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  1. RS4 Vs......
  2. Is this a legit RS4 on ebay? probably not...
  3. Chip Herr Returns To STaSIS Motorsports for 2007 Season
  4. Why are HRE wheels soooooo expensive?...
  5. Question about importing a B7 RS4 Avant to the USA
  6. I've read that a few have got Revo software for their RS4...
  7. What's up with the RS4 on Autotrader for $58k?
  8. The Dreaded Fuel Dilution Issue
  9. Millteck exhausts+hi flow cats ENGINE CHECK LIGHT!!! RS4
  10. paging fluffhead
  11. RS4 in Berkeley? (Also another Imola inside)
  12. Anyone know the paint code for Phantom Black?
  13. By request: Bullrun RS4 pics, video and shenanigans
  14. I'm back from Germany (very very long)...
  15. "VETTE" in Boston, how was dinner at Masa Saturday night?
  16. New to this thread and was wondering about rs4...
  17. European VS American
  18. Daytona Gray...Bullrun RS4
  19. IMola Yellow
  20. Little Red Corvette convertible picked a fight with a Daytona Gray RS4 today. The Vette lost! :-)
  21. Saw first RS4 on Dallas streets
  22. New pic...lowered, wheel spacers, Sprint Blue
  23. My New Ride
  24. OEM Wheels
  25. "star607" Do you still have the part #s for the black window trim and the black front outer grill. I
  26. Paging New England, NY Metro RS4 owners
  27. V8 S4 vs RS4 performance opinions?
  28. Has anyone needed to enter the security code into their Symphon II+ headunit (not RNSE) here?
  29. Back right brake locked up in the rain for a few blocks about two months ago. It happened only......
  30. Pix from the first annual national RS4 GTG !!
  31. Picture request Sprint Blue
  32. 2nd oil change and 2nd time I needed to top off with a quart. I'm at 6355 and in for.......
  33. When does the RS4 Avant come to the US...anyone know?
  34. Stasis installed...large picture so no dialups.
  35. TV/DVD Free
  36. Does anyone else here feel like the throttle is much more responsive with the ESP off?....
  37. Played in the snow for a few minutes
  38. RS4 Optic Grill Swap
  39. First serious problem (kinda)...
  40. it's pictures like this that make me re-think my idea of moving to a 2 door "sports car".
  41. TTbrit might soon become S4brit
  42. Personalized Plates?
  43. Magnaflow on RS4
  44. Anybody here ever use a 1-3-5 shift or 2-4-6 shift?
  45. Running rich?
  46. Turn your head and cough. . .
  47. A few speculations on the RS5. Maybe a V10. The new M3 may not be top dog for long.
  48. Pictures of my (kind of) new Lava Gray RS4...hope this works
  49. Jackpoints
  50. PSA - Oil in Cold weather
  51. Where Can I mail order RS4 oil filters from?
  52. Der Kimbo, aren't these your wheels?
  53. Anyone changing their own oil?
  54. Is anyone else receiving one or more fault codes from a Euro steering wheel?
  55. 10k miles now, the engine definately stronger, especially 5k+ rpm...
  56. RS4 Oil Temp
  57. RS4 in Bakersfield, CA recently???
  58. If you track your car, what are you doing about insurance? State Farm is refusing to cover my RS4...
  59. Have to say my dealer , Circle Audi is pretty awesome!
  60. RS4 versus ...
  61. XM-Sirius update from XM's point of view...
  62. 6000 miles and having fun!
  63. jrem1969 whats your email
  64. RS4 for sale in STL... 5600k miles.. will sell fast!!!
  65. Attn: tihsyloh - Link to the description of the RNS-E SW update
  66. Happy Mardi Gras to all! *Throws you a collector RS4 bead and doubloon* Catch!............
  67. Nice RS4 scam on Ebay
  68. RS4 vs Cayman S...
  69. New to Audi and interested in the RS4 vs S6
  70. bye-bye XM!
  71. x-post: Better hurry if you want the first R8
  72. some may think it proves nothing.....but some of us Enthusiasts think otherwise................
  73. I saw an article about MTM SC RS4 on European Car Mag but there is no actual pic about the
  74. Anyone else have an annoying armrest creaking sound.....
  75. Winter setup? Who is running 18's or 19's
  76. Motul Oil in Toronto [GTA]
  77. XM & Sirius to announce merger today
  78. New Tires?
  79. How many here opted for the Conv. Package and Sunroof Delete?
  80. Spotted: daytona grey RS4 in Upland 2/16 on Mountain Ave...
  81. Talking of oil....
  82. Great video, car sounds wonderful......wish my German was better!
  83. oil added after 350 mls?
