got Hit On My Way Out of Riverside Service Facility
  38. Poll re: new format
  39. Thinking of doing alcantara inserts to match the exterior color
  40. Porsche+Audi lead the Germans for most reliable vehicles JD Power 2009 - While VW sux
  41. Who has the best price on RS4 front rotors?
  42. picture post test . so does img src= not work anymore? or did i do something wrong
  43. Is this available State side? This is tempting!
  44. ok letís give this a try... what do the track guys recommend for pads to use with
  45. nice...
  46. how do i delete my profile, AW sucks
  47. Regional Forums
  48. DRC warranty HELP!!!!!
  49. The S Button
  50. 08 Just Arrived
  51. A..W.E. Tuning B7 RS4 Exhaust Development
  52. Stern Adj. Control Arms In Stock!
  53. How much tranny fluid does our tranny take?
  54. ECS Tuning sent the wrong clamps
  55. A bit OT but here's some info on the smallest running V8
  56. I like it
  57. carbon build up and low oil temp high revving -- connection?
  58. A lateral move at best.......
  59. Tranny and clutch help!! Took the car to dealer yesterday!
  60. Should My Brakes Squeak?
  61. If I wanted to hear this much whining, I would drive a BMW
  62. If I wanted this format, I would drive a BMW
  63. Oh no! WTF .. why r we grouped with the S4? Oh man this blows
  64. Woohoo! Finally, we join the 21st century
  65. Yeah, I'm cool
  66. DRC Update
  67. HRE M41 and M49...
  68. HRE M40 On Now. Pics To Follow When I Figure This Out.
  69. by beta, I hope this is just a test period...
  70. I like the new format
  71. The old format might have been old, but it was better!
  72. Well a new format calls for...new topics..
  73. This is like the layoff day when everyone swaps info!
  74. AW user contact sheet info...
  75. Anyone catch Top Gear on BBCA tonight?
  76. Feedback Forum links to user feedback polls on the new AudiWorld
  77. this new format sucks
  78. I hope that vendors were able to negotiate lower advertising fees
  79. So much for building a community
  80. if threads would expand that would be back to normal service, no?
  81. This is internet equivalent of "New Coke"
  82. in case anyone wants to reply to my threads, just PM me.
  83. Congrats mgmt... you screwed up AW [nt]
  84. this is lame
  85. good, i'm glad you agree. would you like your balls polished?
  86. hi! i'm responding to Bob here. this is where i'm agreeing with him.
  87. screw it, just start a new thread to respond to anything
  88. Pasadena Beer night?
  89. jeebus krist this is awkward.
  90. fcuk this
  91. Everyone back?
  92. How can you tell which threads you have previously read ?
  93. w00t
  94. Glovebox...
  95. DRC pics, would like second opinion(s)
  96. Anyone with a GTR here?
  97. Are you ready for changes? Changes are coming today so they say... Bye, bye Kawf.
  98. Sirius sat. part number
  99. Spotted a sprint blue RS4 today going over the GWB into NYC.
  100. Keyless entry, makes me pause...
  101. Just read that the stock RS4 suspension is made by KW. I did not know this.
  102. HAS ANYONE HAD THIS HAPPEN?? after some spirited driving today i heard an audible beeping fallowed
  103. Looks like Novidem gave up on the S4 supercharger effort but not the RS4.
  104. I changed my front pads today and I noticed a good amount of brake dust...
  105. Someone tell me about the Tubi Rumore exhaust for this car....
  106. what is the small bulb within the drl housing for?
  107. New floormat edge colors available from STRATMOSPHERE
  108. What kind of tool is used to remove the under e-brake plastic trim piece?
  109. Gruppe M intake installed
  110. Faint chatter noted on start-up. Milltek?.....
  111. Need Help - Defective Rotor Advice..
  112. RS4 DRC Question
  113. So what would be the best rain tire available? All seasons?
  114. Finally got my Ti filler panel, debating to 'mod' it. Thoughts?
  115. Given that the search f(x) appears to be disabled, what tire pressure are you running on RE-01Rs
  116. Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 275/30/19 Content
  117. hehehe..Looky what I saw come up on my A$$ yesterday....
