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  1. Anyone notice how much better the tail pushes out...
  2. iPod solution...
  3. What do you guys think about the mtm exhaust for the RS4?
  4. anyone doing a premier purchase or most people doing straight purchase?
  5. Finally some Sprint...thanks crespo!
  6. Test drove an RS4 tonight....
  7. Dilemma: track the 19" stockers or go to some light 18" track wheels...
  8. Sprint Blue RS4 delivered today
  9. For folks getting cars from other locations (other than fluff), have you been able to get dealer
  10. How many rolls of Racer tape do you think I will need to cover the RS4's front end.....
  11. NE1 care to speculate about future supply and demand for the RS4
  12. There's a chance I will be driving my RS4 home from FL to NY and I want to get the break in.....
  13. Bob W.
  14. Practice picture posting for tomorrow's Sprint arrival...nothing further
  15. Okay, I have an RS4 complaint
  16. Day Two
  17. Re: Well count me in for a sleepless night
  18. I didn't order this much POWER!
  19. I hate Nirad
  20. Tell me why I should get the RS4 over the S4
  21. Daytona/Silver: on the truck in san diego tomorrow. phx by friday. :-DDD
  22. Santa has landed...My Sprint Blue is here....can't wait to open up this present!
  23. 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend!
  24. Personalized license plates for your new RS4
  25. ok, so I drove it... I don't get what all the fuss is about. Maybe once you...
  26. Dealer is asking for $1K refundable deposit for an order, is that normal?
  27. Looking for non-premium package RS- Avus preferred
  28. Hmmm...Wonder what they are doing with my car?
  29. Playing MP3 CDs
  30. What, No M3 kill stories yet!
  32. Have any new RS4 owners moved up from a B7 S4?
  33. Thumperer..you gonna buy that Ben Roethlisberger replica helmet?
  34. My new Daytona RS4
  35. RS4 Review - long
  36. PSA: available Misano red RS4 in Houston.
  37. My Ship Came In
  38. rs4 or z06
  39. Hmmm....Avus or Daytona - I'm torn....
  40. NY Metro Avus/Blk RS4 coming in next week, not taking it...if you want it...
  41. HyperShift installed...
  42. does anyone have close up pictures of the stock brakes.
  43. Edmunds.com Full Test: 2007 Audi RS 4 - Great car but why 3,981 lbs?
  44. Bloody Awesome (and some big pics)
  45. A few delayed pictures from Mid Ohio. Though I would share.
  46. gas mileage
  47. May be a repost, but if you haven't heard this engine, here is your chance. Wow.
  48. Does anyone have their Navigation Disk yet
  49. A shipment arrived at the San Diego Port friday morning.. anyone know how long until they will
  50. Has anyone used a 2GB SD card yet?
  51. Does anyone have a recommendation on a really good Radar Detector/Blocker?
  52. Milltek Catback here "in about 2 weeks"
  53. Just dropped off the RS4 to have a clear bra installed...
  54. Paging: [email protected]
  55. VAG-COM Time
  56. Here are my photos from 3rd Annual CT RS/S Drive
  57. Any S4 trade ins on RS4?
  58. Here's my theory on the early availabilty of the RS4
  59. in the interest of continuing my PW'ing. my car is at port, early, in san diego!
  60. Anyone know the clutch size on the RS4?
  61. Have over 600 mi...
  62. These things are amazing!
  63. RS4 gets an article on MSN.com
  64. M5 and RS4, both have a death wish in this video
  65. Why are some of the cars being shipped with Pirelli PZero's
  66. for those that have taken delivery:
  67. RS4 questions to those who have one already...
  68. RS4 only to be made for 2007
  69. So I just got back from keyes...
  70. Vendors: Are any of you bringing in the RS4 Mats?
  71. Audi Extended warranty?
  72. Sound system in RS4 - Bass seems lacking
  73. Anybody ready to be the first
  74. 2 questions - any mags done a review (besides automobile)? Ones based on first drives, not
  75. For those that have seen/felt it in person, does the ROW flat-bottomed steering wheel have...
  76. My thoughts on RS4 leasing
  77. Mac users: SD card reader/writer (usb 2.0) that will work with 1-2 GB SD cards for RNS-E MP3 use?
  78. Bob W: Front Filler Info
  79. Has anyone sourced a vendor for clear lenses for the bumper covers?
  80. Check out this vid if you are on the fence about the RS4
  81. Not thrilled with Misano - thinking about ordering Brilliant Red or Getting Daytona....
  82. I used to think it would be dumb to trade in my B6 S4 for the RS4...
  83. So what is curb weight on this car? Have seen 3650 and 3950 - believe 3650 is Euro and 3950 US...??
  84. Is it possible to order Arctic White?(special order or not)
  85. TT traded...RS4, day 1
  86. Keyes audi just called me(AGAIN). MSRP for sure. Below most likely.
  87. First blemish...
  88. RS4 seats... looking for US extras...
  89. Is Mugello blue similar to Santorin blue ?
  90. AZ dealer has PB/Blk int avail. nothing above MSRP. fyi.
  91. Bob - Incase you have not been told re: maintenance plan...
  92. whoa! so my RS4 costs $186 more per year to insure than the X5 4.8is I just traded in...
