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  1. Noticed something very odd today...
  2. New Pics
  3. Anyone use hexomat or Lloyd rubber mats?
  4. RS4 Avant in the Mtns
  5. Winter Car Washing
  6. car turning over a lot with ignition, not starting first time around. carbon deposits?
  7. Put It Away In The Garage Overnight or Leave it Out
  8. Lease Assumption/Sale: 06 S4 Avant
  9. 'Celebrities' owning RS4s?
  10. Suspension is clanking, but only when cold.
  11. Anyone using Pirelli's Winter 270 Sottozero Series II?
  12. Check Engine Light - Misfires in Cylinders 1 and 2
  13. Power outlet under the armrest is on after turning off the car
  14. so I have an oil leak after service on Thursday...
  15. Black RS4, Titanium Package, badgeless grille spotted on I-90 Chicago. Are you on here?
  16. Got VAG COM....need to kill seat belt chime....codes different for 08's?
  17. Anyone with Pics...
  18. Who dat on Madison ave this morn?
  19. Rs6 flat bottom steering wheel
  20. Brake Fluid change at 2 years?
  21. UPDATE for those interested.>>> The car is getting serious engine modifications...
  22. $41k for an '07 RS4 w/32K @ Carmax?!
  23. Any info on differences if any btwn Acura SH-AWD and Quattro?
  24. Just saw this listing...
  25. Track day at Laguna Seca
  26. I may be on the DRC replacement list..Car goes into the shop on Monday
  27. Audi Pulls Out Of 2009 American Le Mans Series
  28. Condensation is 'normal' on DRC shock absorbers they say....
  29. Dec 20-th 2008 ASP DYNO DAY IS A GO ! send in your cash asap to reserve your spot
  30. FINAL REMINDER: EPL's 2nd Annual Dyno Day/GTG - TOMORROW
  31. Anyone here have experience with Ebay vehicle purchase protection plan....(longish)
  32. Who owes what on their RS4?
  33. For people who have drivin a LS2 GTO how does the RS4 compare
  34. For people who live in NYC
  35. Any reason to get a dual headrest mounted in-car camera mount? vs single headrest?
  36. TMPS question
  37. Looking for a rs4
  38. Another DRC failure. Anybody get Audi to replace with sport suspension + ?
  39. Dealer is saying that the brake pads AND rotors are rec. to be replaced together by AoA .. ?
  40. How is this for proper `treatment' at your local beloved dealer...
  41. Short Shifter Recommendations?
  42. does anyone have pictures of the stck headers. my car i just got may have headers i just need
  43. Planning ot head up to Stasis for some MS goodness. A few questions..
  44. Wheel Choice 360 Forged SpecMulti OR HRE M40
  45. Has anybody tried the Stern snub mount for the RS4?
  46. Blackberry BOLD compatibility
  47. Hey John Stahmann, is that your silver A4 on "Modern Marvels" on History?
  48. dealer installed different tires
  49. Correct me if I am wrong, but who said m3 drivers arent cocks?
  50. Brakes and shifting
  51. Black RS4 on Rte 66 in CT yesterday Middletown/Middlefield/Meriden area around 5 pm.
  52. After recall of phone module, BT not working...
  53. Anyone found a license plate frame with close match to non-titanium trim?
  54. Real Data Point on RS4 Pricing.....
  55. Has ANYONE had their front brake pad sensor warnings work? Also, $2100 to replace frt brks @dlr LOL
  56. X-POST C6 Forum -- KW coilover owners -- please comment about rear coil adjustability
  57. New plates are in!
  58. Best price on clutch parts?
  59. taking off front plate mount
  60. need stock new rear brake pads
  61. Check the undertray fasteners after servicing your cars
  62. What about this idea? Alcons on 17" snow wheels?
  63. Anyone thought of 'coloring' the RS4 seat logos?
  64. All I want for Christmas is ... a new windshield
  65. my car is one of a kind (in the US, I think)...
  66. Was that a RS4 'vert in Hitman?
  67. Can someone post some pix of their RS4 front on? Looking at hood-grill gap
  68. PureMS.com Holiday Sale!
  69. I thought I'd share the video I made in attempt to join your RS4 club :)
  70. anyone know where i can get a front RS4 badge in BLACK?
  71. Anybody gonna be at Daytona in a few weeks?
  72. German Manufacturers cutting production
  73. NEED CODES.... i need to get rid of the seatbelt ding and the nav accept before driving.
  74. rs4 logo no backlight?
