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  1. Get a R8 for only $55,000 <don't waste the click - removed by eBay>
  2. New Jag looks like a cross of new M3/RS4
  3. When changing tires, do you need new TPMS? regular tire shop have them?
  4. Euro R8 and M3 info.
  5. Favorite RS4 Quotes in the Media
  6. APR and Jim Ellis Audi present Petit LeMans Customer Appreciation Weekend
  7. Took a nice little trip from Fayetteville, NC to Hilton Head, SC and back .....and got 22.7 MPG....
  8. My car was due Oct 1..now not scheduled to arrive until Oct 29
  9. In cylinder video of a cycle in a four stroke motor...
  10. List of RS4 Recalls and TSB's?
  11. 25 *wheel* HP gain from the Miles mod! (dyno sheets included)
  12. OT: What do you think? Better than milltek;)
  13. paging: smashtheqube. who did your clear corner mod
  14. FYI-Champion has a Phantom / Black int 07 RS4 trade in
  15. looks like I may be getting new wheels and tires sooner than anticipated...
  16. Questions about trading in my RS4 (theoretical of course)
  17. My car's weight cutting progress report... Need to keep cutting into the fat. :-)
  18. Does anyone have any idea where to get the rear bumper aluminum trim part in black?
  19. Jumped in the S5 today at Inskip....also saw a few sweet Stasis A4s
  20. less than 2 weeks left !!!!!!!!
  21. Brushed aluminum beltline trim... any good pictures?
  22. RS4 Gearbox / Transmission Problem
  23. Where to buy OEM parts?
  24. NorCal RS4 meetup (and exhaust videos)
  25. Request: I hope someone will post pics from Mt. Tremblant. This would
  26. City Driving and Brakes
  27. More pics enjoy!!
  28. X-Post, not the RS4 but here is an S4 video at track, dyno, and play...
  29. Reliability of RS4
  30. Show of hands please - who is waiting for a Cab, and what colours?
  31. I finally saw the S5 and R8 in the flesh today...
  32. Removed my resonators (video)
  33. ...was at Inskip Audi today and they have an S5......
  34. x-post : NO MMI and NO dynamic ride in S5 till 2009!
  35. X-Post **R8 Done Up with some Dymag Wheels by GMG**
  36. Sitting at a Caribou Coffee shop in Crystal Lake, IL and am lusting after the stunning RS4 that I
  37. TRACK Time Oct 5th New England
  38. Cost of a new windshield? I called Safelight and they quoted $697
  39. Teaser pic...
  40. Got some new shoes.....
  41. just got my iphone, can anyone tell me how to hook it up?
  42. Track Noob Q: Brake Pads
  43. Ok so my buddy with a new all stock M5 challenged me today. Who will win?
  44. 1st oil change at 1200 mi... good or bad?
  45. at Neckersulm today - just for you boys
  46. Free VAG-COM for someone in the Philly area
  47. Where can I find current AFS money factor #s? Thanks :-)
  48. Roof rack fitting
  49. I have an unopened Bentley repair manual (on CD) available if anyone is interested.
  50. And the finished product.......
  51. Stasis Motorsport Suspensions Special Offer
  52. Anyone with an Rs4 want to meet up and swap for V10 S6 for a while?
  53. PCC ACNA Shenandoah Valley Fall Foliage Run
  54. Brake cooling kit, final segment (finally). Off to the track for some testing!...
  55. BMW M3 E92 V8 vs Audi RS4..........
  56. What the hell am I doing!!!???!!!
  57. Ripped off in Canada? Canadian RS4 owners should read this National Post article.
  58. NE1 have a roof based bike mount I can borrow for the weekend?
  59. How do bicycles fit in the trunk of 07 RS4's with seat down?
  60. servotronic stearing on RS4
  61. Liam; Can you please give us some real #'s with and without the sunroof. Why did you delete? Thanks
  62. Paging Fluffhead!!!
  63. How is the RS6 Avant gonna pull 1.2G?
  64. Wetteraur Chip Tuning has new Chip tuning for RS4
  65. Anyone with bypassed resonators have a video?
  66. OT: BMW M3 meets Bugatti Veyron...
  67. Upgrading to Ceramic Rotors: What is needed?
  68. Anyone have any issues with headroom once you put on a helmet for track day?
  69. 1 trackday = $1715!!!
  70. Advice on track preparations...
  71. Where's the best buy on oil filters for the RS4? (EOM)
  72. And the most popular RS4 color in my gallery is....
  73. Milltek fit & finish problems
  74. Before i got my Phantom RS4 i looked an Avus and the guy at the dealer told me that was the color
  75. Uggghhmm... Fluffhead & Sparkhill (anyone else with a black RS)
  76. What happened to you guys tring the LED driving lights? Did they work?
  77. first time driving rs4!!
  78. New '08 Sprint Blue & curious about laser jammers
  79. To delete or not to delete the sun roof?
  80. blue RS4 on rt. 17 rev-ving it hard, you here???
