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  1. Interesting. Board just approved Porsche to buy a controlling interest in VW
  2. oh noes!!! What have I done?!?!?!
  3. Euro Rodder Punks paint my car over night...
  4. Milltek catback middle hanger some times touching the drive shaft...
  5. s5 or rs4?
  6. LoL RS4 makes the "Cars Macho Men Drive" List
  7. How long does it take to install Milltek Downpipe?
  8. OT but just incase any of you are looking to clean up your tool box...............
  9. gorgeous black RS4 at TWS this weekend...thanks for the car porn
  10. Rozman....have you done a dyno with the milltek on theS5?
  11. Finally made the jump from years of Esses to the RS - Startup ?
  12. Some New Track Pics here -- >
  13. Are the Conti Contact Ex3 worth anything? Thinking about selling the summers
  14. Y can't we all just get along?
  15. Time-Lapse Autobahn Cruise...
  16. Will PS2 275 fit on stock wheel the same as 275 RE-01R?
  17. Have a white RS4????? Your dreams just came true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Thinking of selling my Phantom Black w/ carbon fiber/premium package...
  19. 18 inch SSR on Cab
  20. So I unplugged and capped my exhaust vacuum tube. What did you use to plug the actual solenoid
  21. So I got to run with and chase an F-40 today. Very cool! That is all.
  22. gonna need new summer tires, probably gonna go ps2
  23. To rotate or not...
  24. tubi exhaust rs4 B7
  25. Speed review of the GT-R
  26. Any M3, M5, M6, C63, E63, S63, Viper or Vette drivers wanna race???
  27. SD Cards
  28. OT- what do I need to do when buying an RS4 out of state to not get screwed
  30. How do you reset the service indicator? I could RTFM, but I'm feeling lazy. Thanks!
  31. What have your customer support experiences with Stasis?
  32. 6th least fuel efficient luxury car according to Forbes
  33. importing an rs2? (dont know what forum to post in)
  34. My new idea ...
  35. Sprint Blue RS4 in Berkeley, CA for sale need info
  36. RS4 in Audi Exclusive Orange with Titanium Pack / DRC Plus and Ceramic Brakes
  37. Anyone else think the new 5 spoke S5 wheels would look great on an RS4?
  38. RS4 is very well known even among the younger crowd, i am suprised.
  39. Lifespan of OG Brake Pads?
  40. Just finalized the deal for an 07 Avus Silver RS4 with 15K on her.
  41. 15K service coming up.... looking for dealer
  42. S4 cab VS RS4
  43. DVD is not read by the Navi drive. Should I do something before that?
  44. Maybe of interest here... spare set of wheels anyone?
  45. The New M3 Sucks.
  46. RS4 cab has new garage mate.
  47. Daytona Gray. FTW!
  48. paging elevens....
  49. How much Should I pay for a 2008 Brand New MSRP 73,785
  50. Where do you hear this? Last I heard the b8s4 will be supercharged intead of turbo
  51. AP reports BMW is cutting 5,600 jobs. Must be to subsidize the price on the M3.
  52. R8 will be tested on TOP GEAR this coming Monday on BBC America...
  53. Speaking of brakes...Has anyone else experienced a horrendously loud groaning sound
  54. Tiff Needell drives the RS6
  55. Custom Borla System
  56. C63 pricing announced, $54625 including destination...
  57. GTR Arrives in oz and does 1/4 mile time...video inside
  59. FYI _ Shell 100 in AUSTRALIA
  60. premiermobilegroup GTG
  61. I know your cars are only 1-2 years old but how have they been in terms of reliability?
  62. GMG Exhaust Owners - Anyone have downpipes?
  63. STFA but haven't found anything on rear placement of RS4 emblem on trunk...
  64. This should be interesting. Post up your favorite pics of your car?
  65. Totally saved this dude in a BMW...
  66. Background on Yellow RS4 at Stoddard Porsche Audi?
  67. FYI: updated oil list...
  68. Some good reading for those who might be interested......
  69. 3 RS4s at Don Rosen... looks like at least 2 were still unclaimed...
  70. OK haters
  71. H-Sport sway bars installed
  72. Preowned RS4 wit 6000k - I change cars every 2-3 years... CPO worth the $$$?
  73. Thinking about Tint...
  74. RI A6 please
  75. The bashing of high-end cars.....
  76. looking for a used rs4 in the new york tri state area
  77. Euro-wheel Questions
  78. My "New To Me" Beast
  79. Has anyone just installed milltek dp's alone?
  80. Race mode, new wheels and 6-point harness
  81. Pics after first clay bar, polish, polish and wax... Daytona w/ Ti pkg.
  82. What brand of fuel do you use?
  83. VAGCOM in Fayetteville, NC
  84. Finally able to give the lil white devil a well deserved workout...
  85. just ordered the second new toy for this year:)
