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  1. Anyone has the Audi magazine issue with the RS4 in it,
  2. recommendations for maintenance shop around orlando FL area?
  3. Boston Area AWNE GTG - Wednesday, July 16th - Chili's - Burlington, MA
  4. A couple of things...
  5. RS4 or New RS6
  6. Track Folks.. a few questions about track prep
  7. Reputable Audi dealership in Northern NJ
  8. ECU tuning
  9. new RS4 engine oil temperature?
  10. Repair Shop in Alexandria VA area recommendations please
  11. RS4's at Bear Mountain Drive...
  12. Rich- You alive?
  13. Ducati guys will like this
  14. Lithuanian exotic car
  15. Ok, so who crashed their Imola RS4 in Arlington, VA today?
  16. new RS4 engine oil problem
  17. Vijay,
  18. Latest on next RS4?...
  19. Audi Expo 2008 - It's almost here!
  20. Spotted: Red RS4 in MD yesterday on 95 toward Baltimore.
  21. UPDATE: The AIM MXL Pista data logger installation (pictures and a video clip)...
  22. DC Metro area RS4 owners.......Anyone up for a drive?
  23. Belly pan fasteners on my 08 are slotted not philips
  24. The end is near ... 1 way or another (longish)
  25. UPDATE: Decided to re-do the OEM upper dash with a new process/material and this...
  26. Thoughts on standard rims with titanium trim?
  27. Just a couple of nice shots......
  28. RS4 - Daytona Gray, IIRC - Bayview/Sheppard area with a Canadian Flag plate..shurick888 is that you?
  29. Woah, I almost was beat!
  30. My car is leaving soon, anybody want to trade exhausts in Mass.?
  31. Daytime running lights/Nitro Fill?
  32. San Diego area GTG/Dinner this Thursday evening
  33. Test drove an M3 last night.
  34. drove like crap, and still owned a S60 R...
  35. Clips of my magnaflow setup
  36. A short and successful joust with a Corvette
  37. Welcome me back...sort of!
  38. Any tips for cleaning TI stock wheels?
  39. what next?
  40. Haven't seen wheels better than stock? Now you do!
  41. What ever happened to Rennworx...
  42. Water Wetter, 85% Water, and 15% G12? Will those work everyone?
  43. My second love.... or really my 1st.
  44. Engine bay covers in CF
  45. Pics from a lazy Saturday on the Lake...Ahhhhhhh
  46. Cop asked me to speed.
  47. So I have a question regarding the RS4/R8 engine.
  48. mbworld fights back
  49. Ibis Sighting
  50. Have you guys heard of Trapster to avoid speed traps? Interesting
  51. what are 08's going for?
  52. Another update. This time I have really good news about the AIM MXL Pista...
  53. Anyone drop the front 1/8" + more than the rear?
  54. Good reading
  55. Well this was a pleasant surprise...
  56. Finally fixed high speed resonance/humming/vibration...
  57. Spare Wheel
  58. 2007 RS4 or 2008 BMW M3 Sedan?
  59. Paging Rich:
  60. UPDATE on my electrical saga (finally I think we got it licked)...
  61. Well, tomorrow is surgery day for the cab....
  62. MTM Supacharger available !!!!
  63. Hubby and I swapped cars at lunch, so I got the RS. Took it errand running. Went to Kragan
  64. whose RS4 is this???
  65. Anyone consider this?
  66. New model and engine news from Audi. This one says they are going back to turbos for both the...
  67. So... does anyone know where I can get a Euro wheel & airbag now?
  68. I don't want no stinkin' DSG!
  69. After living with the car for awhile I am certain I need a CD changer
  70. tried searching, but anyone have the link to the person who re-did their exhaust tips in black?
  71. i wish audi would really update their nav system...
  72. would someone please point me to the link for the de-flapping procedure?
  73. Navigation DVD won't eject... Problem solved.
  74. caught the the milltek / magnaflow bug... but...
  75. RS4 Episode of Bikini Driving School
  76. 270/35/19 RE-01Rs and Stasis Motorsports Issues?
  77. Going in for EPC light ......again !
  78. M5 Board meeting in Chicagoland
  79. Four Rings Racers Preliminary Cruise 6/1/08 *THIS SUNDAY 9 AM*
  80. O.CT chip for RS4?
  81. Well, I failed at getting winter tires again
  82. Anyone need tires?
  83. Skill it is
  84. what did you guys do for detailing for the NYC photo shoot
  85. Rant. Rave. Beats having a stroke.
  86. Commercial
  87. Review of Stasis Products: Alcon clutch and MS suspension (long read!)
  88. look at that little evo go! (as well as audi r8 content)
  89. Debading Grille?
  90. Finally!!
  91. need your opinion on RS4 for sale now that was a corporate lease car
  92. fake RS4 ad on Autotrader
  93. Engine temps on RS4, feedback needed
  94. dyno pull on Mustang dyno....
