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  1. This is AWESOME! I don't even use the clutch. Except for a LITTLE grinding she is sooo smooth!
  2. Sprint Blue RS4. Pics....
  3. Would Ibis white look anything like the white on an M3??
  4. Those idiots left the suspension blocks in my RS4 - arrrghhh!!
  5. Has anyone read the R&T RS4 v. C4S article yet? 0-60 in 4.3s
  6. Some pics of the new beast...
  7. So i think i am gonna cancel the RS4 and do euro delivery on a new M3
  8. Will the SD slot read a 2G card?
  9. Guess who is driving and where this is.
  10. Funny pic of the new RS4
  11. How do I import '07 RS4 Avant (or S6 Avant) to US
  12. ok whos gonna sell me their wheels ?
  13. Who knows about "OUR" rear and center diff compared to B7 S4?
  14. One thought about the clutch on this car..
  15. paprika1234- whats up with the clutch - any joy?
  16. SE PA Car wash today in Lansdale at 11:30am-3pm
  17. Fog Light Bulb Change
  18. I nearly forgot, a lucky thing happened today on the way to trading in my S4..
  19. RS4 feedback...from up north...
  20. Poll: If you had a choice between 6-speed manual or DSG on RS4, which one?
  21. posted on B7S4 board too, but kinda RS4 content....
  22. Has anyone been allowed to purchase the service plan yet?
  23. Paging dxben...
  24. Question about the engine temperature needle...
  25. Panic Button-anyone else think it is too easy to set off?
  26. Back with the new RS4.. first report..
  27. Where to buy Dension IceLink in the US? For ipod obviously.
  28. Front Filler Panel Info
  29. 18" old school B5 RS4 wheels on a B7 RS4
  30. Best bluetooth phone...
  31. Euro Steering Wheel..
  32. how many model years is audi expected to build this RS4?
  33. Did Road & Track photoshop the lower part of the front filler plate out of a few pics?
  34. Anyone place an order over 2 weeks ago?
  35. who is buying an RS4 from town motors that was ordered by my dad?
  36. RS4 has cooled front seats?
  37. Le Sigh
  38. WOW! saw my first rs4 in the flesh today @ showcase cinemas North Haven
  39. for all you rs4 guys....
  40. Picking up tomorrow, anything I need to be aware of?
  41. Debadging completely vs. false rebadging? The internet is only an easy means to a bad end
  42. Parikh1234 & Fluffhead
  43. Whose Orlando, FL RS4?
  44. Brushed Aluminum Belt Trim - has anyone ordered (or seen) this option?
  45. "Sport Suspension Plus" is this standard with DRC on US spec cars?
  46. Does Audi do euro-delivery?
  47. Anyone figured out how to do a front fender blinker delete?
  48. Crap
  49. ATTENTION WHORE ALERT: some post-tint pics with Daytona...
  51. Is it me or does this car need wider tires/wheels?
  52. ESP deactivation?
  53. Der Kimbo, Off Topic but I am guessing that you are a Bugatti Veyron FAN! Have you seen this video?
  54. Well, well, what do we have here? A little RS4 is it? Ohhhh yeaaaaahhh...
  55. I want an RS4 damnit.
  56. anyone notice that their clutch pedal gets a little tougher to push in after about 1 hour of driving
  57. anyone know which phones they make a cradle for? It would be nice to have my phone
  58. I Just Joined the RS4 Ranks...Avus Silver/Black 6MT
  59. So.... the new TT gets a leather wrapped flat bottom steering wheel
  60. Anybody looking to get an XM sat receiver? my customer just...
  61. well i guess i am officially the first....
  62. RS4--Some thoughts after a week (long)
  63. RS4 in Canada, anyone? ...
  64. rs4 owners, are the pedals set up readily for heel/toe? Thinking of getting a set for my a4.
  65. b5 s4 with stage 2+ vs new RS4
  66. Fun with a new M5
  67. RS4 fog lamp enclosure to fit a B7 S4?
  68. maybe a re-post but has anyone taken their car to the strip if so..
  69. Anyone else get their Road & Track today? RS4 vs. C4S
  70. as promised, with apologies for quality... Daytona's Silver Leather Interior, Round 1...
  71. Could be a new RS4 owner by the end of the week, but...
  72. i know you guys are not taking your car to the car wash!!!!
  73. My new RS4 Cabriolet
  74. Check the front page for exclusive AudiWorld Le Mans coverage, photos, and R10 video.
  75. The difference between an RS4 and an S4 is
  76. While browsing my favorite car forum, I came across a bit of a local Celebrity...
  77. anyone know of a ligthweight option to the stock rims?
  78. Tire poll...
  79. mod list to date...
  80. Seat memory update
  81. Do you new RS4 owners actually want to drive your car in the ice and snow?
  82. passed 1200 miles today, and checked the manual again for the wording on the break-in period.
