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  1. R8 and RS6 steering wheel
  2. Tubi now on my RS4 Cab
  3. Paging Fluffhead - Q about suede steering wheel......
  4. Bluetooth help
  5. Found something odd, need help immediately or sooner...
  6. What's the shelf life of STA-BIL?
  7. Wheel size
  8. Took the RS on a short road trip to LA for New Years. 1360 miles city and highway.
  9. Extreme Cold Weather Starts
  10. Help! Can't get my wheel off
  11. NE1 have picture of 275/30 REO1R's on RS4?
  12. Winter Wheel and Tire Investment Has Really Paid Off
  13. Whee
  14. "Bank 1: Camshaft A (Intake): Retard Setpoint not Reached (Over-Advanced)
  15. first track day with the RS4
  16. Paging edwardschmedward....
  17. Anyone here used "clearbra" on the side sill part of the widebody panel below doors?
  18. Oil consumption @ 25k-30k dramatically increased...(doubled)
  19. Hmmmm, a touch peaky one wonders?
  20. Titanium Wheel look
  21. Milltek vs. Tubi vs. Borla
  22. New RS4 Alcon clutch disc spy photo!
  23. Good time to buy an RS4?
  24. Leather seats on RS4 Cab.
  25. Went to my dealer on Saturday and on the showroom floor
  26. Happy New 2008! see ya next year!!
  27. If i said you had a beautiful bady would u hold it against me?
  28. UPDATE: Great news and pictures on my roll cage. While I'm "working" in Nassau the boys back home...
  29. Got a new garage-mate for my RS4, a 997 Carrera
  30. Traded my RS-4
  31. Paging Bob W....
  32. STaSIS SL Ohlins installed...
  33. So the TT-RS and the RS6 are not coming to the US?
  34. Does the prince lionheart seat cover fit in the center back seat?
  35. RS4 vs new M3: The first unbiased (?) mini-review I've seen.
  36. Can I use an iPod Shuffle in my new 08 RS4?.........
  37. Flash Questions for you guys,
  38. An 18" wheel option for you B7 RS4 guys
  39. picking up car monday!
  40. brake pads & rotors
  41. Track set up
  42. DSC update - Need new front struts...
  43. Removal of leather cover on front seat thigh extension support
  44. RS4 Tuning update here - Flame away
  45. Newbie, looking at a used RS4, need some help
  46. Last night I got called in for an emergency at the hospital where I work. About 3 inches of fresh
  47. I have some kind of clicking sound coming for the left rear of the car and i thought
  48. Advise on gas
  49. I launced the car in the dry with esp off yesterday and the car had alot of tire spin
  50. What tire pressure to run on 18's? (255/40/18) Winter Sport M3
  51. Help: Detailers ruined my car
  52. Wanted - winter wheels/tires for '08 RS4
  53. Black RS4 with black wheels with big polished lip in Montvale NJ, you post here?
  54. Stasis near Chicago
  55. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!
  56. whats the most error lights you have had at one time on the LED center display?
  57. Anyone getting a check engine light?
  58. Buying a used RS4
  59. Thinking about buying an rs4
  60. Stratmosphere would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Drive Safe!
  61. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the year 2008 bring you health, peace and joy.
  62. Happy Holidays from GMG
  63. New to the Board
  64. anyone know anything on the apr ECU upgrade for our cars?
  65. Top Gear video review: RS4 vs M3 vs C63
  66. Anyone know anything about the MTM exhaust (other than the fact that it is expensive as hell)
  67. who the hell took a crap on audiworld?!?!?!?
  68. Dallas pre purchase inspection recommendations needed
  69. downpipes worth it with milltek exhaust?
  70. milltek exhaust install ny- where and resonated or non-resonated.
  71. Quote from Autoweek Rag Letters (12/24/2007).....................
  72. Some iPhone Pics of the new RS4
  73. Now this is a glorious noise!
  74. Sprint Blue RS4 Spotted on LI. Anyone here? I had my Gray A4. RS4 was sleeping at home:)
  75. Tubi exhaust video
  76. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
  77. Stasis website - error and question
  78. OT: Audi R8 - Good enough for...
  79. Dallas Galleria - phantom black rs4?
  80. Let's see some RS4 snow videos! Here's how it works with a B5. ;-)
  81. Audi Registry Question - "Audi Corp. (TRNG)"?
  82. MMI vs. RNS_E
  83. Feature or bug? Scrolling thru radio/SAT presets w/ steering wheel controls
  84. Coilovers with Hotchkis swaybars
  85. They say,there are no stupid questions, just inquizitive idiots...here goes...
  86. need to install exhaust....do it at audi??..