  118. are those RS4 brakes?
  119. 25k service question.
  120. Amazing - first RS4 I see in 9 months is a twin of mine
  121. Thinking about making a switch from an E46 M3 to the B7 RS4...any known problems or issues
  122. Any differences in 2007 versus 2008
  123. changing front brake pads this weekend...
  124. Project RS4 begins
  125. Came across an Audi oil change instruction which stated for the RS4 "do not extract oil!"
  126. I know it's perhaps a bit OT but it's worth it if you like Audi race cars. The new R15...
  127. I was at Anchor Audi this morning to drop off my leaky "DRC". I browsed at one work
  128. My heart rate just spiked by 30%. . . RE-11s
  129. PPI R8 Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel fitment
  130. Finally got around to taking some better pictures.
  131. Looking for pics of carbon fiber shift knob and e-brake handle
  132. Briefly ran with a Bentley Continential GT today
  133. Fault Code 01044 after euro wheel install, help...
  134. Stasis MS on - And all cleaned up.
  135. Almost Tempted To Mount The M40's Today. ALMOST.
  136. Rear diffuser
  137. i feel the need to mod...
  138. Have any of you guys gone to 20's?
  139. got an 09 A4 2.0T sedan loaner after dropped off for 15K service
  140. Problem with fastening screws the both sides of break vent intakes with a belly pan cover
  141. coming up on 30k and is the dealership supposed to replace brake fluid
  142. What to do in NY when its 60 degrees in March- PICS
  143. Intake valve deposits and cleaning being discussed on RS246
  144. just got CEL
  145. 2 issues. Need advise (long-ish)...
  146. Not that anyone really gives a damn but I just ordered the ECS H pipe
  147. Best lamp to replace the yellow DRL P21W to white or blue
  148. now I need rear stock pads and can't find the company in Miramar...
  149. I am dying!!!!!!
  150. Those of you who bought the tire wheel warranty/insurance, does this cover curb damage?
  151. I love driving my RS4 sedan so much that occasionally I find myself considering replacing the S8
  152. looks like I'll take delivery right after I get back from Sonoma, so
  153. Not that anyone cares but I decided to go with Stasis MS
  154. Visited Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt today - lots of pics and RS5 info
  155. Say "I" if your from Outer Mongolia.
  156. Are these the Posi pads someone was recommending?
  157. Will any of you local Bay Area guys be able to make this event next weekend?
  158. car is at the dealer for 35k service...guess how much they want to replace the rear plate bulb?
  159. Say "I" if your from NJ
  160. Registration is now open: NJ Motorsports Park May 16/17 in Milleville, NJ, hosted by ACNA-NJ chapter
  161. Say "I" if your from NY.
  162. How to remove gas pedal cover?
  163. Can someone pls confirm this is right part# for Ti front filler plate
  164. How Many Miles Are You Getting From The Stock Brake Pads ?
  165. Replacement rotors
  166. Anyone in the phildelphia area with a faulty DRC?
  167. question about DRC on your cars...
  168. Opinions on extended warranty through Audi - $2,000 takes warranty on a 25k-mile car to 70k miles.
  169. what are the chances we can retrofit
  170. Stasis MS vs. KW V3....anyone on here driven on both? Opinions?
  171. RS4 Flat Bottom Steering Wheel with Airbag available from Europrice...
  172. Going back for DRC tomorrow - forth time's a charm?
  173. Yay!
  174. Ti black trim
  175. so read the thread below and there seems as no solution was found for tilting mirror? also does any
  176. I'm adjusting my expectations regarding Invisible Shield on white cars
  177. Wish we had that on the RS4
  178. Gong in for DRC replacement this morning...
  179. X-Post: NorCal Audi Club: Sunday 3/15 Spring Kick-off g2g! - exotic cars, karting, R8 raffle!
  180. any rs4 guys happen to have their stock exhaust tips still?
  181. Need New Tires...What should I get? Thanks!
  182. so we got rid of the 750i. want to guess what the wife picked to share the garage with the RS4?
