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  1. MIlltek Cat backs only?
  2. Bluetooth problems, constant connect/disconnects...
  3. official R8 prices!-
  4. Oil Temp- I know its been discussed before- I hit 250 F yesterday but it is the first 85 degree day
  5. Temp keeps changing back to c
  6. Can i get negative camber on my B7RS4?
  7. Milltek Bad news!!
  8. Advice on Lemon Law (not RS4 specific)
  9. ? on Waiting
  10. Off topic, but To you boys that seem to hit Vegas often..Ineed some advice
  11. GPS Console Issues
  12. S5 Vid
  13. Engine hiccup between 2-3k RPM?
  14. how best to cope with the wait? and what should be my first drive in the new england area?
  15. Upgraded brake lines
  16. To buy or to lease...?
  17. What is up with Enzo's?
  18. MILLTEK EXHAUSTS!! need help felllas!!
  19. Rain sensing wipers?
  20. Anyone looking for a new Ibis White RS4?
  21. To the guy who(I think)traded in his BMW for a gray RS4 in our office building....NOICE!
  22. Tire Rotation woes
  23. MY RS4 video owning CSL
  24. Finally saw a B7 RS4 in person. It's a very nice car.
  25. Spare tire for RS4
  26. Maybe a repost: Veyron on Top Speed doing 407 km/h
  27. Could Somone with a Successful Black Optik Package Order in the US E-mail me.
  28. Just took delivery: Sprint Blue
  29. Grey RS4 - Union St?
  30. M3 engine testing
  31. Does any one know if the R8 rims fit the RS4?
  32. IS the S5 going to be a De-Tuned RS4?
  33. I need some advice on tires. The car came with a set of PZ's and I will.......
  34. News, notes & rumors - RS4 Cab content!
  35. Great commercial!! Check it out.
  36. Registration is open...
  37. RIRS4 - posted my temp info below but this forum software blows
  38. Driving my RS4 from North Jersey to Delray Beach (x-post)
  39. Somebody with the Euro bumper on a US car, please shoot me an email.
  40. edwardschmedward....
  41. Black RS4 with tinted windows in Somerville with Illinois plates. belong to anyone on the forum?
  42. Any thoughts on how the RS4 will hold its value?
  43. Hoping to upgrade from S4 to RS4 by next month...
  44. Anyone looked into purchasing/installing MTM supercharger?
  45. Does anyone have a picture from underneath the RS4?
  46. had to add oil at 600 miles
  47. Just a few pictures of my RS4 at an Autocross event last weekend. I had a few guys tell me......
  48. Before you guys get too excited..remember that lighter weight >*
  49. What is the engine weight of B7 RS4 ?
  50. Pol(e) Seen a few RS4 barely used in the high 60's. What are your
  51. RS4 sighting - Imola in the parking garage at Lucky Strike Lanes (Miami)
  52. Anyone else have a ripple in the leather on the bottom of the passenger seat?
  53. modded 335i's have nothing on this car. (UPDATED!!!!!)
  54. Just a reminder : Online reg is now open for May 13,2007 ....
  55. New M3 engine specs released...what do we think?
  56. How do you get the car to bluetooth sync with my updated phone address book ?
  57. Just Purchased RS4!
  58. Sorry mates but not sure I saw a reply.. Any Audi cargo net will fit? Or just A4 2000+ ?
  59. APR BBQ / Track day Anouncement
  60. Trying to decide between a brand new RS4 and a 2006 911 C4S. Both would be daily drivers here in CO
  61. Silver RS4 in Boston NEMC parking lot, anyone here? -first RS4 i've seen 'in the wild'-
  62. Oil temperature, what's yours cruising in 6th gear on the highway.
  63. The King is back - new M3 engine specs
  64. Squeek
  65. First time in for service today...
  66. Clutch replacement update...
  67. European steering wheel, is it thicker than the standard steering wheel
  68. My new RS4 break
  69. Sometimes...
  70. finally...
  71. Does anyone know the size of the exhaust tips? Just the tips...
  72. RS4 Vs C 55 AMG Stop BMW BS....
  73. Why does everyone get so defensive when you start talking about 0-60 and 1/4 mile times.
  74. Oil, Oil change, Floor mats, & Cleaning Rims
  75. went in for MIL...engine misfire
  76. looks like you guys are more popular then i thought ;)
  77. The mass hypnosis of the car reviewers continues. These guys seem to share...
  78. UPDATE: I'm back and the answer on the pricing to absoluteis question on the "Cargo Net" is...
  79. We haven't done this in awhile....the return of the Parikh!!!
  80. Opinion: RS4; Maserti Coupe; Aston Martin V8 Vantage
  81. just a bmw, but impressive none-the-less
  83. Which cargo net will fit in our car?
  84. Lidatek 2, Cop 0
  85. Sport Button sux
  86. Reinforced brake lines installed.
  87. RS4 is now less money than the S4 was in 2003!
  88. I know a few of us ordered around 02/28/07. Any updates?
  89. Rough engine at...
  90. The Stand GTG in Encino (SFV) is back for 2007!!! -- TUE March 20th
  91. I feel like I haven't been here in months. So many new people.
  92. sex on wheels.
