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  1. What size are the back brake discs? 3xx*2x ?
  2. anybody install a roof rack yet?
  3. Calling 2953.....
  4. going in for 5k service today....
  5. Socal RS4 meet anyone?
  6. She's finally home.
  7. Frivelous RS4 Post #3293: Owe my knee hurts..
  8. Finally ! Got my car ordered....delivery hopefully by year end
  9. Alcon 6 piston or keep RS4 stock brakes?... decisions decisions..
  10. Just got the new BMW Driv.. I mean Car & Driver, 2007 Preview Edition, time to go poop in it...
  11. Update on RS4 steering issue
  12. Black optic pkg
  13. Nav - Anyway to not have to manually enter in city every time?
  14. want to clear my headlights...any advice
  15. Black Optic front grille in stock...
  16. RS4 Avant in US
  17. Sweet pics from recent hpde event... (warning 17 pics for the bandwidth challenged)
  18. Who's going to be the first to pimp their ride?
  19. Attention James P. You wanted some larger pics for the RS4 gallery... [BWW!]
  20. Frivelous RS4 Post #3292: New TT wheel option?
  21. I almost forgot to share these pics... in addition to needing new tires, look what else I got...
  22. Frivelous RS4 Post #3291 - It's days like these I'm glad I don't have an M3...
  23. Run flat tires for the RS4? Car finally at the dealer!
  24. Mechanical question about axel ratios and straight line runs
  25. For those who have graduated from a B7S4
  26. front filler plate: before and after
  28. Here is another opportunity to buy the Euro RS seats. Who is going to bite the bullet???
  29. Interior pictures needed!! Please!
  30. STaSIS Motorsports crosses the border to Mosport looking for another victory
  31. Possible repost, but RS4-ish wheels on the new TT S Line?
  32. For those interested in Nurburgring lap times...
  33. Clutch Part Numbers:
  34. Found some Titanium Optic wheels for sale....$2k
  35. Any reliable source for RS4 0-100mph?
  36. Sports Compact Car's sometimes acerbic review of the RS4
  37. Antenna comparison with watch for scale. Totally useless post.
  38. Has anyone been quoted different lease numbers? Am I getting jacked?
  39. Anyone here plan on upgrading the stereo system...
  40. Detailing prior to winter....
  41. Anyone looking for a spare motor? ***YIKES!***
  42. How does the Tire Pressure Monitor (TPMS) work with tire rotation ?
  43. Anyone consider getting another 19" as spare tire? Any suggestion?
  44. 2006/2007 RS4 Tail Lights Housing Part Number Needed
  45. Ping: S4gasbord ---> How long did it take your car to get from port to the stealership?
  46. RS4 for sale in TO Canada ...
  47. Will Ibis White be an available color on the RS4 next year without paying the $2500 for it?
  48. Anyone with a Mugello Blue RS4 have any regrets on that color selection??
  49. anyone interested in a Daytona RS4?
  50. One more try... dxben.
  51. Nav question
  52. S4fornow: any pics of your RS?
  53. Interesting review
  54. Any owners out there have pics of the Piano Black interior trim in their RS4s?
  55. Desperately seeking TSB # for stiff/sticky clutch pedal issue...
  56. Off the wall question: Bluetooth + iTunes (SLVR phone)
  57. Washed the car for the first time and those wheels...
  58. bahahaha :
  59. FYI: Looking for an RS4 in NorCal?
  60. This means nothing but the RS4 is...
  61. RS4 Registry Update: now with over 300 cars.
  62. Finally being released from the port
  63. i saw 5 RS4's today throughout the Hamptons, 2 daytona greys, a red, a black and a moro
  64. Saw this one parked today on the Champs-Elysees
  65. Anyone put in a ligter battery yet?
  66. Dealer said Saturday "Looks like the body assembly was completed Friday. Vehicle assembly......
  67. Can the speed limiter be disabled using VAG-COM? Not that ........
  68. Can the sensor after the CAT be disable using VAG-COM?
  69. When you go to audiusa and click on RS4, what color is that blue? Sprint or Mugello??
  70. Having now seen it in person, Avus is a most beautiful color. Still not my favorite, but
  71. HiRev, RSFizzy, just got a call from the dealer today. My car is on the transporter and on its way.
  72. I musta missed it... dxben?
  73. Now clutch is sticking...
  74. This is what happens when you track a 4000 lb audi...
  75. so. in theory. if i want an RS4 sans roof and with the anthracite rims. 3-4 months?
