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  1. need help in the tristate area
  2. Anybody ever try BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDW-2 tires? If so, thoughts?
  3. New ride...one word, ridiculous. Thanks HiRev.
  4. The list of songs are not appearing on the screen when I plug my Ipod into the glovebox port.
  5. RS4 filming S4....
  6. BluDemon... found you a replacement rim and some extras...
  7. OT--- Local BMW dealer requiring credit report for M3 TEST DRIVES!!!
  8. Spring Track time for NE Audis !! Lets GO
  9. BobW, Clutch Update (inside)
  10. Anyone in central, northern NJ got VAG-COM? I need a scan...
  11. Getting Custom Spacers and need some advice.
  12. These are a few new first shots for the public to see.....................
  13. MTM downpipes available?!?
  14. REVO RS4 Software - NEED HELP
  15. Magnaflow Exhaust Best offer page...anyone tried this??
  16. Trouble with iphone discovering RS4
  17. any chance of getting an rs4 avant in the states to buy in a few months?
  18. Edward, you been?
  19. Rainy track day today
  20. It looks like the RS4 Registry has stalled...
  21. any of you guys out in the East Hampton area on Sunday evening driving from EH to Sag Harbor
  22. OEM RS4 Wheels questions
  23. R4 not gonna happen...
  24. Any way of using the iphone instead of the ipod in the glove box?
  25. Ok...I love my RS4, but desire the (new) magnificent GT-R....
  26. Boston/MetroWest owners w/ aftermarket exhaust
  27. CG-Lock seatbelt lock...
  28. where to buy "leather" owners' manual folder?
  29. Adding passengers and performance
  30. New to this forum
  31. how do i reset my bluetooth connection in the RS4 - i lost my old phone and got a new iphone
  32. A clean IBIS w/ TI.......hooray!
  33. How many out there are running deflapped??? Any issues???
  34. ever since I've had this car, I've been meaning to follow behind someone else driving it...
  35. Where to buy Audi parts?
  36. Milltek Exhaust Installed today and...
  37. Where to buy a kit that enables me to adjust camber??
  38. Clutch is firmer...
  39. First mod to the RS4, albeit a modest one.
  40. RS4 Price
  41. Need to replace summer tires, any suggestions?
  42. Just finished my 4 day spring detail
  43. saw a white rs4 in Park City Utah today
  44. Well, I bought out my lease today...
  45. Uhhhh...Bob...I think it's time you and I bought a car together...we can sell the RS4's and get...
  46. Just curious....Who here has kept their RS4 completely stock?
  47. Mailman just delivered a new toy....
  48. 07 certified rs4
  49. h-sports and eagle gs-d3 .. my impressions
  50. Anyone with an RS4 in the North Dallas area with an after market Muffler?
  51. If you see a 'flamed' Sti, with Hella HID rally lights in NYC today, all my 4 seater Audi's...
  52. People with powdercoated wheels - how are they holding up compared to paint?
  53. KMD Tuning in NJ....
  54. H+R have evey Audi on Spacer parts list except RS4??????????
  55. got my official REVO software finally and im UBER happy with it
  56. my new winter wheels, 18 x8.5 et20 Hartmann reps, with 225/45/18 wintersport m3
  57. over a month ago I posted about hitting a curb and bending the wheel and suspension. The dealer had
  58. Anyone here with a Massachusetts plate visiting Montreal? Saw you parked on Laurier street.
  59. RS4 oil consumption?
  60. NYC Area Exhaust
  61. Pricing question
  62. You know, and Bob will agree with me (not that that will mean much...
  63. LMAO. I need to renegotiate my "buy back" from Audi before I purchase the car from them next week.
  64. What sort of "security" devices do you keep on hand in your car?
  65. More awd sedan competition
  66. Thoughts on Extended Vehicle Protection (Audi Pure Protection)?
  67. SYkos Photo Experience - Feel the LOVE
  68. VAG'd my car... Anyone have something new they haven't posted about yet?
  69. I'm sure you all have had this happen - stopped a light next to a blue Pontiac (I think) here in
  70. h-sport sways arrived...soft or firm setting?
  71. 1st impressions with my new RS4 vs my early build RS4.
  72. For those that are concerned about spacers
  73. Grey RS4 with PA tags spotted at Testa's Pub today in Mays Landing, NJ...
  74. OT: Picked up the RS4 replacement last night...CLK63 Black Series...
  75. So we went from oil to flaps and now wheel spacers.
  76. How do I remove the glovebox ?
  77. SyKos Big day Out !!!!!!!
  78. RS4 Spacer help please guys.
  79. Black RS4 in Westwood (LA)?
  80. In need of Brake Pads...
  81. call me...Nostradamus.