  83. Are the RS4 mirror housings solid aluminum or plastic?
  84. I tried to change my order color to Avus Silver today, but dealer talked me out of it.. here's why..
  85. Saw an RS4 at my local dealership with the "European" seats, are they not suppose to be available
  86. Passenger seat air-bag light?
  87. Picked up my Sprint Blue/Silver/CF/Premium on Friday!
  88. Question about our rotors. Why is the front right one the only one that is going a different
  89. How many fingers are your fender to tire edge gaps?
  90. Anyone around vegas that has used a fender roller before care to give me a hand plz?...
  91. my c6 rs6 "impressions"
  92. Clear bra & 35% tint pics.....
  93. Anyone on here in Greenville SC?
  94. spark plugs and shocks
  95. So when am I gonna hear some kill stories damn it? :)
  96. SLK 55 AMG vs RS4
  97. Saw my first RS4 in the flesh today on El Camino Real in Palo Alto CA
  98. If anyone has a front filler plate that came with the car in non-front-plate states and doesn't want
  99. Sprint Blue at dusk...if you look hard enough you can almost see the
  100. Saw 1st fellow RS4 on road: Friday app. 6:15pm 65th Central Park transverse heading East bound
  101. The more I read about the RS4....
  102. rs4 pixxx
  103. The British view on RS4 seats....
  104. Driver's Seat Memory
  105. Vanity Plate? Lame or Game on this car?
  106. XM vs. Sirius Satellite. I have XM and have been quite happy with it. My dealer says he can swap th
  107. DXBEN - Understand your frustration
  108. who wants to start a B7 RS4 registry?
  109. M5 faster then a 2007 RS4? Check out this video...
  110. Should I expect more from my dealer than this?
  111. Well, I am officially off the M3 waiting list and have the RS4 on order...after 2 BMW's, I am
  112. Paging Evil Buddha
  113. fuuuuuuu(((((((((((((((kkkkk yeeaaaa!!!!! new rs4 in the family stable!!!
  114. will C5 RS6 18" wheel styles (5 & multi spoke) fit B7 RS4? offset of both cars about the same?
  115. What size snow tires?
  116. Interesting poll from RS246.com, What do all of the new and soon to be owners of RS4's do?
  117. Wait.. stupid me.. Avus Silver is the same color on the 25Q S4?
  118. Am i the only one who ordered without premium? Any others out there...?
  119. Hey dxben
  120. 0-62mph in 3 seconds Engine: 4.2 liter V-8 Audi bi-turbo Power: 650bhpTorque: 597 lb-ftTop Speed:224
  121. Mag article says the euro steering wheel is plastic, not aluminium...
  122. Remember the Ebay Germany seat listing...
  123. Repost of Pics of Phantom Black Euro RS4
  124. One more Nav question...
  125. Who's the bastard that just took my RS4 at New Country Audi?
  126. Car ordered!!! **Edit - Premium Pkg delete as well**
  127. Silver leather, SILVER LEATHER, SILVER LEATHER!!! Can someone please post some pictures?
  128. Audi "Cruise to Paris"
  129. to all those posting about available RS4s. please stop. it hurts. thank you.
  130. Our trial lawyers and courts have gotten us once again on the speed limiter.
  131. Anyone ordering without the premium pkg?
  132. x-post double trouble RS4's
  133. alright since you guys keep b!tching about the "crappy" Recaro seats... here's your chance...
  134. Somebody care to post some hirez interior pics of carbon fiber?
  135. Dealer add-ons...
  136. RS4 Delivered Today
  137. Fluffhead: I really like what you did with your B6 grills, any thoughts on blacking out the RS4?
  138. Now I'm really having some second thoughts
  139. Need clear bra advice...
  140. How do you delete a route?
  141. this is OT, but how the hell do you burn a MP3 CD that will work with the Symphony II system?
  142. Hilarious RS4 v. M3 video (sorry if repost).
  143. OT: let's nip this valet stuff in the bud
  144. Misano Red sighting in Appleton, WI
  145. First Valet Parking Job tonight
  146. Am I the only one that thinks this...
  147. Post on RS246.com that the Sport Button added 7+HP on a dyno, probably a Euro spec car though.
  148. RS-4 on eBay for MSRP minus
  149. The TPMS in the RS4 is passive or active?
  150. Kimbo - do you know when they will unbundle the premium package selections? Thx
  151. Fellow NorCaler just picked up his Sprint Blue RS4 from Ernst @ Diablo Audi in Concord
  152. RS4 compared to the 997C4S in Road & Track...
  153. Does racing tape / painters tape leave much residue? How difficult is it to get off? Thx
  154. Two of them ready to go in Mobile, AL.
  155. can anyone validate this info
  156. RS4 dead in my garage this morning...
  157. Hey guys, I'm thinking about ordering a custom color RS4...
  158. Is anybody here the guy who dynoed their RS4 yesterday at AWE Tuning?
  159. Importing RS4 to Canada from USA
  160. Saw my first RS4 in the wild today...driving eastbound on the PA turnpike 8:30AM...
  161. Fluffhead, it will be interesting to chronicle your oil consumption
  162. RS4 steering mod...I'm starting!
  163. Any thoughts on new 10,000 oil change?
  164. Key Sponsor Announcement and Round 4 of the World Challenge Touring Car Series.
  165. PSA: keep ye eyes on the dipstick!
  166. Today someone told me the Avant is coming stateside. This isn't true, is it?
  167. new lady in blue....
