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  1. So I finally ordered my custom plates today.
  2. Same rules as my other post. Here we go again. Mod #5, yet another masterpiece from Dave at CPP...
  3. Just for those interested in following the perpetual modification of my car...
  4. ok has anyone seen the daytona rs4 AVANT with euro plates that has been in la the last couple days ?
  5. ~304HP at the wheels with Milltek resonated; Plots (vs. absoluteis'), Pictures, video
  6. I have some good news regarding Audi Exclusive...
  7. Anyone want to sell their winter wheels and tires?
  8. My car got vandalized......
  9. Anyone order the Magnaflow from HottExhaust for under $1k yet?
  10. Best tire?
  11. New RS4 owner
  12. My RS5 thoughts and wishes.
  13. Fire away.
  14. 2 RS4 spotted at South Coast Plazza on 5/12 (Sat)
  15. audi rs4 street racing videos
  16. Oem brake rotor question
  17. Advice needed from great wise RS Forum
  18. anyone adding fuel additive to clean injectors?
  19. For the Bi-turbo fans, Here's a video
  20. Monkeys in my Trunk?
  21. Does anyone know if an RS4 specific sales brochure was made for distribution at dealers?
  22. avus silver with flat black rims
  23. Practice run for ...........
  24. RS5 twin turbo Knockout blow to new m3!!!!
  25. Check Engine Light stays on
  26. FYI: Warranty denied on an S4 with coilovers...
  27. Self Employed Health insurance?
  28. Anybody ever participate in the "AMG Challenge" driving event? (by Mercedes)
  29. Maybe looking for a white RS4 under 70K--Riverside has been spoken for.
  30. Paging absoluteis
  31. Suspension going on today - NOT... someone broke into my car and stole it
  32. Decisions, decisions ...
  33. One more thing we don't get?
  34. TGIF !!
  35. S5 road test in Autoweek tells us there's a MAJOR shift in Audi engineering.
  36. If someone wants a Spirit Blue RS4, check ebay & jump fast
  37. Boy, this gear shift knob gets hot in the sun!
  38. quattro de Mayo at the Tail of the Dragon picture megapost
  39. Road Rage Gone Bad
  40. Hit/Skip: Orange RS4??
  41. RS4's using H&R springs..... successful or potential failure?
  42. One helluva deal on a RS4
  43. Bob W. & others...do not read this months Luxury & Exotics!
  44. Did you guys test-drive an RS4 before ordering? Before delivery?
  45. Daytona
  46. Did you guys see this? Just found it. Edmunds TSB and Maintenace estimator/checker, pretty cool
  47. [SCC/ACNA] Upcoming SoCal events for May - German Invasion / Stand GTG / Palomar Mtn Drive
  48. Partial debadgiational procedure
  49. Saw a lowered (Stassis?) Daytona Grey this evening on 85 south near Saratoga Ave...
  50. Any Idea where I can get a set of E-codes for my B7 RS4?
  51. anyone else think the RS4 could use a bit more clutch?
  52. Who has the modded RS4 in Issaquah Highlands?
  53. SF Bay Area GTG - May 18th at 11:30 a.m., location TBD
  54. Sparkhill...
  55. paging stasis: I need to talk about brakes, where should I call and who?:)
  56. fed up with seatbelt chime...someone please offer VAG services (NY,NJ)
  57. question about exhausts.......
  58. 08 RS4 quattro gmbh options beyond the black/red interior pckg
  59. Need help.
  60. paging all you punks in boston....
  61. Some bad pictures of the good, from today.
  62. German Invasion This SUNDAY !! at LACR
  63. Who said quattro can't drift?
  64. RS4 in Euro Canyons.
  65. Ok, so it looks a lot better in white but I still don't like the hood.
  66. Here's what $5000 will buy you....almost looks worth it.
  67. Made a farewell movie....
  68. Winter tires and rims
  69. I love this forum :O) very witty
  70. Black rims
  71. Paging HONER
  72. A good one
  73. Old CTS-V vs. RS4 video with interesting comments...
  74. New Audi Marketing Website
  75. Wanted: Your RS4 Wheels and Tires
  76. This is the "Wildest" RS4 paint job yet. As art it is growing on me.
  77. Why can't I leave a car alone?..new audio mods.
  78. okay....here's a challenge for the tuners out there......
  79. has anyone figured out how to have power folding mirrors on the RS4, like the S4 has?
  80. OT: Is this the best GIAC can do for the S4??
  81. I'm starting a 160+ RS4 club, who is already in or wants in? ;-) What happened to that............
  82. How many will consider Magnaflow and..........
  83. At 1200 miles, oil is down to "min". Okay to use Amsoil 5W40?
  84. how hard would it be to do a sunroof delete on our cars?