  84. Paging Zuluracerx
  85. Clear bra in San Diego
  86. Are you able to spot the Audi?
  87. Check it
  88. Yes, I know....
  89. Question about the plastic grill in my rear bumper
  90. Want to buy: 2007 RS4
  91. RS4s in NorCal
  92. This car makes other people do stupid things......
  93. Anyone want to swap satellite radio receivers?
  94. Fractional Ownership
  95. 3 weeks and this has to be on the truck to Sebring ready to race.
  96. anyone have some nice hi-res pics of an ibis white RS4? need some new wallpaper to look at. TIA
  97. Is 4K off, bad, good, exceptional now? I know that months ago this would be unheard off.
  98. How do Euro RS4s deal w/ passenger seat occupancy sensor and 2 stage airbags?
  99. How come just about everyone who drives a
  100. NEWS FLASH: Freeway "racing" proves NOTHING...
  101. Assembled a set of stainless brake lines for the car.
  102. Non-resonated Milltek exhaust back in stock...
  103. stats so far.....
  104. iPod adapter. Just got Audi Collection booklet. It says iPod adapter is good for A4. Price seems OK.
  105. Boston RS4 GTG - Still on, right ?
  106. Audi Data Capture--$100 in my pocket
  107. Dont laugh--I made a website(undercontruction) strictly for b7 model cars
  108. Microsoft Outlook Spell Check --- > RS4 comes up as "REST" - LOL
  109. Good morning! Donuts and milk, anyone?
  110. 20% off Sandisk memory Cards w/ Coupon code @ Circuit City
  111. Misano Red RS4 on the 110S at 7:30 pm, you here?
  112. RS4 Purchase
  113. Thoughts on purchasing an extended warranty...how many did so?
  114. Road Killer; Audi's R10 makes page 143 of the March issue of Playboy..........
  115. Awesome ! Found the next mod for my car !!
  116. Quick question regarding purchasing a showroom floor RS4.
  117. How much is your insurance on this car?
  118. Field Tests by Audi (OBD)
  119. RS4 Registry Update: 1183 RS4's now listed
  120. I see several RS4 Euro steering wheels here...are they fully functional?
  121. I Know I Know....Not the best pics in the world KW's Milltek and Wheels
  122. 19x9.5" with 275s or wider?
  123. This damn car is freekin' amazing in the snow
  124. What's the normal oil temp in warm weather?
  125. Concealed Valentine one Display
  126. smoked side reflectors
  127. Who sells clear bumper reflectors
  128. Help with winter tires
  129. Carrera Duel - A tale of having more money than brains
  130. Where do you find the build date?
  131. Problems with Euro Steering Wheel
  132. SD Cards Recommended?
  133. Just ordered one of these...
  134. I miss XM, can't find any station on Siruis that I like for more than a few minutes.
  135. European Car article March 07 - RS4 supercharger upgrade
  136. Brakes break-in?
  137. Food for thought. RS4 content in paragraph 15. (even if incorrect)
  138. Take a moment to rate the RS4. Not enough owner reviews to even be ranked yet.
  139. Audi Break In
  140. Joined the color-matching filler plate club...
  141. Ok, since my last post got deleted - If anyone is looking for an RS4, I know of one for sale.
  142. Is this car a target for thieves?
  143. Pulled the trigger on the Stasis suspension...next wednesday!
  144. I will be in Ingolstadt from 2/20-2/23 any requests, advise, or suggestions...
  145. this may be a noob question but... how dose the b5 rs4 compare to the current rs4?
  146. What's this idiot smoking?! You guys should get on and rip him a new one.
  147. Any ideas on upgrades of the rear breaks on the beast?
  148. Still thinking about debadging the car....anyone else done it??
  149. How many times have your rear brake discs seized to the pads after washing the car ?
  150. Some new pics from over the weekend...
  151. I had a very short race today against a Shelby GT500. I lost. He walked away but it was a.......
  152. V1 Hardwire?
  153. Sprint Blue in Ann Arbor?
  154. Clear Bra installed...
  155. Engine temp
  156. Another oil change question...
  157. Gorgous RS4!!!!
  158. RI RS4.. tached 5K RPM several times in first 200 miles...
  159. So who is the Imola with MT plates here in Miami?
  160. Peeewww! My Dad smoked my clutch :/ !
  161. RS4 with BBS CH winter wheels
  162. Anyone put the H Sport setup on their RS?
  163. Does anyone know the correct part number for the crush ring that goes with the oil drain plug?.....
  164. Bay area guys..happy hour at Old Pro in the next hour or so...anyone game?
  165. Just noticed that my Engine Oil Filler Cap
  166. And another one joins...
  167. Euro Steering Wheel?
  168. vegasaudis4 RS4....pics w/KW V3 clear bra and tint done so far...