  93. I need to avoid this forum!
  94. So it seems local dealers here in Socal are selling their avail. RS4s for over MSRP
  95. My misano red pics + detailed review...
  96. Got our first RS4s in last Saturday (06-03) and all 4 of them were gone by Tuesday.
  97. lease BT: buy outright or lease
  98. Nice review...
  99. Xpost: "June Jam" Sale starts tomorrow:
  100. cool picture thread from rs6.com
  101. Poll: help me pick my interior-
  102. wheels
  103. New page interface...
  104. Anyone here own the RS4 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa? larrycr?
  105. RS4 beats M5 and 996 in street race vid
  106. One more new vid, Great sound at the end half.
  107. New RS4 a Unique sound vid, Check out the link.
  108. RS4s at Carlsen Audi (CA)
  109. Philly area folks a kindly reminder of our friday kop meets!
  110. Lease Information
  111. What the Hell is Commonwealth Audi thinking....
  112. Hey Pothole...
  113. No big news, but the A4/S4 rubber floor mats fit the RS4.
  114. some clips (found in link posted few below)...
  115. $1849.50 off MSRP! Ordered Today! Free service pack @ $ 575.00 + they paid half of the 7yr 100K exte
  116. How hard is it to keep silver leather clean? I like it better, but concerned about what
  117. It's here!!!
  118. will Audi ever release an RS4 in an Avant?? Am I just dreaming?
  119. Does anyone know the price and who has the european yellow blinker tail lights?
  120. Silver Leather vs. Black?
  121. any pics of the aluminum trims? Is there any difference w/the S4?
  122. RS4 European Flat Bottom Steering Wheel and Airbag Group Purchase...
  123. god...I almost bought an avus silver yesterday...I need to not go dealerships for a while.
  124. S4fornow where are you?
  125. Thanks RS4 owners
  126. Interesting item regarding another Audi product in which a few...
  127. The US RS4 almost has a start button
  128. Well, they made it to the NW...
  129. RS4 Review
  130. Looking for accurate invoice numbers...
  131. misano available from a dealer....
  132. What customizations can be made to a car that is going to be ordered?
  133. They can't find buyers for 3 RS4's at Keye's in Van Nuys, CA.
  134. My first Sold RS4 arrived today!!!!
  135. 2 Questions, do we get the Start/Stop button on the US RS4's and can someone post a pic....
  136. Let the modding begin!
  137. Looking for a Phantom Black/Black with Premium and Sirius....
  138. Wasn't someone asking about changes for 2008? I have pics!
  139. Damn. Still not here. Maybe that truck driver really is on meth...
  140. RS4 Buyback may have already begun?
  141. why can't audi offer the interior for the S/RS4 in red like the TT...so nice
  142. start button retro fit. who's gonna try it?
  143. with all these pictures where are the sprint blue ones? Are they in the next wave...
  144. Sick of pictures yet? Here is my Phantom Black RS4 (BWW)
  145. when she speaks french... oooo la la :-D (repost?)
  146. Just stopped by my local dealer to see a PB/Blk RS4..drool!
  147. Follow-up post on the rear wheel "spacer" issue....
  148. I know its early but when do you think 2008 changes (if any) will be announced?? ->
  149. if anyone is looking to unload their new rims....
  150. Paging Dr. Katz: Get the car!!!!
  151. RS4 build date Jul 12 What happened to the racing seats?
  152. RS4 ordered! sparkhill and tbaker...
  153. Can someone explane any chassie differences between the B7 RS4 & B6 S4?
  154. EuroTuner has a great bit on the RS4, RS2 and RS6. By the way, less than MSRP!
  155. All you new RS4 owners... have your expectations been met?
  156. Q - is the RS4 limited to specific Audi dealers (as was the case with RS6)?
  157. My Avus/Sil RS4 finally made it to Iowa City from Houston
  158. just wanted to say CONGRATS to all of the new RS4 owners........cheers!
  159. So how different is the clutch intake on the RS4 vs. B7/B6 S4?
  160. RS4 Wheels
  161. Any pics of Misano red anywhere? Thx
  162. McDonald Audi in Littleton, CO has a blk/blk at MSRP.
  163. Time to learn what your RS4 can do... Bertil Roos HPDE+ - Tuesday October 10, 2006 - Pocono
  164. New RS4 observations....
  165. Does anyone have information on extended warrantee options and pricing?
  166. How do you pronouce Avus?
  167. Crazy question but has anyone checked air pressure after taking delivery?
  168. Delivery miles
  169. with all the excitement, I almost forgot to post these pics (mild bww).