  86. Audi RS4 power loss @ 6000rpm
  87. Wife taking the RS4 out becoming a little to frequent...
  88. RS4->E63 defectors...so much for brand loyalty. :o(
  89. Just got home with my new (to me) toy!
  90. Great Showcase of RWD performance
  91. lets please have some real discussion here instead of regurgitation...i volunteer 'bhvdr'
  92. Trifecta block
  93. i CHALLENGE any and all reactionary spuds HERE to
  94. audi moving away from v8 to turbo v6, now
  95. Anyone heading down to Cabtree Car Show on LI Sunday?
  96. Great showcase of AWD performance...
  97. Good News, Bad News
  98. For the record, I LOVE my $70K A4 and I will never give it up for a $65K 3-series.
  99. Hey absoluteis were you in stoneham this morning?
  100. R8 5 spoke wheels
  101. C&D Tests the E90 M3
  102. Well guys, just decided to order an E63. I can still change my mind, but after the test drive all I
  103. Downpipes?
  104. RS4 Supercharger
  105. sykotoy - do you remember ...
  106. Good Deal?
  107. Is there a tsb for a 5K rpm hiccup in the fuel mapping?
  108. ipod/iphone cable
  109. Spacers. Want a wide setup with stock rims. What size?
  110. *Beautiful* M3 driving weather moving in tomorrow PM into Boston
  111. MTM spacers. Where to Buy?
  112. Dymag wheels. Opinions?
  113. Want: Mugello Blue RS4 with Silver Interior
  114. Spotted the new (4 door) competitor on the road this morning!
  115. Offical RS4 aftermarket wheel thread
  116. M3 is ugly. Maybe if it were 11% cheaper I would buy it. But for it's ugliness, it's overpriced.
  117. Is this a good deal?
  118. I just got a 2 1/2 hr workout at the gym while that bimmer troll was poppin' off
  119. Driving impressions (and questions) thus far..
  120. I've got brand new piano black interior trim, looking to get carbon. anyone interested in swapping?
  121. Stasis SL Coilovers...experiences?
  122. Front Brake Job (Pads and Rotors)
  123. Why is the M3 sedan base price $3k less than the coupe on bmwusa.com ??
  124. Who can I complain to other than Customer Care??
  125. DRC repair update....
  126. phantom black or daytona grey with TI pkg???
  127. Time to buy the tophat...uh..I mean the Ferodo Brake pads..best place to purchase??
  128. A bit off topic for this forum, but......OMFG!!!!!!
  129. Out of curiousity, when do you think the new RS4 will hit U.S. grounds....
  130. For those that use the voice command - do you get a "no function" in the center
  131. "slipping" with wheel turned hard, anyone else??
  132. Whay don't the RS have the same air guides as the Phaeton??
  133. Is anyone selling their RS4?
  134. Ibis white RS4 Cab
  135. Miramar Audi has three new Daytona Gray RS4s
  136. Clutch paddle feel question
  137. Is it normal for my rotors to be worn at 20k miles with just freeway driving?
  138. Rare RS4 sighting (for me) - two at once on I-70 today driving down to Denver... 1 Daytona, 1 Sprint
  139. Wheel cleaner and brushes
  140. We had freezing rain here Sat. morning and I had to go into work, made it all the way to my
  141. Thinking about getting back into the Audi family w/an 07 RS4, daily driver any reason not to
  142. Where do you keep your stuff?
  143. RS4 vs. 2002 M3. Friend of mine has an M3 and claims he can pull on me
  144. Audi RS4 Lease Rates - February 2008
  145. Sirius not avail in 2008 models?
  146. RS4 1, RS6 0.
  147. WOW - a great $300 spent...
  148. gray rs4 on route 10, NJ tonight - you are so beautiful, so shiney... alas, my q7 could not keep up!
  149. LOL: Poll: Whats "Cuisine worthy of an RS4 Owner"
  150. Dang-nabbit! This is just too easy!
  151. auto-debadged
  152. Rubber floor mats for 07 RS4
  153. I had no idea there were two of these beauties out there.
  154. Brake seizure after washing due to rust - aftermarket pads any help?
  155. RS4 Video SWEEEEEEEET
  156. Anyone drive a C32 AMG Kompressor?
  157. RS5 info TTRS info, plus a great shot of JESUS
  158. Anyone know what offset best for 10x18 wheels for the RS4..
  159. Phone mount similar to this one
  160. Milltek exhaust dealer / installation....
  161. edwardschmedward...
  162. **Revo Technik welcomes Fifteen52 v.2 in Sarasota Fl to our authorized dealer network.**
  163. need help/advice from the forum...
  164. DBS Test Drive with Tiff, nice!
  165. for the record, I'm really disappointed that APR has NOTHING for the RS4.
  166. what does your RS4 say to the opposite sex?