  75. Rear Caliper Covers?
  76. Daytona Gray on the Henry Hudson around 7:45 pm...is that you?
  77. Pioneer shallow speaker fits like a glove...
  78. Mounted my titanium winter set up today 18x8.5 ET35 BBS CHs
  79. Say what?? C&D says new RS4 slated for 2010 ?
  80. My titanium-friendly winter setup: BBS CK Anthracite
  81. Planning to buy a CPO this weekend..... I assume the extended warranty is negotiable...
  82. Spotted: Avus Silver/titanium, thanksgiving day Route 22 west bound...
  83. i didnt get a manual. one is on order. how do i set up home link? is it the same as all audi models?
  84. Motor Trend 1962
  85. Whats the max GB SD card RS4 can take again?
  86. How about this.....
  87. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  88. Carbon deposits - update
  89. swaybar
  90. Flashback to 1959
  91. Fair estimate to pay for Stasis MS install
  92. :: ECS Tuning :: Annual ECS Tuning Holiday Sale and Holiday Give-A-Way !!!
  94. So I'm having my 25k mile service being done as we speak.....
  95. Ice racing and traction control settings.
  96. OK What Tire Do I Buy???
  97. the new RS7 : 600bhp-plus version of the twin-turbo V10 from the RS6.
  98. What is a good target price for a CPO.... details inside....
  99. Anyone else having bluetooth problems with the cingular 8525?
  100. Interest In MTM 10mm Spacers and Conti 3 Tires
  101. Anyone know current AFS lease #'s for RS4/cab?
  102. audi rs4 cab question- ipod dock
  103. Harsh vibrational noise
  104. Trying to fit winter wheels/tires-help please
  105. Messing around with the Vag Com tonight
  106. If you were gonna put together a wishlist of track day items...
  107. Status Racing (Aftermarket) Seats - Pictures
  108. 20% off Holiday SALE and weekly Wii and Wii Fit give-a-ways!!
  109. Best place to sell RS4...
  110. anyone put a trailer hitch on their car to carry bikes?
  111. This cannot be normal.. (DRC related)
  112. How about this wheel?
  113. Tires and road noise
  114. Who was it here that painted their stock wheels black?
  115. Happy Holidays!
  116. Euro sterring wheel questions
  117. ACHTUN!NG | B7 Audi RS4 Winter Wheels
  118. Spacers and wheel hop
  119. 30% off for 48 hours at Detailer's Domain (off select items)
  120. What brake pads are you guys running?
  121. 20" RS4 style wheels
  122. Speaking of rubbing issues... anybody roll their fenders?
  123. Need tires soon. Will 275/30 rub with stasis suspension? only about 1/2 drop
  124. I've done a search, but I can not seem to find where I could purchase Biosyn 5w-40 oil....
  125. Winter wheels + tires
  126. rs4 wheels
  127. Any solution for non-blk/silv/white RS4s who want clear/painted corner reflectors??
  128. Thinkin about swapping for an RS4
  129. Have not seen any posting lately on Oil - Thinking of changing to
  130. Euro headlights - once installed in US model, will blink clear or orange (bulb)?
  131. Those who are using wheel spacers: are you using the same size for front and rear?
  132. Anyone recognize this wheel?
  133. Anyone heard of paint 'wet sanding',
  134. 8500 miles, Front left is leaking on the garage floor. Car will be a year old in Jan. What to do?
  135. Creak update...
  136. Clunk sound from front passenger side suspension over humps - sign of DRC failure?
  137. Aftermarket Brake Pads
  138. Somebody in SoCal is selling a Milltek and Euro wheel
  139. Thunder and lightening shoots out of its ass
  140. paging april and bob w.: considering trading in RS4 for M3 because of reliability issues. crazy?
  141. crunch time... winter tire angnst
  142. So I took out my mod'ed WRX this weekend for some autoX practice
  143. Good combination
  144. VIR track report
  145. Looking at '07 purchase, anyone know this vehicle?
  146. So, I've read like the 4th or 5th article about the new Cadillac CTSV...
  147. My keester was saved yesterday by...
  148. You're Missing Half the Fun, Slap on a set of Dunlop Snows..
  149. Playing at the track
  150. How do you guys check how much roll onto sidewall there is on track day/auto x ?
  151. VMR Wheels - V708 Matte Black - Tire Packages Available!
  152. My experience with the JHM shifter so far. Other users, pls chime in
  153. ASP Dyno day feeler SAT DEC 20-th - spread the word ;) 90$/car= 3pulls+AFR +food/drinks
  154. REMINDER: EPL's 2nd Annual Dyno Day/GTG - Saturday, Dec. 6th
  155. Oil Level on dipstick...
  156. RS4 conversion BT...
  157. anyone have instructions on how to install rear brake pads?