  85. Who was running their RS4 at Atco Race track Friday Night?
  86. Nice RS4, who's is it?
  87. RS4 Avant beats M5 touring - EVO & Autocar
  88. latest pics of the RS4 by RS Quattro
  89. If you're in Long Island or NY this is a good place to go for performance installation!
  90. Audi news and a video clip of the S5 (in German). The car looks stunning IMHO...
  91. front plate solution:)
  92. Brake duct help please
  93. how Baddass will........
  94. PIC: A little Ibis on the weekend. ;)
  95. Anyone have any details on the 2008 ipod integration package? Is it the same crap as before?
  96. new RS4; oil consumption at 500 miles
  97. Magnaflow catback for RS4 shipping?
  98. Milltek cat-backs: res or non-res
  99. Double-Super-Secret 5W-40 Experimental Racing Oil ... It works!!!!!!!!
  100. Titanium Package Part Numbers??
  101. One RS4 Motor Sport Suspension setup available at the discounted pricing, don't miss out!
  102. finally got my windshield replaced today....I called a week ago to reserve an Audi loaner.
  103. UK "RS4" Atrocity - Warning: Severe Nausea May Result!
  104. xpost - S4 and RS4 MY2008 changes
  105. $74.9K for a 9000 mi RS4? wtf... just cuz its imola
  106. SF Bay Area GTG
  107. $10M for the General?
  108. kING oF tHE rING ????????????
  109. Sorry for the delays in the MTM Supercharged RS4 story and video...it IS coming soon!
  110. What a disgusting car from above! Can anyone say New M3 without also referring to the RS4?
  111. FYI; Two drivers in the Gumball Rally Nick Morley and Matthew McConville have been arrested.......
  112. OMG check this out black or white option
  113. Mind-Boggling, my wifes BMW 550 got clipped yesterday in LA...
  114. Now Ive gone and done it
  115. best ring video ive ever seen..
  116. Tire Fitment
  117. Europe gets all the good stuff. New Euro style packages for the RS4
  118. Is this the tool one uses to drain the oil on the RS?
  119. Who was it that figured out how to re-code the TPMS to turn it off w/VAGCOm? I thought it was
  120. RS4 Brakes are not so good
  121. Upgrade News - The Good / bad / Ugly
  122. Anyone tried KW V3? First order gets them at $1695 (shipped).
  123. Traded my RS6 for RS4
  124. Oil consumption stabilized...
  125. What is a corporate fleet car?
  126. Poll: For those who have disabled their Servotronic, do you like it better stock or disabled?
  127. I Know I've read this somewhere...
  128. Europrice Leftovers Sale, it's on the shelf, it's dusty, it's priced to go...
  129. Anyone going to the track day at Mid Ohio for May 28? ....
  130. Anyone know this Imola RS4 4 Sale in LA?
  131. Anybody see the new Fifth Gear with Tiff testing the R8?
  132. Pennzoil Synthetic 5W40 Euro Formulation FYI...Carquest Auto Parts has it.
  133. BEst motorsport video ever...?
  134. Any good uses for the European fog lights?
  135. Saw my first RS4 today : ) I just want to say that it was such an amazing site
  136. Mugello Blue
  137. Wrong oil for this car?
  138. Brake recommends
  139. Any RS4 Owners in CT or NY area? For TV Show for Speed?
  140. does anyone make straight pipes for the RS4?
  141. having some fun on the highway last weekend and heres what came about.....
  142. any of you guys with XM in your cars? Mine wont work anymore.
  143. Any of the SoCal OC guys suggest a good stereo shop?
  144. I wonder if the TT steering wheel is a plug and play item for the RS?
  145. since when is "max 7000/min" a cutoff guideline?
  146. Milltek Hi-Flow cat vs OEM cat pic from weekend install.
  147. Anyone using anti sway/roll bars on the RS4?..
  148. if i lower my car......
  149. Anyone can post pics of Mugello blue with silver interior pls?
  150. Just took pics of my car......
  151. Skip Barber experience
  152. So which RI RS4 was on Thayer Street this evening...
  153. Check out pics of my new baby (at my picture poster)
  154. Paging Black B5 S4 on I-5 North freeway in Orange County,CA on Sunday 04/29
  155. Headlight removal
  156. Is there a simple way to bring a A/V feed into our headunits?
  157. Bluetooth instructions?
  158. ECM updates for RS4, anyone have some feed back ?
  159. You have to be kidding me!!
  160. Rough at 1950 rpm anyone else notice this?
  161. I Love Daytona!
  162. Can we get the titanium package in the states???
  163. RS4 Clutch PROBLEM
  164. Sirius Info
  165. For those who chose silver interior, anyone regrets it?
  166. Anybody else have a squeak/creak noise coming from the steering column area?
  167. Hey McGyver
  168. anyone know where to get rs4 grill mesh?