  167. H Sport sways going on tomorrow morn... which setting?
  168. Just a neat video: Our WC-GT3 Spec Street Car Featured on Nitto's Main Website
  169. Don't try this at home, kids...
  170. Anyone try Revo software yet?
  171. Engine light lamp came on during driving
  172. Have you guys seen the iPhone commercial featuring an A4 avant?
  173. Do the A8 sport wheels (the 20" RS4 look-a-likes) fit on the RS4? Also, in this
  174. RS4 finally arrived..
  175. What do you think RS4 depriciation will look like over the next several months?
  176. Here is the email i got from Novidem. LOL @ the Price.
  177. need new front brakes and how muck should they cost from the dealer?
  178. whats the cheapest car in the US right now (MSRP?)
  179. Tire Question
  180. pics of A5 S-line, and new A4 S-line from auto show
  181. center armrest cellphone adaptor removal - any tips on removal to make more room?
  182. Anyone here going to the Audi Club Laguna track day March 1st and 2nd?
  183. 2008 RS4 cab vs. 2009 M3 convertible
  184. Going to Chicago auto show tomorrow any picture's your looking for tell me ill try to take
  185. Anyone know of a good shop to paint side marker reflectors...possibly in the SFV.
  186. Might sell my 08 RS4 to go back to Porsche
  187. Misano Red and Black RS4 in Toronto
  188. Guess the orange got old...
  189. Thinking about getting an RS4
  190. RS5
  191. The Time has come... A Supercharger, A real Supercharger.
  192. Anyone have OEM Brushed Alluminum Window and Trunk trim there looking to unload?
  193. One-year anniversary picture post
  194. Old vid of Audi's unfair advantage. Maybe a repost...dunno watch it again...
  195. Did a search on headlight housing bulb replacements. Is there a cure for the melting issue?
  196. lava gray!! can get this color for 2008 RS4, looking for pics please
  197. Ohlins SL Sport Suspension - help please
  198. Time for new Rotors.......Again maybe call ECS ????
  199. Are there any suspensions options out that allow ride height to be set at the same level as stock?
  200. I have the answer to the 4.2 supercharging woes: Water injection!
  201. RS4 or S5
  202. Repost? youtube... mtm supercharged RS4, incredible--->>
  203. Dyno day tomorrow at KMD!!!
  204. need codes
  205. I got the final bolt to go in for the brake duct from my oil change.
  206. It's amazing how many people are naive about the RS4 engine
  207. GMG Exhaust Thoughts and Video
  208. Bridgestone Potenza 275/30/19 Thoughts
  209. Looks like more folks are starting to have DRC leak/failures..
  210. Motortrend 08' M3 vs. RS4 Article
  211. a message to Audi et al: it's not Avus, it's AVUS! (very long)
  212. Is the R8 steering wheel any thicker than ours?
  213. who was at New Country Porsche this afternoon with their RS4?
  214. Nice RS4 vs R8 video. Tim Schrick is a helluva driver.
  215. Finished my oil change
  216. Anyone liked the March AUTOMOBILE upshift 5pg article of the longterm RS4?...
  217. OT-Pretty sweet!
  218. anyone install this yet...
  219. Did the 7 pg search on lowering the RS4. H&R springs may be a no no and the Stasis/Ohlins is
  220. Removing the Cig lighter from front ashtray?
  221. Calling All Stasis Motorsports Suspension Owners - Need Your Help, Please!
  222. That was stupid - OK where is the oil fllter located? Have not downloaded the shop manual yet
  223. Silver Interior owners.. would you do it again?
  224. Something to consider about the Nissan GT-R
  225. Marko's Supra VS RS4
  226. Anyone using wheel spacers and doing HPDE'S? Any concerns?
  227. and im done....
  228. Does anyone buy from ECS Tuning? Just figured something out after my last experience
  229. is this rs a good buy?!
  230. list of OE tires shipped on US RS4s?
  231. Where's daveak05?
  232. Anyone know the stock exhaust piping diameter?
  233. HELP!!!
  234. Well, well look what arrived today...
  235. Sweeeet!! (for me) The deal I got 2 months ago just got sweeter.
  236. Update on the roll cage. I decided that before the windshield goes back in that it would be...
  237. Lookin for some help guys... How do you remove the shift boot and trim pieces around the dash
  238. I have a connection on a custom 3" exhaust with high flow cats and Borla Mufflers
  239. HELP! Does anyone have an extra Dunlop Wintersport 3D in stock size?
  240. GMG Winter Test Session: RS4 Gets Shakedown, along with testing of our WC-GT3 Cars
  241. Ahh.... Finally some Lightweight Wheels that WORK
  242. Ready for tires. Pirelli's lasted for 18k miles so far. What do you guys recommend??
  243. New! - Eurocode Vented Carbon Fiber Hoods! - $1320
  244. Does anyone know if the R4 will come to the US?
  245. Muffler issue solved...
  246. New RS4 Owner - Need help on Mods
  247. Ipod dock in car but I use an MP3 player. Need a female Ipod dock to 3.5 plug.
  248. Looking for low KM used RS4 Ibis White or AVus Silver, black interior.
  249. R8 Steering wheel
  250. The Audi/R8 commercial during the SuperBowl....