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  1. Huper Optik Recommendation...
  2. Two spottings... one in NYC, one in Montreal. Anyone here?
  3. non-valved exhaust question
  4. any of you guys in the san fran area around tonight? Finished business early....
  5. Put deposit down on an 08 RS4 Cab
  6. JL audio 8W7 subwoofer added to stock Bose system.......Amazing results!!!!!
  7. Thoughts from a recent "MagnaFlow-ectomy"...
  8. Couple RS4 H-Sports sways now in stock.
  9. Any Ventura County B7 RS4 owners?...
  10. 275/30 ZR19 Tires Fit
  11. Finally found a 1:18 scale model of an RS4
  12. 11months/8k and now my first speeding ticket (86 in a 65mph), poll: how many tickets?...
  13. Urgent Opinions needed and a Photoshopper ¿
  14. met up with 2 M3's moments ago...
  15. Well I just couldn't leave it alone... Another mod, this time back to the brake set up...
  16. Pol(e) or just your real life observations.
  17. Weight savings with Milltek......
  18. Anyone make more CF parts for the engine bay?
  19. Love my Audi so much I'm considering another - opinions wanted.
  20. RS4 Video from N Calif
  21. I'm pleased to announce that I am now able to offer dealer cost + 15% pricing to AW customers!
  22. 1,500 Mile Observations and a Few Questions
  23. FYI; SCCA $100 rebate on four Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R
  24. What would you choose, RS4 or E63? (I know, apples and oranges...)
  25. RS4 Sprint Blue spotted Bourne Bridge RT25 West- are you there
  26. Spark Plugs
  27. DMS software email #2
  28. This is hysterical...
  29. ELEVENS: another question on your cluster area rattle fix...
  30. Trying to decide between S4, S5, and rs4
  31. Power drop under heavy acceleration around 5K?
  32. Just got Black Optic Grille, anyone switch theirs out yet?
  33. Sykotoy...
  34. This just in DMS software email
  35. 22bhp for 800 euros????????????
  36. Paging All Milltek Heros!!!!
  37. Will a Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R 275/30ZR19 fit on our car without spacers?
  38. Paging HONER advice needed re yer mod list
  39. Car was looking sweet today...
  40. NO Spare Question
  41. black or mugello RS4 around Boylston street in Boston last night, around midnight, you here?
  42. question for those with magnaflows
  43. Unexpected mod for the car. While in NYC last week I came across this mod to do thanks to Ubercar...
  44. look at this beauty...
  45. Need help on wheel spacer
  46. MTM's Supercharged RS4 Clubsport
  47. question about rs4 headlights
  48. next-gen RS4
  49. Searched the forums, no joy. Can we get a review of H&R Springs AND/OR H-Sport sways on an RS4?
  50. The deed is done
  51. PSA: Avis Germany is no longer renting RS4s.
  52. Any other AWers going to LeMans?
  53. And......the almost finished project......
  54. Hey GTC!...I have a ? about your mini RS4
  55. A.W.E. Tuning featured in Forza Motorsport 2 for Xbox 360
  56. For those of you in New England, where did you buy your RS4?
  57. How can i run a dvd on....
  58. Cann someone explain Vag-com please,?
  59. sat in this back in november
  60. Question for those who've installed H&R springs: Does DRC need to be drained? Big bucks? TIA!
  61. heard a little rumor about MTM B7 RS4 @ hockenheim times!
  62. Wonderful build quality, but does anyone have a remedy for the central armrest.....
  63. RS4 flat bottom wheel?
  64. Local dealer just told a friend of mine there are currently only 5 RS4's in the states.LOL
  65. New RS4 Sway Bar Kit From Hotchkis Sport Susp.
  66. Questions about disconnecting an reconnecting battery.....
  67. Anticipating the impending scrap between BMW's new M3 and the Audi RS4.....
  68. Hello, new RS4 member / owner
  69. Anyone going to the Pocono raceway this or next weekend?
  70. $79,950.00 rs4 @ niello audi sacramento isn't that high?
  71. Are Milltek tips larger then stock?
  72. dear AoA, I third what TonyG3 has said...are you listening at all?
  73. dear AoA, I second what TonyG3 just said
  74. dear AOA, pls dont bring RS4cabrio bring RS4 avant instead
  75. Tubi Exhaust - FYI
  76. Initial impressions of MagnFlow exhaust. Basically a more engaging aural experience.
  77. Have you felt "the big power increase" after 5-10K miles?
  78. Just ordered my Magnaflow and now I need a good
  79. Is there any way to VAG the (S) button to come on when you start the car
  80. On U.S. RS4s what does the "S" button do?
  82. wheel offset for B7 RS4?