  76. Sprint blue RS4 spotted at the Jets-Giants game last night- anyone here?
  77. Show me your winter wheels!
  78. Who was the douche in Houston on I-10 who got owned by a cop tonight?
  79. Raced with an odd BMW today
  80. don't miss the big WMS GTG/party this Sunday Aug 27th !! those in need of BBKs
  81. SIRIUS Radio seriously SUCKS ?!
  82. NAV Plus enables on its own
  83. Ceramic brakes? OEM from Euro? How? Or other brand?
  84. Dash Buzz??
  85. Cross-post: MTM CF hood
  86. Is there a VAG-COM to disable Nav Plus warning?
  87. RS4 B7 European Flat Bottom Steering Wheel COME GET Them !!
  88. Steering issue on my RS4
  89. Passenger airbag sensor
  90. X-Post Pic Request: Phatbox installed in B6/B7 sedan.
  91. Long term review of the RS4 from EVO
  92. For people who have gone from the S4 to the RS4.....
  93. Break In Logic
  94. Just passed 700 miles and have not needed to add a drop of oil so far...
  95. Factory 18" RS4 5-spokes??
  96. Fuel Consumption
  97. OH CANADA!!! This should bring some hate mail from the M5 crowd.
  98. Milltek Non-Resonated and Valved Exhaust In Stock...
  99. So how much is a used rs4 with few thousand miles worth from a dealer? $60k?
  100. Oil temp question...
  101. Fun tricks with your RS4 Manual, #274
  102. Added some new (and old) photos to the RS4 gallery
  103. Do you think BBS will make an RS-GT for our cars. (20 # wheel dreams)
  104. Black Buttons + Large Surfboard = "ur RS4"....I'm already old school!
  105. Add me to the bad clutch list...
  106. Photoshop
  107. oil additions
  108. Both Automobile and Car and Driver report "loose rear end" at high speed...any truth to it?
  109. All black front plate filler now in stock, no chrome or aluminum
  110. Does anyone have updated info on port holds (vacuum hose, etc.)? (HiRev/s4gasbord)
  111. Temporary space-saver spare wheel?
  112. I used the Pela oil extractor to change my oil today
  113. STaSIS Motorsports Runs Strong at Road America *race results inside*
  114. Who has the Miltek w/ CEL?
  115. Who has the Daytona Grey RS4 in Ithaca, NY?
  116. Just had Hypershift from Stratmosphere installed (m)
  117. Saw second used RS4 at dealer, looks like owner bought an M5 after 2800 miles on RS4
  118. SD cards for MP3
  119. probably a repost but this sounds really nice...
  120. Looking for lowest VIN w/ small surfboard+silver buttons and highest VIN w/ large surfboard+black
  121. Paging Sparkhill: Did your wheel purchase go thru?
  122. as promised pictures of the new ride
  123. Wheel Weight
  124. Autoweek (8/21) sez 1000 RS's per year for 2 years.....more if demand warrants. Nice write up too.
  125. All your engines are belong to us!
  126. Anyone had luck with the Motorola SLVR in their car?
  127. Ok, this one can't be in the manual
  128. Bugger, Bugger, Bugger Bugger
  129. Any more info on the 50% off of Audi wheels. Dealership here hasn't heard of it.
  130. Way to go STaSIS! That is all.
  131. More VAG COM questions...
  132. The size of our gas tank..
  133. Is the new 335i out yet? Because I saw one around town..
  134. just drove the RS4 at the Circuit de Barcelona.....
  135. new M3 info released today
  136. This whole M3 thing has me thinking..
  137. Stupid question about parking brakes
  138. Just in case there weren't enough Daytona pics... (BWW)
  139. In response to a request from some of you, here are some shots of my RS4...
  140. I QUADRUPLED the speed limit today !
  141. Dealer programmable options
  142. so who had the gray RS 4 I saw in Waldorf Maryland a few weeks ago?
  143. Treo 650 Bluetooth Problem
  144. To all Phantom Black owners :-o This car is way tooo hawt!!!
  145. RS4 VIN List Update: now closing in on 300 cars!
  146. Paging Fluffhead Re: Phatbox in RS4
  147. Follow up on Clutch issue
  148. X-Post: Sprint Blue RS4 parked next to me in Palo Alto tonight.
  149. Part number for XM Reciever from 07 RS4?
  150. Okay question changed. How many would consider E92 M3 (not R8) over RS4?
  151. I'm going to fry up some catfish in a leftover bottle of Mobil 1 5W-40.
  152. Anyone tried 100oct gas on RS4 ?
  153. E92 M3 rumored pricing
  154. How many would be interested in the Black Optic grille
  155. Drat, my car is going to be held in port until Aug 28.
  156. Great long term review of the RS4 in the new Autoweek.
  157. Datona Grey RS4 spotted last night 9pm San Gabriel Hilton....are you here? =P
  158. How many of you might jump ship and get an R8 when it's released?
  159. OIL!!! Why is it that
  160. Bob W.: your request for proof that you've been wrong about oils
  161. RS4 VIN List Update: now >50 cars
  162. Is there any way to get the euro Sport Suspesion Plus coil overs?
  163. just picked up my phantom black rs4 tonight.
  164. Anyone else with a finnicky trunk latch mechanism?
  165. R8 Spotted in Santa Monica California!
  166. I just drove an RS4, i couldnt even get myself to rev it all the way!...
  167. Used Oil Analysis (UOA) 3134 miles, Elf Excellium LDX 5W-40
  168. Someone here having there car tinted toady?
  169. Things to look for when buying RS4
  170. zOMG the A8 has RS4 wheelz!!!!11!