  81. Can someone explain the 2-stage traction control to me?
  82. H&R RS4 Lowering Springs FOR SALE, box never opened, never used
  83. Question for those who have upgraded sway bars with stock suspension...
  84. EPC light on again for the third time last night :-(............
  85. Be careful if you have the Potenza RE-01R..........
  86. Test drove an R8 today ...
  87. Anyone running Yokohama Advan S.4. all-season tires?
  88. Sighting! - Providence, RI
  89. How easy is it to remove window tint? I'm looking at a low mile Phantom Black RS4 with what
  90. Four weeks old - the interior is what sold me - Titanium Edition
  91. "Played" with a Ferrari Enzo today... :)
  92. RS4 v. BMW
  93. Sillyboy....
  94. 10 mpg.. in semi-spirited and semi highway driving, real mileage using tank measure and trip meter
  95. Reading .MP3 Files off the Secure Digital Chip Anyone do this?
  96. Track time?
  97. The luxury car with the highest % of male owners...
  98. Road America Scenery
  99. ...need some help deciding color combination!
  100. Wheel and tire moniter questions... looking for alternative wheels for my winter set up.
  101. XPOST: Toronto, GTA guys.
  102. Mighty RS6 gets............
  103. Tire Question: rolling up on new tire time. Has anyone done replacements yet?...
  104. Drove an '08 Phantom Black w/Titanium Package today...
  105. What is a set of stock wheels in good shape worth? 8000 miles w/ p-zeros...
  106. For what it's worth, I like the styling of the B7 more than the B8.
  107. For those that have driven the R8 & RS4, can you describe the difference?
  108. Nice magazine review RS4 v M3, actually seems pretty accurate and realistic
  109. B8 S4 spyshots
  110. Another e92 m3 v RS4 video youtube.. anyone speak this language? (scandinavian?)
  111. Hartmann B5 RS4 replicas, 18x8.5 et20, will they clear the brakes?
  112. Anyone else out there with Milltek DPs getting "Warm Up Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold" codes
  113. Detailer's Domain: Official Microfiber Sale, buy big and save big!
  114. How do you guys feel now that you're no longer the "hot sh!t" forum around here?
  115. Anyone selling their OEM rims? w/ or w/o tires
  116. Fluffhead or Liam: what is the diameter of rear swaybar that comes with the Euro SSP?
  117. Laser ambush on way home from Hartford GTG..Lpp saved my A$$ again
  118. so havent driven the RS4 in about 2 weeks, go to turn on the car and tire pressure warning comes on.
  119. Objects in RS4 mirror...
  120. Anyone have the lower plastic piece of the lower center of the front bumper laying around?
  121. larryV: Nice to meet you, and thanks for the advice.
  122. RS4 Registry Update: The Cabriolets are Coming
  123. Track vid of RS4 on Buttonwillow, Ca.
  124. Scott...FYI....
  125. Anyone know what this guy is saying about the RS4?
  126. colonelq: Any updates on the i-link for the H-sports issue?...
  127. Blue RS4 on Comm Ave in Boston Last Night - here?
  128. Clear Bra in Philly
  129. sorry if this is a repost..... R8 vs RS4 dyno runs... interesting
  130. Oh yes, it was a good day
  131. Price justification for Stasis suspension
  133. OT: Fifth Gear- Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera w/ RS4 steering wheel VS Ducati 1098
  134. STaSIS braking products on special...
  135. Deal on a new 2008 RS4...
  136. What ever happened to using regular screws?
  137. i don't normally do this but I've seen a daytona RS4 in Ocean City NJ twice recently. anyone here?
  138. I plan to get the full Milltek kit and need info on 100 vs 200 cell cats
  139. has anyone here logged MAF on their RS4?
  140. Is there an RS4 registry database somewhere?
  141. R8 in in South Florida
  142. 10 degrees cooler in AZ and the horses have awaken...
  143. New "World's Fastest Production Car", Shelby Supercar hits 255.83 as average
  144. Audi RS4 Owners
  145. How much to rent an RS4 in Germany?
  146. Bluetooth cutting in and out...
  147. mugello blue RS4 boylston st by gypsy bar Boston saturday night, anyone here?
  148. I just got hit in a parking lot while I was picking up lunch today. Guess why I'm........ :-)
  149. Riverside Audi is looking for Service Technicians
  150. Anyone else's seat memory work like crap?
  151. RS4 in Raleigh NC
  152. looking for a all-season tire set up for the winter months..... looking for winter wheels
  153. New S4 vs. Used RS4
  154. ****Reminder - Hartford, CT - GTG - Wednesday, 9/19 ****
  155. questions on ipod integration (paging Elevens)
  156. those of you who have done some data logging on the RS4....
  157. using 76 gas
  158. New to me RS4.
  159. Front brake cooling duct assembly update...
  160. The new Audi A6 :-)
  161. After some stripping some dressing up...
  162. Just took the RS4 to the track and got these results.
  163. Is this a legitimate Audi print ad? I say No
  164. **Another Widebody Audi leaves GMG ecstatic**
  165. RS4 ipod cable
  166. mgdsh: whats the word on the exhaust?