  93. the new M3 will be priced only 55,000 $ ?
  94. Faint hiss from speakers....
  95. Captree RS4
  96. Has anyone upgraded their brakes yet? Anyone felt the need?
  97. Colorado Avalanche Goaltender Peter Budaj Drives an RS4
  98. Any 2008 RS4 planned?
  100. Winter Wheels and Tires Off..
  101. How much is a black filler plate with silver stripes, part number please? Dealer........
  102. How do I get black tar and scuff marks off a clear bra w/o damaging the film?
  103. Milltek story
  104. this would make a nice garage
  105. Are ceramic brakes coming as an option?
  106. I spent the whole day driving a supercharged RS4 on beautiful Bavarian backroads and Autobahns...
  107. Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) Question
  108. Clutch pressure plate getting replaced next week - interested in advice...
  109. I made love to a white RS4 Avant with black optics package today in Berlin.
  110. Can someone please talk me out of buying a Z06 and re-trimming it?
  111. Anyone interested?
  112. May 13, 2007 at The Los Angeles County Raceway ! don't miss this great event ...
  113. Mugello blue RS4 Miami area
  114. What tires /wheels are you guys using for track day?
  115. Video of Bugatti Veyron at top speed on Top Gear
  116. Sigh.. RS4 sure does attract attention
  117. Can the ecu be updated using vag-com? assuming having the update cd
  118. Milltek downpipes
  119. Vag-com codes
  120. GMG is a solid business with even better people! Thank you.
  121. OT. Sebring update...
  122. So, what happened to dxben? Violated confidentiality agreement w/ Audi?
  123. he's baaaack...... well almost...
  124. Dear Abby: How do the rain sensing wipers work and where is the sensor located?
  125. LouF, now that you have the RS4...how does it compare with your B5?
  126. Car cover advice?
  127. Anyone else believe there is a potential solid market for a S/C kit for the RS4?
  128. Greetings RS4 board. Crosspost from B7 A4 forum: B7 RS4 Avant vs BMW M5 E39
  129. update on oil consumption
  130. Engine angle?
  131. Spy pics of the Audi RS4 from Sebring.
  132. Clutch advice for RS4
  133. Stratmosphere Hypershift Short Shifter
  134. For you ! First noncommercial e92m3 v RS4 video on the net - pending
  135. Anyone add spacers to the stock wheels? Looking for suggestions of size to use.
  136. Manheim/Audi auction RS4 transactions so far this year - 6
  137. Me car is gone...ran into RS4jg at a light in Delray Beach...
  138. Kimbo....the transition to the dark side has begun........
  139. I just got off the phone with a friend who is at Sebring.
  140. Last night, 6:45. Eastbound Wellington @ Simcoe. Toronto. Daytona Gray. Beauty. Anyone here...
  141. Help me decide RS4, pre-owned 997S, 2008 550i
  142. I thought the B7 RS4 was going to be in the Bullrun?
  143. orange RS4
  144. I think we can take it, maybe not in a straight line but on a track with some turns;-).......
  145. mugello Blue rs4 who was on franklin near vine yesterday.. u on here?