  168. RS 4, unique oil filter...
  169. TV
  170. for Star607...
  171. RS4 Separation Anxiety
  172. anyone get gap insurance on their rs4? Just wondering
  173. Looking forward to my Sprint Blue RS4, but...
  174. FYI, Avus available on a lot and at MSRP in Seattle....
  175. I saw an RS4 (Quartz Gray, Michigan plates) racing an M3 (Florida Plates) on Saturday...
  176. Any US Domestic vehicles exceeded break-in period?
  177. 174MPH Option. Can I add this to my order for a US spec car?
  178. RS4's burning up oil. Keep an eye on it for the lucky ones now driving one.
  179. Is it me or is Bob W. really annoying, strike that, charming?
  180. Every dealer I talk to has one or two RS4s unspoken for and on the lot.
  181. RS4 @ Audi Mission Viejo Black on Black
  182. KICK RS - RS4
  183. Attn Timmay, Bob and THummmmmmmperTrademark :)
  184. see here....
  185. Hilarious .. check out the M5 review from TopGear if you haven't already.
  186. Picked up Avus...
  187. RS4 clutch problems...help
  188. Break-in complete! Impressions...
  189. Saw a Dayton Grey RS4 going up towards the Eisenhower Tunnel (Colorado) on Friday...
  190. Anyone pay over sticker for their RS4?
  191. I'm back from FL (long and bww)......
  192. Please post some pictures of the Silver Leather?
  193. Vendors: Possible to install New TT's RS4 steering wheel and keep all the button functions?
  194. Daytime Running Light question
  195. Any pics out ther of an Akoya silver RS4? might be neat with the flares - interesting paint...
  196. RS4 ticket...am I the first?
  197. Is it possible to order US RS4 with Audi Exclusive options found on the A8?
  198. 2007 RS4 Daytona Grey
  199. RS4 arrives tomorrow
  200. Winter Tire Dilemma: dedicated summer/winter or all-seasons?
  201. My blue baby is finally home!!!
  202. Am I seeing things or is the crease on the rear bumber less sharp than the B7 S4's bumper?
  203. If one of you is getting the Euro RS4 Steering wheel, I'll buy your current one.
  204. Is the B7 RS4 a Hex-CAN vehicle is terms of VAG-COM interface compatibility?
  205. DER KIMBO!!!
  206. Congratulations to Audi for another overall Le Mans victory!
  207. Sorry-bad question... forgot it was grok day
  208. Daytona is now officially the fastest color...
  209. So did anyone actually take delivery with a front filler plate?
  210. Anyone here coming to Montreal next weekend for the F1 GP?
  211. Anyone know dealer cost on maintenance program?
  212. Spark, or others with VAG-COM - question on capabilities
  213. Who got their RS4 fitted with a clear bra? (damn i ask a lot of questions)
  214. How important are the rear side impact air bags?
  215. Suspension plus?
  216. 1/2 synchro question..STFA...
  217. Has anyone actually gotten around to debadging that "V8" off the fenders?
  218. just finished my first 2 mods: killed the seat belt chime, and added the remote window....
  219. selling price
  220. Fact or Fiction?
  221. So many compliments on the RS4
  222. Buh bye RS4 'n M3. Guess their time had to come eventually.
  223. m4p
  224. invoice
  225. what size tires are the rs4's delivered with ?
  226. Do the side-view mirrors retract?
  227. Please post Daytona Gray pics, hi-rez preferably :)
  228. Has the tank size increased in the RS4 over the S4?
  229. So i was talking to a guy and he told me this car is and will be super rare can u tell me why?
  230. The big decision, Carbon Fibre or Brushed Aluminum
  231. Can VAG tell max RPM's to date? I may buy a car and have it delivered. Want to know
  232. All you BMW haters/lovers might be intersted in this?
  233. Spirit Blue Pics! I have all in hi-res also.
  234. Old as May but just one more in a never-ending line of good reviews on the RS4.
  235. Bluetooth problem... "CALLING"
  236. *grabs checkbook and heads out the door*
  237. RS4 video, is the ESP off?
  238. Project RS4 has arrived at GMG!!!!!!
  239. What is the lead time for custom orders?
  240. I JUST GOT MY COMMISSION NUMBER!!!!! Whatever that means. I can't stand this wait.
  241. Let's hear about understeer vs S4?
  242. If anyone is selling their 19" stockers, keep me in mind. I'd like to use a 2nd set for track use.
  243. Well at least my car will be broken in before my FL to NY road trip is complete....
  244. phantom black owners - post pics yff!
  245. [TUESDAY June 20th] Don't forget GTG @ The Stand (LA/SFV) next week at 7:00pm
  246. My dealer told me they just got a white RS4 in today
  247. Kimbo-Can you see if anyone on w. coast has daytona w/blk? I know royal in SF has one - any others?
  248. Stinky after turning it on and off briefly.
  249. Saw RS4 at the dealer tonight. They look better in pictures.
  250. Pete @ Strat, any discoveries as to what the exhaust valve does when the control line is cut?