  95. squeak rattle creak noise from rear seat / seatbelt area finally fixed!
  96. Sorry to audiworld and Stasis...
  97. Alcon 6 Puck Clutch Review
  98. X-Post NYC Shop Review : TyrolSport Ridgewood, NY A+++
  99. anyone know what the max decibel output of an unmodified RS4 is?
  100. paging chuck ryant 13 - you're at laguna seca next weekend?
  101. Ok...I'll post the first RS4 NYC Romp picture...
  102. White RS4? What do you guys think?
  103. anyone try the audi driving experience at Infineon? thoughts?
  104. Friday night...out for a little dinner...waiting for a parking spot and...
  105. off to bed, see some of you tomorrow in the AM.
  106. Anybody running 275/30/20's on stock suspension? Any troubles?
  107. Interesting - Poland tries a new method to deal with street racers
  108. US-spec seats: Do you get creases from throwing your arm over it to back up?
  109. NYC RS4 photoshoot - Gentlemen: start detailing
  110. Tracked (stock) car yesterday for first track day ever. Brought about several realizations:
  111. yay, new evo arrived today....AMAZING CAR!
  112. Any interest in a group buy of B7 RS4 forged replica wheels in 19x9 size.....
  113. 08 ibis white Titanium package or without
  114. Bluetooth question... Don't flame me - I didn't get a manual
  115. What's the concensus "fully broken in" mileage? Just hit 4K miles and I've
  116. :: ECS Tuning :: UPS 2nd Day Air Special Rate - Save up to 40% !!!
  117. Stupid question about spinning wheels
  118. Software update...
  119. New mod for the car I picked up at the ACNA event at NHMS this past Monday and Tuesday (part I)...
  120. I am having my cake and eating it too! I just found out that my car indeed has Milltek downpipes!
  121. used rs4 or new s5
  122. Just got back from Denver for a business convention...there sure are a lot of Audi's
  123. L/km on a recent 615km trip.
  124. Scratch on Passenger Door - Update
  125. Creaks and rattles driving me nuts....
  127. RS4 or the new RS5?
  128. Top Speed
  129. Clutch Upgrade For RS4?
  130. NYC RS4 Photoshoot this Saturday May 24 , 10AM - Show of hands pls....
  131. New Sotfware for our nav system
  132. too all the people that are doing that photoshot thing sunday morning.
  133. Milltek custom Black Tip exhausts in stock!
  134. Milltek + Other Questions
  135. keep RS4???
  136. Hey! How did the RS4 come in LAST in the new R&T? How come the M3 always kicks its ass?!
  137. issues with the rs4?
  138. FYI.....another high-end exhaust option for the RS4
  139. So what are the options for lower-dust front brake pads?
  140. RS4 vs. ML500 = MB FAIL
  141. RS4 needs a home...
  142. Navigation question
  143. RS$ 4 Lease Assumption on Swapalease
  144. Low hissing sound from speakers when car is switched off and keys are out of the ignition.
  145. ordering rs4 in white and other options
  146. just put a deposit, 58 miles on a new RS4 (93km)
  147. Audi RS4 Lease Rates - May 2008
  148. Paging Parikh
  149. Dealer to turn off seatbelt/door chimes?
  150. Audis @ Logan Airport (OT)
  151. Fun at the track! 102 degrees out at Thunder Hill, N. California...
  152. Can we vag-com to have fogs with parking lights or just fogs? Has anyone actually done it here?
  153. Has anyone tried to fit 18" A4 S-line (aka RS6) wheels?
  154. need some quick help
  155. Anyone know if these wheels in 19x9.5 will fit on all 4 corners?
  156. NYC RS4 photoshoot/cruise - Saturday May 24 10AM
  157. Largest "wild" sighting of R8s?
  158. I finally broke down and bought an RS4!
  159. NYC RS4 photo shoot
  160. The Truth About Cars picks RS 4 over M3...
  161. A very good weekend with the RS4.
  162. Anyone expect the used RS4 pricing to begin stablizing?
  163. Took some nice shots of the RS4
  164. Magnaflow sounds amazing....
  165. Debading RS4
  166. Anyone have any problems with their clutch/transmission?
  167. 2008 Northeast Audi Spring Bash Photos
  168. St. Patrick's RS4
  169. 2008 SpringBash is tomorrow. Weather will clear up just in time for the show!!