  87. Sorry if this is a repost, But..
  88. Vacuum tubes for exhaust. How did you plug them?
  89. FYI post: OEM RS4 rotors = $349 each and RS4 pads = $268 ...
  90. 2007 S8 brake rotors - $119 while 2007 RS4 brake rotors - $349
  91. Picture request for Phantom black with titanium and silver interior??
  92. Jusr saw a RS4 Cab at Pacific Audi...
  93. The ultimate RS4.....
  94. do your lights flicker?
  95. APR Motorsport Vacation Raffle Today!
  96. If wheels have no TPMS, what is the alarm/warning?
  97. Suspension Clunk - Attn Fluffhead
  98. Snow wheels + tires ordered today.
  99. Time to say goodbye....
  100. :: ECS Tuning :: OEM A4/S4/RS4 European Xenon Ready Headlight Housings
  101. Just joined the club...=)
  102. Question: Will 18" B7S4 wheels fit over RS4 brakes with snows?.....
  103. PSA: Saw a beautiful dark blue, platinum package new RS4 @ McGrath in Glenview, IL today.
  104. Anyone here track their RS4 hard. Advance track drivers. Any feedback will help.
  105. Xenon night-illumination pic of the RS
  106. e63 AMG
  107. is it possible to change the pad only?
  108. UPDATE: Roll cage status...
  109. Anyone wanna go snowmobiling?
  110. Rain or Shine at the track...
  111. What's the best way to clean the MMI screen? Thanks.
  112. New Track pics of my RS4
  113. With RS4 would A3 3.2 S-Line bring disappoinment to Audi stable?
  114. Noob question: Are wheel swaps fairly common on this forum?
  115. Final Score: RS4:1 / mother nature: 0......
  116. So I got to take a ride in an R8 this week..........
  117. so I found this local oil distributor that can order me a 55gal drum of Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40...
  118. Proper introduction with pictures
  119. Some airstrip pictures from today. (winter-wonderland)
  120. I've been bad - Haven't driven the RS in over a week and a half.
  121. With all this talk about winter tires and what not...
  122. ferodo brake pads for $312 all 8 front pads DS2500
  123. dealer wants $1600 for new pads and rotors
  124. carbon fiber trunk lid
  125. 18x8 RS6 Replicas by OE Wheel Distributors on Ebay- Will these fit?
  126. Vorsteiner makes a carbon vented hood for B7's now
  127. Which Ones?.............Stassis Ohlins or KW
  128. Found a "nice" RS4... but...
  129. Just got my car back from getting modded and murdered out!
  130. Delivered!
  131. I'm deciding between RS4 or B8 S4...
  132. Seeking help from the techies...(I'm NOT one)
  133. Anyone have US Bank Lease Experience?
  134. So is anyone surprised there is no B7 RS4 Plus?
  135. How much better are the Pirelli P Zero Corsa than the stock Pirelli's (Rosso). Thanks, Matt
  136. Anybody remove the PASS AIR BAG OFF bulb? How did you get to it?
  137. Please post your best pic, i'm getting my boss into one!
  138. brown smoke from exhaust at WOT--normal?
  139. Renault car commercial...
  140. Wednesday Poll: What is the fastest 0-60 time and 1/4 time acheived in a US Spec RS4?
  141. Thinking of adding Ti package to order
  142. Singh Autosport - Info Request
  143. the perfect launch
  144. Question on Extras
  145. Milltek downpipe with cats failing by Milltek
  146. Not another oil thread...but,
  147. anyone read this article before?
  148. E60 M5 vs RS4
  149. what is the maintenance schedule for 07. Thanks
  150. Daughter knows I am driving her car (the A4)instead of the RS when the weather is bad
  151. Well, I did a bad thing and drove an RS this weekend...
  152. only 50% power in 1st 2nd 3rd Can anyone confirm ??
  153. New to the board without an RS4 yet. Should be driving one by EOY.
  154. SL or Motorsport Ohlins
  155. Does "S" button changes seat config
  156. Titanium package / License plate / piano black trim
  157. What I replaced the RS4 with....if anyone cares.
  158. Christmas present from wife... Milltek Resonated cat back...
  159. Shredded Sport Cups! (kinda long)
  160. Looking for an RS4
  161. Now that it is winter, what is your average oil temp? Im steady at about 190.
  162. FYI - JonAxtell who posted he wanted my Sirius module never paid me
  163. How many of you debadged the V8 on the side of the car?.... tossing the idea around
  164. Some pics at the coast today
  165. OMG what a mess!!! There is some good news however...
  166. potential RS4 owner to be- What do I need to know?