  169. UNOFFICIAL - Boston Area Audi Owners: GTG on Saturday Feb 17 (details inside)
  170. Finally got it last night...
  171. Question XM or Sirius?
  172. High Octane Gas
  173. Starting the break-in Saturday...
  174. This forum is a little static - but imagine if there was a seperate forum for oil related questions!
  175. OK, called my dealership to schedule first oil change @ 600
  176. Request for additional oil analysis from RS4 owners for oil fuel dilution study
  177. What oil should I use?
  178. Blue (Nagaro?) RS4 at State/Washington Chicago tonight at 8:53 CST?
  179. oil change - PLEASE HELP
  180. Anyone know where to find 93 octane at the pump in Oregon?
  181. look what I found out in LA.....
  182. RS4 break in?
  183. Has anyone fitted M40 Blinders on their RS4?
  184. Finally My Beast is on the Boat...
  185. Edmunds claims BMW 335i is in the same league as the RS4...
  186. What do you think the R8 could do top speed with the V12 TDI? Bugatti can hit 253 with a V16 gas.
  187. Speedo off?
  188. Just about done my aggresive break-in...
  189. Boston RS4 Get To Gether - Anyone up for it maybe Friday after work?
  190. Brake dust is going to kill these rims...
  191. MTM exhaust question
  192. Key not working...
  193. Considering the Milltek Valved Cat-back Resonated Exhaust, read the recent posts and
  194. My apologies to the silver RS4 I took a dump on the other day
  195. RS4 tropical trip - part II
  196. Finally!! Took delivery last night...
  197. Began the serious mods today - installed KW Var 3's and
  198. PEDALS
  199. Deposit down, the wait begins.
  200. For those interested in improving your factory stereo...
  201. TPMS Vag-Com
  202. Shipping the RS4 on a big boat....
  203. NO MAG = multiple misfires in multiple cylinders???? or at least that is........
  204. you guys are going to love this....a cow SH!T on my car this morning.
  205. Ok, let's talk lease numbers please
  206. I like driving with the centre armrest in the lowest position...
  207. pics of my new RS 4
  208. WTF!.............engine light..............NO MAG?......................................
  209. Bad sound from front right
  210. Frankfurt Autoshow
  211. A couple of questions after 1 week of ownership...
  212. Hello from sunny and warm Fort de France in Martinique where I am on a 7 day lay over...
  213. RS4 Winter Tires?
  214. Welcome to all those who have just received delivery of their RS4s
  215. Picked mine up yesterday (light metallic silver)...cannot believe how much gas this thing consumes.
  216. Compliments to you guys. Saw RS4 for first time at dealer today. That is one bada$$ car. My favorite
  217. Stratmosphere Short Shifter
  218. Just had my first..."Damnn!!"...moment
  219. It's 5'o clock somewhere.. RS4 tropical pictures!
  220. At 500 Miles...
  221. The beast [still tamed at 3k]
  222. Saw an R8 in person today
  223. H & R lowering springs question...
  224. RS4 Airbag Light
  225. e-code question
  226. Finally saw RS4 in the flesh.
  227. x post from R8....video of R8 sideways...
  228. Paging BAM. You around today? Sent you an email...Call my cell.
  229. If you had some spare change....
  230. Looks like the RS4 will have some fast Audi company, fairly soon.
  231. Blackberry and Bluetooth
  232. Blue RS4 at Cisco bldg J on Thursday - you out there?
  233. Questons to those that made the switch from B6/B7 S4 to RS4...
  234. Hey Guys, what are the benefits of putting 10mm spacers on the rear?
  235. Just picked up my 2007 RS4
  236. What does 'Glut Orange' look like? I see it is a new one on the RS4 register...
  237. Instructions for disabling the TPMS with the Vag-Com
  238. Sorry if repost: How much above/below sticker did you pay for your RS4
  239. HELP!!....I got keyed!!..
  240. RS4 A finalist for "World Car of the Year " performance car
  241. Anyone want to sell me their OEM rims (w/tires)?
  242. Tools for removing RNS-E radio/headunit?
  243. :: ECS Tuning :: B7 RS4 H&R Sport Springs In Stock !!!
  244. Poll: How many ordered RS4 and deleted sunroof....
  245. My left rear bumper was a victim of a hit-and-run
  246. Ibis...24 hour fitness parking lot sunnyvale...my buddy and I were the riff-raff around your car.
  247. Ibis White RS4 in Utah?
  248. I need to suck it up and buy a winter package...
  249. OH! Awesome RS4 GTG idea !
  250. Class: Today's lesson - The "Reverse 180" driving maneuver