  82. OEM B7RS4 style forged wheels
  83. Way off topic: thoughts on this 997TT combo?
  84. I saw a TV commercial for the new C63 like 4 times today.
  85. Does the RS4 come out of the factory with the first oil they put into it?
  86. A.W.E. Tuning Becomes Feature Sponsor of The 2008 Texas Mile
  87. It's dirty, and has gaps...but, I've become a "rubber band man."
  88. How to tell if rotors were damaged?
  89. Need a spare silver wheel?...... have a titanium for a trade?
  90. BTW, who here is in South Florida?
  91. Hi all, new to the club! Can someone unroll the rope ladder?
  92. Off topic: Stumbled on an interesting post on bimmperpost.com...
  93. Another stealership lives up to it's name... You see Audi is not the only one with bad dealers.
  94. strange
  95. Black and Blue
  96. Had a bad week...
  97. ECS H-Pipe Installed Friday - Initial Impressions so far.
  98. ECS H Pipe install
  99. Need Help Safe Mode!
  100. Very Important Question for all the macho men :
  101. Suspension questions? Would like some advice.
  102. has anyone done alcantara inserts in the rs? seeing this makes me jealous
  103. Tire size question
  104. outdated design
  105. 10mm MTM spacers on
  106. How do I post multiple photos?
  107. Build Date - Roll Call jan 2006 here
  108. Creaks and rattles driving me insane.
  109. New M3 already being discounted!
  110. 2010 RS4 with R Tronic
  111. How long should you wait after paint work before waxing and putting on clear bras? The body shop
  112. Anyone know how to remove the ash tray cover without breaking it?--
  113. Was fueling up the pig at the gas station* last night and this tour bus pulls up
  114. RS4 or 911S?
  115. Track season prep Part1 complete
  116. looks like a pretty good deal to me!
  117. something missing or identify this part
  118. What's up with this auction?!
  119. Vacationing in South Beach, Miami. In less than 36 hours, I have seen the following cars.....
  120. Tonight I wished I owned a BMW....
  121. I am looking to get one B7 RS4 wheel and was hoping.......
  122. Never new this...duhhhh
  123. Anyone near Thousand Oaks, CA with front plate bracket I can borrow?
  124. Malaysia 2008
  125. Why is it so hard to find good tires?
  126. b5 RS4
  127. Engine Tuning with AEM EMS?
  128. So I followed one of these(same color) to the club today - seemed to have a lot of RS styling
  129. How easy is it to change out the sat radio receivers?.. change from one to another....
  130. Hey RS4 Cab owners...
  131. My RS4 Sprint Blue review (Ti wheels/Black Optik)
  132. Up for a vote: 1) Ibis White w/Ti package or 2) Red w/Red leather
  133. So what do you think of the build quality of your GMG exhaust?
  134. To the RS4 owner who was behind me on Empress near Yonge Street yesterday...
  135. Does anyone have a contact for stock rims, knock off or OEM. Thank you.
  136. BMW sells most Premium AWD autos in Europe
  137. Anyone know if the Stasis SL has a minimum drop from stock or is it adjustable up or down from the
  138. Have you guys seen this? Gruppe M Intake
  139. Just crawled over my first GTR-35
  140. OT: Yet another citizen "educated" about the RS4...
  141. Got a new accessory for the garage -
  142. i got a reply from that signhautosport chip company
  143. Drove the 4 door M3 today.....
  144. Stopped by the Local BMW dealer yesterday to check out the new M3 and...
  145. Daytona Gray @ Alpine Meadows Sunday?
  146. Milltek in North Jersey?
  147. Does anyone know if the Milltek will pass CA smog test?
  148. first glimpse of GTR...
  149. Pic request. Sprint Blue w/Ti Wheels........
  150. Can someone look at the nose of their car and tell me...
  151. looks interesting.......
  152. Tubi video, in car
  153. Stock Wheels with 275/30 Tires and 10mm Spacers. If im at stock ride height
  154. Best track tire for spare set of wheels???
  155. Sykotoys Nurburgring trip Confirmed !!!!! details inside
  156. Is it possible to have sport mode default to ON with VAG-COM?
  157. had never seen this hope its not a repost
  158. ok, amateur videographers, here's your chance to be famous....
  159. Owned car 14 days now, dealer has had car 5 days, Intermittent EPC light (longish)
  160. Just thought it was a cool video to show the speed difference between cars...
  161. I joined the club
  162. Day 2 and I love this car. That is all.
  163. How many rs4s will be produced for the usa all years
  164. My slightly used Avus Silver RS4 is being delivered by the dealer this Saturday at 10 am.
  165. Porsche Panamera spy shots... Base engine is a VW V6 with 300 HP, the "S" model comes with ...
  166. Persistant "On" Funk Switch
  167. Audi OEM steering wheel options other than euro RS4 wheel?
  168. OT PSA: F1 Fanatasy AudiWorld League
  169. Is there a way to play DVDs while driving (for passengers, of course)
  170. B7 RS4 air filter system released !!!!
  171. Does your clock on the tach only show time - no am/pm or date?
  172. Sorry, missed out on the pic posting thread before so -
  174. Just ordered the ECS Tuning H-Pipe!!
  175. Just saw this on Fourtitude...
  176. 2008 NORTHEAST AUDI SPRING BASH-updated website online now!!!!