  146. Pics as Promised...
  147. Sprint Blue RS4 in Boston Ritz Carlton garage yesterday
  148. Any recent RS4 buyers consider the S6 or the 650i? Why the RS vs. the others?
  149. How do folks like the Euro wheel
  150. Bullrun: Video... 3 RS4's and many more
  151. RS4 Burning Oil????
  152. Talk me out of the RS4 please.
  153. Thanks to I-280 in NJ....got the summer slicks back on
  154. ESP off mode, do you keep it first stage or second stage?
  155. $12million Audi
  156. vs. Nissan Tercel, Echo, Jetta, Bug Turbo, Neon, A4 1.8T
  157. Whats your average freewa/local combined gas mileage? How do you drive?
  158. Want an RS4. What lease payments are you guys paying?
  159. New German technology out muscles old school American muscle........
  160. RS4 family in PA and interest in trackday?
  161. For those who drive with the ESP off (i.e., illuminated and disengaged)
  162. For what it's worth. Another award.
  163. Ear to Friggen Ear!!!
  164. Remember when a few of us ordered the RS4 models from Modellauthaus?
  165. Bye Bye hartmann replilcas....bent on $hi&&y NJ roads....
  166. PSA - Multiples Avail on CA lots
  167. Decisions, decisions... My tire choice...
  168. Hot Lap
  169. Here's an interesting story...
  170. Looking for used phantom black RS4
  171. Paging Northwest (Seattle) RS4 drivers who want to buy Stasis Ohlins suspension
  172. More attention than a parade of naked cheerleaders!
  173. Hmmmm, Hazards of RS4 ownership.
  174. Alternatives to Rival for Euro steering wheel
  175. Audi Driving Experience Silverstone
  176. Im at 3500mi... are people still doing rapid accel followed by engine decels from redline ?
  177. Best Wireless Radar Detectors
  178. Alrighty...Here are a couple of pics I promised...
  179. A strange thing happened this afternoon! I picked the car up and it is........
  180. Well.....it had to happen eventually.....
  181. Anybody get the ipod integration thingy working?
  182. Dealer tells me I had multiple misfires in the same three cylinders yesterday. This is the......
  183. Article in AUTOWEEK says that M3 will be priced at $51K?
  184. RS4 in Miami with Colorado plates? You here?
  185. Another Stasis Motorsport suspension install
  186. Brand new White RS4 on Ebay located in Sanata Barbara
  187. vs. Dodge Charger SRT8
  188. Need for Speed (fast)
  189. Rs4 Vs Modena 360
  190. Did any of you get to test drive the RS4 before buying/leasing?
  191. and it still had temp tags - ouch!
  192. Is anyone even remotely entertaining the idea of trading their RS4's in about a year for the new M3?
  193. woke up today to a GREAT present....
  194. Spotted: Phantom Black (?) RS4 in Manhattan last night...
  195. Hot off the presses...
  196. If you are waiting for an RS4, Steven's Creek in San Jose has 3 on the lot...
  197. 1 Hit 1 Skip
  198. Papaya Orange RS4 with black optics and titanium wheels BTO for US customer?
  199. difficulty downshifting into first?
  200. New M3 Pictures out!
  201. driving the RS4 upto boston on sunday night.....
  202. RS4 Avant Accurate Instr. Cluster Clock.
  203. just repaired a chip on the windshield, $100 bucks. Damm, im gonna clear bra the windshield:)
  204. Poll: What does your avg mpg, display -2- say ??
  205. I am tired about B5 moded vs. RS4
  206. Broke my rear view mirror housing last night.
  207. BAM, how's that front fender doing? Back to 100%?
  208. I was in Rome a few weeks ago, and saw this beaut near the entrance to the Sistine Chapel.
  209. insane RS6 crash... driver walked away!!!
  210. Just curious if anyone on this forum was on Route 2 heading west in the RI/CT border area around
  211. Audi RS4: Defeating the BMW M5 one more time
  212. Another OIL Question
  213. whats the best way to remove the airbag stickers?
  214. Just got the RS4
  215. What's different between RS4 & RS6 callipers? answer inside (low importance warning!)
  216. How did you cope with the wait...
  217. U.S. Gas Guzzler Tax
  218. Audi Brushed Aluminum Trim vs Carbon Fiber
  219. just got the new Road & Track in the mail today....
  220. Firming up the brake pedal
  221. Anyone here have experience with Carbotech XP10? will they work on the street?
  222. Airfilter removal...
  223. What oil is to prefer 0w30 or 5w30 (shell helix)
  224. Yippie, got full RNS-E navi update and it works great!
  225. Problems w/clutch anyone, apart from hose on launch vehicles?
  226. OT: Who's liking or disliking the new A5/S5 Coupe?...
  227. POLL: What's your daily driver?
  228. Mud Flaps
  229. OT: Rice???
  230. I need some tips for utilizing the SD card capability, I know nothing. Links please.
  231. RS4 Avant vs M3 CSL video..
  232. RS4 vs. S54 BMW M Cars
  233. Euro steering wheel questions
  234. True inspiration! Now I know what modifications I'm planning for my RS4 ;-)
  235. Black S4 Grille
  236. Just got my 1:18 RS4, but I don't think the headlights light up...
  237. White RS4 sighting - Sunset Blvd. at Sunset Plaza, British Columbia plates, Wed. @ 4pm...
  238. Does anyone know any history on this RS4?
  239. RS4 Registry Update: 1220 and counting...
  240. Just a thought . How fast is "fast enough"
  242. RS4 Lease
  243. More initial thoughts, and pictures of a train
  244. OT. Interesting find. Who needs Onstar. As anyone here tried this on their Audi...
  245. Nice and clean...Daytona Gray.
  246. Anybody in the Miami/South Florida Area?
  247. Just musing. Nothing new, but the RS4 is just plain fun to drive every day. The right
  248. did some runs with a B7 RS4 on my RMK 900
  249. What's the wait these days for an RS4?
  250. spare tire for rs4