  83. Front/Rear cameras
  85. I have not seen it posted here yet, but there is another addition for 2008...
  86. Hey Zaino guys - what's been working well for your RS4?
  87. Great forum. Can any one help? Parts question.
  88. Ferodo DS2500 and Castrol SRF brake fluid
  89. Imola Yellow RS4 Available...Contact me for Details
  90. had some fun with two RS4s at the ACNA Miller Motorsport event this past weekend...
  91. grrr - these wheels are annoying to clean!
  92. Crosspost, would like your opinion on my window tinting pickiness...
  93. Non stock light weight rim that will fit without modifying the car and is good for racing?
  94. Sprint Blue RS4 pics...high res...plus a little surprise
  95. Low res Official Pics from Dutton Rally
  96. Concealed Radar Laser Detector
  97. How does $381.00 each sound for new stock rims, is it low or high?
  98. Daytona Gray heading North on I-91 in Holyoke, MA at noon yesterday.....
  99. I thought you guys might find this forum thread from another Bavarian.......
  100. boston rs4's
  101. Nogaro rs4 at 2nd annual poker run saturday june 2nd
  102. I have decided that this was a VERY good idea...
  103. Spotted: Blue RS4 in Boston, BIDMC parking garage?
  104. Paging sykotoy: did you have to use spacers to make the 265 size michelin cup tires to fit?
  105. I'd like to thank Shivam (Parikh1234) and Matt (from Manhattan Motors) and the folks from...
  106. anyone here have a fast car yet?
  107. Anyone Attending?
  108. Now I know what you guys are all raving about (kind of long)
  109. Anyone try Kumho Ecsta MX 245/35 ZR 19'' ????
  110. Stupid design... controls on the steering wheel
  111. Bob brought it up earlier, so I gotta ask. Who is running R Comps as daily summers??
  112. Steel frame in the trunk?
  113. Magnaflow, oil and some other stuff, now in right forum... :)
  114. Official RS4 Drag Timeslip Database updated....
  115. Magnaflow exhaust
  116. ok, no pics or clips for now, but here are some install notes for the Magnaflow exhaust (very long).
  117. What's the over/under on Bob W.
  118. ouch...ran into a 599 GTB on the merritt.......
  119. NYC folks, just got word that I might not move until the end of next week...
  120. check it......(JetJockey)
  121. Looking for pictures of phantom black with silver interior
  122. oh yeah, forgot this one....
  123. bored...here are some pics from the garage.
  124. ok, I just got the car up on jackstands, and already I discovered I need a tool that I don't have.
  125. Road Rage Update - Mr. Lexus and Police Report (longggg)
  126. The M3 drivers crack me up...
  127. My dealer used Mobil 1, strange?
  128. Anyone on here from NYC? I'm in town (Time Square) maybe up to the 11th.
  129. Mounting camera's to the car
  130. 10K Miles: 3 windshields, 2 police stops, 8 qts of oil and 1 set of brake pads
  131. RS4 Spotted Going Towards Malibu on PCH-was traveling the other direction in a B7 S4..sick front!!!
  132. More pictures from today's photo shoot... check them out
  133. seat memory module, take two (still doesn't work)
  134. My tire pressure sensor came on today coming back from Biloxi MS and what I thought was a nail......
  135. Paging ELEVENS: Did you ever solve the rattle within the instrument cluster?
  136. possible x-post...but cool RS4 photos...
  137. RS4 Registry Update: 1399 cars, no 2008's showing up so far.
  138. Personalized plates??? What do you guys think? Ya or Nay?
  139. B7 RS4 Avant spotted at the 'ring!
  140. What tires did you RS4 come with?
  141. Just make sure the dog's not in the back.....
  142. Update/Query: Zero oil consumption at 400 miles on Castrol Syntec, which my
  143. Ibis White downtown Los Gatos 5/30 7pmish - board junkie?
  144. Brake Pad Replacement Advice
  145. New pictures taken today... hot and sunny day in Seattle
  146. here ya go the the golden ticket hahah
  147. 1/4 drag 12 sec video and pics From Down Under
  148. Bob W. - Magnaflow update?
  149. Ok change of plans with my project...
  150. Porsche GT3 seats, will they fit in a RS4?
  151. Is there a RS4 owners club?
  152. H&R spring kit for 07 RS4
  153. So If you are told you would have delivery 5/28
  154. anyone know which fuse to pull to disable the airbags?
  155. RS4 European Parts
  156. Der Kimbo: you're the only one with ibis/silver combo. Have you outgrown that combo?
  157. Another testimonial from a former B5er...
  158. Vag-Com??
  159. Avant Project
  160. Can anyone tell me why Champion Racing's B7 RS4 isn't competing in Speed World Challenge this year?
  161. I (also) picked up my car on Saturday. From what brianja said, I bet it
  162. RS4 vs Evo (NOS) wow
  163. the M5 is gone, but the RS4 has a new neighbor
  164. anyone know if I can fit my winter 18X8.5 wheels on an R8?