  167. New owner-Pics-question
  168. What psi are you guys running in your winter tire set-ups?
  169. X-Post: Ride height Diff w/ STaSIS vs. stock (gtc's)
  170. Anyone else have a map light rattle? I just fixed mine w/ the help of AW!
  171. Thank God my wife is out of town on a cruise (part 2)...
  172. Thank God my wife is out of town on a cruise...
  173. My baby just left me!...
  174. For your entertainment..RS4 review from the kid who did my state inspection..
  175. I finally did it...
  176. Reference to new RS4
  177. question for anyone that has heard milltek and magnaflow in person
  178. Front Filler Plate
  179. Let the aggrevation begin.....(kinda long)
  180. Non-resonated Milltek Exhaust Back In Stock...
  181. R8 at my dealer today; silver w silver blades. Sounds and looks SWEET! :-).......
  182. From a performance standpoint - what else can be done?
  183. The RS4 sounds good and all that, but
  184. Anybody install a Tubi on an RS4 Cab?
  185. Paging fka Bleu ice - quick question about your car..
  186. Calling Fluffhead......
  187. There must be something in the wash soap, these guys are giddy as schoolgirls!
  188. The 2008 Car and Driver Major Advertisers List is in.
  189. paging havabooz
  190. Paging Sparkhill... Damn Lawyer screen
  191. New Vendor Introduction:
  192. Slight hesitation/Rough Cold Idle (52K)
  193. Deer Hunting in Germany
  194. San Francisco Bay Area GTG December 8th (22 riders as of 12/3/2007)
  195. RS$ in favor of 997 GT3
  196. There are more B6 A4 posts in here than B7 RS4 posts...
  197. I need an mp3 file of the MTM RS4 S/C'ed flyby sound in the video that Chris posted..
  198. Well it seems the Immobilizer modification works great...
  199. Like I have been saying in AW - White is Right :)
  200. Update on the shrill, brain peircing BEEEEEP....(longish)
  201. RS6-replicas for winter... love the idea. (question?)
  202. Anyone want some resonated center pipes for the Milltek?
  203. Has anyone ponied up the $600 for the Audi Driving Experience?
  204. Yet another alternative 19" wheels, they look heavy, any of the socal bros know the manufacurer?
  205. Oh well there goes $1500 worth of mods... My new toy just in time for the 30cm dump...
  206. engine oil temp hit...
  207. Out of state RS4 purchase help needed.
  208. Does anyone having experience in determining if 275/35/19 will fit?
  209. Long term (lol) test of the e92 M3 - disappointing review
  210. Just want to say hi to New England Audi owners
  211. It's HERRRRRRREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! A massive shoutout to Nathan Dunning
  212. Noob question..What's that shrill, brain peircing, long beep when I put the key into...
  213. I want to bypass the exhaust valves. I see the hose that is supposed to be cut off and plugged.
  214. Help with VAG com - recoding seat belt chime.
  215. 1st RS4 driving experience... Sign me up.
  216. Custom Stratmosphere trunk mat.....
  217. X-Post: Revo Upgrade
  218. Let it snow!
  219. What should i use to get some marks out...
  220. flapper issue
  221. Pre air filter (snow filter)
  222. I passed an M5 this morning and the driver looked downright scared
  223. Winter Set Help
  224. Speedo question...
  225. No biggy, but my interior plastic shield covering speedometer, etc.
  226. OT: Getaway in Stockholm 8 - in an RS6
  227. rotating tires
  228. Does an aftermarket clutch exist for this car? Puck style maybe?
  229. New RS4 owner, 600 miles - short review
  230. A good reason car guys should stick to working on cars........
  231. torque specs for lug nuts
  232. Today's tip: Poor man's exhaust
  233. Forged RS4 Replicas?
  234. Where has everybody installed their readar detector?
  235. Here we go again (part 2)... More weight savings for the car...
  236. Here we go again (part 1)... More weight savings for the car...
  237. Audi Sport all weather rubber floor mats only fit up to 2005 A4/S4?
  238. Got my winter wheels/tires and put them on myself - only one problem
  239. PSA: these are available...anyone used one?
  240. 1fastRS4, are you running 265/30/20's or 275/30/20's
  241. Revo
  242. Honer...
  243. if anyone is looking for used... nice 07 Misano availalble
  244. FYI; V10 Audi R8 due late 2008
  245. Automobile Magazine Milltek RS 4 Video...
  246. Video Review of the M3 For you RS4 Fans - These 2 Love it!
  247. Diablo Audi in Concord has an RS4
  248. Just got the call from the dealership...
  249. Anyone use a clearbra, or protective film on their headlights? Does it seem to affect
  250. RS4 insurance