  183. Watching Truth in 24. It's giving me goosebumps. Really well done. Kudos to NFL Films and Intersport
  184. Can someone point me to a good lockable car cover??
  185. just watched hitman on TV, was that an RS4 cab at the end?
  186. Okay, What about factory Ceramic Brakes????
  187. xlacrosse was that you just now on the Belt? The car seriously sounded great....
  188. So a quick search pulls up zero results for methanol injection on this forum.
  189. Is the going deal on RS4s...$13K off now?
  190. G-MILF in a white S5
  191. I think my parking assist is broke - I have one long beep everytime I start the car...
  192. ok what am i doing wrong?? i nstalled the resister provided from recaro and still red air bag light
  193. Installed a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tires yesterday and it's nice to have tread again. :-)
  194. Anyone know anything 'bout the Avus RS4 @ Crown Audi in St Pete, FL?
  195. My new (pocket-rocket) Beast. He shall be called...Mr Fin!
  196. Obama's new tax plan..anything but a stimulus....
  197. Poll: What is the best color for the RS4? Post your opinion....along with a photo. Go.
  198. Paging Brianja/Fluffhead Or Others LI/NYC Area With Vag/Tools
  199. RS6 Suspension Recall?
  200. New in the Aloha State
  201. How Wide can I go?
  202. Still trying to find the right RS to buy - fielding comments from owners. . .
  203. Euro Wheel Ordered
  204. Anyone ordering the new RE-11s? I'm on the fence. . .
  205. scott61 did you ever pre and post dyno gruppe m intake?
  206. Help! Passenger mirror doesn't tilt-down when in reverse..
  207. Where do you guys 'rest' the gas cap while refueling?
  208. Fluffhead, quick question...
  209. OK those with racing seats, who has dealt with getting the air bag light off?
  210. Euro Flat Bottom Wheel and Euro airbag
  211. Titanium mirrors
  212. I don't get it - RS4 vs. R8 pricing
  213. There was a post not too long ago about the Euro wheel VAG coding......
  214. Good day gents. I am getting rabid about buying an Ibis RS4. Can titanium pkg be retrofitted?
  215. CEL, pinched hose and 27 mi test drive
  216. Euro Flat Bottom Wheel
  217. Euro tails or no?
  218. For those who have ipod integration in their RS4, when you have a few playlists
  219. Woot!!!
  220. OK, better pics of the new black trim, blue mirrors
  221. Clear cornered finally.
  222. X-post: MarkFank, was this your old avant?
  223. FYI, TireRack has close out pricing on RE-01R's 275/30R19 $269.00
  224. Part number for silver side mirrors?
  225. And now a comedic break
  226. CPO'd car in CT w/ odd predelivery items...
  227. Updated Car Pics!
  228. anyone here have alcantera euro steering wheel and shiftknob package? help i need to borrow your vin
  229. hello, i am orange
  230. Any ideas on what to do with side reflectors on a sprint blue car?
  231. Discount code form OEMPL.US
  232. I was behind this C4S yesterday when he
  233. Ebay Euro RS4 Air Bag Purchase
  234. EPC light came on last night and car has a hesitation now..... (updated)
  235. Just a few pics
  236. VMR wheels - what centre bore size?
  237. EC Magazine cover page: article on Stasis B7 A4 2.0T
  238. Woot! Just bought my 16 game plan for the Mariners
  239. Took a drive up to the North Georgia Mountains
  240. Who on here did the "oil trap door mod"......
  241. No RS4's sightings in Los Angeles?!
  242. My Wife Wanted to Race a Carrera 4S
  243. burned thru stock conti's in 14K; just got 275/30/19 PS2s mounted. that is all.
  244. Braking Noise...
  245. Allow me to Introduce...
  246. Any Vag Tool Around Nassau County, NY Looking To Do The Euro Wheel Mod Soon
  247. Discount Off Of New???
  248. Attention New York City RS4 owners! Need help with finding a good dealership that has experience in
  249. Curious... How many total RS4s have the sunroof delete option?
  250. Anyone think 400WHP is possible from a N/A RS4?