  169. More pics, LSU car show, pit crewman is short but real pro at detailing the RS........
  170. Evil, now that your injectors are changed out, do you still feel that flat-spot?
  171. Seven months later and I finally get a chance to take some pics of the old girl..........
  172. RS4 1/4 mile times in England
  173. A little car show competition from other Euros is great but the show today was tuff,.........
  174. Debadged, Post-Bath, Post-Butter Wax
  175. TT test drives tomorrow at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco as part of the California Mille
  176. Need question answered.
  177. Opinions wanted.....and a question
  178. Did anyone else notice that the back mats are just a bit side specific?
  179. Who needs some "stinkin' badges?"
  180. For those who forget what gear they're in...here is your mod!
  181. RS4 Sighting in SF: daytona gray, silver seats. our cabbie tried to mess you up south...
  182. What a nice article...
  183. a reminder of the weekly Philly area MRSCC meets 4/29
  184. RS4 track impressions at VIR
  185. Old pic I'm sure but how would you like to walk up and find you car looking like this?..........
  186. Thinking about downgrading to a B7 S4 Avant
  187. Im Ordering H+R stuff help!!!
  188. Parikh1234, was that your car I saw this eve coming through the park by Tavern on the Green?
  189. Weird ?, anyone have a problem with side mirrors always being hazy/dirty?
  190. Parikh1234 - Please don't tell me you're the only RS4 owner who actually uses you car?
  191. My dyno plot and me.
  192. OT: Parikh - Found something you may be interested in!
  193. Service frustrations...
  194. Had a stone chip repaired on the windshield... bad idea
  195. Low Oil at 2k miles, anybody else?
  196. No price advantage for the new M3 as was first thought.----->
  197. Sirius/XM swap
  198. Audi 20's?
  199. Anyone order custom floor mats from GG Bailey?....
  200. If you want Euro parts post now or lose out...
  201. If you are not into mods (A4 at that), don't read. Second of many mods to come...
  202. Why don't any auto companies design OEM wheels with a lip?
  203. Mugello Blue rocks!
  204. M3 pricing announced. Sorry if repost
  205. A brief write-up from last weekend's auto-cross in Devens, MA
  206. Aftermath of first Penske Audi GTG/BBQ
  207. What is this picture from?
  208. Don't miss out on the tax relief sale, quantities are limited!
  209. If cost were no object...what would you rather have? RS4, RS5, R8, or an S6
  210. Picking up tonight -- can't wait!!!!
  211. burning clutch smell....
  212. Stasis Motor Sport Spring Rates?
  213. Titanium finish wheel weight...
  214. SS+ RS4
  215. RS4 prices in Los Angeles..
  216. Mode button on steering wheel
  217. RS4 vs. V10 M5
  218. Ode upon an Audi RS4
  219. Penske GTG & canyon drive reminder
  220. DRC leaking again, less than 3k miles...
  221. Any RS4's at Captree tomorrow morning??? Want to see one of those beasts... I have only seen 2 on
  222. RS4 vs R8? (Dyno)
  223. Have you guys seen this Bimmer???? WOW!
  224. quick stupid question about headlights
  225. Check out what zips by at the start of the video.
  226. Nice accessory for an RS4 owner...
  227. 2nd Try. Hey guys, check this out!
  228. RS4 Mods
  229. Thought you might like this s6 leds on RS4
  230. RED RS4 in BOULDER CO: anyone familiar with the car?
  231. from JeffAhn in Photo forum...so purty!!!
  232. Forget the M3, watch out for the LEXUS IS-F !
  233. Smoke Reflector Mod
  234. my favorite feature...
  235. 08 RS4
  236. Puddle under car... DRC
  237. Connections for iPod integration
  238. Check out this mod....
  239. Guys is this weird or what? I had 8mm and 10mm spacers on the front....
  240. To clearbra or not?
  241. So I had the rear interior in pieces for the harness bar measurement.
  242. X-post - to all Rocky Mountain RS4 Owners, GTG on April 28th
  243. Audi Club NW Detail Tech Day - April 28, 2007 at our Seattle Location
  244. OT: Paging Scott (RI.RS4)....
  245. 9500i saved my bacon today on Jamboree!
  246. What an awesome GF i have!
  247. Who's Sprint Blue RS4?
  248. Come to our 1st Penske Audi GTG and canyon run
  249. What are the part numbers for the oem wheels again? both silver and titanium versions if possible.
  250. how long do you expect the rotors to last on your car........