  158. Looking for dealers who can ship new OEM RS4 19" rims internationally
  159. brake pads
  160. 2 RS4 cabrios at McDonald in Littleton, CO
  161. Inside for the Winter
  162. Thinking of changing suspension
  163. De-Flap
  164. Oh my.... what driving
  165. Want your RS4 shot in 2K?
  166. Canadian Police chase
  167. Which Thule fit kits work for the RS4....only the 2114?
  168. Only 700 miles now...
  169. Paging Mickf29, figured out why no one will trade you for your trim.....
  170. stasis done. Thanks [email protected]
  171. Stock alignent specs?
  172. Proper tire pressure for track day ?
  173. Any RS4s coming out tonight in San Diego?
  174. PureMS.com - New lower pricing on Hotchkis Sway bars!
  175. Bypassing the tire sensors?
  176. Does anyone want these silver reflectors?
  177. *Coming Soon in December...Alcon/Stasis BBK...Groupbuy/Sale*......any interest?
  178. Ipod/DRC update
  179. Just curious......have the current economic times deterred people from modding their RS4?
  180. If I leave the RS4 parked for ~12+ hrs, there's a loud click when I first move. Is this normal?
  181. FRRG Nor-Cal Chapter Drive Days!! (Cross-Thread)
  182. how do you keep the RS4 clean? (faux-poll)
  183. Audi vehicle release timeline...
  184. Pggy pipes
  185. yay! no DRC leaks.....yet
  186. Ordered Canuck's subwoofer mods today
  187. Titanium package cars have Black headliners, what color are non-titanium headliners
  188. New ramps for oil changes
  189. Check the front page. The new supercharged S4 is good. The sport quattro rear diff is a great move
  190. Sykotoys RS Getting hammered at motokana / skidpan day
  191. Has anyone actually had their dealer disable their rear side airbags?
  192. Set on used S4 / now, considering jumping way up to the RS4
  193. 25% OFF @ VMR Wheels Courtesy of MSN Live! Cash Back
  194. Europrice - Currency Exchange Rate Sale - Extended!
  195. hmmmmm?
  196. Dynolicious in Car & Driver December issue
  197. Getting my oil changed tomorrow at Audi Dealer
  198. Newfound appreciation for the RS4 if not outright love;-)
  199. Updated CPT Upper Control arms are back in stock...
  200. Economy is really depressing prices of used RS4's..
  201. Little help looking out for cars please - buying this week
  202. Sooo if you found 5 t-shirts and 1 jacket in your RS4 after your 25k service what would you do?
  203. Afternoon drive back to Tri Cities from Portland...
  204. $36K w/ <10K mi... anyone's here? seems under priced to me... thoughts?
  205. For those who have a hardwired V1 installed (or any such device):
  206. Near the trigger. Some near closing thoughts on my options?
  207. First impressions
  208. Just got the car back from a week long DRC replacement...something is f'ed up..
  209. Driving in Canada isn't too bad...
  210. Paging: Elevens - Are you running AT Italia S5s?
  211. CEL this morning
  212. tire pressure for winters?
  213. X-post: RS4 S/C installed...
  214. OT: filled up with V-power this morning....$2.23/gal!
  215. Does changing your steering wheel void warranty?
  216. Euro Head + Tail Lights
  217. December issue of European Car Magazine comparo...
  218. Ibis RS4 with Titanium package for sale at the Audi Exchange
  219. Sub install done...pics coming tomorrow...attn: CanuckRS4
  220. What does one lose without nav? Other than the relative obvious.
  221. my new plate.
  222. EPC Light Update
  223. Spotted Ibis RS4 in Lafayette, La. tonight
  224. RS4 Mats with logo
  225. Do the Euro steering wheels all come with black stitching?
  226. Just received my Minichamps Rs4 in the mail today. Sprint Blue Black leather
  227. Oil sample results
  228. Stasis suspension: I get it now (very long and rambling...)
  229. Show us your winter tires/wheels.
  230. Fair and foul weather rides reside in garage now....
  231. AW member's car at Riverside Audi?
  232. Any news on the 'clicking' noise some of us are hearing at low speeds?
  233. Need help with stain on light gray interior
  234. Did anyone attend COI this year?
  235. New arrival yesterday
  236. Sex! pure sex! flat black RS4 Avant!
  237. RS4 has been removed from audiusa.com
  238. Just joined the clan
  239. Stasis Motorsport install experience
  240. Help With EPC Light
  241. Is it sprint blue on the cover of European Car?
  242. New Custom Plates Approved
  243. 60,000 Mile Update
  244. Can help with removing the driver's side "A" pillar cover.
  245. DRC Letter
  246. Houston RS4 owners
  247. Just picked up my car!
  248. Bad news on my IPOD - I think someone swiped it out of the glove box
  249. Gasoline preferences
  250. already searched - How do I change out the ipod adpater plates