  170. The mods have started (don't get too excited)
  171. Blkjet - email me - I'm also in Portland and found some cars / allocations
  172. Daytona Grey pictures and mini-review
  173. Saw a Blk blk RS4 in Closter NJ today, nice ride if you are out there.
  174. Anybody have an iPod solution for the RS4 head unit yet...
  175. Canadian RS4's are here
  176. The 19" rims are 24 lbs -- not 30+ (per Fourtitude)
  177. Whew! Long day for me. Left at 6:45am, back here at 9pm...
  178. FINALLY
  179. Poll: How many are paying MSRP. If not, how much over?
  180. Canadian RS4's
  181. I found an available RS4 but
  182. Der Kimbo you said...
  183. Taking delivery today...
  184. 2004 911TT vs RS4
  185. Der Kimbo or other..any Ibis whites?
  186. To the new owners: have you had an ear-to-ear grin on your face since Day 1?
  187. Anyone interested in attending German Car Day at the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation 6/18?
  188. Has anyone seen Misano red? How does it compare with Brilliant Red on S4?
  189. Residual and Money Factor on the RS4
  190. Wheel and Tire Insurance: Worth It?
  191. First Ride! WOW!
  192. Der Kimbo, can you check on Daytona Grey?
  193. Do you guys think...
  194. Drove a B7 RS4 this weekend...
  195. For those of you concerned about weights and such....
  196. Snow tires...
  197. O wise and all knowing Der Kimbo
  198. You'll want to get some of these....
  199. Der Kimbo you seem to have a lot of inside information. Can you check on?
  200. Bob W.
  201. Somebody needs to go to a cat scale
  202. so it doesn't look like this has been thoroughly discussed: aftermarket exhaust...
  203. I'm looking foreward to a Top Gear segment RS4 vs New V8 M3
  204. Daytona Grey w/ Silver Interior
  205. Bob W. - tell us about the sport button
  206. Shipping plugs are in the RS4s for use during transit
  208. For those who picked up: what's the service intervals & does it make$550 contract worth it?
  209. The dreaming has already started.
  210. Do you guys think the RS4 will sell (and hold value) much better than the RS6 did?
  211. ugh...long day, but it's here.
  212. heres my first pic
  213. heres my second pic
  214. Break those new RS4s in quickly! I can hardly wait for the M3 Kill stories.
  215. Posting pics soon from dealership this morning
  216. ocelot27 is teh winnAR!
  217. for those who've at least seen their cars. what tires? ocelot got PZero Rosso's. nice :-D
  218. I'm getting envious of you guys taking delivery of the RS4!
  219. X-Post:: Took pics of RS4 at Don Rosen. [Edited]
  220. where's njaudi1 with those frigen pics? where's everyone else's damn pics?
  221. RS4 Arrived at Dealer in RI
  222. Somebody with a new RS4 and a VAG-COM out there?
  223. "Each car goes on a 30-mile test drive, says Stephan Reil, the director of technical development of
  224. Should be getting my Daytona Grey tomorrow at 2pm - will post pics...
  225. Where is the beef?
  226. is anyone expecting to get their RS4 below MSRP?
  227. My car arrived at the dealership!
  228. Just pick up my avus silver RS, Its [email protected] awsome!!!
  229. transit time from port of houston to chicago dealer if the truck left on wednesday (may 31)?
  230. Criswell Audi has 1 Daytona Gray/Black RS4 that hasn't been sold yet. If anyone is interested!
  231. 3 sold RS4's sitting on lot at Don Rosen. Delivery this weekend I was told.
  232. Any Initial production RS4s without permium package?
  233. Someone post some pictures to pass the time...
  234. RS4 delivery date in Montreal, Canada
  235. Can ppl take delivery of their RS4's?
  236. I haf mein tentative build date.
  237. RS4 concerns...
  238. Is the 2nd batch slated for August or is their a shipment between?
  239. Looking for a Black/Black RS4 *anywhere*
  240. okok so here are some pics of the RS4's at my dealership, yes ISATI
  241. Ok everyone, where are those.....
  242. Where can I buy an RS 4 in Miami but not from Audi dealers?
  243. If any of you are picking up a RS4 in Charlotte NC, let me know I'd like to see it.
  244. RS4 break-in poll: 1) owner's manual, 2) Dr GP/MotoMan method, 3) other - please explain
  245. RS4 in at Criswell in Annapolis
  246. RS4's arrived at Clair Audi, Boston -- will post pix
  247. Oh man :( Sprint blue is the same blue as on the S4?
  248. Any guesses on when AoA will release lease/finance rates for the RS4?
  249. hey SoCal, check out upcoming JUNE Events - Pine Mtn Drive/Winefest & Streets of Willow track
  250. As of 9:30 am EST we received 3 new RS's @ Danbury Audi, damn they are hot