  171. A8 at Criswell in Annapolis has RS4 wheels
  172. Why did Audi put the RS4 wheels on the A8?
  173. New to Audi...
  174. How long once car is at port?
  175. So apparently, the RS4 shares the same exact oil cartridge filter as the Q7...
  176. New Milltek Products and taking it like a man...
  177. Looks like someone dyno'd an RS4 finally.. at 400hp WHP ~350 ftlb peak
  178. I guess they CAN pull rpm history from the car log.... (how to reset it?)
  179. Dealer called me today and my RS 4 is ready for delivery on thursday
  180. Last week I took my car to Rusnak Audi, the rep told me only senior rep can work on
  181. Part Number for All Weather Mats
  182. [OT} RSQ7=S7...Q7 with V10/trick suspension? Will it happen? Who cares?
  183. RS4 flywheel nightmare.....
  184. One lap of Miller in the #17 STaSIS Motorsports / Clear Capital MAHLE poweres Audi A4 1.8t
  185. The streets of Denver proved challenging for STaSIS Motorsports. *RACE RESULTS INSIDE*
  186. X-POST: Official B6/B7 S4 Timeslip Database started: up and working
  187. Opinion on this style wheel...
  188. anyone get their titanium front filler plate yet?
  189. just got a response about winter wheels....
  190. so many little problems with this stupid machine!!!!!!!!!
  191. Sparkhill: It's the 14th any word on the wheel sale?
  192. Anybody know what US port the boat comes in at?
  193. I was wondering if you guys could give names of some good (covered) auto transport agencies.
  194. Anyone know where to buy the new RS4 rims in the gun-metal gray finish?
  195. BEN! you are back!
  196. Updated the RS4 Gallery today - added some interior shots
  197. Recording engine sounds for a virtual RS4! :D
  198. larrycr, it was good to see your car today. And after hearing
  199. Hey Bob...You asked about the Flying B...
  200. checking real world trade in value for b6 s4
  201. x-post RS4 cab/avant pics
  202. RS4 Clutch Pedal behaviour
  203. Saw first used RS4 at dealer today, person bought an A8
  204. how long does your fan keeps on after you turn off your engine on RS4?
  205. How many qts of oil is needed for oil change? added 6qts but think i need more....
  206. Repost? Glowing review of RS4 on Edmunds.com
  207. RS4 company lease car is in and ready to pickup...
  208. Audi should take a lesson from BMW and try understating power numbers. (335i)
  209. Left and right side rear brake rotors in the rear but only one for the front?
  210. Now THIS is interesting (laser jammer related)
  211. RS4 smashed up at dealer......
  212. I searched the forums but no luck... What's the going price for OEM RS4 19" wheels w/o rubber? TIA
  213. Anyone here own the Sprint Blue RS that I saw today down the highway from Palisades Audi?
  214. Lap Timer how to?
  215. which one of you guys is this ?
  216. Audi OEM Wheel Deal, What's up Sparkhill?
  217. one of you guys should pick this up...
  218. HAY...... how many shades of silver is the RS4 available in?
  219. Bonneville Speed Week starts this Saturday, August 12th.
  220. Alex: What is your price on the RoW front bumper cover and Euro Trunk Lid?
  221. Best laser jammer
  222. Check Out Papaya!
  223. Not sure about ride height, does this look like it has shipping blocks?
  224. Couple of odd things...
  225. Gotta love those AoA responses
  226. OT: production of E60 M5 6-speed manual to finally start in october but...
  227. Rear seat fold down - leather damage warning...
  228. RS4 VIN List Update: updated, improved, and closing in on 50 cars
  229. Reminder *** The Unofficial AW Buyer / Seller Feedback Thread is alive ***
  230. oil temp reached 252F after added 2qts of valoline 5w40...is only 95F outside......
  231. So you think you got this track thing down?
  232. Ricer Civic, Cayman, and A4 kills in one day!
  233. anyone think they designed the shifter poorly in the RS4?
  234. Anyone done a lease lately? What are the rates looking like?
  235. Der Kimbo :: Need more images of your Ibis White RS4_please.
  236. 1300miles 2qts added.....but oil temp is higher under normal driving conditon...
  237. Available RS4
  238. TPMS seems way too sensitive... flat tire warning keeps going off...
  239. What about Piston Excursion ? (Break-in, Motoman, Dr GP, etc.)
  240. OnStar on Audi's
  241. STaSIS Motorsports heads East once again.
  242. Got a bottle of wine...
  243. Avus and/or Mugello RS4 owners in Seattle?
  244. Lightweight batteries? The one it comes with looks kind of large and I assume heavy.
  245. 1280miles......low engine oil warning light on......sigh......
  246. Check this video out!!!
  247. Poll: Carbon Fiber Parts...
  248. OT: which 2 door sports car would you rather park next to your RS4?
  249. Just a quick reminder, we have opening in the RS4 B7 European Flat Bottom Steering Wheel GP...
  250. 2006 Audi 502 00 oil list and Amsoil 5W40 European Car Formula