  170. Anyone here from Canada?
  171. Finally took some pic's ..... 08 Ibis/Titanium
  172. Paging CanyonRS4: question about your wheels
  173. Does anyone's dealer actually carry Mugello touch-up paint?
  174. If anyone is looking for a black RS4 convertible or a Daytona Gray sedan Audi of Willow Grove PA...
  175. Got to drive this bad boy today....
  176. New PS2's are on and...
  177. Black RS4 at the Encinitas train station... are you here?
  178. finally got around to updating my sig (kinda)....
  179. 993 911 turbo
  180. Black RS4 in Dallas on Midway this morning in the rain
  181. MTM RS4 Clubsport dominates the Tuner Grand Prix again. Only a few ticks off the pace of their R8!
  182. Scratch on Passenger Door
  183. Where is a good place to get clear bra in Springfield MA
  184. Problem solved: MMI Screen on RNS-E
  185. RE: WRX Driver "Volkswagon Makes Nice Cars"
  186. service/maintenance?
  187. Anyone use KMD tuning in New Jersey for anything?
  188. bb 8800 & curve address book
  189. What oil temp is sufficient to let 'er rip?...
  190. First mod is inbound, and strange suspension noise.
  191. Bluetooth Set up question AGAIN......
  192. close ups of magnaflow tips? ormagnaflow pics in general
  193. MTM spacer pics and rim fitment question
  194. Winter wheels (I know its only May, but Im not getting screwed by Tireracks again)
  195. Just sent my car in for its first major service and was wondering....
  196. Looking for pics of Sprint Blue w / Titanium & Ibis w / titanium. Please show me pics
  197. Pics of my new beast... (NT)
  198. Some Killboy shots from quattro de Mayo
  199. Car Alarms set off today with miltek
  200. Making a great thing even better.....
  201. RS4 Avant in Scotland
  202. CAR UPDATE: We're almost there and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel...
  203. If you were to upgrade wheels, what size and offset would you want?
  204. How do you set up the bluetooth in the RS4?
  205. NYC RS4 photo-shoot: May 24 10AM Columbus Circle - Who's coming?
  206. anyone have a link to the problem of having to replace the headlight ballasts?
  207. This is a cool idea if you need to have a front plate
  208. Looking for a short shifter
  209. what phones are you using.
  210. vibration between 50 and 60 mph
  211. Feeler: '08 RS4 f/s
  212. Feeler: RS4 photo shoot/run in NYC
  213. Something bad has happened since I installed my Milltek....
  214. Who is making the H pipe for our RS? How do those of you with it like it?......
  215. Lease Assumption
  216. I'm excited! I have the whole weekend clear of obligations. Will be spending it detailing!
  217. Anyone get Road and Track? June issue has a Pontiac G8 w/ interior that looks remarkably like the
  218. Stasis and RE-01R 275/30/19 users - PSA
  219. Daytime running Lamp
  220. APR Moving Sale Extension!
  221. Vijay, got any more pics of your silver "splitter"?
  222. Inserting Photo w/ Signature
  223. Which tires do we have on our cars?
  224. ECS H Pipe - Quick review
  225. Are these things in the $40Ks yet?
  226. RS4 discontinued?
  227. Tire question
  228. HELP!!!! freak accident
  229. Some boxes arrived from *MTM* today....
  230. CPO RS4 Available
  231. More clutch pedal issues!
  232. IbisRS4....car looks sweet...and, from the bit that I could hear, sounds awesome. That's all.
  233. Coating on MMI screen problem
  234. mothers day delivery
  235. CAR UPDATE: Mounting the ECU in its new location...
  236. RS4 engine/trans/harness/ecm with 1500 miles 4sale at WMS..
  237. Exhaust installed!!!!
  238. So Killboy likes the RS 4... (Edit: Dragon video added)
  239. Advice Needed: Bridgestone RE-01R vs Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s
  240. CAR UPDATE: Centre console design, fabrication and installation...
  241. Anyone have a pic of an RS4 with a Magnaflow exhaust powdercoated black??
  242. Front filler plate options. Who has grey/chrome?
  243. ecu
  244. Milltek start up - loud... then very quiet
  245. Do you have to convert itunes files (mpeg-4 format) to mp3 for the SD to work?
  246. Hope to see some of "our crew" at the Northeast Spring Bash!!!!
  247. So if M cars are going soon be coming with OEM Brembos..what happens on the Audi side, if anything?
  248. R&Tcomparo, C>M3(barely)>RS4>ISF
  249. Worth cleaning the air box
  250. Wow Oil passes $120 :( I cannot get higher than 21 hwy mpg, so what mpg are people getting?