  165. Well this stereo upgrade is finally done.....won't do this again!
  166. Picked up my Daytona Gray on Saturday...
  167. Question for anyone using an aftermarket sub with the bose system......
  168. Paging: Tihsyloh
  169. Clear corners
  170. New RS4 Owner in Australia
  171. 1/4 mile update times/link to official results
  172. drumroll please.....and the winner of the Parikh1234 VAG codes is.......
  173. Blackened Audi Rings Photos
  174. 800 mtr Airport run results, RS comes 18/84
  175. RS4 B7 1/4 mile times
  176. Air filter box info and mod
  177. X-Post: Complete Testing of the Hyperflow V84 Induction intake versus the OEM stock Airbox....
  178. Has anyone placed an order yet on an Audi Exclusive RS4?
  179. I wonder how much champion sold the RS4 race car to Audi for????
  180. Just got the ECS smoked side markers..how do i install?
  181. Any Interesting Racing Stories??
  182. You boyz will LOVE this video--->
  183. Next generation RS6. Expect 550 to 570 HP from the 5.0L twin turbo V10...
  184. Some small differences between RS4 FSI V8 and the standard FSI V8
  185. Just replaced my tires (9000mi) -- (pictures)
  186. Car repair update. . . guidance, please
  187. YAOAR (Yet Another Oil Analysis Request)
  188. Just got back from meeting/convention in Seattle...
  189. "Close your eyes and visualize the best family sedan in the world!"..............
  190. Front Spoiler Mod
  191. latest news on my engine....
  192. what are the things that made the US RS4 much heavier than the Euro version?
  193. gonna hit 10K miles after weekend... should I do oil change anyways?
  194. Front splitter debut.
  195. smashtheqube.. got some pix for you and others from GTG in Burlington, MA =)
  196. Paging: absoluteis Boston GTG
  197. X-Post: Video of the S4 at Sebring doing a parade lap. Good exhaust sounds and...
  198. diamond black for recontrojan
  199. Video of me driving around a turn. haha
  200. Titanium wheel paint code? I want to do a dark grey front grille.
  201. winter wheel reco? 18" no spacers preferred
  202. Paging: smashtheqube -- Are you still coming to the GTG ? I should be there 5:45-6
  203. ordered the magnaflow yesterday...
  204. i press the esp button for 10 seconds but light wont stay on help?
  205. i havent driven my car in over 2 weeks and i miss it....
  206. rs4: seat memory module.....dealership receives an F
  207. Embarassing Question
  208. Report: Track day with milltek non-res catback only and use of pagids for the first time...
  209. B8 chassis.....in case you haven't seen it yet.
  210. knocking sound when turning steering wheel... drc?
  211. Anyone in San Diego install JHM shifter...
  212. Who says the RS4 engine cannot reach 500 HP.
  213. Recently installed Magnaflow cat-back system =)
  214. San Fran: Phantom Black RS4 on Clement St. Near 36th(or abouts)
  215. Misano RS 4 on I-64E in Huntington, WV, tonight about 8:40...
  216. Pricing of RS5 similar to RS4 ??
  217. PITA...Stash Compartment under Driver's seat came out...
  218. My Sprint Blue RS4 will be here by the end of the month......
  219. Anyone ever knock their real plastic bumper grill out?
  220. Guess what I got to ride in yesterday...
  221. Time for the spring clean up with some new Motul products before the torture begins...
  222. Thought you might like to take a look at these clean imola pics
  223. Sports Seat V "RS" Seat
  224. Quick review of the new A5 and S5 from a friend from my Audi dealer that just came back from...
  225. any picx of RS4 with HRE's??
  226. Anyone got a linky to the Audi special order colors ??
  227. Rockstar car?
  228. Is the sunroof standard in Australia?
  229. Would an AudiSport chrome license plate frame match your car?
  230. RS5 with Turbos 500lbs ft torque - Where does this leave the RS4?
  231. OK GUYS...TURN UP VOLUME !!! rs4 skid pan video posted
  232. lease payments??
  233. The RS4 vs. the new M3 is "too close to call"
  234. Sneak Peak. My next mod I'm working on. Please no b!tching...
  235. What's realistic for a 07 RS4 w/6800 m.
  236. Wheel question - do 18" stock S4 wheels fit RS4?
  237. Anyone replace stock resonators with straight pipe?
  238. Any dyno results with Milltek downpipes yet? Anyone try calling Milltek?
  239. Trying to remove the headlights for the clear corner mod & I can't locate the third bolt.
  240. Took my RS to the skid pan today...............
  241. Style package
  242. Coming soon to AW...
  243. So how many RS4s will actually reach the U.S.?
  244. re-Interesting?
  245. This RS4 is sexy. .. Pause...
  246. Guess who's #1 on the Yahoo! homepage?
  247. long shot: anyone selling Milltek exhaust?
  248. ReconTrojan
  249. Clutch hose questions
  250. Weren't there some posts about special orders for interior and exterior for US$3500