  167. Just blew a sidewall blister in the PS2s....RE-01s go on next wed...
  168. someone just posted the weights for the US spec A5/S5 in their forum....
  169. Will 18" RS6 wheels fit on our cars?
  170. Photo blocker products..
  171. I know it's off topic, but I HAVE TO share this....Off a BMW forum. Enjoy.......
  172. Hey, E. Buddha, how are those RE-01Rs holding up in the rain?
  173. Poll: What is your average operating oil temparature range during normal driving?
  174. Ok guys, Would 2K be a good price for a "used" full Miltek system with down pipes
  175. Met a fellow RS4 owner for the 1st time - Turned out to be Peter Budaj of the Colorado Avalanche
  176. Used RS4s: How Much are People Actually Paying?
  177. Sprint Blue RS4 sighting on Route 22 in Allentown, PA...anyone?
  178. BMW M3 Bites It
  179. Mystery Electrical Problem Solved
  180. forgot to mention, I did some rolls from 70mph with a late model Mustang GT last weekend.
  181. Michael Schumacher Driving Style (thought might be interesting for you guys)
  182. Ok, so how many of you out there are running spacers on factory wheels?
  183. I feel the need...
  184. RS4 wins show n shine
  185. My next mod is in the preliminary design stage...
  186. Englishtown Raceway Friday! Going to be me in the RS4 and some Stage III's from Audizine.
  187. Aftermarket exhaust for RS4
  188. Subtle, but nice.......
  189. NorCal Audi Club is going Karting - you're invited to join!
  190. So, what is this ECU re-flash all about?
  191. aftermarket headunit
  192. Tire Pressure Monitor Disable Code for HEX-USB+CAN?
  193. RS4 Problem braintrust
  194. PSA: TSB for bad fuses in some VIN numbers
  196. Audi Club NA and sponsors...Track Day Fan Mail & Report
  197. Re-Painted?
  198. Car porn/stripping part 2. Removal of the soundproofing and vibration absorbing rubber/tar...
  199. So did I tell you I raced a Lamborghini Gallardo Today!.................
  200. Does anyone own a 2003+ Range Rover HSE....I need some input....
  201. clear bra recommendations
  202. plate mod
  203. Why!?!?!?
  204. who's got the grey RS4 that was parked on the street a block or two away from AT&T park today?
  205. Stan Lee presents What If - ELEVENS in the alternate Marvel Universe
  206. I now have over 3k miles on my 08 RS4 and I'm liking it more and more. A question, a lot has been
  207. Wow, the RS4 is an "Atari car" ???
  208. Any Blinder Xtreme M25/M45 laser jammer owners here?
  209. Finally drove one today
  210. farkin bored prepping for interview - went thru some old photos...sharing now.
  211. CAR PORN...WW...PG advised. You are warned! Some may find this very offensive...
  212. I love boxes at the front door. Guess who's gettin' a bath tomorrow?
  213. sparkhill, thanks for that writeup..twas sooo easy...its a must do!!!
  214. McGyver
  215. Wheel resurfacing.. or should I just get new wheels?
  216. New "Sports rear diff" along with Quattro to be standard on new 2008 models...
  217. Wheel pics...
  218. **RS4 Leaves GMG Happy**
  219. Consequences of choosing black for my new 6 point harness are as follows...
  220. Can you still delete the sunroof in '08?
  221. New RS6 video...
  222. Veyron and Tiff....Sweet vid...
  223. US A5/S5 pricing...
  224. New stallion in the elevens stable
  225. Quick folks (short on time) I need your assistance in choosing a color for my new harness...
  226. Anyone have some stock wheels laying around they dont need?
  227. H-Sport sway bars question
  228. whats wrong with this auction?
  229. Official RS4 v E92 m3 v Caymens Drag video here..... Your toast Bitch!!!
  230. Love my RS so selling m3 spot in que
  231. cool vid
  232. ****Reminder - Hartford, CT - GTG - Wednesday, 9/19 ****
  233. Anyone else really like the RS6 steering wheel?
  234. fluffhead, about your exhaust...
  235. are there many '08 RS4s on dealer lots?
  236. Can someone who has EKTA access post up the part number/page on the headlight housing? Looking to
  237. First post RS4 purchase posting...
  238. Well since someone brought up the RS6... Take a look at this...
  239. Need advice....
  240. 275 size RE-01R RS4 owners...
  241. The NJ-ACNA still needs more cars for their dyno day with AWE on 9/8 or it's going to get canceled.
  242. Anyone looking for RS4 Euro steering wheels/airbags?
  243. Sunday AUTOX results for anyone interested in the RS4's performance. One of our best driver's.....
  244. Waxes/exterior care
  245. Anyone know LI-S4??....
  246. Wasn't here long, but have to say goodbye
  247. RS4 Registry Update: 1567 sedans (no convertibles yet)
  248. RS4 on GW Bridge
  249. George Bush arrives in Sydney tomorrow...party time!!
  250. What is the AW Username that has had all teh cool cars?? Has a link to Myspace?