  177. Picked up the '07 RS4 tonight
  178. Winding Road/Issue 31
  179. Anyone looking to sell or trade in their RS4 sometime in the next few months?
  180. paging Firewired...?
  181. I know it's not an rs4 but..... i just got pricing for the Q7 MTM superchargers...
  182. Drove the new M3 tonight for about 40 minutes.
  183. Happy thoughts. Happy people. Please refrain from sniping, badgering, bickering, or otherwise
  184. Spare tire well.
  185. OK I give up. Can anyone tell me the cylinder numbering?
  186. are there any new 08' Ibis/Ti RS4's in the country?
  187. Racing Week-end
  188. LI-S4 Concealed Display mod....
  189. Paging Ubercar and Jet Jockey.
  190. To all you blasphemous sinners...
  191. Anyone have a source with wheel spacers in 5mm & 10mm in stock? Thanks.
  192. Handling question for if I ever track the car
  193. More M3 markup lunacy. If you thought the $26k Irvine dealer M3 markup was a lot...
  194. just got the car back
  195. X-post: Spotted
  196. Where is the restriction in the stock exhaust?
  197. Searched on DRL bulb replacements - in the end are there any that don't overheat?
  198. stasis clutch
  199. RS4 deflapping gone too far?!?
  200. Waxed The RS Today. Took a couple of pics.
  201. Is the oil specified for the RS4 the same 502 oil that's required in most new Audi's?.
  202. Missing passenger headlight washer cover
  203. First impressions of an 08 RS4
  204. Sebring 2008 Club Shirts Now Available for Pre-Order
  205. Pagid RS14 vs Carbotech XP10
  206. Whats you say about a CPO RS4 (07) 11,255 miles. NAV BT
  207. After much deliberation, I'm going to join the RS4 crowd
  208. Bluetooth Help Please
  209. Clicking Sound when turning to the right
  210. just hit 25k!!!!!!
  211. VF Engineering/AWE Supercharger for the B6/B7 platform on its way...
  212. Anyone know of any RS4 cab's still available? A friend is looking for one.
  213. Ordering an RS4.... M3 vs. RS4
  214. Gruppe Ram Air Intake for RS4...
  215. Installed JHM shifter last night. Will it fall out of adjustment?
  216. Can anyone here write about experience with the current S6? Not as
  217. Anyone know if there's an aftermarket clutch for our car?
  218. Audi RS4 Lease Rates - March 2008
  219. First week.....2x EPC light ..... a little rambling
  220. UPDATE: S4 Cab vs RS4
  221. 275 30 19 Falkens on an RS4...with spacers; PICS
  222. had fun making a maserati and a ford lightning look at my taillights for a little while....
  223. those crooks put a M5 price tag on my M3!
  224. RS4 Diecast model
  225. Does the "S" button have any more functionality other than the exhaust valves?
  226. Anyone got a pic of an RS4 on HRE's (any type)
  227. anyone have any bent rims they want to get rid of?
  228. The R8's little brother arrives...
  229. Help! Supposedly the Sti I ordered is in, and then I got called about an M3...
  230. Revo Technik welcomes Reflex Tuning in Merrimack NH to our authorized dealer network
  231. Revo Technik welcomes Forge Motorsport in Orlando Fl to our authorized dealer network.
  232. Used '08 RS4 for sale?
  233. My extraordinarily dear and sincere apologies to AudiRS4ever.....
  234. Swapped in the resonators on the Milltek last night. Surprised by how much water came out of the
  235. psa: the management here is having a meltdown over drama on awot. link inside for the curious.
  236. RS4 Explodes...
  237. RS4 Spotted: Grey with 5 Spoke AMG Wheels.
  238. Are the Cabrio and Sedan seats different?
  239. 1 Milltek RS 4 non-valved system in stock. I'll offer free shipping
  240. Anyone with thoughts on the Maserati GranTurismo S?
  241. has anyone driven their RS4 in high winds at relatively high vehicle speeds (i.e. near 100)?
  242. CaymanS, new car?
  243. Parikh! Take the Evo out :-)
  244. Looks like the RS 4 is going to Carmax...
  245. how does this sound: 2450lb curb weight, 1700hp, 1400ft-lb, 0-60 in 0.6 sec, 1/4mi in 2.6sec @197.1
  246. Autocar comparo off GT3 vs. M3 vs. GTR Nissan...
  247. Euro steering wheel....
  248. 2007 RS4 0-170MPH
  249. Took the plunge...chipped my RS4
  250. any ideas why my oil temps r so high? possible variables?